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even the brightest of UX hopefuls still have to prove themselves to a hiring manager but the question is how if you're a plumber you could supply your certification a writer books you've published or articles you've written a developer software you've designed or apps you've coded and the list goes on but what about UX designers as a UX designer your value comes from your ability to understand and empathize with your users but considering your users won't be there with you in the interview room you're going to need another way to flaunt your stuff this is where the UX design portfolio comes in when it comes to showcasing your work portfolios are pretty common in the creative sphere they're a quick easy and visually appealing way to show off what you've created from art to writing to web layouts and more but this brings us to another problem UX is more about the process and result employers want to know that you can create high quality products but they're more interested in how you've arrived at those products UX designers can't just use a few images of their final projects instead they create case studies each case studies like a miniature documentary The Chronicles the entire UX of a project from summary to solution think of them like scrapbooks showing off pictures and describing each step you took all the while weaving a story that'll pull your audience in you want your case studies to be detailed enough that future employers can get a good feel for your design process after all they're looking for someone that can not only turn research an insight into high quality user friendly products but someone whose way of working fits in with their team and company values too as a UX designer your portfolio is your lifeblood especially if you're just starting out and don't have any in-house experience yet without a portfolio employers simply won't know what you can do of course all of this begs the question where all these portfolio projects going to come from if this is your first time trying to get a job in UX you can't get projects if you don't have a job but you can't get a job if you don't have projects right sounds like the old chicken in the egg debate but who says your projects need to be from a past job that's the beauty of UX you can come up with your own projects think the current to its apps sucks design your own new layout or if you're not happy with the alarm clock apps in the App Store simply design your own just make sure you're solving a real problem for users a potential employer probably isn't looking for someone who whipped up a new – it'll out just for the heck of it but if you can prove a real problem users are having with the current layout along with documented evidence that your new solution solves that problem that'll turn some heads your portfolio is your chance to show off not only your skills but also what type of design you are so be creative brag a little bit about what you've accomplished and most importantly have a little fun


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    Thank you!!

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    Hey it was a great video! Please keep posting more 😀

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