You can't know these CS:GO tricks.. yet..

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most of you just can't know these csgo tricks because once again i teary crafted around on different maps and try to be as creative as possible also there are some awesome ideas by you in the pool so if you have ever sent me any crazy ideas you may be featured in this video the first idea comes from t inferno I haven't seen it before but I thought it might be useful in some cases it's a wall bank for a apps get stuck in this corner and find this dark dot now I'm under it and right till you hit the door frame believe me it's not that hard to line it up feel free to pause the video when you have the line up ready don't move your crosshair but move up the stairs till aligned to swirl up with the dark area like that and then start shooting bullets will go through the wall also through the tiny window angle and headshot slash damage anyone who is holding this very common angle close to balcony with an AWP you could even get an entry frag from here super general if they are often holding a apps from this area over there then shoot a couple of bullets through the wall like that use an aide to clear another corner and this position should be empty they can still be pushed closer though so watch out next up I try to find a wall bank line to use this door gap in a apps but overall it's the most effective with AWP and there's not a huge difference whether you hit the door gap or not just keep in mind that this wall is nicely bankable with AWP and could be useful from a side because that's a pretty safe spot for you if you feel they might be close a apps then you can always play a lottery here the more you play the bigger is the chance that you get lucky all right credits to cut rekt for this awesome idea although many cool boosts and overpass are fixed and it's widely played map I haven't seen this spot before your teammate needs to stand on bank's stairs jump on top of him and then jump over to this corner it's not the most useful spot out there but still a cool one you don't need to hold any keys in order to stay up here this angle to a site is more than enough for kenya's to ace the whole enemy team sadly banquettes most likely smoked off when T's approach to a site still it's a nice spot to show it off to your friends enjoy next up a random smoke I found on Inferno I love this lineup because it's so simple go to this corner aim on top of this darker wooden area over here I drew this in 128 ticks server and didn't test it in 64 tick but when you chomp throw it in 128 ticks server I can guarantee that it smoked lens right there on top of this box sometimes teams throw these two smokes to make a smoke wall for B bomb site feel free to add this box smoke to the wall since it blocks off vision for the guys who still try to stay on boxes as you can see you can safely cross city and no one even on the top of the boxes could see you their vision is completely screwed another inferno idea I thought I invented the new meta but then realized that it's not perfect right now when cities want to go for a grow balcony play I have seen a smoke like this two o'clock Moll Adams although even with this one you can throw a Molotov and it ruins city vision I was looking for a smoke that doesn't hurt city vision that much but still blocks mulatos I came up with this corner position look for those two white things and aim in between them if you're ready then just left-click trow this is a better smoke because it leaves cities some vision you can use this vision to quickly pick second middle bridge if you want to but it only denies deep molotovs when time only closer to the store then it doesn't work so I would say it denies like 50% of the monitors depends on how exactly tea is throw it still if you want to risk it as a city you can collectively take a apps control early in the round one guy stays back and throws this smoke the other one goes to boiler Molotov ste side apps so they can't push it then flashes it and 3rd city could try to peek from stairs to get an easy kill since Molotov should hold them back and flash should get them full blind it's a pretty safe peek for the stairs guy I haven't seen this type of play before so why not to try it out it should be a great surprise finally something different from Inferno and we are on Mirage ideas sent to me by coma it's a default Molotov that you can even throw when jungle is smoked off again corner position aim like shown and then run + left leg throw your Molotov when you're past this wall corner if you do it correctly it should look something like this a very creative idea it may look hard at first but it's actually fairly consistent Molotov to throw once you got the trick super general let us to an easy lineup for Xbox smoke from a long come to this position aim up from this wall line until you hit another wall line then just jump throw smoke bounces like basketball on the LeBrons hand and finally lands onto Xbox I don't know if you ever use this one but at least you have a video to look it up if you need it at any point of time again inferno just a beautiful and easy retake or just the supportive smoke for a bomb site B player who rotates could get stuck behind this flower pot aim like shown and jump throw the smoke it will fly high do a fancy bounce and land close to the balcony so it works as an a apps mock the gap could actually pay the enemies to get closer to the smoke and your teammate could take advantage of that if they simply want to push through the smoke they will completely lose their vision for a second so it does its job very fine in my opinion nice quick and easy supportive smoke for a feel free to take it to your smokes arsenal because yep we are still waiting for a remake but till then it's good to know not so well known features that this map hides in it jump on your standing teammate then jump again and you will find yourself on a small edge that holds you up there nice security cam angle if you are a fan of playing slow rounds then this trick is exactly for you you have no excuses to not to try it out enemies are not used to aim up to this spot that's for sure overpass idea by Bruno exclamation mark X and it's inspired by Asus flash on nuke make sure tor has the smallest hole possible tango and hug this wall move yourself so those two walls have a small gap in between them aim like shown and 10 left lick pro run out from the door and see if it worked or not the usual bounce flashes come out from window and now when a whole tour like that even if they hear the bounce they most likely won't be able to react to this because they expect the flash from the window alright Mirage and we are on P bomb site ideas sent to me by looks on e just a situational flash most likely you're gonna need it for an after plant situation when you are in a disadvantage and need to make a move yourself stay in this corner aim on top of this tire shadow and left big draw peak right after it and clear the tour angle you can simply throw this flash and let your teammate from bench pick with it as well it works the best for door guys who are still inside the market looking for a pick and it works the best when window is smoked otherwise you reveal your corner position in my opinion a great situational idea if we only had grains that could save all those lineups next up overpass once again and the guy who sent me this idea wanted to stay anonymous we need to keep monster smoke as long as possible so we may need the knowledge to throw the smoke from as many different positions as possible here is a throwing position I probably haven't shown to you yet look for this window and aim at the right bottom side of it left click throw smoke bounces a couple of times and lands nicely inside monster a very handy smoke in the another idea from here Molotov that's pretty safe to throw and could help your teammates to take connector control crouch and move around so you line this black dot up with the chimney like this this doesn't need to be too accurate but make sure you stay crouched aim up from the right side of the window and stop when you're aiming a bit above this wall line then left leg throw Molotov will fly inside connector bounce off from the wall and burn down all this corner area over there in my opinion pretty useful stuff still I haven't seen many toes type of needs in play yet you can throw it fairly quickly and of course you can use the same line up to throw a nade as well also keep in mind that boost guys can be a great danger for you so it's better if someone covers you if you are all alone it's very scary to throw it especially in the beginning of the round and now I saw copy throwing this early night on train and it can be brutal for cities just stay about here leave a gap like this aim a bit under this wire it doesn't need to be that accurate just play around ten run and left leg throw the nade if you throw it early enough it could do huge damage for CTS who want to quickly push close to you using this pump side route or just think they want to play this palm side position I put another ideas video on the screen for you if you like this video you will like the next one for sure


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  1. NadeKing says:

    Sorry, I will be taking 7 days off.. lil vacay, so no streams in that time period. But of course I scheduled some YT videos for you 🤩 See ya soon!

  2. Leo Perdigon says:

    aim like shaun, who the fuck is shaun?

  3. Ajay Naithani says:

    I don't even play C's go but I watched it full cause it was so interesting

  4. Obli Vion says:


    de_Mirage Map
    i had this ingame experiment, and it worked. im not a support player though, but i think its time for me to shift…
    my smoke to A site default from spawn, i think its common. I cant memorize all the line ups you have shared. so I screenshot all my experiment.
    I dont know where to contact you but i hope that this nade idea can be shared to all thru your efforts in making a nade ideas.

    you rock dude, all hail the king of nades.

  5. Danger X69 says:

    I actually have used that spot on overpass …it was by using noclip on a private server…but never tried with a boost

  6. MrnxD says:

    Let me send you some De_cache wallbang spot

  7. dekilopou says:

    oh my idol, you are funny now i love you

  8. Deady DeadSh0t says:

    Got rekt twice last week on supreme / LEM match because your B site lineup short plant from apps

    Super terrible for me 🙁

  9. Loo Wei Jie says:

    all this trick is 128 tick?

  10. Himanshu Chawla says:

    Thumbnail vala ACP Pradyuman kis kis KO laga😂

  11. Danial Tariq says:

    With all those 1000+ smoke flashes molly wallbangs u know how are u not a top s tier players , i mean go pro and u can outsmart so many over rated players these days

  12. Danial Tariq says:

    With all those 1000+ smoke flashes molly wallbangs u know how are u not a top s tier players , i mean go pro and u can outsmart so many over rated players these days

  13. MegaBrain says:

    Who else thinks that nadeking has a voice line prepared, which he recorded a couple of times so he has it Perfect, for everytime he says SUPERGENERAL xD

  14. PPGANG Roblox says:

    I click because of the thumbnail

  15. merciless - m0chii says:

    "smoke bounces like basketball under LeBron's hand"

  16. Femz MAN- says:

    Nadeking,your accent is very cool, I am from Russia and I understand everything that you say, well, not all words, but I understand the idea. thank you!

  17. Lena :D says:

    Can u give me a knife ? PleaZe i very happy when u do this wink wink

  18. SOUKHIN SARKAR says:

    Hey we played standoff 2 yesterday remember soukhin11

  19. Rush B says:

    I m Kenny s with awp

  20. Tasty says:

    Why not?

  21. Nice Gamer says:

    Why do you make so many spelling and pronunciacion mistakes???

  22. GamerFleet says:

    Yes I can

  23. ashar paracha says:

    1:01 and what if they are sitting?

  24. 18booma says:

    Nadeking sees a nice thin wall.
    Nadeking : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  25. MrkBrkLrk says:

    Thumbnail: Smiling Trick

  26. Toxic Person says:

    Nice thumbnail

  27. Roby One says:

    Would you like to make some cool trick's for Ruby?

  28. Denzl Craig says:

    We'll get banned doing these tricks man

  29. Veljko Petrovic says:

    5:17 thats a shot on ma boi LBJ???

  30. Banned. says:

    @NadeKing bro, the other avatar looks better than this one..

  31. Darkshadow • 30 years ago says:

    But team never listen, that is why I played with friends.

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