Zotac GTX 1070 Ti Mini – The Everything Review!

July 30, 2019 posted by

hey what’s up everybody glad to see you
guys back here on the channel exciting stuff going on now you guys all know
that the 1070 TI cards they’re a really nice card heavily overclockable great
for gaming now previously we brought you guys the unboxing of the zotac edition
now this is their mini card ins otech claims it’ll fit at 99% of the systems
out there deal with size so that’s pretty cool so if you want to see the
unboxing we’ll have a link down below but for those of you who have never seen
the card before I will go over some of the specs so right off the bat you guys
can see the card has a two fan design on the front very simple on the back we
have a very nice backplate knock on that bad boy I love back plates you know so
some of the basic features though this card has 2432 cuda cores inside of it it
features eight gigabytes of gddr5 memory running at 8 gigahertz this card has a
base clock speed of 1607 and a boost clock speed of 1600 and 83 so all in all
it’s a really nice card meant for gaming some of the other features of this card
are just the basic stuff that NVIDIA has you guys all know that Invidia is their
g-sync and for the fans out that I don’t know bore you guys to that I know that
you guys know all the stuff on the side of team green now another cool thing
about this card it only requires a single 8 pin power connector this card
can also be SL ID there are two sli fingers right here on the top of the
card right here so if you’re looking to do in that cell light system this will
do it without problems at all so that’s pretty much the card for those who
wanted to see the rear i/o here it is it’s the same pretty much i/o that every
card has out there now only a few cards are very different they’re all pretty
much standard now so real quick let’s check out our test system and then let’s
check out all the scoring we do 10.1% lows and 1080 we have overclocking
everything that you guys have asked for including actual filming of the in-game
testing along with a feud benchmarks but pretty much everything that you guys
have asked for in a card we’re gonna have a heat when overclocked mode and in
standard mode and pretty much everything you’ve been looking for so let’s check
out our test system and then let’s check out all the different scores for those
of you who want to see the whole build on our test system we’ll have a link
down below to that as well now for the motherboard we’re
using the EVGA z 370 FTW for the cpu we’re using an Intel i7 8700 K we’re
also using 16 gigabytes of Patriot VIPRE elite memory set at 3200 megahertz
our boot drive is the corsair 480 gigabyte Neutron and for the hard drive
we’re using a 2 terabyte Seagate Fire CUDA and powering up this system is the
EVGA supernova at 750 watts we’re also using the latest edition of Windows 10
with the anniversary edition and all the latest drivers available at the time of
testing the card size is in at 8.3 inches by 4 point 9 inches by 1.4 inches
which is basically just saying it’s a 2 slot design another thing to take note
this card only requires a 180 watts of power to power the card now real quick
before we get into all the testing all that stuff you folks asked in the past
that we actually film the screen footage of the testing so for all of the 4k
footage we did that we did 10 games and the 1080p scores will be embedded in
that film so you can see them as well then after that we’re going to jump into
the overclocking scores and then the 1.1% lows and what the 1.1% lows are
they’re pretty much showing where the card drops out and is not giving you its
full performance so let’s jump in let’s check it out now you guys know that a 1080i card it
runs games most games anyways at 4k at about sixty frames per second you can
see that this 1070 TI card is really just below that not much of a difference
most of the games are running right at that level some games run it a little
bit less but most games are still hitting that mark and overall you guys
can see even with the standard clocks out of the box that this car performs
very very well okay so those are the standard scores you can see this card
does very well like I said we were showing that now next up is the
overclocking we used MSI’s afterburner obviously these guys have their own
firestorm we’re just more used to using the afterburner software I think that
most of the gamers out there actually prefer that sorry if I stepped on any
toes there but we just all prefer it now like we said the base clock speed in
this car was a certain thing we were seeing about 1911 as the average clock
that we were seeing in the boost but with our overclocking results we were
able to boost this all the way up to 20 88 that’s right 2000 88 megahertz above
1911 so that’s a pretty damn incredible overclock now as far as the memory
overclocking goes we were also very successful
4011 is the standard memory clock but we were able to add four hundred and
seventy-five megahertz for a memory clock speed of four thousand four
hundred eighty-two which is just really nice so as far as the overclocking goes
honestly this car is pretty much it seems like right out of the box built
for overclocking because these are some really nice scores another thing is that
the card under normal load was getting about 67 degrees Celsius as far as the
heat goes and about 71 when overclocked but this is completely with the fan on
auto mode if we turn the fans on to full blast those numbers drop significant
down to about 59 that’s right 59 from 71 just with the fans and full blast it’s
just it’s just so loud I was like okay turn the fans downs but if you’re
who wears headphones this isn’t going to matter to you one bit you can overclock
the crap out of this card and be in your headphones own and just totally ignore
it but now let’s check out the difference in scoring between the
standard clock and overclocked scores and I think that you’re going to be
pretty amazed so let’s jump in now obviously not every game takes two
overclocking and you can see that from the scores but the minimum that we were
seeing was four to ten frames per second and on some games even 20 frames per
second could be seen you know and that’s an incredible overclock farcry is one of
these games it actually gained 20 frames per second just from being overclocked
so that’s a really good thing now as well as these overclocked scores you
guys can see that we’ve also included the 1.1% lows and honestly this card
does very well it was pretty much consistent overclocked as a standard
card and that’s really good a lot of cards you see in the market drop out a
lot giving you guys poor performance in a lot of areas but this card pretty much
across the board stayed solid alright folks so here’s my conclusion honestly I
want you guys to just take this with kind of a grain of salt right now video
card prices are just a ripoff across the board I was kind of even hesitant to
bring a video card you know review to the table cuz I was like oh man people
are gonna just be pissed off because the cheapest that we could find this card
was like 800 dollars and this card’s just not an $800 card me let’s just face
it at natt I even if had a rocket engine attached and was made with plated gold
wouldn’t really be worth $800 so all the cards out there are overpriced now is
that a direct result of anything to do with ZOTAC scarred absolutely not at the
end of the day this card kicks ass that’s all there is to it
I really can’t find anything to go oh my god I want to just punch this so people
would be like oh there’s something to say but honestly the card is well made
it has an excellent backplate all the cooling apparatus that you guys have
seen the card does an excellent job of keeping this card cool obviously if you
turn the fans on the full blast it’s going to be loud and lawnmowers let’s
just face it I mean if some obviously there’s going to be some sound involved
now maybe in the future they can get some really expensive fans like you know
some of those Corsair fans they on the l-series that are SuperDuper
quiet and it would change things but for now when you turn up full blast it’s a
little bit loud the card overclocks absolutely great you guys saw those
numbers in the 1.1% lows of card hounds itself very well so at the end of the
day beyond all the price increasing and all that crap that’s going on this is a
definitely an editor’s choice card and worth having if you could get one if
prices were normal on the market right now I could wholeheartedly say go out
and buy this card and you won’t be disappointed with it and eight hundred
bucks I’m looking at an onliner shaking my head no frakkin way but like I said
before man that’s not the fault of ZOTAC so Tech has made a good product the
market supply and demand and all that crap not their responsibility we know
who’s responsible for that miners I mamas anything you know like
more than that but honestly it’s not only their fault
somewhere along the line somehow though they need to start making more cards so
that these cards get back to a standard price level because the way things are
right now cards are just overpriced but at the end of the day if they were
normal priced I would definitely advise buying a card recommend this card and
even buy it for myself so I’m Network you guys been watching Tekken tomorrow
if for some reason you have to have a video card right now we’ll have a link
down below where you guys can check some out I believe this card goes all the way
up to like 1,100 freaking dollars $1,100 for 1070


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    I hope you are all having a great weekend! Cheers!

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    I should have bought the 1070 mini (non Ti) when I saw it last year. Now that prices and stocks are insane, there's no chance for my PC gaming comeback. Oh well. I may not go back to PC gaming.

  3. Hayden Hales says:

    Just added a comment and shared hope im not to late

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  5. Zoltán Sós says:

    Great test video. Thank you.

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  7. Larsson says:

    fake price

  8. theblur says:

    Why bother with a review of a card no one can buy? This is pointless, watched until 1:10.

  9. OldGamerGene says:

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  10. Ecks Gaming Benchmark says:

    Wish the prices for video cards and memory drops down because while i love my 1050 Ti still would like to at least upgrade to a 6gb 1060 since i know that would last me a lot longer especially since i mainly play my games at 900p (cause 1080p bothers my eyes).

  11. Chemy Torres says:

    There is something about Zotac i like very much, I think this kind of cards suits me very well and this one is great, nice review and video, liked as always

  12. ernie peralta says:

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  18. Kaeden Hnatiw says:

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    Also loving the power and thermals of it – my 650W PSU has no problem whatsoever with this, even with my OC CPU+RAM (R5 2600 @ 4.2Ghz , G-Skill 16GB @ 3.6Ghz).
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