Types of logos explained [Tamil] – Tamil Graphic design

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  1. Last Bench Shagul. says:

    Bro my company name Nisha food service yenaku second type logo Pani kattunga yen company Ku use fulla irukku.then our company is wheat atta company

  2. Prîthivî Raj says:

    bro Graphic design course duration? &logo designing course duration?

  3. Prîthivî Raj says:


  4. Mattathor25 says:

    Very interesting and clearly 👍👍

  5. vel jack says:

    Bro photo shop cc compressed version for pc link kudunga

  6. vel jack says:

    Bro photo cc compressed version link anupunga . another version la slow ha iruku but enoda lab 4gb ram but slow ha iruku

  7. Karuppasamy S says:

    want more techinc info and clearly

  8. Sathish 26091999 says:

    Thank you bro for the information

  9. Vannathoorigan says:

    nice bro.. basic okay i leraned from you please explain for next level

  10. vel jack says:

    How to fast up u r computer

  11. vel jack says:

    Photo shop cc and video editing toturial sollunga

  12. vel jack says:

    Own website create pandratha pathi sollunga

  13. vel jack says:

    Bro voice sounds quality increase pannunga

  14. vel jack says:

    Video editing toturial and photo manipulation pathi sollunga

  15. vel jack says:

    Bro programming language la edhula features scope iruku python or c,c++

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