5 Replies to “Ultra High Pitch Tinnitus Therapy – Relief for Ringing In The Ears and Sensorineural Hearing Loss”

  1. Terry Proveau says:

    I had sudden sensorineural hearing loss with 100% loss in my right ear in 2001. Any sound therapy like this still just increases my Tinnitus volume and makes it way worse. My Tinnitus is ultra high pitched and very loud like a smoke alarm level only much higher pitched like almost beyond human hearing, like a little below the pitch of a dog whistle. I don't know why but all sounds seem to make it worse even one that is pretty well matched to the frequency of my Tinnitus. This you tube therapy recording goes up and down in frequency and sometimes matches with my Tinnitus but does not help. Would one that was the steady frequency of my Tinnitus without changing help?

  2. олена гринчишин says:

    Thank you. Works for me.

  3. Katrina Miranda says:

    Soothes my ears. Thanks!

  4. TM says:

    Nice!! Thanks man! Works for me, masking my T really nice! Hope it will reduce T in the long run aswell.

  5. 432meditationclub says:

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