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You get into the story and title appears like in Anime Some girls they like, some girls they hate. That’s how they get excited That’s when I found out I have to draw so much! Hello Today Yamaguchi-san is here with us
-Hello, I’m Shizuka Yamaguchi On LINE Manga I’m drawing not the traditional sideways manga, but the recent popular vertical scroll manga This is only for mobile phone? This is made especially to be read on smart phones -You can read on PC as well?
-You can access there as well On LINE Manga, you can read until the 3rd episode on the web, From 4th episodeonwards, you need the App to read it Why did you choose this style? Instead of the normal page manga, you chose this very fresh, scrolling style I was originally drawing the black and white normal page manga The editors approached me of making a full color vertical manga so I decided to draw there So you hadn’t drawn this type until then? As a hobby, when the app called Comico came out, I thought the vertical scroll manga is new and quite interesting I drew it as a hobby and uploaded some You were drawing those so LINE manga approached you? They found out I could draw vertical scrolls so they approached me How long ago was Comico?
-Nearly 5 or 6 years I think in Korea and China, the pace of these scroll mangas are quickly increasing How about US and other places? A little while ago for Marvel comics had an app for regular comics When you tapped it the open space it turned black You would only see that one panel. Tapping again would zoom to the next panel There will be no brackets or have these popping up panels Suchaspects are less clear. You can’t tell the position of the panel At least for this one you can tell it’s on the right side That’s true I want the flow to go down at least So you can tell who is talking going from right to left I thought that was the interesting thing about this vertical scroll Rather than reading one panel at a time, you can tell the position of the panel so you know the atmosphere If you lose that part of the Manga, The uniqueness of manga?
– yes yes yes When you simply tap the panel it goes to the next, then next, Rather than that, a good thing about manga is maybe that some panel was up here in the top right It may be bigger than other panels The good part of manga is preserved and has come to modern times Which type of manga do you prefer drawing? You must be quite used to this now This one ended recently with 50 episodes Was this weekly?
-Every week Wasn’t that hard?
-There was a person with the story-line and I did the drawing And it was vertical scroll full color manga The LINE Manga App has a coin system right? You can read 1 episode per day for free but, If you want to read more than 1, for others you’ll have to pay with coin Is like a “please read more slowly” kinda thing? Sometimes you read the whole thing in one day Then you go, “ah, I wish I’d savored it more” I wonder if that’s the purpose of coin system…uh… It’s cheap eh? When you select chapter 5, it says read with 30 coins I bought this before making this video, but 120 coin was 120 yen It’s around 30 yen When you read with 30 coins, How long is one episode? How many panels in one episode? It’s between 50 panels to 60 panels So it’s not so different in length with the normal page manga Yes, it’s about the same length with the artists who draw in a weekly manga in black and white It’s around 12 to 16 or 18 pages. Maybe a bit less I see Maybe shorter is easy to read on the train You can read one episode start to finish in 5 minutes They say people read the vertical scroll in faster pace Please read slowly! In the beginning I didn’t understand how to handle the space between the panels I found near the end that opening some space is easier for the readers to align with their scrolling speed This one is narrow In later episodes the gap is wider I did it so that you could understand more by reading it slower The history of Manga is long For so many years manga artists have existed A huge shift in reading style like this doesn’t happen often, right? You’re like a pioneer
-No no There are many action or fantasy type manga in vertical scroll format But there aren’t many Shojo Manga in this style I was confused at first I didn’t know how to go about it. They told me to do it in water painting look and Shojo manga style
– ah because there’s little for reference? Oh yeah I just realized it’s all in color It must be hard. It takes more time than screen tones I had my assistant do the base color so It was very helpful It seems for full color manga, drawing the background correctly makes it easier to read There were more backgrounds than usual so that was hard I see! It’s better to get right into the story Get into the story, and like Anime, the title appears part way It has color and it seems like we’ve come to an era between manga and Anime Very strange Moving manga but not Anime Why did you want to draw Shojo Manga rather than action? I guess the first manga I was reading when I was reading was Shojo Manga It was such a shiny world in there She doesn’t appear to be shining This is a bit of sad scene A normal girl falling in love, feels pain and struggle to work it out is such a great story When you tried to draw this vertical scroll manga What was the most difficult part about it? For normal manga, the small panels don’t need so much detail As you can see here, there are only two panels on this page Normally this panel would be small but on the phone it’s big On normal manga you don’t need detail? Even on scenes where I would only want a slight impression, it will be seen big on screen At first it made me realize how much detail I had to draw in Even for small panel which you can just scroll through, it may leave a huge impression in this style How to differentiate the big and the small panels is a point I often wonder about When I zoomed in, it made me feel like I was viewing Pixiv When you click the picture, you can see the high resolution version so you can sometimes see more detail than the artist had intended
– ehh For these vertical scroll manga, do all artists add color? I think all would put in color for the vertical scroll Are there any which only has the screen tones? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it Even for famous manga in the normal format, they add color when it goes vertical There is that pattern as well. Already famous manga goes to vertical scroll In that case, color is added Is that because if you don’t add color, people won’t read it? I have no idea Going digital has probably made some areas easier but but other parts you have to do extra As a artist, it is extra work The truth is, there is no meaning of keeping it black and white so The reason preventing it was the printing problem
– oh true With that problem solved, the main stream is now full color manga For Shojo Manga, doesn’t the screen tone become handy? That is so true You can add easily to the atmosphere
-Yes Nowadays you have to draw in everything Part of me thinks Shojo manga and this format doesn’t match so well There is a moment you want the reader to have wild ideas But with the background in color it has much more reality than normal manga I wonder if maybe readers find it harder to enter the imagination I have started to think Shojo Manga should be closer to black and white So I am also using screen tones or adding color to the tones The net design is close to the page manga this here interested me You have added gradation like this, and you enter this panel This is a drawing bigger than full screen This can only be done in vertical scroll For manga printing, you can’t print anything bigger than the page size You can’t tell what type of smart phone the readers are reading it This one is longer than the normal iphone 8 But I don’t think so far. What I draw is actually pretty long I would assume it7s about “this big”, and start to add gradation I would choose the size by assuming where I would want the viewers to dive into the story The way of thinking is totally different to the normal page manga That is true
-You can’t imagine how it will show on their phones The climax is hard to tell since all is in full color and so sparkly So for the climax scene I’d make a huge panel or make the scene quite long As it is a LINE Manga App, You can read things like comments here right? Yes, you can read it all Before when you release a Manga, you couldn’t see the feedback unless you search on the web You can see directly now? Oh yes
-How does this make you feel? My mind goes there a lot The theme itself was controversial such as 4 way relationship The comment section went wild with comments saying who likes this girl, who hates this girl There was a screenplay already and I did the drawing So mostly I didn’t know what was going to happen I was thinking how I could illustrate to make everyone like the characters I was drawing Sometimes got a bit down about it since I had to be careful how to draw them Feels so much more direct than before
-Yeah so direct now The comments are anonymous so the reader’s feeling or frustration at the time is shown directly It came directly to me so at times I felt quite down If a comment says “That character is gross” You could make them even more gross on the next episode on purpose? But it is possible, right? That is possible, but for the characters I will illustrate directly based on the screenplay I get And I try to make it better than what is written It is a totally new era If you are to read Shizuka Yamaguchi’s manga Go to LINE Manga App It’s also now available in Taiwan It’s on Web Toon
-Is that on the PC? You can read on PC as well as smartphone You can scroll the same way as this? It’s this in Taiwan version Very beautiful Thank you Please come to my homepage I worked hard making it in WordPress I want to upload my blog every week Please read on LINE Manga or Web Toon The name is same as Yamaguchi prefecture, and Shizuka is in Hiragana characters I’m also onTwitter so please follow Please do She is in other videos as well so please check those out too. There is a playlist as well Please subscribe

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