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Hi I’m Tori with Visual Magnetics hopefully this
space will help inspire some new future projects. Visual Magnetics really shines
in retail point of purchase. The great thing is that you can achieve amazing
design and not have to compromise any creativity. But at store level it’s
incredibly easy to set everything up on your wall. we’re gonna start with a frame
that’s going to go on the wall with our InvisiLock surface protect magnet. so the
magnet media is going to roll over the frame that has been applied with Visual
Magnetics InvisiLock. You can update it for sales as well very easily. So here’s
the Visual Magnetics components here is the micro-iron primer the magnet and
then the graphic that rolls on on top. Very important thing to keep in mind is
that you cannot stick the graphic directly to the paint you always need
the magic so this is the magnet Visual Magnetics that’s the under layer in the thin magnet
that applies either directly to a fixture or it applies to this magnetic
painted wall and then the graphics roll on easily. When you design with Visual
Magnetics you can really think in layers and the combination of
materials there’s actually four different MagnaMedia options on the wall
this is the digital veneers and the background is an eco ten this is our
digital chalkboard here’s our digital veneers again in a fixture and then our
harvest which is like a very textured burlap material. This is an example of a
floating panel all of our materials are light enough that they can be designed
into fixtures that are hung from the ceiling. You can design with visual
magnetics using InvisiLock so that your frames will actually auto lock. There you
go physics to your advantage if you align the magnet application to the back
and underneath all going the same way locks right into place.
Visual Magnetics is not just about graphics you know with our dynamic
spaces concept you can create 3D elements within your design so that go
on to you know entire walls it can be switched up and customized for your
space we’ve partnered with Riveli Shelving
who’s designing gorgeous shelving system incorporates our graphics system as you can
see you pull down the different panels then you can place either merchandise or
art on the wall. This can be great for your home or a retail setting. So they’ve
incorporated our graphic system by placing the InvisiLock within their
shelf and then he applied different media a lot to do you can either put a canvas or you can have it
have more photo quality effects and the new piece of art becomes usable retail space. Visual Magnetic dynamic spaces allows
you to create white borders that can go from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.
With an element of design so whether it be for school design studio or an office
space even at a home office you can really create something unique that to kinda updates the traditional whiteboard. So you know you can even use
the layers the same way so we write something here want to move it over here
its kind of like a sticky note but it’s reusable and repositionable.

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