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[Applause] the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Intercontinental Championship [Applause] stop volley wanna be most exciting superstars at all of the WWE former Chicago he's on the search turned WWE Superstar [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] spiral I think it's [Applause] [Applause] introducing the Challenger one [Applause] introducing that champion from Kyoto Japan we [Applause] content [Applause] what at night [Applause] and there's the Bell and here we go this is the type of battle that you could show someone who's new to our brand of entertainment say this is what WWE's these guys are undoubtedly going to give us a show here tonight [Applause] beautiful technique [Applause] man now that got those shoulders on the mat he's a long way from a three-count I can tell you that great too early well that's the impact the Champs absorbing some offense here this is the start of an ugly downward spiral if he's not careful he goes to the cover referee barely had time to begin account they're not even close nevah took the militating neckbreaker he's fighting back here I expected nothing less coal he's making a statement here with this attack shoulders on the back all too easy for since game Nakamura to escape remarkable oh my god guys look at this – this that's it Mostafa Ali prides himself on being a role model for everyone to follow their dreams and be the best they can be he's all about defying preconceived notions and showing the power of ambition fellas warm fuzzy feeling inside just better than i remembered through this industries about winning [Applause] I'm going to add to the discussion of who stopped you can be a winner in WWE but also earn the respect of everyone around you now I'll tell you what I've got respect for you stop volley when he lets opportunities like the cruiserweight classic and his WrestleMania title opportunity slip away I lose it bit by bit at some point he needs to learn that glory feeds adulation some might consider just getting a title opportunity as a success but I assure you this superstar will settle for nothing less than taking home the gold impact nakamura is going out back fast here to stay in this this is clearly not the sand competitor who started this match in such great shape I'm not sure he has much left [Applause] WrestleMania xxx foresaw more than 78,000 fans converge on New Orleans one of the most in our slang – behind it Bonnie Taj is out of the way which revisit new stop volleys WrestleMania moment he worked his butt off to get there beating three tough competitors in the cruiserweight championship tournament but Cedric Alexander had an answer and the outcome Mustafa Holly wanted guys but I know he was honored to compete to the coveted cruiserweight championship on the this is what makes him one of the best in the business [Applause] make way to the top he's got the right to the [Applause] Nellie reverses it and I was shit scared rain in the answer well these superstars appear to be operating on fumes here guys [Applause] unbelievable athleticism what a hellaciously physical match these gladiators have put themselves through the intensity of this has been incredible you gotta believe this one's over putting it all on the line Oh cross the shoulders open keep your eye on this one incoming back yeah let's hope he can't eat this kind of effort going and there's this feed paying off the WWE Championship is on the line I don't like the look at his eye here folks look at this pulled these superstars appear to be operating on fumes here guys man a high-risk maneuver the ruts from that top turnbuckle he's calling for it he's looking shaky this could be the end here's the pain you need a near fall out of it put in this man tonight [Applause] try beautiful technique back to the ring again [Applause] looks like both these superstars have found that little extra something to keep themselves going here tonight back to the ring now neckbreaker he's going for it all he's to put him there giving their performances tonight it's too bad one of these superstars has to walk out of here on the Louisiana and no luck again solidly there second off in position air on the second little Manning back he stalked him his opponent from the top turnbuckle he's playing with him now he can't withstand one bit more Mars impact trying to put this thing away in a cover with a champion [Applause] we have a new champion [Applause] ladies and gentlemen that's a very big win here [Applause] three over somebody like something right and I think it's worth emphasizing how huge this victory is [Applause]



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    Hope you have 100k sub

  2. NAKAMURA S. says:

    Nakamura should win.

  3. Majid Khan says:

    love Mustafa Ali

  4. Oz Zaman says:

    Nakamura face or heel?

  5. Wahida Parvin says:

    No 450 splash?

  6. Karan Rudra says:

    Dude very fast growth full support❤❤

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    I am from pakistan

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