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[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this is an important day in the life of the University a day to celebrate the success of our graduates it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this ceremony and to formally declare this congregation of the university open please be seated Chancellor distinguished guests ladies gentlemen and graduates as Vice Chancellor it is a great privilege to welcome you to Portsmouth whether you know a great city are coming here for the first time I am honored to be sharing this important occasion with you our graduates and with your families and friends on behalf of all staff at the University I would like to congratulate our graduates on your well-earned achievement I am immensely proud of your commitment to your studies and your broader development as worthy citizens as you should be also it is an amazing fact that this year 2600 of our students were active in volunteering from helping children learn to read to supporting those suffering dementia our students give a tremendous amount to this community as we are all too aware we are living through a period of tremendous uncertainty there is unrest in the world and closer to home brexit remains unresolved a graduation last year I said soon the UK will leave the European Union and I was hopelessly wrong whatever your views on brexit we do need a resolution so that the country can focus on other issues University funding is one of those issues a recent report the auger review recommended that universities receive less money through tuition fees but that graduates repay their loans for longer for up to 40 years after graduation if this report is implemented graduates sitting in this room in future years can expect to pay more for less investment in their education and I just don't believe that will appeal to them but cutting the tuition fee cap will generate some favorable newspaper headlines and does appeal to some politicians political short-termism is one of the biggest problems our society faces and collectively we are such a long way from making the changes needed to mitigate for example the effects of climate change are think about the significant social implications of Technology change and the rise of artificial intelligence and the face of all of this it is sometimes tempting to be pessimistic and then a day like today comes along and I see passionate highly skilled and educated people such as yourselves full of ideas ready and prepared to reshape our world seeing you graduate today is a tremendous feeling and a welcome reminder that whatever our current difficulties our future is in good hands of course that does not mean that your future journeys are going to be easy but what is clear is that the demand for the kind of skills you have developed continues to grow since 2010 more than 2 million new jobs have been created in the UK our own 2/3 of those jobs have been in highly skilled professions we believe that is a University's core purpose to prepare our students for their future work and careers indeed a portsmouth we are creating a new breed of university one where learning is rooted in the real world and prepares you to make a success of whatever path you choose to follow we pride ourselves in our research that changes lives and extends the boundaries of knowledge in June the university was awarded 5.8 million pounds from research England to help find a solution to one of the world's greatest environmental challenges plastic waste early in the year an Institute of cosmology and gravitation was awarded two million pounds to continue its world-leading research into dark energy and gravitational waves researching the very boundary of our universe the university is constantly innovating this month entrepreneur and philanthropist Dame Stephanie Shirley opened the university's future Technology Center a 12 million pound facility designed to teach engineering in a new way to make it more appealing to a broader range of students particular women who are underrepresented in the profession and this summer we began construction of our new indoor sports facility which will be the first with a swimming pool rated climate excellent by the UK government you should feel that you are graduating from a university that is recognized as part of the modern elite of universities tackling the real challenges of the 21st century when many of you joined the university three years ago we were ranked 43rd in the UK Guardian League table now we are ranked 21st but remember that in graduating today you are part of a privileged minority that has had the advantages of a university education and with that privilege comes responsibility please reflect upon your obligations as graduates of our University you are trustees of the skills and abilities you have developed and I urge you to use your talents to help enrich society to make a difference for the benefit of others these aspirations among all those you encounter and set an example in behaviour achievement the others will seek to emulate you have lived in a diverse environment during your time with the University take that appreciations of difference and culture and friendship with you in all that you do and as you think about achieving your greatest ambitions think about the exceptional team you have around you you've had the support of the university community all through your time here our excellent staff have provided a supportive environment in which you have learnt lived unflushed your fellow students no doubt have lifted you through the tough times and celebrated with you in the good times and will remain lifelong friends and of course those closest to you will have been your most important team parents partners children wider family and friends all have helped by providing encouragement a shoulder to cry on a listening ear but most of all they will have kept faith in you and willed you to succeed I think it's therefore appropriate that your graduates should stand up and with a warm round of applause and some cheering join me in thanking your family and friends who are here today please stand up I think you can be a bit louder than that some proper cheating fantastic thank you very much the university has been part of your team supporting you throughout your time here and you know we'd like to remain part of your team in the future we want you to be successful because your successes and achievements will reflect well upon your university and of course the success of your university reflects well on you you are the second cohort of graduates who will be asked to take part in what is called the Graduate outcome survey at some point in the next two years you will be contacted and asked questions about your career paths since leaving us please do engage with this survey we always strive to improve and this survey will give us vital information to do exactly that so today is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship with your University as members of an international community of Portsmouth graduates please make use of our excellent Alumni Association and keep in touch as you continue your journey through life we want to know where you go next as you will be the future leaders thinkers creators and innovators be a force for positive change within our world that desperately needs your talents and when you are successful please come back to visit us and be part of our elite team supporting future generations of Portsmouth students I urge you to live by the values of your University in all that you do be responsible be open be ambitious and never settle for second-best I congratulate you on your awards and wish you every success for your future thank you now before we come to the student graduation I have pleasure in introducing our honorary graduate for today so the university has resolved to confer the degree of Doctor of Letters honoris causa upon professor Lynn Siegel Chancellor guests Lynne Siegel is anniversary professor of psychology and Gender Studies at Birkbeck University of London a position she's held for the past 20 years she was born in Sydney the middle of three children her parents were both doctors her father Reuben was a general practitioner and her mother either a surgeon Reuben and I sir had great ambitions for their children and expected them to be the best at everything they did Lynne as you will learn today would not have disappointed them after completing her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Sydney she went on to do a PhD there no one in the whole of Australia was sufficiently experts to examine it and the thesis had to be sent abroad the quality of her research was such that those who did it examine it offered her a job but she didn't accept preferring initially to remain in Sydney despite the fact that her approach and interests were so different from what was being taught and researched in Australian psychology departments at the time it meant that there was no possibility of an academic jobs there or anywhere else in the country for Lynn the personal the intellectual and the political have always been intimately and intricately connected in part a result of her experience of growing up in a home where her mother was by Lynn's own admission absent much of the time and distant when she was present she found comradeship and support as a teenager in a group of anarchist libertarians in Sydney known as the push this group was engaged in permanent anti-establishment protests and so far as one can tell from the accounts of those who were there at the time fuelled itself not only on discussions of philosophy and political theory but on a fair amount of sex drugs and rock and roll in a biographical profile published in the nation in 2018 Lynne is quoted as saying that at a time when feminist politics were still very much in their infancy the push provided and I quote a space that encouraged women to think and act just like a man and hence for us then more freely than anywhere else in those days the comradeship and solidarity of her time with the push and with other political activists had significant impact on Lin's intellectual and political life she said that she was lucky to have experienced the radicalism of the 60s at the time she was coming of age just as in the 70s she was fortunate to have become a mother when feminism was beginning to make a real impact she also appreciates the fact that her first academic job as a lecturer at Middlesex Polytechnic in the early 70s was at a time and in an institution where it was possible to take a less conservative approach to teaching than would have been the case in traditional universities the motto of the push used by Vilhelm Reich in his book the sexual revolution and taken from Karl Marx is in many ways indicative of the way Lynne has pursued her work it reads since it is not for us to create a plan for the future that will hold for all time all the more surely what we contemporaries have to do is the uncompromising critical evaluation of all that exists uncompromising in the sense that our criticism fears neither its own results nor the conflict with the powers that be this motto is apt as the solo joint author of 11 books three edited essay collections and too many articles to count Lynn has tackled topics that others have not and where they have tackled them she's more often than not refused to accept the prevailing position with of those with whom she might be expected to agree for example she's taken issue with those feminists who claim that heterosexuality is necessarily oppressive to women and while she accepts that some women have broken through the glass ceiling and that there is greater gender equality now she argues that the remaining barriers to true equality are caused not by gender per se but by the disproportionate burden that women still carry as regards child-rearing and other forms of care this interest in dependency and interdependence he finds expression in other of Lynne's writing in her earliest significant book beyond the fragments published in 1981 she and her co-authors Hilary Wainwright and Sheila Robottom argued that socialism needed to embrace and nurture the identity politics that was building momentum at that time groups of people and social movements organized around for example women's and gay rights the end and black and minority ethnic concerns needed to come together to form an alliance if progressive change was to be achieved in a society that was just two years into a conservative government led then by Margaret Thatcher in a recent reflection Lin acknowledges that they underestimated the difficulties of getting people with their own particular agendas to work collectively but she remains stubbornly and wonderfully optimistic about the potential that people can achieve if they come together and share their ambitions her own experience of political activism both in Australia and later in North London informs this and is a theme of two more of her books in out of time the perils and pleasures of ageing Lin writes passionately about the importance of older people connecting with those who are younger and in radical happiness moments of collective joy she insists that true happiness is something that can only really be achieved in community with others she's written that although political aspirations may not be realized they are and I quote likely nevertheless to make us feel more alive and hence happier along the way at least when they helped connect us to and express concern for those around us Lin's colleagues and friends recognise this uplifting spirit as well as her intellectual and pedagogical her close friend and co-author Hilary Wainwright says this of her on first meeting Lynd seagull you will be struck not only by her fiery beauty but by her immense kindness attentiveness and desire to make a personal connection on first hearing Lin's speak publicly you'll be struck by her boldness and her passion underlying both is a powerful sense of injustice and a determination to speak out both on behalf of its victims and also to draw attention to their creative self-organization and desire for change and her colleague at Birkbeck professor Stephen frosh has said to me Lin is quite an extraordinary force of nature incredibly engaged and in academic and political work with what seems to be untiring energy she is a genuine public intellectual and her books and talks are lively and accessible as well as scholarly and continue to inform and entertain in the best traditions of that approach now these accolades are quite something but how could we sum up Lin's qualities and achievements and although it may seem odd I think the life of Orie Matisse the artist is helpful here Matisse lived to the grand old age of 84 in his early 70s a disabling operation meant he was no longer able to work with oil paints and so working from his wheelchair or in his bed he turned to brightly painted paper as his medium this he'd cut into hundreds of differently shaped pieces and get his assistants to assemble under his direction to create the brilliance and vibrant pieces we now recognize as some of his most original work why might we compare Lynn Segal the academic and activists to Matisse the artist well I think there are two reasons first Matisse refused to let getting older be a barrier to his vision ambition and creativity and he further refused to let the politics of the time he was doing all this during the Nazi occupation of France defeat his values or his spirit Lin too refuses to accept that ageing needs to be a negative experience and believes that one can still do great things she too recognizes that doing those great things and having an optimism about the future rely on embracing new things and working with others to achieve them and she's consistently refused to let the dominant politics of the time dilute her own values when asked by Louis Aragon the surrealist poet how he could create such bright and exuberant art in the darkest days of fascist dictatorship Matisse replied I do it in self-defense a response I suspect Lin might understand the second reason Matisse is a good comparator also derived from this later period in his life in 1947 at the age of 78 he published jazz accepted by many to be one of the greatest art books of the 20th century it comprises prints of many of the paper cutouts which in their original form had been pinned to the wall by his sickbed in the book Matisse included thoughts and observations about the process of making them and what they meant to him one of these observations seems to me to be a particularly apt way of including this appreciation Lin is a passionate gardener I've had the pleasure of visiting her garden in North London it's a wild and wonderful mass of bright eclectic plants all different all jostling together all creating as a collective something unique above all it is an optimistic place a place in which year after year season after season those things which fail to thrive give way to those things which do like Lynn the garden is continuously renewing itself always in a process of becoming never quite finished Matisse would have loved it writing about his paper cutouts which expressed the culmination of his artistic genius and which brought both him during his lifetime and others since such contentment he wrote and I quote happy are those who sing with all their heart from the bottoms of their hearts to find joy in the sky the trees the flowers there are always flowers for those who want to see them Lynne is someone who in a career that has inspired me and so many others is someone who in people in friendships in work in life and not least of course in her garden has found and taught us the importance of joy and of opening our eyes so that we might see and fully appreciate the flowers Chancellor I present professor Lin Siegel for the degree of Doctor of Letters honoris causa by the authority of the University I admit you to the award of Doctor of Letters honoris causa [Applause] I'm trying to be modern I hope this works no I'm not getting it up so thank you so much for those words Matthew they're quite amazing all too generous and to be compared to only Matisse how incredible and all the time and patience that you put into recalling my life and talking about it it's just wonderful it is really truly something very special to have once passed rolled out so elegantly and thank you dobri and all those supports minh who have had any part in honoring me for this award and creating such a memorable and such a joyful moment for me to share with all of you here now I've always known about Portsmouth because Portsmouth was early on a key institution hoping to establish and develop Women's and Gender Studies reclaiming women's radical histories as well as pioneering in the subsequent growth of queer theory particularly from the 1990s and this is all scholarship that touches on my own work and my own activism as well as of course on Matthews himself with his Brown groundbreaking work on sexual risk intimacy and responsibility indeed only last month as some of you may know I see that Portsmouth hosted a queer celebrity conference attracting quite a few academic celebrities from around the globe including professor Jack Halberstam and professor Richard Dyer and others all on the cutting edge of gender and queer scholarship I wish I could have attended and of course if we're interested in celebrity or perhaps in resisting some of the noxious effects of celebrity there's nothing better for you to have studied the Media Studies journalism film and the various things you in the front there to my left have all been studying so I know that you will make very good use of it in facing these rather precarious times because as professor Galbraith just mentioned I'm all the more grateful to be honored with this award at this time today knowing how very unpredictable and how troubling and uncertain these times are for many people and this certainly impacts on higher education and on all of you graduating today as both staff and students and face serious cutbacks in government funding and you've had to face rising fees and ever greater pressure to tailor your scholarship to something that the job market may pay attention to or your research to what is seen as having some sort of value in the present often related to commercial funding so I know for instance that while most young scholars are keeping their passions alive and I'm sure that you will many far too many do faced hard times in precarious employment after graduation so I'm just wishing that you don't the times are going to open and looking out at the world today it does seem to me that we are at a crossroads in all sorts of ways with many fears and with much pessimism sometimes threatening to overwhelm hope and compassion but it was so interesting for me to hear what professor Galbraith said about the work that you've done in the community and I think that's going to be really crucial in you keeping your hopes and passions alive and keeping it at bay all the morbid symptoms that we know to be around us of rising racism and intolerance accompanying the growing inequality which we've been seeing especially since 2008 I do see around me so many signs of a renewed engagement such as I know many of you had including challenging intellectual work trying to understand this current conjuncture and I've been to so many meetings and so many teaching situations including the world transformed and so on where young people doing everything they can to think of how to stay in touch with the present understand the present and find ways of moving forward devise the best practices for surmounting those morbid symptoms those threats of rising racism and so on whether we're facing the effects of decades of shrinking public resources or trying in every can to work out how to promote more possibilities for more people and tackle the threats of climate change and disappearing diet biodiversity and so on I know how many young people have been involved in that and how much we have to learn from them almost 50 years ago when I come of age in the heyday of second wave feminism it was rather easy to find resources for the hope that we could not only be agents of our own lives but also collective ages in promoting the well-being of all indeed though we were often angry about the sexist landscape we occupied then having to invent new words even to describe it ambitious our ambitions seemed limitless even as we tried however inadequate to be open and to be inclusive back then those I search for to educate and inspire me were usually older figures perhaps Raymond Williams and Stuart Hall alongside Audrey enriched and traveling further back Mary Wollstonecraft and Simone de Beauvoir today rather differently I know I also have so much to learn from rising generations confronting with fresh eyes the current state of things with its deepening insecurities and the things I have already described and my deepest desire which again Matthew has already mentioned and why I'm so happy to be here today is a hope that all of us can continue to reach out across the generations as we old folks try and revivified the past knowing how fast that can be written off or written over by the contingencies of the present even as those coming after me can help me grapple with the go global present and not just there far greater superiority in technology they would have got this computer open and being able to read the speech from that and digital economic platforms and all the things that I'm sure you can grapple with which trouble me and I find so difficult to deal with we do need each other which I guess is what I've written about in all my books there but especially those last two books that Matthew mentioned the pleasures and perils of Aging and moments of collective joy for while so much has changed in my lifetime it really has changed it still carried so many of the traces of the past and not least in the burdens of care still resting more fully on women's shoulders something that I'm writing about today in a book tentatively called Lean on Me disavows of dependency and those troubles and burdens that still rest in particular on women but also on men continue despite and because of most of us being breadwinners today women as well as men but outsourcing the work of care to global Clare chains even as patterns of violence and neglect reach back through time usually reflecting systemic hierarchies of power even if again emerging in new ways so finally though I want to stress as I'm sure we here all know that it's education and in particular the education of desire a term EP Thompson and other people have talked about you writing about William Morris education of desire for inclusiveness solidarity and shared commitments to understanding and tackling the harms of the present this is what remains today as it's always been I feel one of the chief ways to ensure we never lose our passions to embrace the world as it is however it is and this means that we never stop wondering how best to grasp theorize and above all how best to communicate the nature and complexity of events and situations all the better to share hopes for rewarding and fulfilling futures for all of us so thank you so much everybody for enabling me to be here today and for giving me this award the doctor of letters thank you very much [Applause] okay so now comes the main part of today's ceremony and the one that you've all been looking forward to which of course is a graduation of our students and the students will come up to the lectern their names will be read out and they will process across the stage to be congratulated firstly by our Chancellor at the center of the stage and then by the executive Dean of the Faculty of creative and cultural industries professor Trevor Keeble but before we do that there are some formal words that the academic registrar and the Chancellor have to see to officially confirm that everyone who is graduating is entitled to do so Chancellor his academic registrar I confirm that those presented at this ceremony have successfully completed their studies and have satisfied all conditions and requirements of the University by the authority of the University I confirm that all those who are duly qualified hereby admitted to the awards for which they are presented [Applause] Chancellor I present to you the following successful candidates from the school of film media and communication for the award of Bachelor of Arts in the creative writing Jules Briony sender for Bachelor of Arts in creative and media writing Paul Beresford with first class honours le Dunstan with first class honours Lisa foot [Applause] Gracie fuller with first-class honors Phoebe hedges Lesley Hearst Molly Jackson with first-class honors and with the London magazine publication prize Emily priest Abigail Proudfoot Maria sue with first-class honors Charlie Smith with first class honours Nikki ass Thomas elo Kelly Turner Aaron wolf for Bachelor of Arts in English and creative writing Becky Cowan with first class honours and with the London magazine internship prize Laura Davis with first class honours Sophie Elliot Rosie gig so Ehime Thomas hell yeah Alicia King [Applause] Naomie lane with first-class honors Amerigo luxmore Chloe MacTaggert the first class honors Rebecca Monroe Shannon Murphy Jessica Pech Paul rig'lar [Applause] Christopher Wagner [Applause] for Bachelor of Arts in film industries and creative writing hope Bellingham with first class honours Anna servin Cova Stephanie Hardy Lewis Jeffries Samuel Kelly angel mica can Andrew Lada [Applause] Rachel Porter hope Smith Josh Stevenson Anabelle this bold [Applause] for Bachelor of Arts in journalism so hey Dylan Timothy Edgley with first-class honors Paige Holland Ashe Jones hope mikela with first class honours and with the Bayes group Press Association award for the most outstanding journalism student Simon Osler with first class honours William pane with first class honours Alex Saunders Paulina stepper with first class honours grace Thomas with first class honours Edward Tomalin Lauren Chloe Williams with first class honours and with the journalism special investigation award been Williams for Bachelor of Arts in journalism with English language Matt constable Nadia may Harper Chloe Henshaw Emme Saarinen with first-class honors and with the Brisco PR prize abigail joy Thompson for Bachelor of Arts in journalism with English literature Natalie brown Meyer cook brand Rabbani Sayeed Tasnim Shawn Wolford [Applause] for Bachelor of Arts in journalism with Media Studies I'm Jed Abdul Qadir three Miller iuv limit Jolyon [Applause] Michael's DeLauro Rebecca derbent Tom Edwards Rabab Maya [Applause] Gabriel and lo Scott with first class honours and with the journalism dissertation award Nathan eva's Phoebe ela Halford Baden [Applause] maha khan Heather lamb jazmine sattim offender Chloe Parkman with first class honours Victoria Salmons Cameron Smith anelia Stan over and Sutton Amy Taylor Mischa horn great [Applause] Chancellor I present to you for following successful candidates from the school of film media and communication for the award of Bachelor of Arts in film industries la ola a Magoo Matt say boo Nia Charlie Costello Charlotte cook fam Edwards [Applause] Georgia Faro James Hunt Meah hurry Andrew Jones Simon Jones le king Aaron Lambert and with first class honours and the number-6 cinema prize for film Killeen Lagoon Wilma Winnie francais Purdue chine wind Fae Rebecca young and for The Bachelor of Arts in film production with first class honours Stephanie Madea with first class honours Jennifer Anderson Sam Ashby Nathan Baker Paul Lake with first class honours dan bold just in bowler James vanetti with first-class honors and with the directors UK Award for Best directing in a short film drama and with the rain dance award for best short film Daniel Bhushan Dale Carrington Jacob Chapman jadi Kabat with first-class honors Harvey Coombs Matt Cote with first class honours Megan cotton Charlie Cox with first-class honors and with the vet and with the rain dance award for best short film and with the farm Award for Best editing in a short film Dominic Cox [Applause] Luke Davies with first class honours Rebecca Agustin with first class honours and with the atom cannot award for best production management in a short film Emma Elson Christian faithful Bruno's Farrar Thomas burns with first class honours Emily fields Milton my birria [Applause] Cameron Gregory Daniel Kannada with first class honours and with the crisp Gaggia Award for Best Cinematography and with rain dance award for best short film Dennis Grushenka Kyle Eason Harris Jamie Harris with first-class honors Sydney Halsted with first class honours and with the avid award for post-production excellence and with the farm Award for Best editing in a short film Kiran Irwin with first class honours Laurie aina Ivanovic with first class honours Claire James with first-class sorry Hannah Kelly charleen Lass's with the rain dance award for best short film louie-louie ndon jake lace cos oliver Lindfield [Applause] with first-class honors been long with first class honours Elio Lopez Vega with first-class honors George loved strim Rachael Larry with first class honours and with the Steinhauser UK award the best audio in a short film Alexander Malcolm with first class honours Amy Mattingly Tilly McCurry Mikael Mikkel ADIS jae-young min with first class honours and with the some such creative agency award for best producing in a short film Alexandre Morris with first class honours Jasmin Norwood Oliver Oakley with first class honours Rhys Palmer with first class honours charlie petty Sam picton with first class honours Alex Pittacus Alexander Pollock with first-class honors and with the some such creative agency Award for Best directing in a short film Edward price with first-class honors Alexander Quinn Benjamin Ramsay though Dan Wrangler with first class honours Lawrence row with first class honours Lee Schmidt David Smith Ashley's mode Aaron's star Alec story right [Applause] kite avender with first-class honors James Taylor Anton Thomas Michael so with first class honours in negiah um with first-class honors Katie white with first-class honors in the stein hisin UK award for best audio in a short film Jordan winks bang Williams Alex Wilson George would with first-class honors and Barbara machen award for best scrip in a short film Eastern Rite Rosalind York The Bachelor of Arts in film production with business communication and with the film lights award for best color grading in a short film being yang Kang Zi Tao hi Queen whoo for Bachelor of Arts in media and digital practice Katie Atkinson with first-class honors Lily Charles we first-class honors Daniel Dawood Edward Dunn skyy vinton mic boys Kabongo harry osborn gabriela rowlandson Joshua Schwarz with first class honours and with Portsmouth Comicon prize for media Antony Sibley Christopher white El Cid Demba Martens and awarded posthumously with first class honours Callum Thompson [Applause] for The Bachelor of Arts in media studies Carolina Bar says Casey Benton Victoria pond Cheever georgina transferred Carly Burgess William Carey Jackson Chen Katie Clark Carolyn Cox [Applause] Louis tomorrow Chloe Denton Katie Duxbury Ellis for during pain free Janet Monique Gomez with first class honours Tara Gretch Jody Hanford Jordan Harding Sophy Hill alchun the number via camera Artie jelly's arbeiter cats own de la Ligue coach Akuma [Applause] jasmine lambda Brett Lee Linda Luis Rodriguez been thinly marsh Joe Newman the Lara of Bolshoi Alice pain L&S and Logan keyless cutter Adam Sedgwick Ellis Shelton Laura Stanford Jack to with first class honours Claire Odie Thomas ray yosef been Katzie and awarded posthumously with first-class honors Nicole Weber [Applause] Bachelor of Arts in media studies and entertainment technology Dean Aftab kourin power seedy corner I'll get her out there Charlie cook not Hugh cross Liam fennel Xander Josefa [Applause] with first-class honors Emily hasten Zacchaeus James [Applause] Matthew Jones Josh Martin Joel Musa Oh in the do yeeoww i Kalmbach I kept on one of us Huey Alexander optin seyed Parker so I'd say that one again Sharda Parker Johnathan's we do Andrew Thomas Adam to adopt lib [Applause] Alwyn way and drew wells Amy Weston and for Bachelor of Arts in television and film production with first-class honors Sophie Boston with first-class honors Thomas brine with first-class honors and the rain dance award for best short film Kirsty Hampton with first class honours and with rain dance award for best short film Holly Potter Hannah Wharton for bachelor science in television and broadcasting Jabbar Ali amara senior with first class honours Declan Austin Aaron Bailey with first-class honors Joe Bamford with first class honours Janet Bell nice and Clemens Ryan constable and a Kourtney James Denton with first class honours Satya Fraser Sam Freebody Cara get little [Applause] with first-class honors and with the sky broadcast surprise the best TV producer Thomas Halliday Daniel Holland holy Jackson with first-class honors Rhiannon Jenkins carpenter Leila [Applause] Colby McGuire Safia Malik Hannah nay with first-class honors and with the gravity media broadcast award for best outside broadcast manager Emily merits with first-class honors Isabella Morelli [Applause] Jordan Murphy li Parmenter with first-class honors and with the Tom Beck award for best live television producing Thomas Pennock with first class honours Kirsty Pinkett Chun ping pong with first-class honors and with the Sky Television Award for Best BSC television and broadcasting production Josh round with first-class honors Jake Saunders with first-class honors Megan Simpson with first-class honors Jake Thompson John Webster Drury Louie westrom Kalem Wingrove [Applause] and for the N res creative industries with distinction Nikola Yong [Applause] this concludes the presentation of students from the school of film media and communication today's all about our graduates and so I think it's appropriate that we should hear from one of them Chancellor I present to you Alexandre Morris to respond on behalf of the graduates Chancellor vice-chancellor honored guests ladies and gentlemen but most importantly graduates it's with a great honor that I stand here today in front of you as we celebrate our successes and achievements I've thought long and hard about what it is I wish to say to you all and so I've decided to tell your story as they're all storytellers in our own right the writers of a book we call life there was a class of school children the children are the teacher ask the children to get an item out of their bag which best represents who they want to be when they're older the first child reaches into their bag and pulls out a bandage they want to be a doctor the second pulls out a board marker they want to teach new things and will be a teacher the third pulls out a toy gun says they want to be brave and will be a soldier the teacher looks across the classroom and sees a fourth child sitting in the corner of a room they asked them the same question before I tell you how our story ends I'd like to take this moment to thank the Faculty of creative technologies particularly all the staff from the film media and communications school for all their hard work and dedication throughout our university experience I'm thankful for many things I learned at university but above all the invisible unspoken lessons these lessons can't be taught in a classroom or measured by a grade these are the lessons that help us to discover who we want to be the best version of ourselves to try and summarize our university experience is something I have decided is almost impossible because everybody's experience is completely unique to the individual to say anything different would be an injustice yet as I reflect on my time at university there is something that rings true that can be applied to university and life it is this that through the good and the bad always remember to appreciate the perfect imperfectness of it all now let's rejoin our story the fourth child does as I asked reaches into their bag and pulls out a small mirror the teacher is confused asked the child why they chose in this item the child looks at the teacher looks at the mirror smiles and says because when I look in this I see her I want to be when I'm older I see me so congratulate graduates in class of 2019 this is my challenge to you like the fourth child in our story take your small mirror and smile at the reflection you see before you because you should be nothing but proud of the individual that looks back at you congratulations graduates it's time to start writing the next chapter what's your story going to be thank you [Applause] vice-chancellor distinguished guests ladies and gentlemen graduates the day is here it has finally come you are now graduates of the University of Portsmouth congratulations to each and every one of you I know what it took to get to this point having sat where you are over 25 years ago when I myself graduated from this fine University it took many a late night finishing assignments in the library which is not open 24 hours in my day sweat tears copious amounts of coffee Pro Plus and diamond-white cider thank you to your family and friends who sit in the audience today bursting with pride they have been part of your journey and as such a part of the university I'm glad that they are here today to witness your graduation and be part of your happy day if it is even possible today they will be even prouder of you than you are of yourself bursting with joy and pride but also there might be a slight sigh of relief relief that you have made it to the end that panic calls home will cease relief the emergency parcels of food top-ups of phone credit bank balances trips to and from the university currying various items and people and washing that somehow manages to find its way home will come to an end or was that just me but what lays ahead and what is next well firstly let's think about the friendships that you have formed during your time at Portsmouth please hold these dear these friends are your ready-made cheerleaders they will be there for you and you for them during the ups and downs in your life and your career the lessons that you have been taught University please remember these are your compass you leave today the University today and walk out into a world that may seem uncertain a world of work which has been utterly transformed and will continue to be so I want you to really hear this message please do not worry about the future ahead you may be one of the lucky graduates sitting here today that has already secured the first step in your career and if that is you congratulations and well done if not I promise it will come you may be busy applying for roles and receiving not back after not back thanks but no thanks letters you know what that's okay that was my story it happened to me rejection after rejection before I secured my first role I think it's fair to say it made me stronger more determined and made me understand the importance of resilience I did not give up and I think I've done okay you are equipped to deal with whatever may come you walk out of the university a foot taller than the day you walked in you have the skill and knowledge to deal with change and uncertainty focus on having a growth mindset at some point you may feel you just cannot do something and want to give up at times like that always remember the magic word yet whenever you find yourself saying I can't replace I can't with I can't yet because you can learn you know that you have the ability to learn new things you've just spent several years here proving how good you are at doing just that please always look up and see the world please please stop looking at yourself and the selfies you post and those of everyone else the lens see in social media is exactly that a lens a filter which is not real do not compare your life and what is happening to you through this lens look up and look around you have the ability to change the world by changing the immediate world that is around you I want to give you one last piece of advice that was given to me recently put yourself first and last and everyone else in between look after yourselves and find your purpose in the world I want you to find your happy this may not be immediate right now or even front of mind it is however important your purpose will guide you through life and ensure you grab it with both hands and be successful in whatever you choose to do you have the potential to make the world a much happier place and to make people feel that they belong I wish you Godspeed and I wish you good luck I wish you success however you define it and I wish you were really happy and fulfilling life now go out into the world and change it for the better but make sure you take a moment and celebrate today first congratulations to all of our graduates I now declare this congregation closed please be upstanding for the academic procession

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