Super low graphics on PUBG Mobile (no root) + PC Emulation Test

July 31, 2019 posted by

Not that long ago I did a video on some simple
root apps you could use to improve performance on PUBG mobile for Android while mentioning
that the configuration files are encrypted to prevent people like me from finding ways of
dropping the graphics any further. Ever since then it seems the fascination that
pc gaming community has with modding game graphics has actually extended to pubg, as
different tools have been developed to figure out the configuration files and now we even
have apps that include some rather magical presets for the game with very interesting
results and no root needed. So, thank you to all of you who emailed or
message me about some of this apps. For everyone else… welcome to the LowSpecGamer:
a channel dedicated to lowering game graphics to the minimum and getting the best out of
low end device. Let’s take a look at a couple of options you
have for getting this game working on a weaker or older phone. For the purposes of this experiment, I will
be using a GPD XD android console which I reviewed on this video on the corner. It is starting to show its age for very intense
Android games. And since I hate playing PUBG on a touch screen
it has a functionality that allows me to map the controller to the touch screen. Neat! The main app most of you have been emailing
me about is graphics tool for battlegrounds which has a fair amount of options. It not only has graphical presets, but also
options for shadows, anti-aliasing and resolution. Resolution will not be of great help, since
the game already seems to be using 960×540 on thr lowers settings and if you change shadows
or antialiasing it seems to overwrite the graphical preset, so I will ignore that and
go for the lowest preset. You can also remove the FPS limiter if your
phone is still not supported for 60 fps. Now a more updated quick no-fuss solution
is the HD graphics tool, an ad-supported app with just 3 quick presets
for the game. All that you need is to pick a preset, of
which I will be picking the lowest one. This also removes the FPS limit. If you are looking for the easiest one-click
solution… this is it. Also while this video was being worked on the app updated and added an advance mode that you can use if you want better control However, I will stick to the lowest premade preset from before. The effect generated by any of the two apps
was very interesting. It reminds me of what you could do on the
older versions of PC pubg. A quick direct comparison of ingame footage
makes it very clear how the quality of things like textures have been dramatically reduced. The insides of the houses are particularly
interesting to look at. I love it. Now, this makes me wish every mobile game
had configuration files to play around with! In terms of performance it was not perfect
but maintained itself close enough to 30 fps to be comfortable and rather enjoyable. Another options that you might be considering
is doing the complete reversal… if Android PUBG is better optimized than PC PUBG… why
not play with PUBG Mobile… on PC? For that experiment I picked a test setup
using this dual core Intel Pentium with its integrated IntelHD and 4 GB of single channel
RAM. Since we are essentially emulating an Android
device for this purposes the CPU is going to be the strongest issue here. My initial attempt was with an Android emulator
called NOX… which did not perform well on this setup and none of my attempts at improving
it bore any fruit. BlueStacks, another popular Android game emulator
not only did not perform well but has graphical glitches that I could not fix, even tough
I tried many of the fixes out there. Unsurprisingly the one that worked well was
Tencent Game Budy, an emulator made by the same Chinese giant company that developed
mobile PUBG. It is a quick no fuss way of launching the
game with already pre mapped keyboard and mouse controls. In my test setup I saw somewhere between 25
and 30 fps, which is pretty acceptable considering that this setup is not able to run regular
PC pubg in any way so… that is not a bad substitute. It is just a damn shame you can not access
the configuration files to reduce the graphics further on this emulator. Mobile PUBG is a bit more streamlined and
simplified compare to the PC version but still offers a complete free to play experience,
so if you are going to give it a try, this is the emulator I recommend. It is trully amazing how emulator technology
has advanced, and how can an entry level CPU simulate a phone to this well If you are like me, you probably wonder all
the time how this works, how do computers work, how does memory work… Well, if you are the curios kind but regular
education makes asleep you could try Brilliant. Stay with me here because this is really cool:
this a website that teaches you stuff by solving problems in a visually interactive matter. It has courses on computer science stuff like
memory management to like a computer algorithms that are actually fun to learn with. It’s better than good, I will get as far
as to say it is… Brilliant. Ah? Aaaah? Ok I will stop. Use the link down in the description and the
first 200 people will get 20% off their premiums subscription, that way you are supporting
the channel. And thank you if you are sponsoring the channel
on Patreon.


100 Replies to “Super low graphics on PUBG Mobile (no root) + PC Emulation Test”

  1. Fariz says:

    PUBG? Player's Unknown Bad Graphics!

  2. Potable 19 says:

    in my s5 i do lowspec in roblox XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD The grphics like popo

  3. Memester _ says:

    Unlucky developers have locked fps settings in O.7 now all we can do is wait for 0.8 to play on ultra fps

  4. sᴇʙᴀs says:

    Try it with phoenixOS

  5. Ialwaysfree says:

    Me: Found out that PUBG is on mobile
    Gets phone
    Opens phone
    Goes to Play Store
    Looks at requirements
    Installs Free Fire

  6. TECH NINJA says:

    sir please make a

  7. TECH NINJA says:

    sir please make a video for tencent gaming buddy

  8. Jameszz says:

    what app did he use to map the controls to a touchscreen and please everyone like this so he can do this please can you map proper controls for touchscreen games to untouchscreen chromebook

  9. Andy says:

    Did you turn on vitualization in ur bios?

  10. Abhinavv Arora says:

    USE MEMU Emulator, nothing more needs to be said: period

  11. Joaquin Santillan says:

    Tencent gaming buddy is virus-free, right?

  12. Wild Foxxo says:

    Can I use this emulator to run other mobile games like C ops and forward assault ?

  13. Oilda Beatriz Fleitas Gauto says:

    Any Battle Royal for 1gbram?

  14. Kitilos Dashinger says:

    On mobile is releasing PUBG Mobile Lite. Do the video about low grafic on Lite (I'm from Estonia and i don't know english perfect)

  15. mashed potatoes says:

    Whatttt??? Why didn't I know about this emulator sooner… Time to download it on my gaming pc I'm too poor to buy pubg

  16. Miguel2Alv says:

    Thak you bro

  17. HutsoonehMeekoo says:

    But can u make it lower in pubg mobile emulator?

  18. MST Gaming Official says:

    What's the screen spin?

  19. Minkyu Jeon says:

    I have the razer phone this would make it only worse

  20. Rishi says:

    pubg with TGB was givin me 20 fps what configs did u use to get it to 30 fps

  21. roman rance says:

    bro pleace tuweak tencent gaming buddy pubg emulator

  22. JoacoAttack says:

    who needs super low specs on pubg mobile xddd every computer will run that on emulator (unless…)

  23. Abraham Mandew Purba says:

    low budget tapi pengen main PUBG lancar disini siapa haayoo???
    terbukti, HP 500 ribuan bisa main PUBG lancar tanpa oprek atau root, dll!!! tonton videonya

  24. 1000 subscribers no videos challenge says:

    PUBG *Please *Uninstall *Bad *Graphics

  25. RF GamePlay says:

    os BR Tudo Aqui KKK, Tu é um genio cara ja pode trabalhar na Nasa!

  26. Syed Shafi Ahmed says:

    dude.. they have their own emulator. and it runs smooth on my duel core 2.5 gh. 2 gb ram.. amd r5 230

  27. sfl. amri says:

    Please make mobile legend low graphic

  28. All Is Well says:

    No I can Access The Configuration Files Of PUBG MOBILE In Tencent Gaming Buddy.
    Here's How To Do It:
    After The Emulator Starts It Automatically Starts PUBG MOBILE.There's A Exit Button Looking Like A Arrow On The Right Hand Bar Which Is Giving U Options Like Full Screen,Start Recording etc.Double Tap That Button And The Game Will Exit And Bring You To A Screen Where It Is Only Having The Icon Of PUBG MOBILE along with it's Name.Press F9 at this Points
    and the internal apps like browser,settings,etc will come out.After This Open Browser And Open Google And Then Download ES File Explorer Like You Would Do In Any Other Emulator.After Download Is Complete,Open ES File Explorer Which Will Be Present Beside PUBG MOBILE After You Exit Browser.After This Open ES File Explorer And Click On 50% Storage.The Go To Android>Data>com.tencent.ig And Locate UserCustom.ini.After U Open U Are Not Supposed To Understand Anything.So You Have To Download Another App Named PUBG Config Converter And Copy line By Line To Decode The Meaning.This Video Explains How:

    In This Way,You Can Modify The Configuration File Of PUBG MOBILE.

    I Know Someone will Cenrtainly Do Something To Fix The Lag. In The Same Method U Can Also Install GFX Tool or any other app In The Official Emulator but this didn't help me.It's Still Laging.Please Help Me I Know There's Still Something That Can Be Done

    PC Specs:
    Intel Dual Core E5700 Processor
    AMD Radeon HD 7450
    4 GB of RAM

    Also U Can Enable 4xMSAA And Disable HW Overlay To Improve Performance By Enableing Developer Options From Settings(Note:You Have To Do This Every Time You Start The Emulator).Here's How You Do It

  29. Huy Gia says:

    You shoud press F9 for others hidden apps in Tencent Gaming Buddy such as browser
    And then download GFX Tools just like on your video
    It will help you improve the performance on that emulatour.
    And byaway, nice video
    Hope you have a great day

  30. vipul chari says:

    You can also crank settings on ultra using android 86x
    Phoenix os which is fuss free just install and play

  31. Gstar Artist says:

    Bro can u do extreme low for tencent Gaming buddy

  32. Initial D dude From the Philippines says:

    what fps meter do you use

  33. Rosario Fernandes says:

    What software did u use to see fps in pubg emulator?

  34. Robin Khisa says:

    PhoenixOS + PUBGmobile = 60+ fps :3 with a potato pc

  35. Leonardo Ballin says:

    Plese make a video "pubg mobile emulator on low low low and pc"

  36. Noah Connolly says:

    I’m playing on an s8 but this looked interesting so I still watched it

  37. Dylan says:

    The ping of my school wifi is too damn high!!!

  38. Irfan YXP5 says:

    Damn my laptop has f##king celeron

  39. Thehackerzone302 says:

    I recommend pheonix os for pc emulation not only its an emulator but it also works without running it on windows and if u play pubg mobile itll be soo smooth try it i promise its better than these shitty emulators

  40. Optical Salt says:

    I'm still a galaxy s5 user and have no complaints to this day…

  41. Jorge Isaac Dominguez Valle says:

    Hey you can get better graphics on pubg mobile if you install Android on your pc (using a Android x86 image or Phoenix os)

  42. abdou you says:

    Do how to fix lag on tencent gaming emulator


    make a video to run tencent gaming buddy on low spec pc

  44. Raj Bhagat says:

    this is worst tech channel

  45. Akshay P V says:

    BERRY interesting.🍒

  46. PUBG igrači says:

    best channel ever no question

  47. bro zhaf1 says:

    bro plz make tencent gaming buddy on pc with low graphic possible so that i can achieve 60 fps plzzz plzzzz

  48. DNSAMG32 says:

    Nox works nice on Gaming PCs but of course we all know this is LowSpecGamer

  49. ltkipras says:

    Pheonix os works even better than the tencent emulator, and you can run it on a usb stick

  50. abrar anser says:

    please how to play it on my potato pc my specs are
    intel(r) q45/q43 express chipset graphic card

    4 gb ram

    250 gb rom

    Intel(r) core(TM)2 duo cpu e8400 @ 3.00ghz 3.00ghz processor

    64 bit operating system

    HP Compaq 8000 elite cmt pc

  51. Tohbone 007 says:

    I can play on ati hd raedeon 5400?

  52. The One And Only Cheeki Breeki says:

    Tencent gives you viruses and trojans


    How to fix white screen? My game runs almost all white on gamebuddy.


    Can you do a white screen fix?


    Is there a fix for device not supported ?

  56. Kevin Patar says:

    how to using graphics tool for emulator?

  57. AND_R says:

    Use Phoenix is

  58. aircoolbro 21 says:

    gpd win? lol i want to try running it on remix os and see what happens

  59. Best videos says:

    Pubg mobile not support

  60. graal quotes says:

    how to play pubg mobile on analog

  61. taha satti says:

    if you mod the game you can get banned from the game

  62. ABuDalaBashu NebA says:

    try phoenixOs its an Android os for pc (personal experience : tencent gaming buddy 40-45 fps then severe drop in fps, on phoenix os 40-45 fps constant)

  63. Vinicius Silva says:

    Do you know Blue Stacks?

  64. KiriKazuto says:

    How do you display fps in android?

  65. NunyaBusiness says:

    PUBG Mobile in Tencent Gaming Buddy is a blessing to owners of crappy PCs. On lowest settings you would need an absolute dinosaur to not be able to run it. It's a great game, too, and I actually prefer the gameplay to real PC PUBG, and best of all, it's FREE!

  66. movies life says:

    Can u please do on Android directly used like an operating system like phoenixos

  67. Buğrahan Yalçın says:

    Whats fps meter app?

  68. pubg says:

    please send me this config link or put it in description please please

  69. Ranz Channel says:

    3:08 try phoenix os(android os for PC) and get better performance..:v

  70. uppset_dave says:

    It's realy hard to root, I tried but it didn't work I also tried apps like k root but my phones security got in the way, if I did root it I would already have an ocd gpu.

  71. YunusBey. Exe says:

    you're a great brother

  72. Minakumari Prajapati says:

    How to play pubg mobile in 2gb ram pc please

  73. Pasha Boss says:


  74. Pasha Boss says:


  75. Cristian MF says:

    why you use a shotgun at distance ? is a short distance gun

  76. Ameenook says:

    Update for tencent ?

  77. Pablo Aleixo says:

    You can install gfx on tencent emulator, you can also play it on Phoenix OS

  78. Muhammad Harviando says:

    Hey, can you please make a video about lower the graphic of PUBG Lite on PC?

  79. GAMING ARMY!!!!! says:

    And pubg lite pc? Please help me

  80. GAMING ARMY!!!!! says:

    And pubg lite pc? Please help me

  81. salim SLD says:

    i need to find the config files xd i only get 20 fps on pc

  82. SUPER MAN says:

    Try Phoenix OS . It's fast than emulator.

  83. Saidul Islam Rahat says:

    0:58 Nice Calculator by the way.

  84. Glenn .P says:

    Now do low graphics for PUBG lite

  85. HeyItsRitesh says:

    I Got
    I3 2.10Ghz
    4GB Ram
    Nvideo 920m
    Still It Lags Like Hell

  86. All Pads 24 Ind says:

    Can you provide solution on how to get more better performance for pubg emulator …

  87. IshakPlayz800 says:


  88. muhd Syakir says:

    Can u do video like this for mobile legends?

  89. sherwin dsouza says:

    Could u make a video on using the emulator on even a lower PC
    Say intel Pentium B970 @2.90 GHz
    Integrated graphics and 8gb ram

  90. FrostJun says:

    SCRAP it boy we have PUBG LITE

  91. #CreepyLargo says:

    Pubgfx tool and bagt are the best, because they are always up to date and they have potato features for low end phones

  92. Ben TRM0 says:

    dude use phoenix os at pc its so smooth in 4gb ram pc

  93. Tim Mortal says:

    If you want to do this on emulator,just exit pubg and press F9,click on browser and find and install these apps.
    Hope this helps!

  94. Andrew Savill says:

    Have you tried running it in Android x86 on the PC? It will be running native so should be faster.


    When your device is that crappy: 'Your device isn't compatible with this version."

  96. 4 7 m m D HD says:

    guys in pubg tencent emulator i get the white screen .. i tried all solves this program in youtube and still .. any one can help me

  97. Mimanshu Negi says:

    Is there a way to lower out graphics of PUBG in tencent gaming buddy?

  98. rodel rahman says:

    Can i play pubg mobile on emulator specs:- Core 2 duo 2.80 GHz, 256mb gpu ram, 2gb pc RAM

  99. Karan Rothia-Naiko says:

    How to tweak PUBG MOBILE on Tencent plzz😭

  100. Astuteous Maximus says:

    To be honest, when it comes to PUBG PC at least, it's not the kind of game you can get away with running on super low settings. I certainly wouldn't recommend it. The visuals are a huge part of the game as if you're struggling to be able to see players, you're at a game-breaking disadvantage. I noticed a huge difference just by going from a 60hz monitor to a 144hz monitor. In particular, I how smooth it felt moving my cursor around the screen. It's a huge advantage when it comes to aiming/writ flicking. If you want to stand a chance of being anywhere close to competitive in that game, you need a low-medium range rig. I run the game on an old i5 4670K (OC to 4.2 Ghz), GTX 970 and 8 GB DDR2 RAM with a SSD. I've tuned the operating system for maximum efficiency. The frames with the game vary greatly depending on where you are/how many players there are close to you ofc but I average around 120 fps on Erangel. You could buy my kind of system for under £400 minus the monitor.

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