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[Applause] the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WWE Championship [Applause] WWE's [Applause] the most important thing in the Randy Orton has been winning championship [Applause] [Applause] the most exciting soup introducing the Challenger from st. Louis at 250 he is the apex predator Viper Randy introducing the champion from ghana west weighing in at 212 he is the Champion Kofi Kingston don't change that dial [Applause] the entire locker room can consider themselves worn tight the apex predator is cold and ready to strike if Randy Orton has a his rod too returns to his rightful position at the top of sports entertainment the only thing that would make this match more enjoyable to rock now he's going to the pen roughly barely had time to begin account they're the apex predator stays in the hunt with that check out old man that hurt the back spine rattling looks like Randy Orton is broken a sweat you bet he's not going to let this golden opportunity slip so easily he just passed to make sure this doesn't get too out of hand for sometimes momentum has a way of permanently swinging one way that's what he wants to avoid it I know it's early but if things stayed the way they are eating this match might just be a dream for him now right across the back well what impact nobody controls the pace of like this guy Randy Orton just slips out of the champ starting to sweat they expect about that like this ouch guys yeah he's taking on some offense here but that's to be expected especially considering who he's in the ring this is all part of the process guys he knew he would take on some offense here tonight it just has to make sure he keeps his shoulders are down and Kofi Kingston kicks out Kingston has come too far to let something like that take him out [Applause] did you Randy Orton sure how much he has left this is Randy Orton's chance there's someone that survived a battle against Randy Orton two things are critical one do not fall victim to the bikers mind games he's a master in psychological warfare never [Applause] the apex predators so dangerous in so many ways that we have said earlier quarry is more than accurate Randy Orton can slither his way into an opponent's mind and then end it all with one Wow I thought it was with this guy's this Kofi Kingston started to slip a bit his championship reign may the amount of punishment he's absorbed in this match is absolutely insane a lesser man would have given up and walked away by now he's taken on some damage but so is his opponent this match can go either way at this point here's this chance to win that this could do it this guy's a competitor he's not going down yet the apex predator stays in the hunt with that took out for a few years Randy Orton brought his career to even greater heights by aligning with the authority as the personally appointed face of the WWE impact Michael mentioned Randi as the face of the WWE given his long history aligning with Triple H it made perfect sense for the game to give the Viper preferential treatment main events and a lengthy world title reign gentlemen it was in the face of WWE Randy Orton has the look the champion and that is why Triple H made him the centerpiece of the authority for so long it's about the prestigious world title that's why these men are putting their bodies their careers on the line I'm going up top this could be disastrous Michael the Viper strikes again [Applause] and there are those fighting I see eyes the venomous look of Randy Orton lightning-fast reflexes [Applause] in the back oh boy he is rolling Oh he's not going to go quietly no superstar worthless Sela ever does wait a minute oh nasty impact right up against my face come on nobody controls the pace of a match what fingers down championship still in it what a gutsy performance with no luck again skips in there Kofi just too fast and Randy Orton just slips out of harm's way backwards we the ropes this is not going to end well become Kingston [Applause] the WWE Championship is on the line [Applause] Randy Orton was just one step behind there guys oh man Randy Orton's in trouble oh and he connects there's no reason to lose your footing on a move like that come on toughen up he's in full control man we've got a problem here guys no kidding who knows what happened next oh boy he whoo counter here Randy Orton no problem getting out of that one [Applause] that new tip here the situation discount enemy hits this destroy the Viper [Applause] you need a nearfall I don't believe you [Applause] with a 180 Kofi Kingston the reversal the quick reversal there by Randy Orton and here comes Orton turning it around it's Kofi Kingston look the reversal [Applause] you might be cliche but it's true here [Applause] Michael but now can Kingston make the most of this here's the bed it's going to take more than that to keep his shoulders down wow I am impressed the champ to the top turnbuckle look out he's making a statement here with this attack Randy no great job escaping trying to turn this thing around suplex [Applause] go way back this is what makes him one of the best in the business just slips out of harm's way the devastating stop and a mudhole big stuff this one's over guys what he strings together a series of moves better call [Applause] and this one's history what a win [Applause] [Applause] nice victory here tonight humpy takes the lose bitter Betty and I'd say that match certainly lift up the summer slams historic and prestigious pass [Applause] you



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    Can Randy Orton Defeat Kofi Kingston To Become 14 Time Wwe World Champion ? 🤔

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    Kofitiston win sumerslam

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    Nice but the graphics are really bad

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    You should add a contact email address in your channel's about section 🙂

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    Nice one

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    I miss 2K15

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    You should use current Randy Orton

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    Pq não toca a música original de cada lutador que vc vai lutar

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    Congratulations on 10k subs 🔥🔥🔥
    I hope you reach the level of Chris denker or maybe higher

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