Resident Evil 2 – Intro Original 1998 vs. Remake 2019 Graphics Comparison

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31 Replies to “Resident Evil 2 – Intro Original 1998 vs. Remake 2019 Graphics Comparison”

  1. Candyland says:

    This video compares the graphics of the intro of Resident Evil 2 Remake and Original. The original Resident Evil 2 is palyed on a PC, the remake part is played on different consoles. The intro has been totally overhauled, which means that this video doesn't show the complete intro scene of the Resident Evil 2 Remake. Main difference is that you play a short introduction part at the gas station while that part is skipped in the original. Also, the remake starts with the truck driver as intro instead of Leon.

  2. mattroski007 says:

    Original was better written, and more entertaining. Claire inferring that Chris was a cop just because he was heading for a police station was brain dead, almost anyone would have thought to do that.

  3. Marcellino Ryan Christian says:

    I prefer the original

  4. Stormrider2210 says:

    To me Re2 orignal looks like a b-movie made in Japan that got accidentally success and Re2 remake like a movie that got directed by great Hollywood team. Is one of those times that the Japanese old version is way better than the Hollywood one.

  5. Ondřej Hrbáč says:

    Is it just me who thinks that new Claire looks more like Zoey from L4D?

  6. Paul Frost says:

    Police car in remake is late 80's model the original has mid 90's model lol.

  7. Chuck Nourrizzz says:

    the video so small like your dick

  8. Kemal Berk says:

    Original looks bit better

  9. Dave Is Killa says:

    where is the s ᴏ ᴜ ɴ ᴅ s ʟ ɪ ᴋ ᴇ ᴍ ʏ ᴡ ɪ ғ ᴇ scene?

  10. Ashley Rubillos says:

    I like remake more

  11. The Paradox Zone says:

    I grew up with the original trilogy (31 years old) I can say with confidence that the original is far superior.

    Lmao. Jk. Remake is fucking awesome and the clear Victor graphics and game play wise.

  12. A Blood Red Pearl says:

    Remakes are never better than the originals in my opinion. I could care less about the graphics because in the original, the atmosphere still feels far more dark and earie than the remake because of the noises, music, and just how things play out in my opinion. Even the voice acting makes a difference in my opinion. But maybe I am being biased since I love RE and especially the originals. The first four are my favourites, and e are not even talking about all of the side games that have been created.

  13. Illusive Man says:

    4:41 God my ear !


    4:43 RIP headphone users

  15. We-Are- Great says:

    The screen is way to small . What you got to remember is some gamers started way back over 40 years back with Pong then the Atari 2600 were not all young anymore .

  16. Jabneel sanchez says:

    1:58 perfectly timed

  17. yeick yei garcia says:

    el remake es un juegazo pero por que me sigue pareciendo que el 2 de 1998 es mejor

  18. Sock Puppet says:

    First thing you see in RE2 1998 intro: Leon driving to Raccoon City

    First thing you see in RE2 2019: Cheeseburger

  19. Денис Охритько says:

    Why are they so stupid in original lol

  20. Paradigm _sh1ft says:

    In the beginning of the remake, did I miss the Kendo gun store bit, or has it not been added?

  21. Would you step on stuart little For billion dollars says:

    They changes the intro and alot of the missions 🙁

  22. Sirballin System says:

    this is what you call a remaster/remake

  23. TheYoloSpino 2.0 says:

    01:56 OOOOOOHH That timing was beautiful

  24. Vaiolet says:

    Original look more creepy

  25. animation tv says:

    Is it me or does Claire look like Zoey from left 4 dead in the remake

  26. Gaming with Karrory says:

    The changed 360

  27. Sam DeMonic says:

    One thing i missed, the zombie leon on the back of the car

  28. Hatsune Miku says:

    on 144p i don't se the difrents XD

  29. Espectro says:

    4:50 at 0.25x speed DAT FACES LMAO!

  30. David Orantes says:

    Graphics of original are just below remake. Its a real close one.

  31. افضل جزء re4 says:


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