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Hi, I’m Daniel from RTINGS.com. NVIDIA recently released an update to their
graphics card drivers to allow their 10 and 20 series graphics cards to support variable
refresh rates with FreeSync displays. In this video, we will briefly describe what
these technologies are and what this change means for you. We’ll go over the tests that we are now
conducting on FreeSync displays and will also go over the results from the 25 FreeSync monitors
we’ve tested so far. You can also see our article linked below
to find more results as we continue to test FreeSync displays. First, for those who don’t know. Variable refresh rate refers to the ability
to dynamically match the refresh rate of the display to that of the content. This is especially useful for gamers, where
the game’s frame rate may vary during demanding scenes. This is important, because with a fixed refresh
rate display and no synchronization, it causes screen tearing to occur when the refresh rate
of the content is out of sync with the refresh rate of the display if you don’t use VSync
which has its own downsides. You can learn more about this in the article
linked below. There are two main technologies that are marketed
with this synchronization feature. FreeSync, which was developed by AMD, and
G-Sync which was developed by NVIDIA. In the past, use of variable refresh rates
has required matching your display and graphics card with the same technology as they were
not compatible with each other. This pairing of technologies comes with a
price, as NVIDIA G-Sync displays typically retail for a couple of hundred dollars more
than their FreeSync counterparts. On January 15 2019, NVIDIA released an update
to their graphics card drivers to allow FreeSync support with newer 10 and 20 series video
cards. This allows you to make use of variable refresh
rates on cheaper and more widely available FreeSync monitors. As a result of reader feedback, we decided
to add a test for FreeSync compatibility with NVIDIA graphics cards and have retested the
25 FreeSync monitors we’ve reviewed so far. Note that there is a ‘G-Sync compatible’
certification provided by NVIDIA, of which only 12 monitors have passed. We don’t know exactly what they test for,
but if you have some insight or know of any others tests you’d like us to perform then
please do let me know. Most of the FreeSync displays we tested performed
the same whether used from our AMD RX580 graphics card or our GTX 1060. This includes the same variable refresh rate
range. There were a few notable exceptions though. The current implementation on NVIDIA graphics
cards requires a display port connection, so some FreeSync monitors which only have
HDMI like the Acer XF251Q aren’t supported. This also applies for the current Samsung
TVs with FreeSync support over HDMI like the Q6FN which isn’t supported. The Samsung UJ590 monitor experienced constant
tearing when used with our GTX 1060, which we haven’t experienced with our AMD graphics
card. The UE590 also experienced strange artifacts. All of the monitors we’ve tested that allow
you to adjust the overdrive settings for response time also expose these settings when using
FreeSync from a NVIDIA graphics card. This can be useful to tweak the motion blur
and avoid overshoot or smearing artifacts. Note that this is different to variable overdrive,
where the overdrive adjusts dynamically throughout the FreeSync range for the best motion. This isn’t currently something we test for,
but let us know if you think we should. Some monitors require you to choose a basic
or extended FreeSync range for the best performance, for example the 27UK650 experienced issues
with the extended setting but we didn’t have any problems using ‘Basic’. So overall, it does appear that most FreeSync
monitors appear about the same whether you’re using them from an AMD or an NVIDIA graphics
card. There are a few exceptions though, so check
out our test results to see how your monitor compares. We test all of these monitors with our GTX
1060 graphics card. To enable FreeSync support, open the NVIDIA
control panel and under ‘3D Settings’ click on ‘Manage 3D Settings’. In the list, set ‘Monitor Technology’
to G-SYNC’. After this, go to the ‘Display’ item and
click on ‘Set up G-Sync’. You can then enable the ‘G-Sync, G-Sync
compatible’ option. To test the performance of these modes, we
use the freely available Pendulum test which is linked below. We adjust the frame rate of the test and look
for screen tearing and use this to test the full variable refresh rate range. We also take note of any excessive smearing
or if there is any flickering. So that’s it! You can check out the testing article on our
website for an up to date list of compatibility, as well as additional information about how
we test. Let us know if there is anything else we should
test for in the comments down below. Also let us know if you’ve got a NVIDIA
graphics card and have tried this feature yourself. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel,
or become a contributor. Thank you for watching and see you next time.


100 Replies to “Testing NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility with 25 FreeSync monitors – RTINGS.com”

  1. Scooby Dooby says:

    I DEFINITELY think you should test Dynamic Overdrive/Throughout the frequency range of Adaptive sync panels and their overdrive settings. It's a VERY important metric of an adaptive sync panel.

    You don't want 20-30 hz of your adaptive sync range to be blurry/ghosting when the reviewer is telling you this or that overdrive setting at the panel's maximum range is good, some panels you can't even eliminate entire ranges were the adaptive syn is hurting the overdrive's ability ti eliminate this, which is important to know. How much does Dynamic Overdrive help eliminate this? I'd like to know.

    Comparing a panel like the LG 32GK850G-B and the LG 32GK650F-B would be a very interesting choice. Each are relatively new and directly comparable. They also use VA technology, a panel technology extremely sensitive to overdrive tuning and one that is quickly replacing IPS/TN as the go to technology for gaming panels.

  2. GoblinPhreak says:

    Now that Nvidia is supporting adaptive sync, they are paying monitor brands to NOT sell freesync or "not right away" so they can still get g-sync sales.

    Levovo is the first to accept this bribe, 1440p, 240hz, 1/2ms, g-sync monitor, with no freesync version in sight. Why? because 1200 for g-sync and 900 for freesync. no one will buy the g-sync version. none. they will buy the freesync version and save money.

    now, nvidia will be holding back competition and holding back technology with their bullshit…. imagine how bad this will be in 2020 when intel releases gpus using freesync…. and nvidia is still paying monitor manufacturers to hold back or not make freesync versions of their monitors…..

  3. Marlous B says:

    It's pronounced INN-VIDD-DEE-YAAH for Pete's sake!

  4. H31MU7 says:

    I've heard people call it "Nuhvidia" since the 90s. It's like Aluminum vs Aluminium. You do you and ignore the trolls 😀

  5. The Fuzz says:

    Would it be possible to use a displayport adapter to connect to monitors or TV's that only support HDMI?

  6. Vincent Duke Photography says:

    Tested the ViewSonic Xg240r, works great with gsync so far 😊

  7. Dennis R. says:

    I have an ASUS MG278Q, which is on the official list of the 12 G-Sync compatible monitors, connected to a GTX1080. The adaptive sync itself works, but the monitor's brightness is flickering all the time, as if the monitor had an environment brightness sensor and is constantly trying to adjust to it (but it doesn't have that). In addition, every 30 minutes or so, the screen turns black for ~2seconds. After switching G-Sync compatible off, all these issues were gone. I'll contact the Nvidia support tonight but it seems that even the Nvidia-approved monitors have issues.

  8. GlowiK says:

    it can work with a GTX 970

  9. Bcat BB says:

    This was so boring….

  10. Mil7br4nd says:

    Best TVs for gaming with adaptvive sync on Nvidia vs AMD – could be awesome to see

  11. GamerPalmSweats says:

    Can you guy do a best monitor for game console setup. I bought the Samsung CHG70 off your recommendation for the Xbox One X.

  12. Andrija Trajković says:

    Does anyone has experience with Dell SE2717H 75 Hz monitor?

  13. nya says:

    Can anyone check this monitor iiyama GB2760HSU-B1 27" for g-sync compatability, please 😉

  14. BLADE STORM says:

    Can guys test the LG 24GM79G-B.

  15. Reynard Permejo says:

    too bad… my monitor Samsung Ls24F350Fhexxp 23.6 isn't supported T_T 🙁

  16. jigsaw says:

    can u do a test on samsung c24fg73.

  17. zen strata says:

    The Nvidia implementation of Freesync has decreased response time when compared with AMD's implementation of Freesync.
    Also, the Nvidia support only works with Windows 10. I do not run Windows 10 because I do not like what Microsoft did with Windows 10.
    So Nvidia has a ways to go before the can say they support Freesync properly…

  18. Wineku says:

    Would love to see tests of Samsung CFG70 and CFG73.

  19. Andrash88 says:

    To get nvidia compatible rating freesync monitor has to have: freesync turn on by defoult, LFC feature (wider range) and ofc display port, because nvidia (for now at least) can't use freesync through hdmi like AMD. All that flickering and problems doesn't have anything with freesync as technology, it's just monitors for RMA (not so rare with monitors unfortunately). Also it is smart to lock fps 2 frames below max refresh rate in range (like 142 fps on 144hz monitor). 1 because refresh rate number is rounded (on 144fps on 144hz you can have tearing because of that), and 1 fps because "limitating softver" can go sometimes 1 fps above limit.

  20. NotDumbassable says:

    Could you check the HP 27qx?

  21. Alpha Machina says:

    Could you test LG 34WK650-W?

  22. True Benchmarks says:

    I have the U28E590D which I agree does experience artifacts. BUT! If you go into the game, and disable vsync, then go the Nvidia control panel and set Vsync always on. Then, download CRU and overclock your freesync range to 40-61 instead of 40-60, then almost every game runs butter smooth. One exception I have found is League of Legends which doesn't support Nvidia control panel Vsync. However, sometimes the monitor just decides to be annoying, and the quick fix is to load up the game, then when finished loading, change the channel to HDMI1. It will automatically change back in about 5 seconds, and GSync will work butter smooth. Hope this helps those of you who were in my shoes and very frustrated with this monitor and Gsync.

  23. gspeed_95 says:

    Thanks, a bunch for doing this! My Samsung CHG70 is now Gsync/Free Sync compatible now :D!

  24. Arma Lol says:

    Free sync are made for broke ass niggas. Like all AMD.

  25. N-ninja says:

    You put a smile on my face every time you said nvidia ::)

    Great content non the less,

  26. fan bogo says:

    welcome to internet, fuck what guy did, fuck all his work, fuck him and his mother ye ? just because of one word. fu all. THANKS BRO

  27. Stephen Schunemann says:

    After seeing a few videos the day the driver released I ordered an Acer xf250q 240hz freesync monitor (for $250) and paired it with my gtx 1070. It works flawlessly, so happy I never dished out for g-sync. Also going from from 60 to 240hz = 😮

  28. Lukas20358 says:

    Can you test AOC C24G1? It's very popular monitor and I have problem with flickering.

  29. UnFall says:

    Does HP omen 25 144hz works with G-Sync?
    I saw the ome 27 worked but does the 25 work??

  30. Boorock70 says:

    …and LG 34UC79G-B passes the test. It's GSync Compatible !
    Thanks Rtings.com

  31. RawLu says:

    Intel Crap.

  32. onsgr1 says:

    Only one 240hz monitor reviewed ? WTH

  33. Tomas Campabadal says:

    Can you please do one on TVs that have variable refresh rate support?

  34. Tokyo Terror says:

    Works amazing on my ASUS VG278Q and ROG STRIX 1070oc

  35. Lo De says:

    Very nice video and hard work, It always objective comparaisons. It’s out from sponsor and wahhh. Thanks !

  36. Krs says:

    aorus ad27qd test?

  37. curtisdodo says:

    When you test the AORUS AD27QD ?

  38. Titan Mechanism says:

    R tings. Not Ray tings. It's R tings.

  39. xFateGaming says:

    I have LG 24GM79G 1080p 144Hz monitor on which I enabled Gsync compatible option. But while in game I get white light flickering. Not sure if I'm the only one with this problem.

  40. Ryley W says:

    I want to know if it works good with the MSI Optix MAG241C 24in Curved Full HD 144Hz (1080p). it's what I would want when I build my pc and so before I do fully decid I want to know if it works good.

  41. Ethereal Blaze says:

    So… No results? Just a glorified advert to your website… Yeah, no thanks dude.

  42. Alban Gougeon says:

    Il have a LG 29um59 who is freesync compatible but only have HDMI, if i use
    a HDMI to display-port adaptator, i Can activate G-Sync?

  43. majmunbez gaca says:

    u talk like ur scared + have to shit at same time

  44. Bol6woyPAPA says:

    Hooray cheers my lg 24mp59g there not expect for budget monitor

  45. Pau Serra says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing!
    I would like to ask if my monitor AOC G2590PX is G-sync compatible? (I've read that the G2590FX is G-sync compatible..but is the PX still compatible?)

  46. Mads Isak says:

    Awesome! I’ve been looking for a test like this, great job. If
    possible, could you add “AOC Agon AG322QC4” to the list? Tempted to purchase that monitor.

  47. ADK Studio says:

    Could you guys help me out please? Can someone please answer the question about the Allow YCC 4:2:2? Xbox one x Please explain this to all that are still in the fence about this function! Please. What’s really going I when you don’t enable and when you do. BTW I am using an hdmi 2.1 cable into a Samsung Q8fn. Please someone from RTINGS… what’s the best for 4K movies and the best for games enable? Or not. Thank you.

  48. TraviFn says:

    Test the Alienware 25inch 240hz FreeSync monitor please

  49. BadBoy ` says:

    Test AOC C24G1

  50. ShiiShani says:

    I know it might not be very popular, but I would love to see how well my
    iiyama G-Master GB2730QSU-B1 Silver Crow, 27"
    works with NVidia graphics crads. It has Adaptive Sync/​AMD FreeSync, 48-75Hz and a 1440p, 1ms TN Panel.

  51. Cj Allen says:

    I'm trying to find a 27" 1440p freesync Monitor with 144hz refresh rate for $300 or less, that works with Gsync, anyone got any ideas. I found the Acer xg270hu referb on newegg for this price but they sold out. Now I'm stuck.

  52. J says:

    One of Nvidia's criteria for G Sync Compatible is that Freesync has to be enabled out of the box.

    I doubt they actually tested 400 monitors

  53. Daylon says:

    Ed7 by acer is a 1440p 100hrz ultrawide that's compatible just fyi

  54. Brian C says:

    Hands down best review site on the web! Hats off and big applause for you guys!

  55. Warren Diehl says:

    It works on my HP 32” HDR gaming monitor with my rtx2080

  56. Chamso Zagoug says:

    is TV are also conserned

  57. Christian Wurm says:

    Pls test more gaming monitor

  58. metwono says:

    I have a question. I have an older Dell P2415Q that I use for coding in portrait mode. My question is about refresh rates in landscape verses portrait mode. Is that 60hz rate always applied no matter the orientation or does is my monitor refreshing at 60hz perpendicular to how I'm viewing it?

  59. Bol6woyPAPA says:

    lg 24mp59g there but i dont se option G sync in nvidia control panel, need to be on dp? coz now i on hdmi

  60. Felix Tag says:

    was using the RTINGS data to adjust/equalize my Headphones since they started with that (noone tests more in detail then rtings) – nice to see that they now are doing their own videos…

  61. Jim Clyton says:

    Whats the diference between free sync and g sync cause un using freesync with nvidia año i can play perfectly 240hz

  62. Carlos Rios says:

    im guessing a DP to HDMI or DVI adapter wouldnt get around the issue of only being able to sync over DP?

  63. Carlos Rios says:

    nice list! it would be helpful to maybe add display type to the chart. I am trying to find the cheapest 1440p, 144hz, qhd / uwqhd, IPS (maybe VA too) display that works with g-sync. i like the alienware AW3418DW, its just too expensive for me. the samsung CHG70 looks good too, but i would hope to find something sub $400.

    if i am going to spend $600 it will would be on a NEW Aorus AD27QD or used AW3418DW. not sure which one would be a better choice. maybe leaning on the alienware since 120hz vs 144hz isnt a big deal, but having that ultra wide would be really nice for some games.

  64. Francis_ Sy says:

    Does Benq xl2730z supported

  65. СФГ ЛАРИСА says:

    Aoc g2460pf, test please

  66. Ability says:

    Before I bought a monitor, I searched for a suitable option for a long time, I looked at various forums and reviews. Not yet stumbled upon your site. There the details of many models were described in detail. And thanks to you, I chose the HP 27q monitor. And now after this video, I am even more glad that I have found such a useful resource which is actually useful. Thank you very much! Good luck with your work!

  67. James Botwright says:

    Cuntributor and nuhvidia.. can’t soobscribe, sarry.

  68. MagicAyrtonforever says:

    I play on a 13 year old 37 inch 1080p Panasonic TV and see no tearing at all .. (1080ti HDMI)

  69. MrKakofant says:

    Could you test input lag? Great Video btw.

  70. Andre Maslowski says:

    Works perfectly on my gtx 1070 with my MSI MAG32CQ, and all others MAG have the same panel so I guess it should have the same freesync modul in it and should work, too. 🙂 I got it for like 450€ and must say its the most worth for the money, big 144hz freesync monitor with nice VA Panel 1ms.

  71. Auron says:

    Test Aorus new monitor Ad27QD

  72. dasale101 says:

    This video was really helpful as I have the Q6FN and I now know it won’t be compatible with my 1060 laptop. Do you think it will ever be able to work via HDMI??

  73. Chris Bullock says:

    Would like to see other brands that aren't part of the typical big Four…..like MonoPrice 32inch 4k monitor

  74. Boge says:

    Why are you including Gsync native monitors in your Freesync (Gsync compatible) list?

  75. Random Video says:


  76. LegoAnimation Studio says:

    I have a question.. Is the "Asus VG258QR" G sync compatibility?

  77. Sheldone Dacalos says:

    can u also test it on Asus xg32vq monitor? its an amd as well 🥺🥺🥺

  78. Baddi Boy says:

    We appreciate the work but please amigo: it's "N-vidia" not nvi-dia

  79. Vivien HOYAUX says:

    thx u about this test

  80. TheTeedanLee says:

    why wouldnt you also make a list of monitors that dont work? i feel like its important to know both.

  81. Hrumó Csaba says:

    does the 32 inch Samsung CHG70 works well also with nvdia gpu? i only saw the 27" one on the website

  82. gatto_nero says:

    Nvidia is unable to implement AMD Freesync xD Happy Radeon User 🙂

  83. Richard Osis says:

    Bloody Hell. Just bought a free sync monitor and learned that 980ti wont do it as needs 10 onward. Bugger

  84. Klaudjo Ngracanj says:

    IS LG 24MG79G COMPATIBLE ? thank u !!

  85. gypsygib says:

    Please test for variable overdrive! Very important at lower FPS.

  86. Peter Jonaštík says:

    Hi, how about LG38uc99-w, can you test it as well, please?

  87. milplayer19 says:

    So i dont need to spend 200$ more on gysnych monitor?

  88. billyboy402 says:

    is the Asus VG248QR the same as the Non "R"

  89. Roland says:

    Acer XF270HUA pls. By the way nice content, I will keep hanging around!

  90. MisterGreenGuy says:

    VIOTEK GN32C and VIOTEK GN27DB both work perfectly

  91. zy g0d says:

    Anyone tried with samsung CH34H890?

  92. hargraveben23 says:

    your not ratings.com.. your Rtings.com.. say it properly

  93. Felipe Moreno says:

    Please test the Samsung CHG70 series with Nvidia.

  94. Mohammed Abdlla says:

    Will it work I use a displayport adapter on an HDMI cable on a Samsung q8fn

  95. Explore More says:

    So for an ignorant person like me owning a 1060 and a hp omen 25'' the only way to use the 144hz of the monitor and the freesync is via displayport, right?

  96. The King in Yellow says:


  97. f lips says:

    does it work on the Alienware 25 gaming monitor

  98. RealTalk says:

    When you turn on "G-SYNC Compatible" in the Nvidia control panel, do you turn "FreeSync" on or off in the monitor settings?

  99. Hui-Hong Tan says:

    Is AW2518HF g-sync compatible? I'm using gtx 1080 ti

  100. Pieter La Grange says:

    10/10 for reading that script without looking at the camera!

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