Ryzen 5 2400G vs Ryzen 5 2600 | APU vs CPU | 720p, 1080p and 1440p Gaming Benchmarks

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hello guys that shit can place on Fabio Pisco and today I bring you a video an awesome video so this time with Rison 520 400 g vs the risin v 2600 so change in chechen so horizon 520 400 g vs the risin 526 hundred so the risin 5 2400 G is an APU APU stands for accelerated processing units so we have a CPU + GPU in one package on this test we will use the CPU power only versus the CPU only the Rison 526 200 of course so now a brief explanation before going to the video the risin 520 400 G is like a mix of the first generation with the second generation so it doesn’t use the Zen + course presented on the second generation CPUs but it has the latest improvements on the second generation so using the first generation course but also having improvement on latencies so we will test some games some with the benchmark the inbuilt benchmark – like always and some unreal gameplays resolutions tested are 720p 1080p and 1440p so 720p to eliminate the GPU bottleneck and try to simulate higher end GPU per se to see how much how much FPS can the CPU push 1440p it is GPU bottleneck of course but at least you can see the results well they are there so if you have a GPU close to the rx 480 you can see the results there and the 1080p is the mill in the mid case as you already know that’s it guys don’t forget to hit like subscribe and share the video because that helps the channel a lot and that helps me that helps me Fabio thanks for watching don’t forget like subscribe and share the video and see you in the resume hope you enjoy it you the first test is with csgo benchmark tool as you can see on the charts the risin 5 2600 as from 10 to 20 fps more in every resolution in terms of average FPS of course being it at 3.8 or at 5 or at 5.0 5 gigahertz in terms of 1% close there are variations since the smoked part on this bench makes the FPS drop by a lot still the results are pretty similar with Verizon v 2600 having more fps in most cases the second test was done using the Rainbow six siege benchmark tool this is one of the games where we can see a very decent advantage to the risin 5 2600 worth the upgrade of course not since there wasn’t 524 and Rajee can usually eat four gigahertz as well still even at the same frequency the risin 5 2600 pulls a bit more average FPS and most importantly it pushes way more FPS only 1% loads now on Babji using once again the replay feature Babji is not known for being the most optimized game available and the as you can see on the charts pop G heavily relies on the cache size and frequency over smaller latencies the minimum FPS numbers on the risin 5 2600 are a lot higher even at the same clock speeds and putting the risin 5:26 undred to 4.0 5 gigahertz raised even more the minimum FPS across all resolutions tested these a lot higher FPS values only 1% close will make the game feel a lot a lot guys a lot smoother than it would be on the horizon 5 2400 G [Music] [Music] far cry 5 is another funny game we can see that the game loves cash sighs I’m telling this because the rosen 524 angry G is a bit smaller latencies but even at the same clock speeds the horizon 520 600 pushes around 10 more FPS 10 more minimum FPS at 720p and at 1080p the difference is not be when moving to 4.0 5 years for example but still it is there let’s see how the next game goes the first game tested with real gameplay was laying of legends as we seen before on the horizon 5 2400 G versus horizon 5 1600 video passing now on the top right corner of the screen Rison 5 2400 G was already faster than resin 5 1600 at the same clock speeds just for you to know guys we have bigger FPS numbers at 1080p because we moved for a little forward in the lane and the FPS numbers change the beat still both CPUs were tested in the same way and as can be seen the Rosen 520 400 G isn’t able to push more than 150 FPS on average the last game of today’s video is dota 2 with 3 minutes on lane on dota 2 one particular thing that jumped to my site was that the minimum FPS seemed to be higher with higher clock speeds that is usual right not really Heffer Jeff PS is higher on the rise and 5 2600 and at the same clock speeds the minimum FPS numbers are pretty similar on both CPUs but but there’s always a but when you bump the clock speeds a bit you can see that not only average FPS numbers increase but also the 1% loss increases as well and well as for the but I love big bucks let’s now go to the conclusion guys so guys concluding is it worth going from the resin 5 2400 G to the rise and 5 2600 so that is a nice question because if you do or if all you do is gaming ok you can stay with the rising 520 400 G it is cheaper and you can buy it to first have an integrated GPU and later when you have the money you can buy the screech chip you and still have a great performance with it but if all you look is pure performance go for the rise and 5 2600 because it is obviously the way and as more cores and threads so for Kazakh threats against the six cores 12 threads which makes a lot of rhythm which makes a lot of difference on rendering for example if you if your workloads are for example for example the compression or compression with the 7-zip blender if you use the premier Remy I sound like a French mother so premiere and/or premiere I don’t keep a fuck but premier or other software like Sony Vegas for example the horizon 5 2600 is the way to go if you are on a budget you already know because we have this for 150 dollars and even integrate the GPU while these cost you around 180 dollars so 30 dollars more which can buy a CPU cooler for this little guy and that will make the difference that’s all for today guys hope you really enjoy the video thanks so much for watching and don’t forget share the video because that helps a lot thanks one more time and see you in the next one


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  1. Ancient Gameplays says:

    Hope you enjoy the video! Let's share as much as we can 😀
    Thanks for all the Support. Next big Video is about Ryzen 5 2400G BUILD (components, etc) 😀

  2. Indian Vines says:

    I have an question, as per indian market i am getting amd ryzen 2600+gtx 1060 6gb ddr5 versiom cheaper than i5 8400 +gtx 1060 6gb ddr5 version i do gaming and little processing and editing?? What should i buy???

  3. Nexus Time says:

    i have a small budget…and i think now buy r5 2400g ? after buy gpu 1050ti or 1060 …What do you think about it?

  4. Rizki Seven Alba says:

    In test, ryzen 5 2600 uses GPU external or not.. ??

  5. Indian Vines says:

    Please help me will a gtx 1060 6gb ddr5 amp edition bottleneck with amd ryzen 5 2600 if yes? What cpu should i choose??? Plz help

  6. jojokevin 666 says:

    E português caralho

  7. Abdullah Hamood says:

    I want to buy 2200g or 2400g with rx 570 which one u advise me
    Will 2200g is ok ?

  8. MS V says:

    present i am buying 2400g processor , so at that time if i buy any high range like 1080, will this processor supports and is there performance issues in future? and is 1080 or 1070 or budget rx 580 supports all games in upcoming future, with 2400g (present in tight budget).


    Which psu is best in india corsair,cooler master,Antec is available in india and how many watts psu is recommended for graphic card like 1080.
    mention model number of PSU.

    I am buying
    MB: msi b450 gaming pro carbon ac
    Ram: 8gb*2(3000mhz)
    550watt psu.(suggestion required)
    processor : ryzen 2400g
    Hard disc : 1tb seagate or wd ( suggestion please)
    ssd: kingston 240gb
    cabinet: corsair spec 01 (is this okay)

    for all above the price is 691 dollars without graphics card. so please suggest me best , if i go to future upgrade and is every game runs on it at full HD

  9. Joe Sánchez says:

    Hello dude, i have a question, i already own a EVGA 430W 80+ PSU in my actual PC. Im planning to update it to a Ryzen 5 2600, you think my actual PSU can handle it? or i need to buy a bigger one?
    PD: Also i Own a GTX 1050 Ti.

  10. MasterCraft says:

    Nem me fodas és pt n és?

  11. D E F A L T says:

    Brother did i7 3770 non k rx 580 still worth it?

  12. khadar sk says:

    Please help
    CPU:Ryzen 2600
    Motherboard:MSI B450pro -M2
    GPU:RX 570
    HDD:1TB Seagate
    PSU:450(is it enough or should I go with 500 or 550???
    Please reply)
    Ram:g-skill 8gb(3000)
    Is this good enough for gaming and is that motherboard compatible with cpu
    Is 450w enough ????
    Please reply

  13. Satu Tangan says:

    1 subscrb frm me cause you was replying comments lol

  14. Lebron james says:

    Can I use r5 2600 without gpu?

  15. Blayco Productions says:

    Let’s say you have a 2600 and no gpu, is it possible for the pc to boot up?

  16. Francis Chang says:

    Hey Ancient Gameplays, im on budget build which is better in APU 2400g or 2600 without graphic cards, usually playing dota 2, overwatch rocket league and etc of esports games. Please Reply thanks.

  17. Richard Benoit says:

    Thanks for the post.

  18. The Zacky says:

    Sir, so ryzen 5 2400g got graphic card on board. Then ryzen 5 2600 not? Then can. I play games on r5 2600 as good like 2400g, without gpu?

  19. Arteemis says:

    Tu é bonito pra caralho

  20. Dimon Kramer says:

    you did sound like a frenchan)

  21. LEWIS says:

    Olá! Preciso de um PC para renderizar alguns vídeos (vídeos simples, nada de 3d ou algo do tipo), editar algumas imagens e usar também para criar aplicativos Android. Ryzen 1600/2600 seria minha melhor opção ou é um overkill? A melhor escolha nesse caso seria um Ryzen 2400G?

  22. Its_Thanos , says:

    Do you think Ryzen 5 2400G can handle games like Fortnite,Fifa,Pubg without a graphics card installed?

  23. Arvind kumar says:

    Loved your video.❤

  24. Arv Procyon says:

    can i run ryzen 2600 without gpu?
    is amd have like intel hd grapich outside vega on g series procecor?

  25. ThatsNotThePoint -__- says:

    With the Ryzen 2400g would you be able to do crossfire with an rx570?

  26. RJ. FOREVER says:

    24undred vs 26undred

  27. Filip Kollárik says:

    Yeah but 2400g has own graphics and cost 150€ and amd 2600 about 180€ with graphic 300€

  28. Kinjal Das says:

    I heard that ryzen processer had some ram support issue.. is it true?

  29. Gamestechnmore #1 says:

    U sound like guy from GTA 4

  30. Darth Shaggy says:

    Nice video dude!
    Btw, should I choose the ryzen 2400g with vega and has gtx1060
    Or ryzen 2600 with gtx1060
    I'll just use it for games like pubg,csgo,dota 2,rainbow6siege,fortnite

  31. Roikhan Ulya Hamidan says:

    Most games here were tested with medium or low setting, so if i use high or ultra setting there won't be much difference between those two CPU right?

  32. Maurício Gomes says:

    Still works?

  33. aaron says:

    Subscribed bro you always make good content 👊

  34. Dogs and Gooses forever says:

    Can i turn on pc (not for gaming) eith just ryzen 2600 and no gpu untill i get one?

  35. BenjaminLRD says:

    He give us a video,an awesome video XD

  36. Николай Николай says:

    Молодец. Good job

  37. Deputy Glock says:

    thx. Now going for r5 2600.Liked video and subscribed. You are the first video I found when I looked up r5 2400g vs r5 2600. Other vids have gpu's with it.


  38. Ryan Stanley says:

    Ty sir.

  39. Danny Gonzalez says:

    I bought the ryzen 5 2400g due to lack of funds for a gpu. I was planning on Returning it and upgrading to the 2600. Is the 10 fps really worth the $50 price diffrence

  40. Rohit Bora says:

    What gpu u used ?

  41. Archangel Mirage says:

    But if I use r5 2400g + rtx2060 is that good enough for rendering and gaming or r5 2600 + rtx 2060 is better ?

  42. Kevin Reyhan says:

    hey sorry can i ask something ?
    im currently using i3 6100 and gtx 960 4gb with 550 psu
    i kinda want to upgrade my pc from time to time, but im not really sure when should i do that
    i kinda checked my budget and it seem i can afford new motherboard (that fit with ryzen socket) and processor or a new vga, which one should i aimed for ?

    let say i upgrade my processor and motherboard, my question is : can my psu handle it (i mean the ryzen 5 2400/2600), and will it be bottleneck when im using it with my gtx 960 ?
    sorry for a long comment, thanks tho 😀 great video

  43. Aghori 47 says:

    U sounds like nadeking

    May be not

  44. delma says:

    Bro, my specs currently:
    -Ryzen 5 2400g
    -Gigabyte ab350m gaming 3 motherboard
    -1x8gb 2400mhz ram
    -450watt psu
    -650 va ups

    What graphics card will be good for me if I want to play AAA games at 60+ fps on 1080p ultra settings for the next 3years atleast. I don't plan on changing the cpu?

    Also if you could modify my specs to your desire, what parts would you change to get the best bang for your buck, keeping in mind the added price is not more than $150?

  45. Gu La says:

    Hi, R5 2600x with RTX 2060 will be a good choice?

  46. Faris says:

    Hello if i get a Ryzen 5 2600 with a 580 rx gpu will it be good?

  47. codename: oyxs says:

    Can ryzen 5 2600 run without gpu?

  48. Jefferson Monteiro says:

    Esse video esclarece tudo! Obrigado!!

  49. Siege TV says:

    Hey bro, I currently just bought r5 2600 and I thought it has apu, so it may seems that I need a gpu. What I have right now is gtx 750ti 2gb would that be alright for the perfomance of my pc? Thanks bro

  50. Ping says:

    24 undred g vs 26 undred

  51. Tegamis says:

    With the ryzen 2400g would you be able to do crossfire with r9 270x?

  52. Crazy About Everthing says:

    Did u use rx480 gpu??

  53. Ratan Rathod says:

    So without graphics card it's is not good for normal gaming …?

  54. Dziqry J says:

    This channel deserves better, keep going bro.👏

  55. kieran crossland says:

    Will Ryzen 2400 bottleneck the gtx 1060 6gb

  56. King K says:

    hey man I'm going to build my first gaming PC. should I get ryzen 5 2400g or 2600 and ( were i live ryzen 7 1700 cost less than 2600 so should i get that.) and for gpu should i go with rtx 2060 or 1660ti.
    Or should i wait for ryzen 3rd generation processor and navi card ?

  57. nush bă says:

    I have 700 euros, I want to get a pc already done for workstation (Fl Studio), I need a good cpu, I got 3 variants
    1. Ryzen 5 2400g, Radeon Vega 11, 8GB Ram DDR4, 650 euro
    2. i5 7400, GTX 1050, 8 GB Ram DDR4 650 euros
    3. Ryzen 5 1500x, Radeon RX 460, 8GB RAM, 560 euros
    Please help:)

  58. Ulaş DOĞAN says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know 2200G and 2400G are using 8x PCI lane instead of x16 when combined with a discrete GPU.

  59. dicker parker says:

    My build is:
    MSI B450 Tomahawk
    AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Box
    Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8GB Pulse
    Seasonic M12II-520 Evo
    Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4-3000MHz
    CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML120L RGB
    Is it good? Or should i go with a better cpu like r5 2600 it's only 15 euroes more.

  60. Pudroso says:

    Oque! A descrição esta em português?

  61. Gabriel crazy says:

    Top de mais

  62. Cristi Dewd says:

    My ryzen 2600 runs at 4.1ghz at 1.39 voltage.

  63. Igor Thomas Gehard says:

    Hey! Gostei bastante do vídeo! Tô com um ryzen 2400G, 8gb de ram, uma GTX1060 e meu World of Warcraft tá travando bastante ainda. Será que isso vai sanar se eu pegar um Ryzen 5 2600? outra coisa, preciso trocar alguma coisa no pc caso queira fazer esse upgrade?

  64. thesilviu silviu says:

    I'm surprised that there is indeed some difference between the two, especially for the worst case scenario testing process.

  65. Tapir Flamenco says:

    Subtitles in spanish please ❤❤

  66. Johnwyl Maligaya says:

    Does this have a gpu? Like i wanna know how will the ryzen perform without a GPU

  67. v for Vendetta says:

    bro I have a ryzen 5 2400 vs gtx 1070 .. should I change to 2600 vs gigabyte gtx 1070?
    Also I have a adata 2400 z1 ram 8×2 2133 MHz should I upgraded it to 2660 ram cause my mother board b350m pro only support it or I over clock it ?

  68. Pedro Vinicius says:

    Amigão valeu pelo otimo video…Vc tirou tds minha duvidas sobre esses 2 processadores e ganhou mais 1 inscrito….Mas mudando um pouco de assunto,a placa mãe a320 aguentaria esse r5 2600 cm uma rx 570 de 4g? ela não iria esquentar mt,ela aguentaria de boas? Pode ser ate uma pergunta besta mas é pq n entendo muito dessas coisas dai fico com medo de me arrepender dps kkkkkk

  69. THE IMPERATOR says:

    2600 undred.

  70. TheHorizon says:

    Ótimo vídeo!
    Cara, estava pensando em comprar um pc com um ryzen 5 2600 sem placa de vídeo e posteriormente comprar uma, ou você acha que eu deveria comprar o ryzen 5 2400g no momento?

  71. leo rifaii says:

    It is obviously the weener😂😂😂

  72. Dalton Wardell says:

    you said in the beginning apu and cpu ONLY , but you used a rx 480. therefore you test was faulty and does not show any USEFUL info as you did not do what you said you were going to be doing "
    apu only"

  73. Slicendiee says:

    Will the 2400g detects the gpu if I install it? It won't use the Apu anymore?

  74. Rambo says:

    Primare….. Preamare……. Priamere…. 😂😂😂. Thanks for content i was looking for cheap ryzen cpu to buy a better gpu….. Came down from r5 2600x to these two babies

  75. Julio Ambarita says:

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  76. Nipo king says:

    Obrigado pelas legendas é nois

  77. PotatoPieGaming says:

    I love the undred 0:05

  78. Raffa Ribeiro says:

    Você é de onde? Fala português? Hahaha

  79. Kagami taiga says:

    what gpu should i pair to my 2400g? im playing pubg fine 16gb 3200mhz but i want to also buy gpu..

  80. Mohamad Nasmeer says:

    Man ryzen 2400 g apu is very weak compare to console apu because console apu is using gddr5 memory but ryzen 2400g is using only ddr4 memory

  81. Please New says:

    Which better for gaming if not using external gpu

  82. SheetFiber4488 says:

    is it worth it to upgrade from R5 2400g to R5 2600 for now? as a pure cpu for gaming. I already have gtx 1060 so forget about the igpu advantage on 2400g. someone offers me a trade in for 2600 upgrade.

  83. Icenesis Wayons says:

    Good info. Terrible language, makes you seem uneducated when you use unintelligible words. There are kids here!

  84. sklupux 12243541 says:

    que buen video es hora de cambiar mi 2400g ahora por un ryzen 2600 130 usd

  85. akska10 says:

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  86. Niff Haniff says:

    Base on my observation. you are very good youtuber, every single comment you replied.
    Salute !! keep it up bro. 1sub for you.

  87. Bunnyyai Bunnyyai says:

    @Ancient Gameplays  if r5 2600 cpu only (without graphic card), will it run faster then 2400g + vega 11. Because base on some enduser benchmark. R5 2600 seems like a bit higher.

  88. Bunnyyai Bunnyyai says:

    @Ancient Gameplays  if r5 2600 cpu only (without DISCRETE graphic card), will it run faster then 2400g + vega 11. Because base on some enduser benchmark. R5 2600 seems like a bit higher.

  89. JawZz says:

    If you have all the components but a gpu can you use the r5 2600 by itself and use the pc just for normal use until I get my gpu and then I can game ?

  90. SheetFiber4488 says:

    now it's time to compare R5 2400g vs R5 3600, I want to see if it is a worthy upgrade.

  91. xXspiderman98Xx says:

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  93. Tobi Akatsuki says:

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    They are both $99 right now

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  100. Azrael says:

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