Your Almost Person || Spoken Word Poetry || Visual Poetry by Akirah

July 24, 2019 posted by

you're almost person I'm the girl you almost ate the one you flirt with using all those cheesy pickup lines the one you take out to dinners and pay for the one you cuddle and spoon with those lonely nights the one you discuss all those silly private stuff with but not call your girlfriend I'm the girl you almost commit to someone good enough to be on your idle mind someone whom you'd call family in the strange land someone you say you love spending time with but nor a lifetime I'm the girl you almost introduce your friends to there is so much about me from you they know that it's me you spend time with skipping the plans they made with you they know that your eyes glow and voice gets animated when you talk to me but no they won't ever get to know me I'm the girl who's almost as fun sober ah she's drunk who speaks her heart out who isn't afraid to be yourself who entices you with her crazy clumsiness and intellect but not enough to be head over heels for and the girl who was almost 26 that's already been with a string of boys whose count is something beyond my mind because I'm afraid I'd conform to the nonsensical arguments over our love for DC and Marvel game and movie dates flings hookups in one-night stands and a few almost relationships that can be called exclusive but not official I'm the girl you almost go out of your way to see someone whom you would come and hug tight after a month-long separation someone whom you'd comfort when she's broken but not forever I'm the girl you almost wake up next to the one you'd call when you bored sleep with when you turned on or drunk but not stay the night with I'm the girl who's almost always on your mind someone whom you'd call at 3 in the morning but not at Reno someone whom you'd kiss on the lips but whenever in the forehead I'm the girl you almost see your future with you planned trips with me you talk about what we would be like next year this time but only until something better comes along I'm the girl that almost gives you butterflies I'm the girl that you almost a dream about I'm the girl that's almost your strength and weakness I'm the girl who almost breaks your heart I'm the girl whom you almost consider the one I'm the girl you almost love I'm the girl who's your almost person yes I'm your almost person you


5 Replies to “Your Almost Person || Spoken Word Poetry || Visual Poetry by Akirah”

  1. Manju Patel says:

    Loved it hakki😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Ganesh Merupula says:

    excellent voice

  3. Vikas Patnaik says:

    Dude…this is just brilliant

  4. Avinash Sadagopan says:

    🌻 🙂

  5. Anoop pn says:


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