TextBox and Buttons with C# using Visual Studio 2012

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16 Replies to “TextBox and Buttons with C# using Visual Studio 2012”

  1. Tokka Magdy says:

    How can capitalize the first letter of every word and then it should show in the second textbox
    Pls I have been search but they show me for .net

  2. kndmiami1 says:

    Thank you!

  3. Mr.Killa says:

    u alive?

  4. Mert Atalan says:

    verdim şukunu 🙂

  5. Studio47 Designer says:


  6. Harshan Bala says:

    Thank you so much, i walked into class and i had no idea on what was going on til i found your video !!

  7. Fanny PackDiamant says:

    Can you make a video how to do an average in a listbox?

  8. Wasim Arayn Ashrafi says:

    Thank you sir: that was good that you have done but need how to add textboxes

  9. C99 says:


  10. Zackary자카리 says:

    When I type text in the text box, it automatically highlights it when it starts. Help?

  11. Ekin says:

    Well explained my man, just what I was looking for! Thumbs up

  12. Chris Freeman says:

    i didnt see what i needed but i now get how the idea on how to clear my textboxs. thank you very good

  13. Ayesha HasSan says:

    your tutorials were just perfect to understand
    thumbs up 🙂

  14. Cat S. says:

    Tengo el Visual Studio 2013, hago la sintaxis de la misma manera y no me marca error alguno, sin embargo al picarle al botón no aparece nada en la otra caja de texto ¿Por qué?

  15. Tafara Chibete says:

    how do i enable a button after i input a number in an textbox

  16. Erik Lin says:

    thank the video

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