"UPS" – Infographics (3dsense Student Project 2016 – Motion Graphics Design)

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it's that time of the year and UPS is on the job to deliver your heartfelt gifts from you to your close ones being afar but there is one thing we must be aware optimally you drop your pasta off at the UPS drop box or at your local post office that's right always be prepared for delays so what causes delays well during this festive gear up to two million parcels every day Asante in our court which I downloaded into our plates your parcel is delayed when the cleanest reaches maximum capacity therefore it could only be loaded the moment next plane is available even then their weather can still occur and for the safety of our pilots and your parcel butter delay is expected to happen before it's safe for all planes to move off your parcel is then transported and air to lead heading towards the destination is glucose often salsa parcels are redirected yeah we can share your parcel heads to the correct destination to make sure that the machine will scan for the address and keeps eluding the type pasted onto the parcel the Machine reads the address approves it and there is the parcel to its next destination in some cases over the parcel being transported the technique and damage the latest journey not to worry when the event this happens at our coating department is on standby to merely read and there at the parcel to the correct address you can share your parcel stays on the right course so fret not clear bad weather or take damage we will always be there to ensure that your parcel gets a little to where you want it to be your patience goes a long way happy holidays and wishing you a Merry Christmas from your PS


6 Replies to “"UPS" – Infographics (3dsense Student Project 2016 – Motion Graphics Design)”

  1. Mario Carbajal says:

    I loved the video, but the voice i didn't like it at all! 🙁

  2. Jessica Widjaja says:


  3. Yinka David says:

    Cool, Great, Awesome. Hope UPS paid you. Winks!

  4. mamado san says:

    amazing work thanks

  5. Angel Jose says:

    Do you accept motion graphic projects? Our company is looking for designers right now..

  6. Mohiuddin Ahmed says:

    May I know which software you have used for this? Thanks.

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