Redmi K20 Pro vs OnePlus 7: We Did the Math AGAIN!

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[Applause] hey guys this is a page from be home calm and last year we did the math between the Popo f1 and the 1 plus 60 and it was a lot of fun and I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys enjoyed it now with the read me K 20 pro coming to India and with all the confusion between the K 20 Pro and the 1 + 7 all the controversies around the price the open letter and whatnot we decided to do the math once again yes it's time to do the math between the read McKay to any pro and the 1 plus 7 before we get started I suggested to hit the bell I can get notified every time you post an awesome new video now that you've done that let's get to the math okay so we are keeping things simple so we are going to award one point to every single thing that one phone does better than the other and for a tie we won't add any point now let's start with the design so here's the read McKay to any Pro and the 1 plus 7 side by side now both of these phones have premium metal and glass designs but when it comes to the looks you will agree when I say that the red-meat k20 pro is the most stunning for the team see the 1 / 7 is a premium phone but it has the same design as the 1 + 60 and if you consider just the bag this design goes back to the 1 + 6 so it's nothing new the k20 pro on the other hand has this really cool gradient finish that's definitely more appealing so the point goes to the K 20 what's the next up both of these phones have the usual buttons the USB C port both of these phones don't have the microSD slot but the radnik gate when he put has a couple of things at the 1 + 7 lakhs first up the good old headphone jack yes most premium phones asked keeping the headphone jack but to be honest it's still a hassle so points to the red Mick Kate when you put another thing that the 1 / 7 lacks is a notification LED red McCade only pro has a notification LED on the top with the pop-up camera and while it's not as convenient as a notification LED on the front it's still pretty handy so points and love to the Kate really pro so it's 3-0 so far and I know what you're thinking you're thinking that I'd make a – any pro is going to win this by a big margin or something but let me tell you that I think you should watch this video till the very end because you know quite a few twists and turns so yeah anyway moving on now one area where the rules have reversed from last year is speakers see last year the pork where f1 had a stereo speaker well the one +60 had a single speaker this time around the 1 plus 7 brings dual stereo speakers and those are definitely better than the single bottom filing speak of the red B key to any proof so the first points to the 1 + 7 okay so the 1 / 7 finally gets a point but that's pretty much everything about the design let's move on to the display so unlike the Polk f1 last year the red mackay to any pro brings an HDR AMOLED display and it's beautiful its vibrant it has deep blacks is just great the 1 plus 7 also has an HDR AMOLED display and like the keone pro it has all the usual analytics when she colors beautiful deep blacks so yeah it's a tie guys now when the display quantity on both these phones is great the dead McGee to any Pro has a bezel is design compared to the 1 plus 7 which has a teardrop knowledge display and it's pretty obvious which looks more modern and more immersive so points to the redmi k20 pro now the bezel is designed on the K 20 Pro has this to that yes the pop-up camera now while this looks cool this results in slow pace unlock the one percent on the other hand has super fast face and log and well the K 20 pros face unlock is just no match for a point to the one plus seven okay so for two now coming to the display protection this is where the 1 plus 7 gets ahead the one plus seven has Gorilla Glass 6 on the front while the K 2 ND pro has good in the glass 5 so he has the 1 plus 7 has better display protection so the 1 / 7 wins a point him now apart from that both these phones have under display fingerprint scanners and in my uses the both have been similarly fast and fairly consistent so I think it's a time okay so the score is 4:3 and I know that Ed McKay do any pro is still ahead but the lead has narrowed anyway moving on to the hardware now so both of these phones are flagship smartphones the k20 Pro and the one plus seven comes with the same top and snapdragon 855 chipset with up to 8 GB of RAM and having used these phones I can say that both of them perform like a flagship phone should wait in day-to-day usage or game both of these phones are great on performance but so yes it's a tie on the performance front but there's one area with 1 + 7 gets ahead and that is storage see the 1 + 7 comes with the new ufs 3.0 storage while the k20 pro comes with the UF s 2.1 storage now both of these storages have fast read/write speeds but the ufs 3.0 is obviously the newest and ER and it's faster so yeah why is the 1 4 7 okay so it's four four yes things are heating up it's time to talk about the software now so there indicate when he broke up with me UI 10 with which we have a love/hate relationship to be disputes me UI brings but we hate the fact that it has ads and it can get a little blue t 1 / 7 curves the oxygen OS 9.5 and i have to say this is my favorite implementation of andhra it is feature-rich yet so stock understated and nice well we all know which is better here oxygen OS we started with three zero and now we are at four five yes the one plus seven gets the lead finally but things about to get more interesting as we move on to the gammas well the red McCain when he poo has a triple camera setup while the one plus seven has a dual cameras on so paper that Ed McKay 20 pro does seem more well equipped but let's take it one by one starting with the primary cameras on these phones here are some comparison photos now you will notice that both of one plus seven and advocated when you prove capture good photos in good light but as you can see in this photo the one plus seven is just slightly better with slightly better contrast here's another example where the one plus seven has better details see in low-light – the red McGee 20 prove captures decent dish photos but the photos of the one plus seven are just writer and chopper I mean it's not a huge margin but the one plus seven is definitely the better performer when comes to the main camera when the primary camera on the one plus seven is obviously better the red-meat k20 Pro hits back with this other cameras the Kaituna pro has a telephoto lens which lets you take 2 X optical zoom photos as well as portrait mode photos now I know the 1 / 7 has a depth sensor but when it comes to portrait mode photos the K to any Pro is better as you can see the photos of the k20 pro have more natural colors on the face and it has slightly better edge detection plus the catering pro has two modes to shoot portrait mode photos in so yes points to the redmi k24 now the replicator in April also has a third camera the really cool ultra wide-angle lens which results in some really cool photos look at this well the 1 / 7 does not have an under wide angle lens so well you're back to square one it's six six now and I know it's pretty interesting but coming to the videos both the full support 4k at 60fps video recording support but which is better here's a photo video from both the phones side-by-side well thanks to oh why is the 1 + 7 video is obviously better as it's more stable but I like the video quality from the k2 ad Pro better because it has more natural colors the 1 + video is just a little bit on the warmer side now here's a 1080p video for comparison sake this time he is kicks in so both the videos are pretty stable but again the 1 plus video is on the warmer side the key to any pro video just has more natural colors so yes the catering pro has slightly better video quality while the 1 + 7 has better stability in poking and I will give this a time then there's the front cap how does a 20 megapixel selfie camera on the K 20 pro compare to the 16 megapixel selfie camera on the 1 + 7 well here are some selfies and let me just put it out there the 1 + 7 takes better selfies another example of megapixels don't mean everything as you can see the 1 / 7 selfies are more detailed and have better colors the zooming of the face yeah it's clear that the 1 / 7 is better here so points to the 1 + M well six seven it's pretty close huh lastly there's the battery and the charging we're like the rest of this match up it's pretty close so the 1 plus 7 has a 3700 image battery will the read McKay to any pro has a 4000 image battery well it's not a big difference but having used these phones I can tell you that I read McKay to any pro does have better battery life it's a point to the read week okay so it's 7-7 now when it comes with a charging both the phone support fast charging thread McKay to any pro comes with an 18 watt charger bundle in the box while the 1 / 7 comes with the 20 watt charger in the box now comparing the charging speeds the 1 / 7 is obviously faster the one-play seven takes 75 minutes to go from ten to hundred percent while the k20 pro takes ninety five minutes so it's a different of 20 minutes now I know that the led me Kate way deeper suppose 27 watt fast charging as well but the 18 watt charger is what comes in the box so we are going to stick with this design so point to the 1 / 7 okay so it seems like the 1 plus 7 is ahead but there's one thing left and that is the price which is a huge factor now I know people are saying to the red McGee 20 pro is overpriced it's expensive but you know what it's just that Charmaine increased our expectations last able to poke whoever and read me k20 Pro is just failing to live up to those high expectations yes the read McKay Tony Pro is priced higher at rupees twenty seven triple nine than the poco f1 but I think that I'd make a 20 Pro brings a lot at this price this makes it the cheapest Snapdragon 855 phone in India and yeah I think it deserves a point here yes both the red McGee to any pro and the one to seven are at eight points and you know what that means both these phones are pretty great at rupees 28,000 and rupees 33,000 both the red big K 2 nd probe and the 1 plus 7 are equally value for money smart phones now I know what you're thinking you're thinking this is one of your usual comparison videos where the end result is something like it all depends on you it all boils down to what you want by the one that suits your needs well it's not going to be the case here let me clear things up see what are the three things that really matter in a smart phone performance experience and the gammas so the performance on both of these phones our flagship great door the light however when it comes to the experience and the cameras the oneplus 7 just gets ahead I think the one plus seven is the better phone here because of the software experience it offers and the camera performance from the main primary lens don't get me wrong the red Maketu any pro is still an amazing smartphone to buy for anyone looking for a powerful feature packed modern looking smartphone on a budget of around 28 thousand rupees but yes after doing the math the 1 plus 7 is my choice well that was a lot of fun right honestly I wasn't expecting a type but I guess it's the season of ties anyway which one do you prefer tell us in the comment section below also give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and make sure to share it with your friends were confused between the let me care to any pro and the one plus 7 lastly subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech videos but that's me signing off thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one


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  1. Beebom says:

    What's up Notification Squad! We are giving away a Redmi K20 Pro + Mi Band 4 on Instagram: 🔥

  2. Umesh yadav says:

    Saf Saf kaho ki radmi ka k20 bekar h yehi khana chahte ho na

  3. Gandham Kevin says:


  4. Sivakesava Reddy says:

    Bro where is beephone …. You said delivery starts by June …. It's already July end ……

  5. GeoLeoSeoMeoDabEo GLSMDE says:

    My man has got ultra wide view perk all along

  6. Tahmid Islam Joy says:

    does k20 pro support screen share with HDMI?

  7. Govind Yadav says:

    Flagship killer my ass! Anything that worth more than 25k is a flagship.

  8. arpan roy says:

    I was a die hard mi fan. Right now i m using redmi 4 and note 5 pro both. My next upgrade will be oneplus 7.

  9. Swapnil Shende says:

    Am I the only one who was imagining 6Z in this comparison while doing the math?? 😉 😛

  10. Varun Chavan says:

    Watching this video on Redmi K20 Pro 😜

  11. Sanjyot Pote says:

    MI should drop their UI and either offer stock android or else should shake things down in MIUI till near to Stock android.

  12. Youcef Sahraoui says:

    My favorite one is OnePlus7
    But both of phones are expensive !!

  13. shubham sourav says:

    Where is -10 points to redmi for popping up ads everywhere?

  14. Pukar Shrestha says:

    Galaxy note 10 is on its way

  15. Alongbar Basu says:

    I like miui gestures than any other gestures by far. Because u dnt hv a fixed position for gestures. Esy for one hand use without reducing the screen size. 3.5mm headphone jack 😍😘. Full bezeless display😋😋. 4000mah 💪. And the most imp is price which is less than 1+7.😇 i can hv beer with that extra bucks 🍻. Definitely #K20pro.

  16. subramanian karthik says:

    Sorry, but this is the Worst comparison ever. On what standard OnePlus is considered as premium phone? Hardware configuration and Software feature determines a phone's cost. Some phone with one particular species being top notch does not make it Premium phone.

  17. Abhishek manoj says:

    Oxygen os is better than miui

  18. usachatnow says:

    One plus 7 pro rules

  19. Prasad Patil says:

    worst comparison ever ….5k difference is huge. k20 pro is winner.

  20. Nagarjun Mora says:

    L1 support…….?

  21. ka densho says:

    Play Protect CERTIFIED

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