Wolfenstein Youngblood | Switch VS PS4 | Graphics & FPS Comparison

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31 Replies to “Wolfenstein Youngblood | Switch VS PS4 | Graphics & FPS Comparison”

  1. Martell Tha Cool says:

    PS4 won

  2. Mr. Chimi says:

    Por dios, que cáncer la gente que se cree que una portátil debe ser equiparable a una ps4, este tipo de vídeos me demuestran lo pérdida que esta la comunidad actualmente :/

  3. Ricardo Tejeda says:

    U can bitch all u want. The beauty and the genious of the switch Is that you can play games like Doom Witcher 3 assassins creed Wolfenstein Resident Evil AND mortal Kombat 11 ON THE GO. Can a PS4 Xbox one do that? Nope. So if a small graphical dowgrade Is requeired than that's okay.

    Plus: online Is cheap as fuck

  4. Christopher Harte says:

    PS4 version looks like every game at E3….. Switch version looks like most games after leaving E3!!

  5. Asus rog GeForce GTX says:

    I prefer play to toilet, so nintendo switch win

  6. Marco Surco says:

    ver. 1.1 no 1.0 dude.

  7. Joel Rosas Avilés says:

    Las consolas ps4 y xbox one son meno fuerte que ps3 y xbox 360 los que son amd fue 8 core débil y mucha memoria de vídeos

  8. Joel Rosas Avilés says:

    El Nintendo switsh los que tiene 2 gb de vídeos no son 4gb los que pasa son fuerte

  9. iZotopeDii says:

    это тупо портотив с консолью сравнивать

  10. Gizelbelcoot says:

    More like PS4 and PS2 comparison lol
    But problem with nintendo fans is that if you will attach sticker of name Miyamoto on horse shit or pig's poop , they will gladly eat it

  11. Рецептник Для даунов , на тебя намекаю says:

    480p……..Very good, Lets go to play Wolfenstein on ps4..

  12. 3212Seis says:

    Nop… got it on PC for home. I have Fire Emblem for my commute on Switch. Best of both worlds

    If you a FPS, racing or Sports fan you need a PS4/X1/PC first… Switch is the handheld you get after like a 3DS or VITA.

  13. pashaa says:

    vO faSe RoDaH nU sUFItir

  14. Eduardo 21 says:

    Tremendo pedazo de mierda la suish ,en el exterior con el parche 1.1 parecia que iba a 360p xDDD ,lastima que aqui solo mostro gameplay en interiores

  15. Argoz says:

    Esa comparación es sin parche verdad? Creo que deberías actualizar el vídeo.

  16. Jonnatan Casas Ramírez says:

    la version de ps4 corre a 60 fps estables sin caidas en el modo agresivo

  17. Петро Дейнека says:

    Во времена PS2 и PSP прокатило бы такое разрешение. А сейчас на это мыло в прямом смысле этого слова просто больно смотреть. Не играл бы в такое даже в самолёте.

  18. César Peralta says:

    Did you know that there is a day one patch? There is. Try to download it and compare with it.

  19. Khesrow Bahram says:

    But still it made it

  20. Tansu says:


  21. Owned by Daisy says:

    Just be happy that you can play on the go with the switch.

  22. Uniting Gem1985 says:

    Wolfenstein youngblood on android WTF!!!

  23. sakib hossain says:

    The only reason switch exists is potability otherwise such crap graphics are unaccetbale. Try running rdr2 on this shit switch..🤮🤮

  24. CyberX_PLAY says:

    The graphics quality of the switch looks like 7th generation. It would be done if it launched this Wolfenstein for PS3 and Xbox360

  25. Lennox Barnard says:

    El parche 1.1 mejora ….pufff dejen tanto lloriqueo.
    En nintendo switch se ve horrible así tenga parche.
    Pero claro, tienen que defender a nintendo y este meme.

  26. goo gle says:

    I have both an Xbox one and a switch so I'll definitely buy this on my xbox

  27. Fredy Olvera says:

    Well done nintendo switch

  28. Otaku_GameFan says:

    Of course the Switch Version wouldn't be 60 Frames PerSeconds. But 480p!?
    Por supuesto, la versión Switch no sería 60 Frames PerSeconds. ¿Pero 480p?

  29. Ezequiel Campuzano says:

    Versión potato y aún así tiene caídas de frames asquerosas

  30. Вас Вас says:

    Свитч отсасывает

  31. KilleR.B. says:

    I love the Switch and know there is a significant difference in graphical fidelity. If you are watching this on a phone screen, you likely can’t see much difference. Watch this video on a larger screen and the disparity becomes even more profound. Great comparison video!

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