Radeon™ RX 480 Graphics Card Overview

July 31, 2019 posted by

Die AMD RADEON RX 480 Grafikkarte Premium-Gaming jenseits von HD
Bis zu 5,8 TFLOPS
36 Recheneinheiten
GCN-Architektur der 4.h Generation Premium-VR für den Massenmarkt
224 GB/s GDDR5 (oder höher)
4 oder 8 GB als Optionen
Asynchronous Shaders Zukunftssichere Displaytechnologien
AMD FreeSync™
HDMI 2.0
DisplayPort 1.3 HBR
DisplayPort 1.4 HDR Features zur Gaming-Kontrolle
Mit dabei: Radeon Settings mit:
Radeon Wattman
Benutzerdefinierten Spieleeinstellungen
Virtual Super Resolution Premium-Gaming und VR
Bereits ab $199


69 Replies to “Radeon™ RX 480 Graphics Card Overview”

  1. Mieczysław Kowalski says:


  2. Vincent Typhoon says:

    sub box exploded

  3. Elie J-louis says:


  4. Logan Steffen says:

    Let's go AMD! I'm in the Microcenter parking lot right now

  5. Netoj14 says:


  6. Too Eazy says:


  7. DjuroDraco says:

    Just watching every rx 480 video out there right now. Like if you are doing the same 🙂

  8. warkiryu says:

    am i the one one asking where thos it sell i see only reweus but no seller lol(noting on amazone)

  9. Zambo.TV says:

    Sorry but Polaris is bad :(.
    Please make "better" Gpu's ! 🙂
    Hopefully the vega gpu will be better .

  10. nopal87 says:

    ok amd, now get that ZEN out and I'm all in.

  11. Mac Lires says:

    The awkward moment when you realize you're too 'old' doing kid stuff, but you do it anyway!
    Thanks AMD for bringing back the joy of fun and making gaming affordable

  12. Zeratul ZYd says:

    bad performance

  13. Greek Peasant says:

    When is this card going to arrive to the markets of Greece?

  14. Vibhor Kapil says:

    Make it affordable in india, and you'll be able to beat nvidia because gtx 960 costs 300 usd.! You can figure out yourself whats situation here in india.! Pc gamers are unable to enjoy your new rx480 at low prices we still gonna pay 300 – 350 dollars (₹20000-27000) here in india when rx480 launches which kinda sucks.!

  15. Psevdo Nagibator says:

    Nvidia fanboys thought that AMD transistors is only 2 nm smaller than 16 nm for Nvidia but these small squares are 25% smaller.

  16. lala lalala says:

    R.I.P Nvidia. This card is made for 90% of the world's people, and those consoles will see a great option to assemble a pc gamer few dollars

  17. ImTheSlyDevil says:

    Definitely buying an overclocked card when they come with aftermarket cooling.

  18. Jon Asgaeroth says:

    I want to build a low power draw PC with an RX 460 and an i5 6400T soon. Really hoping XFX releases one with something that looks like their R7 360 Core edition soon.

  19. Myles Bakewell says:

    Want this thing so bad :O Can somebody mail me like 3?

  20. johniem says:

    Most European prices for the 8gb model are over 280€ and some climb to 350€.
    Maybe in 4 months this card would be a better vfm.

  21. Felis Silvestris says:

    Это эпоха возрождения AMD, друзья!

  22. Tymax says:

    Hello sexy card! Whatcha gonna do after the video ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ?

  23. HARKO says:

    1.why is it not hbm?
    2.why is it slower than a 390x ?
    3.why is it slower than a gtx 970 ?

  24. Justin Rice says:

    $199… hmm… would be a good upgrade from my 280x.

  25. BigHornGamer says:

    this song could be a hit!

  26. Adalwolf says:

    I'm soo totally going to get this card!

  27. 樂天羊 says:

    USD219 is a lie

  28. TessellatedGuy says:

    Damn, what a disappointment.

  29. bobsagget823 says:

    Can we have a download to the music? It's so good..

  30. takosad says:

    Good @AMD im so happy for this release..
    But what about the Pci Express Power usage in some cases is more than Pci E specs (75watt+) + (75watt 6pin) and not (8pin 150watt) for 1260mhz gpu 14nm is not low.
    And What about the Tdp is more than 150watt? take care or we wait for revision RX 485.
    We can put the 60fps lock but we need the 100% performance, and OC Option.
    Why we have to stress the motherboard? Please give a official Answer.

  31. Dreadnought says:

    Can a RX 480 output 3840×2160 in VSR or only 3200×1800?

  32. Isaac Roebuck says:

    Can't wait for my twin XFX 1288s to get here.

  33. Emanuel Cintas says:


  34. Night Dx says:

    No <3 for Indians Raja Koduri?
    29,000 in India. GTX 960 is not over priced here even 970 is cheaper. The 1060 is going to win the budget VR round.

  35. queenform says:

    ROFL still gets beaten by an almost 2 years old tech from nvidia

  36. lonely cat says:

    eat that nvidiot :v

  37. Rafał D says:

    when can we expect something like RX490 or Better?

  38. przemo0005 says:

    in poland rx 480 8gb iw worth around 335$ (1350 PLN) GJ AMD btw gtx 970 is cheaper

  39. Kropf Attila says:

    What is this music? Beautiful!:)

  40. LifeOn2Wheels 96 says:

    If you're thinking about getting this card, WAIT for after market cards of wait for the GTX 1060…
    since i bought it i've had nothing but problems!!!
    and since the last driver update ALL my games keep crashing!!!
    Now AMD, withdrawal the £220 i paid for the card in small currency notes, roll it up real tight and SHOVE it up your ass sideways

  41. Alexander Borisenko says:

    It costs $310-$320 in Belarus

  42. Klim says:

    Пидорасы!,у меня вылетает Rust иза того что драйвера на 5700 серию гнилые и видео карта говно нетянет игру на минимальных настройках 40 фпс, когда делаеш -3 и начинаешь лутать у тебя блять чернеет экран и выкидивает а когда ты заходиш тебя уже обосали и залутали.

  43. Thiago Silva says:

    I love AMD. :3

  44. Imenhek Nagibov says:

    Так то 470 ванлав, ибо эта карта может оказаться избыточной для 1080р гейминга

  45. HOUB3IB says:

    Dear AMD where the heck is the RX 470 😤

  46. DarkDefender01 says:

    fix the drivers… again you screw them..

  47. Kristoffer B. says:

    ZEN and RX480 nice deal

  48. awak Bro says:


  49. 7maxym says:

    Tell me the name of music please?

  50. Jo Ginev says:

    the name of the track pls ?

  51. Taras Gerasimenko says:

    Damn! Rly good stuf! wtb it

  52. Jose Eduardo Sanchez says:

    I just love how the AMD Driver Software takes me out of a Fullscreen game to tell me I have an update…

  53. notircm says:

    199$ marketing bullshit! Try to buy one in Europe with less then 260-270 Euros (more then 300$)

  54. ammm zeee says:

    lets make amd great again!

  55. Dreamwalker Ak says:

    SONG? XD

  56. SOLDIER DARK says:

    AMD FOR EVER ^__^

  57. Rubik says:

    after using AMD for long years I will definitely will switch to nvidia and intel! enough!

  58. stefan1132 says:

    Looking to get this; thoughts?

  59. Ernest Jay says:

    upgrading from old Geforce GTX 770 to Radeon RX 480 is really worth for me 😀

  60. Gabriel Braga says:

    Lancem logo os ZEN AMD !

  61. Shammo Hamid says:

    In my county the 6GB 1060 is cheaper.Sooo which one should I get?

  62. Pavol Malovec says:

    can I put it in m5a97 motherboard with amd fx8320 processor and 8gb ram?

  63. TechWizPC says:

    Can I crossfire this with AMD A10-7890K 4.1GHz Quad-Core Processor?

  64. Kei Angelus says:

    Why no RX 490?

  65. Robbie Goldman says:

    Linux support any better now ?

  66. PutinWithAnimals says:

    This graphics card has nice bass.

  67. Jlo says:

    the hype got me

  68. Luka Dimitrijevic says:

    If only they would say what song this is, it would complete the hype for this card

  69. Sykonic_Zylo says:

    A rx 480, how is that in a gtx for example?

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