Welcome to the family Nokia 220 4G

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  1. Arindam Ghosh says:

    When will it be launched in India? I am looking for an upgrade to my Nokia C2-00

  2. xiaomi shuvo says:

    What is the operating system of device?

  3. Rakesh Mirajkar says:

    Iam still using my old Nokia C5 along with new Nokia 5.1

  4. Frost Blizzard says:


  5. pacer1705 says:

    Alas, the Nokia 220 4G is missing wifi hotspot function and wifi capability. I will stay with my Nokia 8110 4G for one more year.

  6. Upokari Hitman says:

    Does nokia 220 support java?

  7. Cerul su says:

    we need whatapp app pls ..

  8. JagadeshEIE Jagadesheie says:

    Any one knows the release date in india

  9. Torregoshi says:


  10. Uğur Yörük says:

    Böyle çalışmalar görmek güzel! <3

  11. Russell Al mamun says:

    Only Nokia fans hit the like button.

  12. Valdas V says:

    Is this a joke?

  13. Yogender Rana says:

    Love you nokia from INDIA

  14. RBR says:

    So is this phone going to be sold in North America unlike the 3310 4G?

  15. Manjeet Bagri says:

    4g lte logo in back side good work NOKIA2019

  16. prabhakar dinni says:

    Sd slot or not please tell

  17. Ardi Vai says:

    I hope that phone can install whatsapp because I am interested with that phone.

    Seriously, I am tired using a big phone for may daily activity.

  18. Nebeski Maker says:

    Bring this model to Brazil, please. 🇧🇷

  19. CMPM PONMUDI says:


  20. Ave Satana says:

    S40 – forever )

  21. Ave Satana says:

    S30+ is very bad OS

  22. Count Ravendark says:

    Does this thing support whatsapp?

  23. G Laughlin says:

    When can we expect a Nokia 4G feature phone in the United States other than the 8110? I have a Nokia 3310 3G, but given the sunsetting of 3G, we really need more choices for 4G feature phones in the U.S.

  24. Sagar Desai says:

    Will it support jio sim?

  25. Shoukathali ibrahim says:

    support whatsapp?

  26. Aditya Sukhdeve says:

    How to buy it

  27. Raúl Rojas says:

    N97 please!!!

  28. Алексей Есенов says:

    Это хит на

  29. Giat Prasetyo says:

    Java compatible ??? i hope,,

  30. Deepu Auditore says:

    Launch 3310 4g version in India.

  31. Bheem Yaduvanshi says:

    Service Quality Is Poor At Bihar #Patna Don't Buy Nokia Phones

  32. Deepak Panshala says:

    Call recorder required

  33. Shubhajit Sen says:

    Does it have it's own app store?

  34. Active P says:

    Nokia should switch to selling bread. Recent designs look no different from bread…

  35. Sahadeb Nandi says:

    Have a hotspot service

  36. r5924 says:

    Buenas noches what app tendrá???

  37. Chand Rath says:

    I bought the original Nokia 220 in 2014 it was a pretty slick phone and works fantastic even today. I just wondering the Nokia 220 4G, will it support VoLTE? When it will available in India?

  38. Vipul Nandaniya says:

    nokia is fail. 5.1.and 6.1 fail fail fail charjing port is very very very bed… Fail.

  39. Mas ely says:

    many Indonesian people who need featurpone can use whatsapp. please
    Nokia launches products with KAI os which supports whatsapps.

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