World's Hottest Substance Vs Coldest Substance

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today we will be dissecting the world's greatest rivalries like Logan Paul versus ksi Logan get out of the way Jesus Logan taking them hey Rock vs. baby which is better at smashing a window you go first so you tell me rocks are better than babies maybe it was just a fluke in the system we're gonna test our theory again all I know is our theory is true rocks are better than babies and smashing windows which is better at math a man or a forklift yeah five minutes to self-respond right that's all I need boss let's do this huh dude this is this is hard how's the machine doing what do you nice think of that Coke versus Pepsi which is a better military weapon now as you can see Pepsi left a decent hole take that you stupid tiger give her back talking I let's see how coke does oh dude Pepsi is waving whoa whoa whoa whoa this was coke this was Pepsi all I'm saying is if you're trying to take over our country I'd be using Pepsi this is people who aren't following my Instagram and aren't subscribed to this channel this is people who are following my Instagram and are subscribe to them by the way nice tattoo Batman this is my wall of memes and everyone says PewDiePie kills meme so let's put a cutie pie with the medes and see what happens j-jake are you sure you want to drive your nice car into this wall I'm not making you do this positive you're sure it's gonna be awesome hey that's genius get back here fans aren't satisfied with that everyone till the Viking he's a jerk which tastes better a flip-flop or a shoe I need my flip-flops wrong oh all right what's the other shoe taste so as you can see the flip-flop has much more consistency like it just it just goes down the throat better this is a weed this is your brain this is your brain on a weed in case you didn't understand the metaphor that's your brain this is my foot and this is my foot with a bowling ball now my foot feels slimy bro look at your lady shoe $450 that shoes doesn't mean you'll never get a cold what's in hey there's a wild female over there which would you prefer the socks and say no there's an ice hockey obviously yeah good content versus bad content oh wait whoops I am NOT not in I'm own that way on purpose oh yeah here's the bed I'm right here this is me know that PewDiePie is good content and you're bad content hmm it's not working well Jimmy according to google you shouldn't use paper to cut down trees the laptops not working either in your arms on this dirt mound is a picture of ninja and going against Ninja is a firework just a sparkler kind of crappy for work is that yet take that ninja all right and then just stomp around – ninja really is undefeatable look at that even fireworks shouldn't kill him we are 100% killing ninja this time got away with life for the last time we're not quite sure what the Saturn missile is but there's 200 shot sentense is even trying jeez and cameraman go check on them pathetic fuck any movie the Bible the Bible always wins this is an easy one watch what happens when you travel watch it just doesn't work watch what happens in you try to watch a DVD so much more enjoyable what what's that noise what wait wait a minute but yeah I'm standing still you wanna hit me well bad guys really do suck at aiming they couldn't hear me at this ketchup vs. mustard which makes better paint hey kick your stupid little ketchup on your side my wieners slimy my waiters slimy too whiny wieners for life who what just better ketchup or mustard wait better can't you learn must have loss or head view a few it's not a thumbnail they got 10 million views I'm just saying I'm just saying my mustards attacking your village paper bags are so much better just like I care about the environment like look at that what's in that other bag right there want you what's your elastic max yeah what are you trying to kill the ozone layer do you want to go to bars or something you gross look at that – gross get away from me I don't even need to drink it they don't sponsor ninja redbull for the wolf el it's disgusting ninja I love you Red Bull gives you force it's been like that all your life Wow yours is so long yes why is it so tight yes it's just how it was man no this isn't an apple pie this is liquid napalm this stuff gets as hot as lava this is a gallon of liquid nitrogen this is the coldest substance in the world we could buy and this is the hottest substance in the world we can make like seriously when you like this stuff on fire it gets crazy hot so this stuff gets 15 to 20 200 degrees Fahrenheit and lit on fire that is a lot once it gets going it will get going yes science good okay tell me if I just take my fist and do like that I'll lose my fist 100% oh wait let me push me oh my gosh good let's pull this in hottest substances just a lot and so we flip the napalm over take to Chris don't lose your hand I can't believe these to drop stuff like this on people and like war and stuff yeah uh-huh nice that is the world's coldest substance versus the world's hottest substance somehow jello ended up in a sock Oh left or right wait wait do I have to pick it or yeah oh no it's been five minutes in that last moisture imagine if there's one thing I got this moisture you've Tommy get ugly moisturizer moisturizer does your man have the most right and skills like me look at that wall it's perfectly moisturize now you know it's like American Bar this football game was crazy I broke my leg but I powered through it man I'm just a tough boy how about you Chris how's your soccer game I did pretty good you know G yeah $5,000 yeah I will start the bid at 3 grand now that is comedy


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  1. MrBeast says:

    Subscribe or I'll have the viking kill your fish

  2. The Cat Showz & Gaming says:

    1:34 we gonna need some of those for the Area 51 raid

  3. Nivan Ramlaul says:

    Good content vs bad content 😂😂😂😂

  4. JustRaGamer says:

    DIY how to make obsidian

  5. CJ Koolaid says:


  6. dyinglight gamer says:

    Why does the fire look edited

  7. It’s xXTgTheGodXx says:

    ( 7:02 ) “Slimly wieners for life”


  8. Banana Bread says:

    Where the fuck do you get napalm

  9. roblox spider with 20000 subscribers says:

    Chris – Redbull gives you farts!

    Me- well lemme go get some redbull

  10. faze godmode says:

    I,m satisfied

  11. Brody Coates says:

    There is something oddly satisfying about watching him smash that window with that rock.

  12. Xłòśérbway:3 Mallo BDM says:

    Is FU means fuck you?

  13. Karter Green says:

    Rewind time everybody

  14. FaZeYEET OVO says:

    7:49 lmfao

  15. Sophia Bartoletti says:

    How dare u abuse Harry potter😡😤

  16. leah gonzalez says:


  17. Cam Matthew says:

    10:40 he says the f word I think?

  18. 500 subs no videos says:

    Where's the cobblestone and obsidian?

  19. The CHARIZARDGOD5000 says:

    9:51 Chandler winning a challenge.

    He won I already know

  20. The CHARIZARDGOD5000 says:

    9:51 Chandler winning a challenge.

    He won I already know

  21. •Kyo• says:

    The bible will always win over everything.

  22. Jammer AJ player says:

    Me when my teacher say what’s one + one = me 4:37

  23. Soren Bergstrom says:

    Does chris mousturize ?

  24. Adam-1505 says:


  25. Madfur says:

    MrBeast: *Calls a Muscle car a Sport's car.*

  26. NoodlesDoodles YT says:

    Coke just slipped

  27. Sonam Wangchuk says:

    Red bull gives you farts was just🤣🤣🤣

  28. Allen Keenor says:

    Why didnt it make obsidian?

  29. Andy Ortega says:

    Subscribe to Mr. Beast and you get free muscles

  30. caz gregg says:

    1:02 Chandler in the back

  31. Adventure Doge says:

    You won’t lose your fist just put it in and put it out the fastest you can, I’ve seen the king of random do it

  32. Echo_RobloxTuber's Friend Alex says:

    Subsrcibe to MerBeast and PewDiePie or else they will delete your Roblox account

  33. Shoots 2011 says:

    Ninjas is bad

  34. -Toxic -sisters Play- says:

    The socks killed me lol

  35. Oksana Lyamin says:

    Why are you making fun of the Bible

  36. the trapper says:


  37. Xpert_bear gaming says:

    1:36 if your wondering why coke didn't make a hole is because there is wood plank behind the dry wall and that's my theory

  38. Lily Brooks says:

    Pepsi = Armor piercing
    Coke = High explosive

  39. Awesomeninja16 Uploading says:

    4:37 lol

  40. Potato the one says:

    Coke is better for flash bang Pepsi for death

  41. Sam Penny says:

    7:46 my motto for life

  42. Dakota Guitreau says:

    Rip wall

  43. DopeScoper_YT says:

    Cardi B: see Pepsi is okurrr

  44. Brody Duncan says:


  45. Alicia Moriarty says:

    Why humans are jerks

  46. Sophia ferrin says:


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