Super low graphics on CSGO, FPS Boost on almost any GPU. WARNING: READ DESCRIPTION

July 31, 2019 posted by

So on my video: super low CSGO graphics for
AMD gpu’s, one question reigned above all. Usually, I would have said that is not possible. I was wrong, it’s actually quite easy so
on this video I am going to show how to get this hilariously low graphics on CSGO on intelHD
or almost any GPU really. Welcome to the LowSpecGamer, the show where
we keep going lower and lower to get those games running on low end computers, let’s
get started. This is the latest on a series of videos I
am making exploring all the different ways you can lower graphics and increase performance
on CSGO. In the past I have mentioned Hialgo Boost,
a program that dynamically lowers your resolution when you need extra performance. Turns out Hialgo can do some other interesting
things as well. Many thanks to Tak_Riuto on the official LowSpecGamer
subreddit for bringing this to my attention cough cough All you need to do install Hialgo Boost, and
then go the installation directory of the program, usually on Program Files, Hialgo,
plugins and boost. Inside there is a file called exceptions.ini. Open it and search for the CSGO version where
there will be a variable called MAX ADJUST LODBIAS which you can change. 10 already looks quite downgraded, but the
minimum of 1 is where the really good thing is at. After saving the file all you need to do is
to run Hialgo Boost, and when you open CSGO it will ask if you want to use it. As I said, simple. Let me show how this actually does on a real
match. Welcome to another edition of LowSpecGamer
reconsiders his life choices. Featuring, really old graphics and a lot of
unnecessary deaths. Ha! Not so bad, isn’t it? Oh! I didn’t see that coming. Wow, that was a really good move actually. There’s got to be a way… ah! Well, I mean that was not bad, wasn’t it? That was not bad, I think I actually helped
there. Things are actually getting lucky this time. That or the thing people keep saying it’s
true and I’m actually getting a high degree of visibility using these very flat graphics. Oh! Dang it! Did he just killed two of them in one shot? Oh! Damn it! That was a good strategy, I think we were
both trying the same thing. Oh- ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Well, the performance might be good, but it
sure doesn’t make the game any easier. That is all for this video. Hopefully this little trick open up a ton of interesting tweaks in the future. We will see. Thank you to all dear Patreons for their support. I will see you on the next video.


100 Replies to “Super low graphics on CSGO, FPS Boost on almost any GPU. WARNING: READ DESCRIPTION”

  1. Razvan Cisma says:

    is this just for window 8 and 10?

  2. Franklin clinton says:

    CSGO Minecraft Mashup 😂

  3. Abhiram Tilak Potula says:

    3:00 p90 noob

  4. SyncShotZz says:

    Can hialgo boost work on cs source?

  5. UnspeakableWarrior says:

    Even with this settings, I still cannot get 30 fps

  6. Sr Pateta says:

    on hd graphics family 64mb????

  7. ITScrip says:

    work on panorama???

  8. L4wless174 says:

    1350 FPS Hahhahahahhaha

  9. Kolossus says:

    so it's been almost 2 years since this video came out,but i still have a question: I have an Ati Radeon x1550 series,and every time i run hialgo with CSGO in background,it keeps crashing..does anyone know why?

  10. Sin says:

    welp..I get usually 80fps on competetive on native..
    so yeah my core i5 laptop is fine but

    My nvidia mx130 sucks

  11. RickyPez says:

    Make video for Linux please

  12. Ғ2P SCUΠT says:

    Mine says acces denied
    I need help

  13. _FAKEEBEAST_ says:

    Who is still here to increase fps:)

  14. OSAMA says:

    You Made My Game So Good Now Thank You Soo Much

  15. akmal danial hassan aminuddin says:

    What happen what the value is -1?

  16. DaveFromYT says:

    my laptop is not like that i have intel i5

  17. F0X_Cze says:

    This is counter strike simple offensive

  18. Deruzzi says:

    This is krunker io lmao, but I have a MacBook Air 2010 so I have never touched CS besides going to my friends house

  19. Sarita Patra says:

    i cried after watching mirage in such a state, counter strike graphical offense


    Wew rly? I think my phone is better than my pc

  21. Stabby boi Finnfx says:

    i cant get past a screen saying note and idk why

  22. NAWW says:

    I just cringing watching you play

  23. ATVER Gaming says:

    My current GPU: 110 FPS on lowest graphics on 1024×768
    Me: I'm buying a GTX 1060 6GB AMP

  24. GoPro478/Howling Dawn says:

    mine actually cannot run it

  25. adımı dogru grdigimden eminin BAŞ says:

    Pleassee 8 dont want get banned plzzzzzzzzz but i.dont want to play with 5 fps bullshit i amndoing it (sorry for my bad england) hahahahah

  26. adımı dogru grdigimden eminin BAŞ says:

    Before i maked this i had 15 fps i have still 15 fps wtf

  27. reza taheree says:

    Thank you for persian sub😇😇💙💙💙💙😘😘😘

  28. Turtorial Gameplay says:

    I use high graphics in cs go i use intel hd 4000

  29. TheNoNameBoi says:

    I cannot download it

  30. CozMyN says:

    Counter – Strike: Roblox Offensive

  31. zemi123 says:

    any idea if this gets you banned?

  32. Kuma-Kun says:

    tHiS loOkeD like foRtNitE

  33. David Carvalho says:

    300 fps high😭😭

  34. specify_ says:

    just get an RX570 or GTX 1050

  35. Haz SlayZ says:

    is this ??


  36. Nesti Best says:

    It says access denied why?!

  37. Gettriggered _Ian says:

    You mean Phantom Forces, right?

  38. Yards15 says:

    fuckin' virus

  39. branden van heerden says:

    hialgo boost link not working anymore ?

  40. SkillPointer says:

    So, this actually didn't work. It made my game worse

  41. sreejith bahulayan says:

    At first I get about 25 fps then a sudden fps drop to 8 or 9 fps why does this happen

  42. SareZ says:

    como descargar hialgo??? la web es liosa

  43. Leipavaki says:

    Looks like

  44. Cubic Male Lasagna says:

    i finally can play csgo at 30 fps locked… thank you

  45. Daood4544 says:

    Is hialgoboost safe?

  46. ez bois and ROBOCK says:

    i cant download it for some reason

  47. Flavius Condrea says:

    My csgo won't open with the Hiago boost in the background what could i do

  48. Lorenz A Team says:

    r a n k ?

  49. Redwan Zoy says:

    anyone got vac for using it yet? or good to use?

  50. Rektquiem says:

    i wish theres a game with this kind of graphic

  51. QWERTY kwurt says:

    please help
    when i go into the exceptions and cs go, i change the MAX_ADJUST_LODBIAS to one, then go to save, when i save it wants me to save as, and i press save, then i get a message saying that exceptions.ini allready exists, do you want to replace it?, so i click yes and then i get
    C;/Programs Files (x86)/HAlgo/Plugins/BOOST/exceptions.ini
    you do not have permission to open this file. See the owner of the file or an administrator to obtain permission.

    what do i do????

  52. Big smoke Gaming Videos says:

    I did this and got 10-30 🙁

  53. milja 33 says:

    Where save

  54. Andrew Vong says:

    It looks like Roblox CS:GO

  55. Redcell _ says:

    I have a weird problem going on right now. I did everything you demonstrated in the intel hd video and now whenever I join a game I get one round where the graphics seem normal and then the next round it will be much more pixelated. This keeps going until the match is over. What in gods name did I do and how do I fix it?

  56. LexsLite says:

    Is this vac safe

  57. oi porra says:

    thanks now i can play at 20 fps

  58. 420 SMOKESOMEWEED says:

    It actually gives you an advantage for spotting enemies. Xd

  59. Ahsan Soomro says:

    if i used this i got vac ban on my 17 rank ?

  60. Bélus Balon says:

    i can't change in exception.ini anything!!

  61. Kai Ng says:

    30-40 fps intel hd 520

  62. shuib mas says:

    I dunno why even if I have good pc i still want to do this. High graphic is boring

  63. FARHAN FAHREZI says:


  64. pure bit says:

    When I do the LOBAS thing and try to save it I cant

  65. G-Hinfo says:

    can i do this for :
    Pentium Dual Core e5200 2.5GHz
    2GB Ram
    Intel GMA 3100 (intel G31/G33 chipset family) 256 mb vram 2.0 shader model and OpenGL 1.4

    btw i may run it using swift shader 3.0

  66. K R I S T I λ N says:

    I barely get even 5 fps with this booster

  67. Fiko Alexie says:

    i keep getting kicked from the server saying "Pure server : file [GAME]pak01_041.vpk does not match the server's file (76)."

  68. David plays says:

    Does it work on
    Intel Pentium P6200 procesor?
    With 4gb DDR MEMORY

  69. Yeah says:

    How bout LODbias=5 or 7?

  70. DexTeR says:

    thanks on 1600×900 on normal graphic 60 on 1024×768 120 fps this is what a fps

  71. Dioptra says:

    The guy @ 3:08 has wallhack lmao

  72. Muhammad Irwan Ghazali says:


  73. ProTung says:

    Can i use it to any games?

  74. JUAN_GAMER says:

    Creative dectruction

  75. JUAN_GAMER says:

    Game creative dectructiond

  76. fazle bintang says:

    the graphics like a roblox ;v

  77. potato that escaped Chernobyl says:

    Me: buys awm

    15fps:imma ruin this man's whole career

  78. Tony YT says: v2

  79. Gene says:

    This may be a late response but whenever I put in 10 for the lodbias in the text document, it says I have to save it to somewhere (I dont "save as", I just "save") and it denies it everytime I try to do this. Do I need Notepad++ do this?

  80. Aiai Zahar says:

    Buy i5 or i3 for csgo

  81. RaffaAKB says:

    Can someone fix my problem?
    I run this game at amd e1 and have 1,70 gb ram , it run csgo at 12-20 fps , the problem is when i shoot i get lag spikes

  82. nois 'artz says:

    Dank this looks like lmao

  83. shreyas parida says:

    guys is this safe, plzz confirm

  84. A.S. V.N says:

    Finally i can play Cs go on low end 2012 laptop hd intel graphic 3000 over 30 FPS ( i dont get it CS:Souce is over 80 FPS 😐)

  85. Black Syntax says:


  86. An1m3 says:

    This unfortunatly doesn't help. My cpu is so garbage since it's an i7 u series which suffers from massive cpu bottlenecking. Game starts off with an average of 160 fps but then drops to an average of 60 fps after 5 minutes in game.

  87. Aldrich 1 says:

    When csgo turns to cs 1.6

  88. GS Mods says:

    Can it run in a Pixel Shader 2.0 Video Card?

  89. dimas 10 says:

    Looks like minecraft

  90. Denimix says:

    When i change to 1 and when i play the game when i move it's soo blury when i stop its not how to fix that @LowSpecGamer?

  91. North Galaxy says:

    Can I play on competitive
    with this

  92. Just ᴀʟᴇx says:

    whats the performance difference

  93. 2kafadar TV says:

    Lan bu modu yapacağınıza minecraft oynayın daha iyi

  94. LiveYourLifeNerd says:

    I get about 70 FPS without this. My pc has 512MB GPU, 4GB RAM ddr3, and an i3 I think. But my main pc has better things and runs it well 😀

  95. M.Rizki .p says:

    Can hialgo boost still make vac ban trigger?

  96. GA ST says:

    Acess IS denied

  97. Sparten JR says:

    How do I get permission to save the exceptions file

  98. merri whiff says:

    I can’t move me mouse when I do it

  99. King Sisyphus says:

    Its doesn't work very well, I had higher fps without it. Lol

  100. Nightjet Kamran says:

    Its counter blox!

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