Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Graphics Comparison: Original Xbox vs. Xbox One S

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100 Replies to “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Graphics Comparison: Original Xbox vs. Xbox One S”

  1. Kenneth says:

    Can I use disc or do I have to download them

  2. Rakan Khalid says:

    i wish it will be much better when xbox x comes out

  3. ChrisWG94 says:

    Good to see you up instead of thrashing about in your sleep.

  4. Tinyjeff says:

    Gta sa

  5. One man army says:

    Timesplitters Future Perfect! please Microsoft ? 🙂

  6. Kopa RockyPaw says:

    Hey Xbox pongan el need for speed most wanted plis

  7. Bobsthagod ! says:

    I never played this growing up so it will be nice to try the upgraded version. Hopefully more OG xbox games will get this treatment.

  8. Ivan Cuevas Soria says:

    Star Wars Battlefront I & II pls!

  9. Broly says:

    I wonder if Juhani's face is still shaped like a foot?

  10. bear 133 says:

    Xbox One S graphics are very similar to the Steam graphics

  11. guybeleeve says:

    Before Disney corrupted Star Wars and before Bioware sold out to EA, these were the amazing games that were made.

  12. demo says:

    Same?😕😂😂😂😂i'm jook i love it❤

  13. Tsupra 90 says:

    Bring back burnout!!!!

  14. Daniel Hernandez says:

    how does this play on the original Xbox One?

  15. Nicholas Adams says:

    Anyway to get it full screen?

  16. friendly genji says:

    Please can add ninja gaiden 2😫

  17. Sev3617 says:

    Republic Commando and Metal Arms Glitch in the System.

  18. WarwickkkT101 says:

    GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas

  19. Boozab99 says:

    Brb going to buy component cables for og xbox. No point for me but this is a step forward, the One X however . . . is not looking good.

  20. Randy boi says:

    Mortal kombat shoalin monks pls

  21. Alberto Cortes-Ortiz says:

    the best game ever! better than cod. if kotor 3 comes out, i will pre-order immediately.

  22. Theraresttoast says:

    next we need the medal of honor games

  23. Kolchak The Night Stalker says:

    It's great they are offsetting the cost of the console for gamers with enhanced versions of older but great games. A lot of kids will get great games for cheap while they save up for some of the new titles.

  24. King Kosmic says:

    It's exactly what it looks like on the 360

  25. R N/A says:

    I love how the "XBOX ONE S" version for some reason look identical to the PC version

  26. TheBrownTown007 says:

    KOTOR 2 now please?

  27. Elmo and Ice cube says:

    Thank you Xbox, thank you

  28. TI- 9341 says:

    I'm gonna get it on the original for old times sake. 😛

  29. k9 John says:

    Does it look this good on Xbox 360

  30. Manuel says:

    Oh man looks amazing! Great image quality. Quite good work Microsoft! Waiting to see what's coming next. Something big for sure.

  31. ben fett1107 says:

    The xbox one version just looks darker

  32. mclmrtn says:

    Looks just like the KOTOR I played on PC 14 years ago. Great job XBox!!!!!

  33. Kermock says:


  34. Fox Unit Delta says:

    any word on knights of the old republic 2 being made backwards compatible?

  35. Jake Straus says:

    Mortal kombat shaolin monks anybody?

  36. KnifemasterNut says:

    When will there be new OG backwards compatability Xbox Games

  37. Tyler P says:

    I hope kotor 2 is next!!! Been playing kotor the past 2 days and it's been a great time, still waiting for a kotor 3 🙁

  38. eldinero 305 says:

    Wait!!! IS THIS REAL?

  39. JuggerNuts1994 says:

    please Phil… all i ask is for Jet Set Radio Future to be Backwards Compatible. i'll sell my kidneys if it's graphically enhanced.

  40. Ov3r X Muerte says:

    Please make KotOR 2 backwards compatible never got a chance to play it

  41. Rebel Vader says:

    Can you put the original battlefront II of 2005 in the store please, this game is amazing

  42. Not Just Tech .com says:

    I would've bought it on release day, but I'm not paying for a centered 4:3 ratio on my widescreen. Simple tweak MS and / or EA could've done real quick but obviously chose NOT to 🙁

  43. hairoftehdog says:

    Looks like the original Xbox is being recorded through composite. Component hook ups look much sharper. A bit pixelated though…

  44. Tyga's Shooter says:

    Empire at war please

  45. Dolphin Cheesecake says:


  46. Bobman9420 says:

    PLEASE bring back Kotor 2!

  47. TAURASII says:

    is this game widescreen?

  48. weeze says:

    Can we get kotor 2 next?

  49. Thomas Doran says:

    Just looks like the pc version on high settings not a remaster

  50. AJ says:

    This game needs a complete modern overhaul, a simple texture update and blur removal isn't enough.

  51. WackySwacky says:

    Looks better on the original Xbox. The new version is too clean and makes the dated models too obvious.

  52. Supernintendro says:

    Looks like the PC version lol. In other words, it looked this good back when it launched…

  53. Bobman9420 says:

    Man does that look beautiful! Brings me back, when we thought Xbox Graphics look like the X1 S graphics (at that time).

  54. Bobman9420 says:

    Just need:
    *KOTOR 2
    *Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy
    *Battlefront 1 & 2
    *Republic Commando

    And I'm good, but that's for the Star Wars games.

  55. Zach Priest says:

    Battlestation Pacific please.

  56. thor25521 says:

    Thank you Microsoft for letting us use our games unlike somebody else that makes you buy their digital copy

  57. Nachøø Ramøss'z says:

    Hope Kotor2 is Next!

  58. hamie says:

    Yeah it's looks okay, but with mods it's possible to make the game look way better than this.

  59. Tristan Turner says:

    Okay I know nobody will probably see this but I’ve been having trouble buying the game. It shows up in the store when I write it’s full title and it says buy now for 9,99$. When I choose to buy it gives me an error page for a fraction of a second. I’m from Canada, please help.

  60. Professor Rex says:

    Please add star wars republic commando 😍

  61. Reiiz says:

    They could at least make an update for screen resolution to 1600×900 or 1920×1080 at least…
    Why dont put a mod?i mean just the texture no need for others(can add later)…

  62. cool boy10046 says:

    i have both sytems the one s and the original buying 2013 one and slim 360 to go with my xbox360 e

  63. AV3R4GE says:

    Bring back Original Xbox live back

  64. TheJesus 80 says:

    XIII Please

  65. EccentricM says:

    Not sure if this is authentic footage. The original KOTOR 1 on xbox had a different NPC Sith Officer in the Taris apartment to the PC version. XBOX had an asian guy, PC the black guy. Hence I doubt this is showing the actual game and backward compatibility for real.

    However.. the UI is certainly the original XBOX. So, I dunno. Lol.

  66. the dark devil 2o0o says:

    I did not knew this is on Xbox one s

  67. 773steve says:


  68. Jclaud says:

    Will this work for KOTOR II as well?

  69. The_Gaming_Syndrom says:

    Looks like it does on pc

  70. Interdictum says:

    PC version is better

  71. mazda9624 says:

    The original xbox version looks better than what they showed in this video if you use better video cables

  72. Godly CEO says:

    For the love of God make a KOTOR 3.

  73. Mr. Djamel says:

    Og Xbox have some good star Wars gmaes

  74. Kenny Andrews says:

    Why doesn't someone do OG Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X

  75. CrazyBlackDragon says:

    I can't emphasize just how much I shat my pants knowing this was becoming backwards compatible, along with KoToR2. Moreso knowing that Republic Commando, and the REAL Battlefront games are coming soon too. If the eggheads at Microsoft could add the Episode 3 game to that library, I'll easily be one of the happiest nerds ever.

  76. Zemrix Gaming says:

    Now if only we could actually get some DLC for those games. You know, the ones that were released but not on Xbox Live.

  77. John Doe says:

    But, uh… the PC version is still better.

  78. parry man says:

    Now does it support mods?

  79. James Smith says:

    Is it only for Xbox one s or any Xbox one?

  80. Kiral Mayr says:

    Restoration content where?

  81. Ebon Hawk says:

    Or you would have gotten it for PC in which case it could look like Xbox One S graphics even back in 2003 when the game was released.

  82. Scoober Doober says:

    The nostalgia with this masterpiece.

  83. Mr. JustAGuyWithALightsaber says:

    PC > Xbox

  84. Sleepyzect says:

    Does the Xbox one version have some of dlc that was originally available only on the pc.

  85. Thadius Faran says:

    MechAssault please!

  86. Brandon Lara says:

    More contrast and lighting, that's it. You can still count the polygons. Classic game, but graphical improvements are like when they announced minecraft in 4K.

  87. UNSC INFINITY says:

    I'm soooooo looking forward to getting both KOTOR & KOTOR II on Xbox One S in 6 months. They are both my favourite games of all time. No other game compares to these 2. 👍👍👍

  88. Drunkencrow says:

    It’s like console vs emulator. It’s ok.

  89. Riki Kage says:

    Achievements please…

  90. Starman Gaming says:

    Ok, so it LOOKS good, but is it as glitchy as the original port?

  91. Squeaker Nerd says:

    How my dad played KOTOR vs. How I play KOTOR

  92. SuperLmayo says:

    Who needs new games when you can play old games that still look old.

  93. KIKYO says:

    Still waiting for the Yavin DLC…

  94. RockRocker45 says:

    Nice one!

  95. Josh Kruckow says:

    If I buy this for Xbox can I play it online?

  96. Mark Baland says:

    What about Crazy Taxi 3, Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball?

  97. Roy Vice says:

    I just recently bought KOTOR for original Xbox and currently have over 60 hours on it. I play on my 360, it’s so amazing. I also just bought Jade Empire for Xbox and I can’t wait to try it out!!!

  98. Agre Poopmcgee says:

    Too bad PC's already had this… plus we have mods.

  99. N Santana says:

    Nossa impressionante

  100. Michael Marr says:

    This game was better on PC than Xbox.

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