30 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – MAGICAL UPGRADE!”

  1. Steve Jobs says:

    I'll be keeping my s10+ and especially my note 9 lol

  2. Purushothama K R says:

    Blue colors super

  3. Shuvo Speaking says:

    Is it just me, or this front camera looks like they opened a third eye or something. 😐

  4. The HawkGuy says:

    I'm happy with my S10 I love it c:

  5. michael steven says:

    why the 1080p resolution? does anyone understand the reasoning behind that?

  6. michael steven says:

    what does it mean to overclock a chip??

  7. Ra'ed Abdel-Hadi says:

    So you think a mid range phone with bigger battery is somehow better than a flagship with smaller battery? The optimization of a device is a bigger determinant to battery life than size..you are making videos reviewing devices you should now this!

  8. king Dione says:

    I think i'm just going to hold on to my note 9

  9. fleksduke says:

    I'm more upset than ecstatic
    01) headphone jack gone
    02) sd card slot gone

  10. Miguel Angel says:

    4:15 that image is 100% not made by a phone, dummy boy.
    Xiaomi is always making fake promos, always.

  11. Miguel Angel says:

    those battery sizes are a shame, they are screaming "samsung engineers sucks, they can't get close to the competition playing tetris"
    Yes guys, the battery size improvements on other brands came due to order, changing place and shape of internal components. Nothing crazy, as I said, tetris game

  12. Stanley Jones says:

    Just went and got the s10. Done with the note serious

  13. Mist Passiert says:

    Still no headphone jack. Lazy.

  14. Romio Niz Romio says:

    Thr isnt note 10 plus its only note 10 and other rumors not real at all

  15. furhan ullah says:

    P30 pro back copied

  16. CWK ツ ULTIMATE says:

    Battery sucks for Samsung

  17. black fire says:

    you speak in a very wacky way…

  18. Aman Ishaq says:

    Wait wtf theres a note 10 and a note 10+….

  19. Johan Zou says:

    Why everybody really care about the headphone jack ?? Just buy a wireless earphone ,IMO

  20. Edwin Bonsrah says:

    Yeah but 0:59 the note+ has a 7nm chip so better power efficient

  21. Sharandeep Singh says:

    For the future, Samsung should ad the feature of scrolling threw artickes etc. in the button of the pen, while the pen is in the hand. That would be amazing

  22. vit p says:

    I was getting a pixel 3 regular just in case of the size

  23. Gurjinder Singh says:

    So the Note 10+ weighs 198 g. What a Brick?

  24. Wong Wei Quan says:

    Xiaomi mi 9t better than Samsung

  25. Aeron Mendoza says:

    Boring phone jdkdkf

  26. Amsyar x123z says:

    Pleae don't decrease the screen resolution to 1080p Samsung!!!!!

  27. jason bourke says:

    1080 WTF πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… stop it

  28. Dusan Jovanovic says:

    U use s9+ witch have 3500 mAh and it is not that great, sometimes i charge my phone twice in one day…. note 10 have a 0.1" biger screen and better hardwere witch mean it will use much more battery and i think it will be much worse….

  29. rice says:

    Who else gonna skip the note 10 and and get a Asus Rog 2

  30. Liaqat ali choudhary says:

    I am saving my mony coz I planed to purchase s 10 plus 5G in 2035 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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