Stained Glass Artist meets Graphic Artist: Jameson Caskmates collaboration series

July 28, 2019 posted by

we are Roger twins for a graphic actual based in Cork City were brothers for a board actually twins everything starts from the graphic point and try not to kind of be confined into like one discipline my name is Mary jaylene I'm staying glass artist from truly County Kerry my style can be described as photorealistic and has elements of surrealism romanticism and symbolism and we spent a day down there with today's and Jamison I really liked the idea of Jamison and ran Siskin while collaborating to create a new line of whisky I was really inspired by this and this was reflected in the piece that the project wins and I came up with I think it's really important for artists to collaborate and bring new life into their work the collaboration drew inspiration for customers in a few ways the two hands intertwined and working together we represents a lot we're kind of like creating something and the two crafts and skills coming together color palette we chose is vibrant and modern and tries to reflect the concept of old meets new the tattoos and the arms are there as well to represent these ideas of passion I mean the cross symbols are there just like as a nod to Jensen then on each earned and you've got a hammer at one end and a pencil at the other finally then you've got the knot so in the center and it represents the idea of integration and it just hints again at the Irish heritage of the product I enjoy seeing my work the way it enhances our building and interacts with its surroundings it's really nice to know that a piece is gonna be installed and firmly in the window

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