Vape Talk Ep 34 | Fury Edge, Stempod Si, Sidewinder, Baby Bong XL | Sneaky Pete's Vaporizer Reviews

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41 Replies to “Vape Talk Ep 34 | Fury Edge, Stempod Si, Sidewinder, Baby Bong XL | Sneaky Pete's Vaporizer Reviews”

  1. Sneaky Pete Vaporizers says:

    Hey everyone – thanks so much for entering the first Induction Heater Giveaway! If you didn’t win don’t worry, we’ll have another one coming up next month as well! The winning guess was only 154 away from the winning number, congratulations to @Michael Tilly! Please email me at [email protected] so we can confirm your identity and get you your new induction heater! Thanks for participating everyone, see you next time!



    ** Hey everyone important reminder – THE CONTEST STARTS AT 11:30AM PST TOMORROW and all guesses will take place in the live chat, not in the comments. Please don't put your guesses in the comments now or in the live chat before 11:30am PST as they will not count, only guesses placed in the live chat after 11:30am PST will count so please place your guesses then, good luck! **

  2. Julio Sepulveda says:

    Where could I get a solid induction heater?

  3. Steve M. says:

    Awesome addition on the Blazer micro, hands down best butane torches I have ever used. I'm still waiting on my call up for a G43, that stand looks boss!

    Any word on selling an induction heater in the future?

  4. Hennimal77 says:

    Panzerballett & Vapes! Sneaky Pete at his best….

  5. Zach Blair says:

    U should do a video on the firmware up grade u need to do for the 510 atty mods.

  6. eddy1367 says:


  7. Me2 says:

    Are you going to LTX?

  8. tbladesmith says:

    Have you ever tried the FlowerPot by NewVape?

  9. Burgles says:

    God damn I want one of those micro torches, to much for me tho D:

  10. El Jefe says:

    The bath robe intro was pure Jordi "El Niño Polla".

  11. RK9 says:

    hey sneaky pete. thoughts on the POTV One vs the Fury Edge? Is the edge strictly better because of the 40% battery increase? (and USB C)

  12. J A says:

    1. What’s the benefit of a induction heater compared to lighters
    2. What bubbler was that at 1.30

  13. Roasted Blueberry says:

    nice video , and i also have some question about stempod si, isn't using coil without cotton are just literally burning it to get heat? and if yes how red is the coil and do you get that burning coil flavor and sharp pain on the throat?

  14. northrage says:

    Ayy so dope to see one of my favorite weedtubers visit my home town!

  15. PISTOL PETE says:

    I already have a heater. I'm here for the Fury Edge info, my next vape! I have to say your videos are getting better and better, if that's even possible!

  16. The Rover says:

    First! Oops,scratch that.

    539th !! Yes!

  17. inesh g says:

    The baby bong looks so cool

  18. Anderson Hirt says:

    What firmware are you running on that mod? I have the same one but haven't figured out a way to get the turbo or some other cruise mode firmware loaded.

  19. Ryen Elliott says:

    The new glass looks great dude

  20. Eric Wright says:


  21. C Tipp says:

    awwwh I missed the LIVE stream

  22. wpg7o6 says:

    Welcome to the Peg! Hope you enjoy your stay here!

  23. David Rothman says:

    I think I won 🤣

  24. David Rothman says:


  25. Lloyd Goldberg says:


  26. Donna Moniz says:


  27. TheKimber66 says:

    What are we guessing about????

  28. Vetalrex says:


  29. Roasted Blueberry says:

    damn it's premiere 2 in the morning here

  30. Sergei Krakhmal says:


  31. Liam MacDonald says:


  32. gimpy316 says:


  33. Ryan Poland says:


  34. sammibear83 says:


  35. victor bow says:


  36. Brandon Buzzell says:


  37. 907akraven says:

    I don't know if I like these premiere reminders. 😂

  38. Jake Scott says:


  39. Bad Habit says:


  40. alexrodrigo209 says:


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