Testing Radeon RX 580… again!! 4GB or 8GB??

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welcome to another video today I’m going
to benchmark the RX 580 again last time when a benchmark the GPU I didn’t post
any frame rates that nor graphic settings that I used but only showed
gaming footage with on-screen monitoring that was a mistake from my side because
in this way you can say how the GPU really performed but this time I will do
it correctly showing not only the average FPS but also the point 1 percent
and 1 percent low framerate and leave a link for the exact video settings that
are used I think this way a British month is more
legit and can give us a full understanding of what’s going on on each
game using that specific hardware for this test I used in 97 49 7 decade along
with 16 gigabytes of RAM I also installed the latest AMD drivers
available at that time and that were the crimson relief 17.4 fault which claimed
even more performance I tried to adjust the settings in a level with a
calculative at least an average of 60 frames per second
some games were maxed out and some not exact settings you will find in a full
gaming footage video link to the video you will find in the description and the
right corner of the screen but let’s move on and see what it can really do so as you sow yourself this GPU is more
than capable of playing all motor games in high and neutral settings in 1080p
for those who cannot decide if they should go for the 4 gigabyte or a
gigabyte version I will suggest to take a look at the veeram usage in no tested
games we see clearly that the GPU in 1080p doesn’t need more than 4 gigabytes
in fact it is not even close playing the games in 44 DP or 4k would
be a different story though and we’ll use definitely more than 4 gigabytes of
vram if you plan to stick with 1080p gaming only random bother buying an 8
gigabyte version as it will be a total waste of money it will be better to
invest those on the CPU or more RAM for your setup that was it guys thank you
for watching this video if you liked it and find it helpful make sure to leave
thumbs up and subscribe I would also like to hear your opinion about it in
the description below see you on the next video you go

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6 Replies to “Testing Radeon RX 580… again!! 4GB or 8GB??”

  1. # relatable says:

    When are you going to giveaway the gt 1030?

  2. High End says:

    Well I wanted it the gigabyte radeon

  3. InvetorXD says:

    So how was the noise and power consumption of the card? I hear it's a lot than Nvidia. And what PSU wattage you recommend for this card?

  4. Lazarus The adventurer says:

    Do an overclock revie next time. Thanks

  5. AZI3623 says:

    Is the only difference in both is just about VRAM nothing else? Like in GTX 1060, they lowered the Cuda Cores and Clock Speed in 3gb variant

  6. Sebastien Roux says:

    If it doesnt reach 4 GB vram on max settings at 1080p then there's no point to buy 8GB, it's a waste of money. Rather save up for when you need to replace a component or buy stronger parts for newer games. Most people dont even play on max settings anyway so that's lots of saving up for the next upgrade.

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