Raspberry Pi 3 Steam Streaming with Retropie Setup Script (Moonlight Raspbery Pi Gaming)

July 30, 2019 posted by

In this video I am going to show you the quickest and simplest way to set up Steam Streaming in Retropie Stick around, because you know what time it is Hey guys, Jonathan here with TechWizTime where I create technology tutorials and review videos In this video I am revisiting an old topic, and that is Steam Streaming thru RetroPie So what I’ve recently done is I have updated the script that allows you to easilly install Steam Streaming on a RetroPie instalation on a Raspberry Pi Now, this is all possible thanks to our program called Moonlight, now, this is an open source program And you can get that from the links down in the description below. Or Or, you can use my script, which I’ve also included in the description below How about I stop talking about and I show you Allright, so the first thing you are going to want to do is visit my github page on a PC So this is just to familiarize yourself with what you are looking at and so forth Give you a little rundown of the instructions, and also any updates that I may do in the future Now, I provided the instructions on the github page but I will run though them right now so you can install it fresh So I’ve done this on a brand new installation of RetroPie 4.3 which is the latest one available at the time of this video So, once you are in your RetroPie installation you just need to press f4 on the keyboard to get to the command line prompt Once in the command line you need to download the script that I’ve written So to do that you type in “wget” And instead of typying out the full url, I have actually created a redirected link Which you can go to by visiting https://techwiztime.com/moonlight.sh So press Enter and this should start downloading the script If it doesn’t There is a fix which you can apply, which is “–no-check” This is just to skip some security checks So once that successfully downloaded, what you will need to type in now is “sudo chmod +x moonlight.sh” What this line of code does is it actually makes the moonlight.sh file executable, so we can execute it from the command prompt And now that we have done that we can launch the Moonlight script by typing in “sudo ./moonlight.sh” So once you’ve launched the script you will be prensented with this screen here, so I’ll run through the menu options here, so number 1 we will go through So you type in “1” and press enter This will now go thru and automatically start downloading the files and so forth that it needs and also doing a quick update So there is a few steps here, if it does fails at any point, make sure you take note of what step it fails at and leave me a comment down below so I can see if there is some sort of fix that I can create So eventually we will get to a point where we are asked to put in your computer’s IP Address Now this the computer that has the GForce Experience installed on it as well as your version of Steam So once you’ve got your IP Address, type that in there and press Enter Now what will happen is that the Raspberry Pi will tell you to input a code into your main PC So, write down this code, go over to your main PC Make sure that you type that correctly and press Enter Once the Raspberry Pi has noticed that it has been typed in, it will go through and continue the installation Now once that is all done it will come to a screen that says “Do you want to reboot?”, you can say Yes or No here If you say Yes, obviously it will reboot But if you say No, it will go back to the main menu So by default it is set to install 1080p and 720p at 30fps and 60fps So from here you can actually install the 4080p oction if you like by choosing option number 4 It should only take a few seconds and there you go, you got 4080p installed into your RetroPie setup So to check this you can press Number 6 and that will exit the script And tehn type exit into the command prompt From there if we go to the Steam menu, you can see now that we have got 1080p, 720p and 4080p, all at 30 and 60 fps Selecting any of these will actually launch it and away you go But wait. Say for example you don’t want the 1080p and the 720p options there What you can do is you can go back into the command prompt, lauch up the script again And, by pressing number 3 this will uninstall all the scripts that we have installed so far And you can install just the 4080p option if you like Now say for example you want to re-sync this Moonlight installation with another PC All you need to do is go into the Moonlight script And choose option number 5 Put in your new Pic’s IP Address and you will be given a new pairing code from where you can pair it with your new PC It’s that simple But wait, there is one thing that this script does not do, and that is remove the extra Steam menu items if you accidentally do option number 1 twice or three times So to show you here, you can see that there are two steam options there And unfortunately, the only way to do that is to do that manually, so what you will need to do is you need to go to the command prompt And type this command on the screen right now This will launch a text editor where you can actually go in and scroll or arrow all the way down to the very bottom And you will see there now that there are actually two options there for Steam So just remove this section here, and oce you’ve removed it Press Ctrl X, Y and then Enter This will save the configuration file and when you go back into RetroPie you will notice now that there is only one Steam menu So that is a quick fix for you guys out there that may have installed it twice and didn’t know what to do So I think I have pretty much covered everything to do with this Moonlight script so far, however There is room to make this script better, so If you’ve got any coding skills or you’ve got any ideas of how to make this just a little bit better, then leave me some comments down below, or even better On github, branch this release off, do the edits yourself and submit it to me As a community, we can make this script even better and easier for people to access So lastly, I just want to say thank you to everyone out there, I’m about to hit 15.000 subscribers, and it’s been an amazing journey so far, and I’m just really grateful for everyone out there in the community that has helped out and likes and shares this videos If you’re not subscribed to this channel then make sure you do and if you are a subscriber, like the many viewers that are out thre, almost 15.000 Then make sure you hit that notifications button so you get notified everytime I release a new video If you are interested in having a chat then come over to the TechWizTime Facebook Group, we’ve got a whole group of people there, is almost a 100 people now, so That one is growing as well, have a chat, and yeah, talk about different things like RetroPie, Raspberry Pi, Technology Different gaming things, whatever you want So with that all said, thank you very much guys, as as always Imagine, Learn, Create


100 Replies to “Raspberry Pi 3 Steam Streaming with Retropie Setup Script (Moonlight Raspbery Pi Gaming)”

  1. Andy Thomas says:

    Hey, I'm in need of some help…
    I followed the tutorial step by step, no issues with pairing of the Pi with my PC. My problem lies in actually attempting to connect in the GUI (in any resolution and frame-rate) after the initial pairing setup. I am able to connect successfully with my iPhone to my laptop over moonlight, but the Pi won't work. Any suggestions? I am willing to provide more details if necessary.

  2. STK says:

    hello nice vid but i have a problem when i run the script it works but when i enter ip for my pc it says cant connect to server and i dont get a pin

  3. Dpm 1 says:

    2 questions:
    Is there any way to get a steam controller working?
    Is there anyway to get this working with other themes? I’m using simple instead of carbon and the options for resolution and frame rate are all blacked out.

  4. Maxio says:

    I've successfully installed moonlight on my RPI3 but when I try to launch any of the 4 resolution/FPS options it says that it can't connect to the server. Moonlight works jut fine on my phone. Please help

  5. dazipser says:

    Thanks for the guide. Unfortunately, I have not succeeded yet to get it running.

    I have a Win10 VM (on Unraid) with a passthrough GTX1050. I have GFE running from it and have manually added some games. I have tried to play these games from a RPi (retropie) and also from my iphone (moonlight). Both clients pair nicely with GFE. On the iphone, I can get to the games list. I can then select the game, but then I am getting an error message: "Connection failed failed to launch app". Similar with Retropie, but I cannot even get to the gamelist there.

    Any thoughts?

  6. Peter Pankras says:

    Script worked great! got everything installed.. entered my IP.. on pc shield popped up to enter code.. then rebooted the pi and keep getting cannot connect to server.

  7. Dont worry says:

    It doesn't show me a pin it just says would you like to reboot

  8. Mickspad says:

    This is going to be awesome!!! I can use the arcade machine I'm building for retro-emulation and also BlazBlue (I'm not going for any competition, I'm doing casual, so any slight lag doesn't bother me too much)

  9. Aqua Clan Notification Squad says:

    Great job! I have had no problems and at first I doubted it because of how my luck is at these things.

  10. Gavin Earls says:

    can you do this on the pi v1?

  11. M0nSt3rManu_ says:

    When i insert my ip it says "Can't connect to server xxx.xxx.x.x" and no notification comes out

  12. Stephan Brugger says:


  13. Azrael Az says:

    HI man… I install your script i do exactly what you propose to do… everything just fine … exept no menu on retropie …how can i saw the munu part… thank you

  14. Castle27 says:

    I ran into an issue with the step right after entering my IP address. After typing it in and pressing enter I was never prompted with a password to enter on my PC running steam. I installed Moonlight on my PC to test it on that and it worked fine. Any suggestions?

  15. wouter vandenbussche says:

    oh man , this is great!!!! I'm building a tabletop arcade atm, can't wait to play tekken 7 and killer instinct on my machine 😉

  16. Martin Fearon says:

    I just can't get this working it's driving me nuts!! I follow everything you do but every time i try to launch 1080 30fps it comes up with
    starting RTSP handshake…failed to receive RTSP reply
    RTSP SETUP streamid=audio request failed: -1
    failed: -1
    cleaning up platform … done

    when i do 1080 60fps i just get
    starting control stream… start b failed: 11

    it starts up in big picture on my pc so i dont get whats going on

    what does any of this mean? please help me out!

  17. Levi Engstrom says:

    How do I configure 8bitdo to work? once in the stream link. It doesn't work.

  18. Cammando58 Cammando58 says:

    OK i have the exact same version of geforce experience as you do but it still doesnt work as in it doesnt give me a pin it just loads and loads after i type in the IP, it eventually after like 5 or 10 minutes loads back to that main menu

  19. jpsplat says:

    when I put in my ip address I get an error that says "sudo: moonlight: command not found" . please advise?

  20. Jeio Joi says:

    The Pi wont connect to my PC, I put in the ip adress but the pi says "could not connect to server." Do I need to have somthing installed on my PC to make it connect other than GeForce Experience?

  21. Santiago Lisa says:

    When I try streaming Steam games (Steam big picture runs fine), there is a very annoying consistent black flashing every few frames. Is there any way to stop this?

  22. SteamWing says:

    my pi just stops when i give it the ip

  23. Víctor Augusto says:

    Amazing content! Thanks a lot for this beautifuly done tutorial. By the way, if I'm streaming to a rpi connected to a 4K TV, would it work to stream 4k/60fps? Or it's way too overkill?

  24. Thomas says:

    Can I input a dynamic dns address instead of an IP address for pairing of the gaming PC?  Thanks.

  25. Wesker Power says:

    seems that your script doesnt change the ip to connecto to

  26. LDan says:

    For anyone having the IP problem:

    Enable Shield streaming in the Nvidia settings.
    Disable your firewall.
    Update everything

  27. Michal Poliak says:

    does this work only with steam games?

  28. Noratto says:

    how i can map my ds4 controller?

  29. Equinox78 says:

    Please Help: when I get to the step in which I need to connect to my PC, it isn't able to connect at all. I'm using the latest GeForce Experience and I'm thinking maybe the update isn't compatible.

  30. DeeJSiddall says:

    I didnt get a pin promt it just says Generating certificate…done

  31. Scott Phaneuf says:

    I have a PS4 controller paired to the pi, and when i launch Moonlight there is a 20 second delay when i press any button. it's weird because this is the only controller that i have this issue with. anyone have any input on this? no pun intended 😉

  32. wouter vandenbussche says:

    Only thing i can't seem to find is how to setup the controller :s

  33. DragonHead94 says:

    I have tried to do this a couple of times, and when I put in my ip address, it doesn't give me a pin to input onto my computer. I was wondering if you could help me out with this

  34. j sanchez says:

    Hi! Do you have a video about setting up moonlight in recalbox?

  35. Andrew Else says:

    I've put wrong ip address in and not sure how to change. Even to remove and reinstall it!! Help please

  36. Orfeas says:

    Has anyone encountered black flashes? When I am just on the Steam Big Picture, everything is smooth as butter. But, when I launch a game, I get blackouts, everything works normally but for those black flashes. Any clue what what might be the cose of that?

    Other than that, this is awesome, I'm thinking of actually using it for streaming my desktop as it works better than wireless display.

  37. Alex S says:

    audio only outputs through hdmi??? why is the software setup explicitly not use the 3.5mm jack?

  38. Alex S says:

    how do i make the audio work over the 3.5mm audio jack?

  39. Wanessa Silva says:

    The "/" doesn't, work on raspberry. Even when I tried to install an OS on it. I changed the keyboard to a wired one, but it's still not working. Anyone with the same problem?

  40. TheUnproPro says:

    I'm getting a "Connect to ip_here", it just sticks mid-connection. Could be my router though, its annoyingly strict.

  41. SonicX53 says:

    i cant connect with my ip what do i do?

  42. Danilo Gonzo says:

    Everything runs great for me with the exception of 480p, keep getting 480p is not supported.

  43. BomimoDK says:

    Does this require Static IP for both devices?

  44. Gummelgimp says:

    Is There an tutorial for moonlight and recalbox or whats the diffrence in the confif

  45. Owen Dehm says:

    Do I have to be connected to the same network as the PC because my friend says I can do this with his PC because I don't have an Nvidia graphics card

  46. morksmith says:

    Everytime I try to run this on my 5 inch screen (can only support 340p max) it says server doesn't support 640X480 any help?

  47. villan says:

    I'm not even trying to be mean – but this is a style in Australia or something? Like if you had breasts and female hips, why in gods name would you wear a tshirt that was 2 sizes too small? The how-to is alright, but yeeech, its like if some dude was squatting down in his sisters daisy dukes with his rolls and everything hanging out. cover it up bro! lol jesus

  48. tatertot joe says:

    Thanks dude

  49. Benjamin van Houts says:

    nice! However do you have a version of the script that works with recalbox?

  50. MajorIvan says:

    Wow, that worked surprisingly well. Tried the Eta prime guide but it didn't work that well, controller mapping issues etc. This guide was easy to follow!

  51. logan polson says:

    Does anyone know how to get the Xbox 360 controller to properly work? I've been at it all night with no luck and i don't want to spend the money to get a new Xbox one controller because that kind of defeats the point of spending no money on this.

  52. Jorge P says:

    having an issue pairing with my pc…. i get the msg (sudo: moonlight: command not found)…..i've tried updating the script with no luck…please help.

  53. Tarso says:

    thank you friend!
    just to help others:
    without script I had problems with getting the shield pair number. -> solved it by adding shield tcp/udp ports to my router. also had a problem with –input that I didnt know how to answer….
    with the script it all appeared to work but I was gettin a black screen.. -> solved by adding steam stream ports to my router
    after that my controller was a little jerky, so inside the steam stream with my xbox controller plugged to the pi I navigated to the controller setup inside steam and re-configured it
    all perfect after that!

  54. Никита Здоровец says:

    Всё работает!!! Если у Вас не пашет значит не доступен репозиторий или вы не так что то делаете.

  55. zit zit says:

    Hello, the itimeer does not work on the new stretch image, could you help me?

  56. vector chan says:

    FIXED: "Can't connect to the host PC". I have the right IP, Firewall off, geforce experience installed, shield option turned on.
    SOLUTION: (on pc) Download guru3d driver uninstaller, boot into safe mode, uninstall nvidia drivers and geforce experience with guru3d, boot normally and reinstall nvidia drivers.

  57. jordan dinning says:

    im not getting the Nvidia code. any help?

  58. Ryan Bobbitt says:

    in phase four it says Some packages could not be installed and goes on then says the following packages have unmet dependencies moonlight-embedded: depends: libssl1.0.0 but it is not installable

  59. Daryliquorice says:

    I've followed all the prompts and installed updates. When I attempt to connect with my IP I get the error
    "sudo: moonlight: command not found"

  60. CapnTates says:

    This is NOT Steam in-home streaming, mate. This is Nvidia Game Stream. So to anyone without an Nvidia GPU this is pretty much useless.
    You should scrap "Steam" from the title, because it has nothing to do with it.

  61. Greg Truong says:

    Every time I type in my ip address it says the pair process is complete but never gives me a pin number to apply back to my computer with Steam. I have gamestream enabled and steam installed and both my pc and pie are on the same network.. help!

  62. Jared Ocana says:

    Is this only lan or can you use wan

  63. Michael Stewart says:

    could you putty this an how do you do that?

  64. Clayton Locke says:

    So I got this installed and I can the hear audio and control steam but I have no video on screen.

  65. Juan Ignacio Gassa says:

    Puedes hacer que el agregado previamente haga un chekeo para que si encuentra esas lineas de comando, omita el escribir otras nuevas.
    puedes en la seleccion de ip, utilizar nmap para escanear la red por ip con el puerto de nvidia shield (creo es el nombre) para sugerir posibles computadoras compatibles en la red.
    Perdona por el español

  66. Nathan Anderson says:

    Is it the ip4 address you use for your steam PC'S IP, it never asks me for a pin

  67. Nagataka_306 says:

    For what ever reason the pi dosn't want to take my ip.

  68. Magìk says:

    Followed to the dime. When i click on steam in retropie, nothing happens.

  69. Francesco Agnello says:

    I had problems when connecting to the PC. Once the IP address is entered, I am told that the command does not exist within moonlight. I would urgently solve this problem. Could you give me answer please.

  70. FedaykinWolf says:

    Rasbian Stretch (9.4) and RetroPie v4.4 on a Raspberry Pi 3 +B I'm getting an error installing Moonlight is this updated to the above or if you need more details i can provide it ASAP … not at machine now

  71. chezze83 says:

    Have you stopped working on this one? Because i cant get it to work. the enter ip adr to host does not work. and there is something missing from phase 4.

  72. Nathan Phelps says:

    I'd recommend making a new video and updating your script. I noticed that your script wont work on retropie 4.4 because 4.4 doesn't use jesse main as it's source list anymore and therefore won't update from it. The script will not install moonlight on retropie4.4 a workaround I did was having to install retropie 4.2 (used at the time of this video) and then install the script and moonlight and then upgrade it to 4.4. Hope this helps anyone that had problems like I did.

  73. Fever Pyretic says:

    I am sorry for my lack of knowledge but I want to run my version of RPGMaker VX Ace, will this allow me to do this or do I need something different? I want the software for creating projects, NOT playing VX Ace games.

  74. BlazinNova says:

    Yeah the script can't launch into steam doesn't work at all

  75. Daniel Deason says:

    Can't get pin from entering my IP address. When I enter ip it says command not found

  76. Animation Nation says:

    Can this play Cuphead

  77. Ace Of Spades says:

    Error: Cannot Keep up, Starting RSTP Handshake Failed: 552 please help

  78. Leandro Spitale says:

    Excelente tutorial

  79. Harold Kim says:

    Does this work with pi3 b+ ?

  80. gaz7060 says:

    Hey man. This now isn’t working in 4.4. Any plans to update the script. Thanks.

  81. h3mpsmoker says:

    Hey TechWizTime! Your script worked flawlessly and I was able to get Steam running on my RP3! But as soon as I am in the BigPicture mode, my XBox360 (wired) controller won't work on the RP3. The also connected keyboard works just fine. But no button press of the controller will do anything on Steam. The controller itself works great in the emulation station but not in Steam. Any ideas? I a previous video from you to this topic there a was "phase 5" where you map your controller keys. This phase seems missing on your new script. Might this be the issue?

    Thanks for your help!

  82. MillerTime says:

    This script runs fine up until I launch it and then it was no mapping avalible any suggestions?

  83. Daniel Gelman says:

    Looks like its all working for me until I launch Steam. Once I do that, moonlight refuses to pick up any input from the XBox 360 controller I have plugged into the Pi via receiver. My keyboard and mouse have full controller of Steam big picture. How can I fix this?

  84. Joe the Shooter Nerd says:

    It stalled at "Generating certificate…done" and din't really do anything. Send help.

  85. nsomniac281 plays says:

    Thank you so very much

  86. Yami_Industries says:

    any easy ways of streaming for amd card users?
    I use parsec and its the best for all of my devices including the pi but, I want a more couch gaming way to play my games without having to pull out a keyboard to open parsec in a terminal, hit Y to use my saved password and 1 to use my gaming rig running parsec… I want to be able to grab my controller and open up my gaming pc without error or extra steps… basically convert my raspberry pi 3 into a full on steam link

  87. devbloggs says:

    does this still work???

  88. Daniel Brechtl says:

    once i go to launch the script it gives me a syntax error. not sure what im doing wrong

  89. Chase Zanie says:

    I know what time it is! Time for you to get an intro that isn’t absolute crap

  90. GeekToolkit says:

    Thankyou, this script worked flawlessly for me, and I'm now recommending it to my channel viewers. It's a slick way to go, and I'm pleasantly surprised at the performance of remoting everything from mortal kombat x to steam bigbox games over

  91. da1geek says:

    Came back to comment this. If your Xbox 360 controller isn't mapped quite correctly (in my case, the triggers were swapped with select/start along with some other issues), you can navigate to /usr/share/moonlight/gamecontrollerdb.txt and add a line for controller config like so:
    030000005e040000a102000007010000,X360 Wireless Controller,a:b0,b:b1,x:b2,y:b3,leftshoulder:b4,rightshoulder:b5,lefttrigger:b6,righttrigger:b7,back:b8,start:b9,guide:b10,leftstick:b11,rightstick:b12,dpleft:b13,dpright:b14,dpup:b15,dpdown:b16,leftx:a0,lefty:a1,rightx:a2,righty:a3,platform:Linux,

  92. Jules Gifford says:

    So I could setup a VPN and play remotely?

  93. Caiden Brinks says:

    When trying to stream, I get a number of errors like "Can't map (dpdown: +a1)" it then goes through the handshake process successfully, then says "Starting control stream…Start B failed: 11 failed: 11" it then says a few others things pertaining to video and audio stream are "done" then freezes. Any ideas?

  94. Erik says:

    respond to people asshole, enjoy my dislike

  95. sbip party caca says:

    Still work in 2019 ? 🙂

  96. Roy J says:

    I am getting the error Failed to pair to server: Failed to sign data after I put in the PIN number on the computer. I do not know what to do to fix that issue.

  97. BigBoyJiggy _ says:

    Why wouldn’t you just play on your pc?

  98. Adrian Thomas says:

    Using a fresh install of retropie 4.4
    Phase five: pairing
    After entering up address I get this message
    "sudo: moonlight: command not found.

    Please advise.
    I can ping my pc running moonlight.

  99. thebigt42 says:

    I thought steam link was different from Moonlight

  100. TechWizTime says:

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