Why Web Design is Bigger than UX/UI

July 25, 2019 posted by

everybody's so hyped about UX and UI but I want to tell you from a business perspective you might be looking at the wrong direction hey everybody what's up and welcome to another segment of business time where I share some of my learnings after working as a designer in a freelancer 4 or 15 maybe 17 years by now and I know that if you're a designer like me you watch other YouTube channel probably about design you probably have have been following other designers on Instagram and so you're always seeing all these tips and tricks about how to become a better UX designer UI designer I know I've been you know covering and doing your lot of review for you know you ass and UI portfolio so I'm also into that and I'm also talking about this because I love doing product design and you know thinking about how to pray better user experience and working with tech companies but what I want to talk about today is that from a business perspective that might not be the best way to go and pursue your you know your future as a designer and the reason is it's very very simple and I will be able to cover this in like a minute is the amount of companies in the world that actually needs what we call you a Qi design which is basically product design right designing dashboards app these kind of stuff they're also they're just like 1% of the companies in the world right like who needs app design dashboard design they're probably just tech companies which you know because we live on the internet they we might think they're all around us right because they're on the internet but the truth is they're just 1% of the companies in the world of the businesses in the world when you think about web design like who needs a website the answer is a hundred percent of the businesses in the world so I kind of see it as a pyramid at the top there is just the 1% of businesses who need UX and UI design by the way those companies also need a website to share what their product is about right so everybody needs a web design that's why I kind of the core and the bottom of the pyramid I would say is the need for web design who needs web design everybody the whole pyramid who needs UX and UI design only the one percent at the top and as you might see and the truth is you know and I've been working with these one percent doing you acts and UI design for them and I think it's wonderful I love it but there is not a lot of them there's a huge competition on these projects why because you know they have budgets those are interesting and fun projects to work on so everybody is competing about them and it's very very hard to get and there's not that many of them but when you think about Web Design it's true that you might say that not all of these the the pyramid not a hundred percent of the businesses in the world is are gonna spend a lot of money to create beautiful amazing website that is true but just because the pyramid is so huge think about this every restaurant every lawyer every retail company all of them needs a business website so the market is just so like a hundred thousand times bigger and in that huge market you can find the good clients you can find the clients with the budgets who are willing to spend on design who are going to invest in creating an amazing amazing website and so the market is bigger you know the market is global whereas a lot of the tech companies are very focused on you know being in the US more specifically in San Francisco or in New York specifically I'm living in Tel Aviv which is a very big tech hub so I'm fortunate to be next to these where these you know you ax UI startup companies live but if you think about this no matter where you are in the world every business that is around you every business that you see when you walk down the street they need a website and so I think that in terms of business viability where you have more chances to create a sustainable business and be kind of unique and define your own niche have less competition I think it's in design and so I think it's a little bit confusing because you see all the hype everybody's talking about this you get tips you want to do this because it's fun and it's amazing but I think if you find what's fun and amazing and awesome about creating web design you're gonna have a much higher likelihood of creating a sustainable freelance business or agency you know doing great work for clients so that's my take away for this week I'm not saying it's not important I'm just saying from a business perspective you should consider where you have better chances to succeed see on the next video


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  1. Ben Watson says:

    Isn't this always the case with most industries? It is either serve a larger volume of clients for less per job or aim for a specific niche role and serve less but make more per job. It seems to be a balancing act dependent on personal preference and environment.

  2. Danilo Mello says:

    I never going to understand the people who separate UX from Web design. When you think about web design, you need to think about user experience as well. Also, user interface is part of the web design.

  3. Rakesh karunaad says:

    Hey Dan just purchased the webflow masterclass I hope i learn more about webflow design process a long time YouTube viewer of your channel turned to student

  4. Andrei Avram says:

    user experience (UX) and look and feel (UI) are applied on the web design too. Every user from a website has a flow, has an experience, has a goal… they also need a good visual experience.

  5. saraelisa says:

    Ran knows what UX is, so please understand the message here. As stated, he's clearly talking from a *business perspective*. However, he could have phrased better, I think 😋.

    First things first, UX is not just for digital products. Don't think it only regards the digital realm, UX starts at the product concept and "ends" (if it ever does) after the product has been used, may the product be digital or physical. UX is a beautiful, complex field. ♥️
    Businesses who don't consider UX will have a hard time surviving considering we're getting more and more acquainted with good products, great service and there's more and more competition, in every sector.

    Now, let's talk about how businesses we digital designers could sell our services to, perceive UX: if you are not located in a tech/startup area, it's very hard they even know what UX is, or they might have heard of it but don't even think it's for them, because again, most think it's just for apps.

    If you live in such area, you are way more likely to find a job as a *web designer*, because if anything, these businesses do know what a website is, maybe already have one or need a major redesign.

    As you pitch your designs and services, you apply UX principles and methodologies to everything you do.
    If you design a website with great UX, you will have a happy client with a fantastic return on investment.

    Regarding website builders like Wix, Squarespace, etc… I often wondered what was the point in offering myself as a web designer with all these online services available and me not knowing how to code. I thought of the cafe down the road who just opened, they'd have a small budget for websites and a pretty simple service to represent online. So I thought those website builders would fit them perfectly. Whereas now that I know about Webflow, I just realized it would be more coherent for me to look for companies with more complex products to represent online from various industries (for eg. insurance, pharmaceutical, mechanical), these companies would also have a larger budget for it and I would be able to provide UX-friendly, beautifully crafted custom websites.

    Folks, it helps to comment, it prompts you to put down in words what chaotically meanders your mind, you get Euraka moments😆

    Bottom line, if you don't live in a tech area, you have more chances of being found or getting clients as a Web Designer than as solely UX designer (a still rather unknown job figure). Add both keywords in your services, teach your clients about it and always apply UX in everything you do.

  6. praveen kumar says:

    Hello mister intelligent every Digital platform includes UX designing, I don't know whats your understanding about UX&UI design, it is not just only about the apps…..😂😂

  7. Eduardo Oliveira says:

    Some valuable points but you forgot to mention some others that changes this conversations entirely:
    1. Product Design has a crazy demand! There are so many tech companies, Digital Product Agencies and startups asking for designers out there that I'm sure you won't struggle to find a job.
    2. Product design is so broad you can specialize in one area and still find jobs easily: Information Architecture, Researcher, Service Design, UX, UI, Motion Designer, Prototype Specialist, Design System… The list keeps going on.
    3. A really good Product Designer most likely can do Web, did Web or won't struggle too much to do Web while the other way around isn't so seamless.
    4. Web have a HUGE disadvantage, you're gonna compete against the people that think they can design their own website and sometimes they can! There are huge business facilitating this process out there such as Squarespace and Wix. Take your Lawyers as an example, it's very easy to look at your competitors and mimic their structure using one of those website builders I just mentioned—while doing product is a much more bespoke and complex thing to do.
    5. I also find it hard to find clients that want to do something actually different. I see most of the wip that web designers are working on to be very simple and easy to do. It's very hard to find a web project that's truly exciting like what Work&Co did for Virgin Airlines (https://work.co/virgin-america). At the same time, in product, trying to figure it out a way for users to engage with a feature in specific can be super challenging and probably will demand you to innovate and think outside the box just so this feature performs better.

    This is just my humble opinion. I do enjoy Web a lot, it's super fun, the constrains on development are a bit more relaxed so double the fun BUT it's hard to find real cool projects that isn't following a recipe and your comparison to Product seemed a bit unfair.

  8. Marian Mihai says:

    waste of time….talking about nothing for 5 min…

  9. Konnstantin Claudiu says:

    For website, you can use a page builder, and make it your own, if you don t have the budget for a custom design. For "UI/UX" you need a person, not a web-based application with 1000 elements. And also how @Johnny B
    said: if you are doing web design or UI you should always take in consideration UX part of the project unless you will get a pretty web site that is not useful, user-friendly and does not solve any problem or helping your clients business.

  10. Prestige Confidential says:

    It's funny how y'all never do research on Africa with it's future in Tech (UI/UX).Y'all are sleeping on us man

  11. Supreet Kumar says:

    Is Web Design & Web UI Design arent the same thing?

  12. intcomaz says:

    So true! Thank you for the words of wisdom. Toda Raba!

  13. rudra ghosh says:

    BTW Ran, Webdesign is a part of UX/UI design 😊😊😊😊

  14. Carlos Augusto says:

    Ok I may come out as a noob by saying this, but do you think automation makes web design jobs scarce or even the doing that for a living more complex?

    (Talking about do-you-own-website type of services)

  15. J L says:

    I'm not sure you really understand what UX is if you think only 1% of companies need UX. Every digital product can benefit from UX design, websites included. That site that you design, how do you make sure that the users are getting out of it what you want them to? UX. Really the only problem getting work in UX is that businesses and people such as your selves conflate UX with UI. This is probably why most websites are so poorly designed as businesses rely on web designers too much and UX designers too little.

  16. Mario González says:

    It all depends. I feel that there are many more good web Designers than good UX product designers. Another thing is that most companies need low budget websites. On the other hand; here in the US it is hard to find competent UX designers and there are more jobs offers than professional UX Designers on the market. Every week, I get a couple of good offers to join large projects. When I encourage designers to get apply they usually feel that their UI expertise is enough and do not work hard to learn what iti is required.oin companies and projects. I personally feel that you will see more web designers (human and AI) and a larger demand for true product designers all over the world.

  17. Fahim Saqib says:

    Hi when your Web design course is release and what will be the cost?

  18. Dylan Parks says:

    This video was a bit confusing to me. Are you speaking about specifically creating a web design agency vs a UI/UX design focused agency? Or are you speaking to becoming a Web Designer vs UI/UX Designer? Addressing the latter, in my experience, someone who uses the title of a UI/UX designer is typically more of an interactive jack-of-all-trades where they not only create website designs but also desktop, iOS, and Android apps. Working as a UX Designer, I've created graphics, logos, landing pages and dashboards on top of the things listed previously. In my opinion, at least in terms of being a Web Designer vs a UI/UX designer, I believe your pyramid should be flipped around, as website design should be stemming from good UX and not the other way around.

  19. Aguss Franco C says:

    UX is bigger than design

  20. Herman Tselinsky says:

    It feels like there's also a slight retreat of native apps.
    Had a discussion a few weeks ago with a fellow designer who works in a bank. So their analytics shows that a lot of people still prefer using online banking despite all the effort they've put in the app. It's just that standalone app was unavoidable in 2014 due to visual quality constraints. You simply couldn't give the user all the fancy animations you wanted because they would drastically slow down the app. The native app was a solution: the same database, all interface computing on the user's smartphone.
    But nowadays a web-app is as appealing and fast as a native app, yet you don't need to download anything. They're starting to have discussions about if they will need a native app at all in the nearest future.

  21. Sterling Williams says:

    SO GREAT TO HEAR Your Experienced 💯 take!! I’m a full on (focused on the engaging dynamic mobile experience for years) web designer #TheWebStylist and always dig your vids and expertise sir!

  22. juanlugofitness says:

    I’m so glad you touched upon this

  23. Johnny B says:

    I can't agree with you this time. Yes there is a lot of needs for web design but either if you are doing web design or ui you should always take in consideration UX part of the project unless you will get pretty web site that is not useful, user friendly and does not solving any problem or helping your clients business.

  24. Aaron D says:

    I'm graduating college next year looking to go into UX Design primarily but I've also had some experience in web design as well. Would you recommend applying to both UX Design roles and web design roles within the same company or just stick to one?

  25. Arqads Digital says:

    Thank you, FLUX.

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