The Coolest CUSTOM RTX 2080 Ti / 2080 Cards We Found!

July 31, 2019 posted by

well hello good people first day of
games come it’s all about the media it’s actually quite nice and grew me over
here last time I was here was completely packed with people but right now it’s
pretty chill we’re going around the show floor and trying to find some custom 20
series new cards from Nvidia the RTX series by UI check out the explained
video right over here alright visiting Horace no custom cards
here only 10 series so the show floor is only open to the media right now and is
almost completely packed tomorrow is gonna be crazy but that’s I see the ROG
booth let’s go check it out hopefully they
have an awesome card for us alright so it is too awesome to see the rtx 2080
strict submission 20% larger surface area on the cooler versus last
generation it is now a 2.7 a small cards instead of 2.5 so it’s like a beefier
cooler I guess that makes sense to lose that RTX chip awesome could they
see a cards on the show floor and that let’s go play some games the awesome thing about Gamescom are
these giant statues of games so you are not here just to play but everyone has a
bit of cosplay and like a little bit so much more energy about games like a look
at this giant tank behind me oh man I see EVGA let’s go check out the new
cards they’re all on display so evj is showing off three new cards that check
out the rtx 2080 EC first so this one you can see the shroud is slightly
transparent it’s not plastic it’s this PVC material so it is durable it’s not
flexible now the cool thing about the transparency is that you can customize
you RTX GPU with these trims they call them so they’re available in black red
and white and carbon later on so you can customize
your car to look the way you want based on know the color scheme which is pretty
awesome the XE is also double slot GPU unlike the others so it’s pretty compact
2080 and 2080 TI awesome stuff moving on to the XC2 so this one’s a slightly
wider much bigger heatsink this is the 2.7 slot GPU has all the same features
the cool thing about this plan is that it has full EVGA logo on the fans which
actually reduced the noise levels of the GPU so the car is running quieter
massive heat sink over here so no problem in cooling something like this
and then the FTW 3 so FTW 3 is probably going to be the most popular out of this
lineup because it’s got three fans massive heatsink so this is uh I think
it’s a triple small GPU yes it is also features the same transparent design on
the shroud so you can customize the actual law trims on the interior so the
cool thing about this one is that we also have this aluminum shield that you
can put on top it looks awesome customize the GPU a little bit more so
it’s kind of cool how EVGA is branching out into this customization element so
not only we have the improvement on the heatsink because it
is 14% cooler and 19% quieter than previous generation but we also have
this others no customization stuff that we weren’t seeing before they also have
the new boxes so once you receive a card you pull off the lid it’s a nice low
surprise waiting inside and new software UI so not only is the bit cleaner
they’re also new features like actually setting the throttling frequency so if
the card is reaching a certain certain temperature you can actually set the
frequency clock to how much it will down the clock and we also have the full RGB
customization controls not only for the cards but also for the SLI bridge which
is pretty cool something that we weren’t able to control before also I will say
the backplate is a new design looks actually pretty sweet and the whole
transparency on the shroud allows for that RGB illumination to shine right
through so it’s not going to be in certain sections and actually will or
supposed to eliminate the entire face of the card which is going to look pretty
sweet alright so those are the new RTX cards from a VGA the XC XC2 and the FTW3 for the rtx 2080 and 2080 ti I am personally excited for the 2080 like the
dual slot because it’s compact obviously is gonna have a lot of power but the FTW3 2080 ti is most likely going to be like that the king of the stuff so you can
overclock that thing and it looks absolutely awesome
the additional customization options are pretty cool but let us know which card
you’d like us to review first and of course
Jacob will try to deliver well well well what’s interesting is that we found an
msi card but we are told but how the board partners is that none of them are
supposed to be running and that card is running so this thing is a pretty
gigantic GPU but of course they have multiple variations of that one I think
that was the gaming trio X gaming extra or something like that but full of RGB
goodness the heatsink is absolutely massive and yeah you need a giant case
to dominate their new rtx lineup Wow so the things that you see at Gamescom
cards heads and balls either you games come you do you alright good people so
that is our games come coverage it’s an exciting place to be because we get to
see so many demos of the games that we can you know test and play out for a
little bit and it’s actually pretty awesome to actually have this such a
significant hardware launch at Gamescom and it kind of makes sense because you
know Jensen spent like 90 percent of presentation talking about rate racing
that will be most likely port to games with this whole rtx platform an
ecosystem later on so they are really closely linked together I was hoping for
more brand partners to showcase their rtx cards but it’s good to see EVGA in
full force asus cards and one two cards from msi but yeah i’m definitely excited
to see more on September 20th when the whole rtx 20 series launches now a lot
of you have expressed your skepticism about gaming performance which we are
about to receive tomorrow so a lot of the information is still under NDA but
as soon as we are able to speak about the performance and reveal the true
colors of this whole rtx lineup of course you’ll hear that from us so
thanks much for watching I’m Dimitri from games come and we’ll see you and


100 Replies to “The Coolest CUSTOM RTX 2080 Ti / 2080 Cards We Found!”

  1. Mahir Saciid says:

    pubg condoms?

  2. stageselectca says:

    all these triple slot cards make me sad.. do they run super hot..?

  3. Dany2697 says:

    0:24 I thought they were condoms

  4. Rasit Cetin says:

    That MSI 😍😍

  5. Pumaxcs says:

    Why are we going back to 3 slot coolers? What? ITX who?

  6. maurice stevens says:

    I would like to see the thermal impact from the aluminium shield on the EVGA card

  7. thevoiceoftruth55 says:

    EVGA really dropped the ball with these coolers. Terribly ugly.

  8. DirectT3Ch says:

    2:35 no shit….really?

  9. Jamaul Browne says:

    u know i still wonder if it can handle league of legends in 360p

  10. whitehotwater says:

    EVGA's work on the shroud is clearly not their best…

  11. toppojaiwant says:

    these evga cards look hideous. founders edition cards are the best looking

  12. Samson Sliteye says:

    its not plastic, its pvc… lmao xD

  13. Samson Sliteye says:

    evg logos on fanblades reduce fan.noise… lmaooooo come on… who believes this bs ?

  14. TerminatorTechs says:

    I want to see a hydro copper 2080 ti

  15. Henry Pham says:

    The EVGA card looks fking ugly as hell. Cheap plastic looking.

  16. Raymond A says:

    The new cards all look the same as the old cards. But that founders edition has a unique new sleek look to it.. That's what im going for.

  17. Ensabre noir says:

    …woah…what a beast of a card EVGA.

  18. Steve2 Me says:

    The EVGA card looks good, everyone out there is saying how shit it looks. WTF. Point!!you can't see it once it's installed.

  19. Francis_ Sy says:

    Msi gaming series are still the best hehe.. and my msi gaming X PLUS will do just fine!! No need for rtx yet

  20. wile123456 says:

    Coolest? Cheap transparent plastic like it's 2008? Logos everywhere for no reason? Bring back the old EVGA designs

  21. JSPlay says:

    please firstt review the strix!!!! it looks awesome

  22. Max .K says:

    Hope the custom cards don't take as long to drop as they did when the 10 series came around.

  23. Nick b says:

    that Msi card..why did they put the smaller fan on the one side and not the middle… its bothering me more than it should.

  24. Steve Ozone says:

    This video doesn't have enough detail. Where's the ray tracing button?

  25. kais Yaya says:

    i'm probably wrong but what i think is Nvidia has picked in term of frame rate efficiency and texture resolution overall with the 10th series and now they need like a next gpu to make a new start so they created this raytracing thing which it existed since 2006 or maybe before but it was a dev thing not in any case related to full gaming experience so my opinion is to wait and see how developers will manage to incorporate this feature in next games for the next decade! so what i wanna say is to wait and see , DO NOT FALL FOR THIS BS, i'm not talking about tech enthusiast and pigeons

  26. ahmed alghamdi says:

    ftw3 is T H I C C

  27. Karl Wyoung says:

    not plastic, it's pvc? ….. i see

  28. PhistyMcNuts says:

    Anything looks good if you are paid enough to say so

  29. Irishgamer01 says:

    Looks great if you get your cards 4 Free

    Yes fancy BOX is going to make your feel better after paying an extra 500$ for your TI

  30. thuring813 says:

    0:25 PUBG condoms

  31. thuring813 says:

    Goddamn those are some UGLY looking cards. EVGA and MSI look ugly af, and why is ASUS recycling the 10 series cards design?! very disappointing. FE however looks beautiful, sleek and classy, IMO.

  32. Ben K says:

    These ugly shit. Buy the founders edition

  33. Kitty Cat says:

    Once again no detachable fans/shroud for easier cleaning access without ripping apart the entire GPU.. heck.

  34. Bekee x says:

    MSi non referance cards look the best.

  35. Martin's random art says:

    It's so huge

  36. nyom en says:

    yawning no benchmarks….. BOOOOORING.
    But stay on the hype train chu-chu-chu

  37. John Totten says:

    I am waiting for benches. If the performance is good I am looking to buy the EVGA 2080 FTW3 model.

  38. FoxHound says:

    cheap plastic is cool ? really ?

  39. Colin Hughes says:

    I'm sorry but the EVGA card is ugly as sin. What is it trying to say? "It's air cooled but its so cool that it has condensation on the fan, oh and lets have a throwback to the gameboy color days where its transparent, but on the top? modern backplate."

    I appreciate the new software UI though.

  40. kermo says:

    if pvc is not plastic what is it

  41. Der Kaia says:

    hey, where can i get glasses at 0:30 ?

  42. SycsFinest says:

    Waiting on the hybrid cards. Hopefully we'll see EVGA design something amazing around their hybrid line. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  43. mindrapeart says:

    They need skulls on them or something instead of being so generic.

  44. Xavier Goh says:


  45. PowerGlove says:

    EVGA logos on the fans help reduce noise levels. – that's the biggest IT BS I've heard so far! Well played, Dmitry.

  46. Michał Madeja says:

    EVGA logo on fan blades… reduce noise level? WHAT!?

  47. Ascndr says:

    EVGA went from one of the best looking coolers to the worst 🙁 Feelsbad because the cooler is probably really good. Just too ugly to consider buying D:

  48. Khairi Kamar says:

    IMO the reference cards’ clean look is pretty sweet. But I’m a minimalist. So anything too outlandish would automatically puts me off.

  49. bluephreakr says:

    To tell me again why we can't have a plain black shroud to shove inside of a PC which doesn't already possess LEDs?

  50. Dwarkesh Patel says:

    Does attaching EVGA stickers to my laptop reduces it's noise?

  51. Kristian says:

    Can all of you quite whining about the looks of the EVGA card. Biggest bandwagon I’ve ever seen.

  52. ImpairedWraith says:

    The only new card style I like is the msi aero lmao. I hate the 3 fan styles that board partners are making they are gross.

  53. Kristian says:

    Can all of you quite whining about the looks of the EVGA card. Biggest bandwagon I’ve ever seen.

  54. nam Alexander says:

    one thing that tells me with them coolers is its a hot running card, reminds me of the days of 480 were you needed to re-seat the cooler with new tim now and again..

  55. CruiseBlues says:

    I want that gaming x trio

  56. Nicolas Oxendine says:

    I like the way the older fans looked on the Rog Strix line of GPUs.

  57. SuperMX says:

    People complaining about how ugly the new EVGA GPUs look but think about it they want to make it cheap as possible with the same performance !!

  58. Nathaniel Gray says:

    Hideous EVGA card…

  59. IKH TV says:

    That asus rtx card is SEXY!!!

  60. Emmerson says:

    LOVE the EVGA 2080Ti XC2 and FTW3!!!
    I want to get it soooooooooooo bad, but I don't have the money RIP.

  61. Emmerson says:


  62. Kenneth Rivera says:

    who else thought they were pubg condoms?

  63. Adam Ung says:

    Would love your opinion. From a 1070ti would you suggest one of the 20xx cards or should I just go for a 1080ti?

  64. Sacco Belmonte says:

    Jeez. I wanna use the other slots in my MOBO too.

  65. Clairvoyant81 says:

    Honestly, those EVGA cards are ridiculously ugly. I thought transparent plastic was finally dead?

  66. Ian Skinner says:

    a lot more to ray tracing then they are talking about.. how many reflection iterations? that's where the realism comes in, what about diffusion parameters? if it's just ray traced with no scatter,, then its going to look like everything is shot in space.. Maybe it's my CGI background over thinking it, but nvidia seems to be lacking in some very basic details.

  67. TheRoyalTurk says:

    Review the FTW3 vs the Asus card! Just like how the ROG Strix and the FTW3 1080Ti’s have been the King of the Hill cards in this previous generation

  68. Marc TV says:

    2080 looks cool!

  69. rauno kuldkepp says:

    the gangsta walking in lol with his own bitch 😀 0:19

  70. Skerrick says:

    All i want is Asus STRIX OC 2080 Ti 🙁

  71. Fungus Amongus says:

    Shouldn't EVGA logo's on the fan blades create a lot of turbulence? That should increase fan noise not reduce it.

  72. Høler says:

    the best part about this is EVGA's new Precison UI

  73. WegZurHölle says:

    This tells pretty much everything about the heat production with the RTX… i mean for fucks sake. 20 years ago we had GPUs who sometimes did not even needed a fan at all, and today we have arrived at 3 slot card as a standard with 3 big fucking giant fans? and people say the cards are so awesome and cool. NO nothing is cool if it needs 3 fans and consumes 3 PCIex slots! That is just madness and bad design. Nvidia does not give a shit as long as they are a bit ahead. And people are stupid and will buy it…

  74. D-Zero's HD Playthroughs says:

    Take that I'm a soy-filled moron for actually liking the design of the EVGA's cards, huh? =/

  75. Walt Kowalski says:

    with this prices they can kiss my azzzz

  76. captain jimbob says:

    I really wanna see some 2080ti strix benchmarks

  77. caRn says:

    HardwarCanucks should change the channel name to NvidiaCucks.

  78. Cyanetix NA says:

    90% of people complaining about how ugly the EVGA cards look. 99% of them don't understand you only see the card on install, and maintenance.

  79. HeavilyGamer says:

    I will wait!I smell some bullshit in the air with this rtx shit! Nvidia is downgrading the old cards with the drivers in my opinion.

  80. HeavilyGamer says:

    Gainward Phantom or the GLH is gona look much better then this with backplate

  81. Ice Rydaa says:

    Already gonna stay with MSI just like the GTX 1060 GamingX

  82. Jason Gooden says:

    If i had a 3D printer I would make my own custom shroud.

  83. Christian says:

    I wish I could buying this I cant they make them cost more and more and now first it was the 780 , then they got better so I get the 980ti two and they cost me 2 years of no lunch to eat I was gonna get the 1080 but I held off to see any change from nvidia to see if they trade back or buy the old to new cards cause there still new so we can you buy the next line and they come out with this 2080ti over 1000.00 dollars and these are people that said they care about the people. I dont see that clearly happening there to much money. And Nvidia know cause I've messaged them before years ago. You people shouldn't buy them strike so they have to drop.

  84. Bors Mistral says:

    Comrade, how can you tell which ones are the coolest if you haven't taken any temperature measurements?

  85. Mytbi says:

    i wonder how much performance you'll get with almost double the prev gen price. maybe it could be more worth it to get 2x 1080TIs. idk tho let me know your opinions

  86. flou says:

    msi and asus cards looks great, especially ASUS TURBO, but it has only one fan

  87. Enraged Panther says:

    Who has better cards EVGA 2080 TI or Nvidia 2080 TI?

  88. Steven Wei says:

    What's the difference between EVGA Ultra XC and EVGA XC? Only factory OC? Aren't we able to do that on our own using their software? I am really into buying one of those since my GPU just went down. Edit: Ultra = Thicker heat sink = Better temp = Lower noise or higher OC potential

  89. T Bone says:

    They must run pretty hot, all those coolers are enormous

  90. StopDropAndGame says:

    They should have made the 2080 look like the titan xp

  91. Na Qiong Trading LLP Na Qiong Trading LLP says:

    Asus GeForce RTX 2080 und 2080 Ti Ridiculously Too Xpensive again… in 2018.. We going to Buy other Brand again then…. OMG…..!! "Greedy corporations…..Asus" Never even border to control price Worldwide USD $1209

  92. The Warlock says:

    Why put all that effort on the side of the card that you don,t see?, the backplate needs more attention!!

  93. 19panther19 says:

    Yeah im getting MSI. They look a ton better than EVGA

  94. dopez0rs says:

    EVGA Cooler back plate good! Fans are Bad. What about putting them powers on the side ?

  95. Thomas says:

    So just to confirm, the EVGA 2080 ti (2 slot) can overclock, right? Thanks for the video!

  96. Judy Griffiths says:

    Rip Off Nvidia. Cry when 7nm comes in a few months.

  97. Keno Strife says:

    Hey guys!
    I need help for my next purchase: the rtx 2080.
    I cant figure out which to pick so im asking you which one is the best out of the Asus Dual Rtx 2080, Rtx 2080 Founders Edition or Gainward Rtx 2080????
    Advise is much appreciated! <3 <3 <3

  98. Batman says:

    Lool dammit i though u talking about temps!

  99. Shulcyo says:

    I am looking at your gear list and i dont understand why you need 3 dslr cameras ans a another 4k$ cinema camera to make videos can make with just one dslr

  100. Manny Calavera says:

    Love the new look on the cards.

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