Samsung will release the Galaxy Fold in September

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47 Replies to “Samsung will release the Galaxy Fold in September”

  1. Joko JMC says:

    Fail tech

  2. Numerable Toast says:


  3. Balde Aguirre says:

    to me Galaxy Fold is a beta version of Galaxy Fold 2..

  4. Brodie Dooley says:

    They need to fix the ugly front screen

  5. skygunner27 says:

    Does the "fixed" Galaxy Fold come with a Snapdragon 855+?

  6. GlennJJ1993 says:

    We have to wait 4-5 years for perfect folding technology.

  7. Ben Franklin says:

    Fold 1 never got released; its Fold 2 that's hopefully coming out.

  8. Kamikaze Hound says:

    Funny part is for us that do buy it, the amount of yall that refuse to buy will help increase its value helping preserve its worth due to the limit supply that will be out whereas a best seller will only decrease in value. Its truly win/win for a tech head. Top it off that buy a note 10 5G get a note 10 free is sure to draw people in that may have bought the fold. It truly will be a premium experience.

  9. AC - 3 says:

    yay T-MOBILE they destroy the competition in customer service, billing, pricing, & coverage T-MOBILE = THE BEST OF THEM ALL ! ! !

  10. Jimi Arisandi says:

    so who win. huawei mate x or galaxy fold.

  11. Gabriel Klein says:


  12. Njoku Njoku says:

    Whats the point of this vid

  13. Pit viper venom says:

    It broke boiiiiii

  14. Tristan Goddard says:

    I’m definitely gonna go take a look at the fold, but I think I’ll wait till the 3 comes out, when they’ve got most of the kinks worked out.

  15. ballistichydrant says:


  16. mac24seven says:

    I'll get one in 3 years when the prices are comparable to regular phones.

  17. Strawberries Talk says:

    How do you put a case on this thing???

  18. drane1210 says:

    I'll wait for five years from now when they perfected the folding technology and when the price is at least 100 bucks. As with any new first gen tech there's always some problem.

  19. Fluffy Wuffy says:

    How much you want to be it’s coming in September and it’s somehow related to Area 51?

  20. Rick Timmons says:

    if windows 10 is involved count me out!

  21. David F says:

    No thanks.

  22. Escape the Matrix says:

    I'd never spend that much for a phone. I prefer the government track me on less expensive devices.

  23. Escape the Matrix says:

    Na….they'll still try to pull it off.

  24. Sensory_Deprivation says:

    Stupid and gimminky…

  25. Magin says:

    dumb. easiest to break phone in history

  26. The Modern Investor says:

    Buy Bitcoin, not a $2000 phone that will have a new version the following year.

  27. Merson says:


  28. Ryan Owens says:


  29. stex5150 says:

    Yeah, thanks but no thanks. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  30. CoolieIndaCut says:

    This is a novelty item

  31. c c says:

    …9/11 …Psyop Staged By the United Terrorist Snakes ( War Criminal) &the World Elite…

  32. meli meli says:

    no thank you

  33. Anirban Biswas says:

    Excited to buy the Galaxy Fold!

  34. Andrew Velonis says:

    Hey, how about making one that will hinge on the bottom, that would be fun.

  35. hafadude69 says:

    I will never spend 2000 dollars for a damn cell phone. This isn't a new concept. Kyocera tried this out a few years back and it was rejected by the users. Sure it wasn't a fold able screen, but it did fold and extend into a similar concept.

  36. Map Rabbit says:

    This is cool tech but ill conceived as a phone. People don't have two free hands.

  37. Mark W. says:

    Battery life 20 minutes.

  38. Greg Moore says:

    Suckers who live inside their little screens are wet with excitement……toss your phone's and take a hike, maybe you'll spot a sasquatch.

  39. E says:

    Phone for rich impatient people who can’t wait for this technology to actually be good and reasonably priced, they have to have it first despite it not being a very good product.

  40. oTK89o says:

    To cite south park- that’s what you get when you preorder

  41. Chad Christman says:

    I wont one.

  42. steve rowlands says:

    I'd personally love one

  43. Johnny Aingel says:

    Did she say $2000 dollars with a smile yeah right ok i am going to my money tree in my secret garden

  44. Gola Motswane says:


  45. Review The Cheapest says:

    What's up with the strange titles?

  46. Jonathan Cesari says:

    Excited and far too poor to be spending 2000$ on a phone!

  47. Anonymous Super says:

    I'm going to go for the amount of ram space and storage this Samsung foldable smartphone has

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