Playing Apex Legends (BEEN A LONG TIME)

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you you yo what's good guys your Mickey thank you for being for a slayer it's good bound you it's good no way I'm leaving this ain't for tonight content F this what do you mean you're hunter what's good have I been pretty good pyro it's good Kane what's good I'm here eclipse it's good Skyler what's good or cycle or psyche what's good what's good what's good what do you mean purge do you mean like I'm not watching you play apex legend sit by the way guys it's been a long time man so don't judge me on a piece man it's been so long I'm joking bro what I said it would some people who say yes facts I can I remember playing this with you and half of all to facts what do you mean what do you mean what do you mean I used to drop 20 bombs on this little every freaking day did every day man 16 players coud yikes we're gonna be killing for a while a person who's so dead a pixel for an eye for an eye bar I used to play a bit so much I'm a 9,000th in your eyes Oh what we got a game ok but I haven't played apex and sort who long crop so it's good it's like I've got a run weird too so it's like I've got a pushing the sleeper why apex not freaking gt-r something why I face the game is shit I know I just haven't played if it's so long shall we go game Joe I wanna order I'm picking right man yo it's good nothing much nothing like Dewey's he was good cases it's good barks games I'm the VLC haven't played in about three or four months this is your champion we have time for an F ng we gotta bake everything okay now yeah same soil darker knee what's good where we going oh yeah all right let's get it makes you guys leaving a like man it's greatly appreciated this is over here all right let's get it boy vibration bar it's so annoying ow ow ow go away from me boy okay buddy I'm dead boys bar someone's chasing me men next rings fire runnin I'm runnin bar but I'm definitely dead yep I'm still alive for now hold peacekeeper let's go why are you finishing you boy I forget about the perks on this game man oh this money somebody's money because one do you want any money the casino update the update yoikes if you go to my box as a peacekeeper GG's voice as a kissing out there but I'm set on money I'm gonna max out a casino noise and can that that's it nice yeah I know just keep it there okay throw it your true ninja I feel like I need to get used to running is there like an option where I can put spring blood defo on all they've got field of view now there's no is there there's not floating pose shows combined numbers of all original shows one number featured image yet let's put both I actually like both yo what's good guys I gave up on apex bro I actually so good it when when I just get used to it I'm so good I was I was the biggest sweat in this game he doesn't even understand I grinded it out for like a week and I'm level 60 on my other account was like it's 3 or 4 KD I was the biggest wet at this game burr in vitamin Apex I even on apex you guys only understand I was the biggest sweat man as a pong is the biggest sweat as well you're not even on burr it's all an eye for an eye for an eye for an eye for an eye for night I'll pay an epic sessions once I get like the groove of this game again man yes don't you understand you guys don't even understand how go today I am at this dropped 20 bombs only every game pace came why am I playing apex I didn't even know or invited to a party again but I'm just playing it cuz I'm like getting a little bit bored for tonight so I thought I would like play a little bit of Apex I'm one of 150 nice reboot van in a place and in 490 defined guns even a patient is jump off a bus what is this I've been waiting for costumes from you yeah but I'll probably costumes tomorrow can do you remember me playing this game and I was like a biggest boy John are you and hyper I join a party there's like seven other peoples you be like wait play apex of me I was created for this few months for nine customs the airborne watching two teams respond to anything my wife I know this dream I kept borrow what Cady do I have on this account I think it's like a – Katie yeah it's like it's exact exactly a – Katie oh yeah they're pretty sweaty y-you gave it to him yike where is he going really I don't know um I don't know I think I'm just gonna go see like I've never been to this place it's a new oh yeah don't worry I'm going like right here open the bin man give me that gun give me that gun gimme that gun I've gotta get you to the sense man the sense on this game's like people on me yikes that's that one to me to death man he grappled me it is going really okay what is it gold but this dude grappled onto me pulled me back to him and punched me what goat brah I need to like get good at this game again oh this collab everyone yeah you all you need in this fucking game is good aim and then you clap everyone like yes but also aim because my aims like feels really slow not know I left okay good Piper Oh long time ago yeah when face reveal for caber you got 84 killers I've got 83 what if we have like you've seen it run damn you're probably a cutie yeah bro amazing did you see that oh yeah he's a sweater our teammates this foot yes they are competes with genre the like all sort no it's stupid and still kicks I'm going dropship when you go to gun no ok I'm dead yes it was Mickey but I'm getting so unfortunate with weapons oh you could ever district up with me Ken it was just saying he faced twice twice a day he's only he's also the only one who's seen me yeah did 18 squads left why Aaron oh yeah this I was only 16 again right I come pretty deadly oh my god nightcore what is good bro how you doing you haven't been here for ages man I'm looking shitting are you high you freakin fired it this guy reboot me somewhere where's the closest reboot airbase okay let's get it you got it still technical language yeah damage I possess a gun for me bro wingman oh that's pretty good at that gun if you can hear you shot a nerfed it though you still read the patches max yeah you see that son over there yeah why are you rebooting not you are Brod no guns yes you do I had shorted one he pleased without my weapon it's gone so bad to be a loyal and come back to this dream even though it's been a few weeks Hey or should we what's good brah I need to get a gun I need to get a gun man got to go okay ah it's busy going to go live I don't know clips he doesn't really go live that much for bro this is so annoying I just need to get better if there was like Auto spring I'd be fine there's no auto sprint it freakin annoys me there's a win out there waiting for us we will start our enemies you are made let's take this way I might need to turn my sense up a bit I'm always lost shitting it's pretty low mmm this dude's pretty trash we're not gonna win unless we get like the luckiest kills on them a sensitivity it's on default no wonder it feels stupid no actually yes Scott yeah wait yes coal towns like packed to the brim but pretty good blue it's like a tip tilted and it's tilted in freakin two hours dead well it was the old tilted actually I'm gonna go over here come over here with me he didn't go skull tiles it does the whole scored a year in your right yeah no if I get got some of these little buildings I'm trying to do I'm just trying to find a gun burr I got Ted the llama now if I don't want a gun I'm gonna be P alright there's no guns anywhere man finally found one kind of alternator cause you just put to trap them and he's so low too a woman oh my god that was sweat Eskimos from mud don't worry I'm getting my groove back I can feel it because of my sense I just changed my sense I'm getting my groove back a baby I will try I will try if I just find a better gun like a peacekeeper but I will get hairy hard not a freakin alternator beware the recoil is as bad as the freakin three bus in the thing I feel like getting back into apex I see enjoy it alright yeah grind yeah so how do you give on down off some odd as it appears your chance of getting it stay active make sure nodes you have extreme and just pretty much the safe supportive in chakra help people out when they are extra stuff in chat and all that man so yeah I can offer a good hour of grinding tonight I'll be back to at least these another game Wow yeah he's sweaty the one on the side properties way as well just yeah Jacques Marcel let's give it are we coming in from you know actually like water treatment let's go they're not always there but sometimes it is very vibration needs to get off I hate it yeah can you turn it on yeah I don't suppose forget let's go this long barrel and this trans gold yep someone'll and they're here for other jet hey pick on that I go on we see so I'm gonna get finished here we go oh wait people don't even finish in this game why bro I didn't get finished where's my teammate where is he oh he's coming to razor he's coming to race just leave he's dead well we got an apex pack let's get e a lifetime damaged out that's pious well if I actually Kady 1.1 what oh right sorry if I get on my other account that will be so hot my Katie would be like four I'm only planning on this again because I don't know everyone the stats on my other account that's crazy so I'll plan this again till I get better and then I'll get back on my good account cuz I don't not want to waste I like I don't want to like make my Katie bad another week no I went back today okay you get an extra weight yeah it's good though yes taxes this chill and no one's even talking oh he's pretty he look sweaty Amish or season one kills only 95 we'll go back here again and hopefully I find something better if I don't find a good gun man if I don't find something like a shorty or a submachine gun I'm gonna be Phe T what's good yeah my friend plays blackout yeah I don't want to fight open so he's like fine I'll play chords by myself and I get it sorry peace I got that your name again pick up the gun burn doing the right hail good you're good you're good god I didn't join all wait what do you mean what you're good you're good you're good told you I may get my groove back on let's get eo1 so you don't get shot do what we go what is it oh my gawd oh I hear one let's go gold knock – ooh – a crazy wait did I oh my god I could shoot let's go I'm literally just about this shit on some kids if you wanna it's gonna bite Meg / you don't even understand if I don't know what extended lightning wait what am I not using heavy when we record summer now I've got heaps Wyatt man let's head over to just follow me oh wait I think there's people on me all night that's a teammate grab a coke a terribly now watch you'll sweat upscale hey yeah lots of white hammer here if you want some Germany heavy yuck apex no I dropped all mine there's people over here plugs enemies okay wait is this for havoc or a prowler hey what what is it what is it sorry I'm not thinking like I'm buying it upgraded everything on GTA that's a camera wait where was their people let's have a head over to market over this way let's go this way wait someone's got rebooted someone just got rebooted right here right here yeah yeah oh yeah yup he just got he just jumped out remember he's got no weapon where is that where is it where is it I got it's on the other side other side I'm pretty sure yes yes good good good wait where is it I'm confused it's right up here he ran no it's here is yours you oh there's a portal there's a portal freshwater professor Porter I'm going through it yep there install down in Sultan ami ami I don't know where they are but I know they're here somewhere but I need an extendable iron mag where are they one punch ones white ones later I got a mixer back he's up there yep he's not ready gettin gettin gettin gettin given wait for I've got so provides so I'm gonna try self provide myself it's not gonna work you can't finish no he's out oh my god I just so provide myself there's no way we have so many cues I should have used my portal for easy wins and apex they're pretty easy once you get like used to it once you get used to it it's easy this game all you got to know how to do is aim you and me let's take this mean the winners out there looking for you we'll find you if you let it are you kidding me there's a thin line between life and death Oh find me there wait did you see you later yeah he's never changed his skin this time did you see the girl that storm like one no I didn't see how good he is is he good no not the guy on my team he's some one thing is he good let's go we'll go bunk our this way there wasn't this like conscious favorite place to drop ya back yo it's good but I keep jumping way too early this kid will not get off my are you're lucky two guys what are they are yeah I got an RA 45 enemy down I don't know where he got stuck is one shot nice oh my god peacekeeper let's go he has beastly Lu wait is there shotgun shells oh yeah yeah what nice behind the local hunter oh yeah yeah why is this not going on my peacekeeper already got one that's just I'm finally he gave me a lot oh ok nice nice um I might take the r9 on I'll wait what will happen to it oh well let's go on I took it it's fine you have it no it's fine I got a peacekeeper what you might do police set up there and watch yeah probably but we got godly Lu we got purple armor pick up the light in my man what does this gun what are you shooting at neighbor the the bullets in this game they go so far so just don't shoot I'll see there we go he's what just lasered me man right out teammates a ball why don't you drop it there where'd they go I see em I see em I see em there are you from 13 what – oh shoot mama a team I'm getting out wait I'll put it one down okay yeah I'm fighting someone he's not on me yet but it is find me eventually whole team's away oh yeah now what Tigers like I mean oh ones one yeah I wanted him where they go can you see them mark them if you can see them yeah one was there when he did this weird finger yeah the rice probably yep and behind us boys they were just plain you write the plural is but going back right yeah what's on for are we getting pushed by so many people I'm just gonna chill back here for a little while that's what they thought well I can tell my movements hitting better now no 8x taking you what do you mean I used to fight all the time yeah no one bleeding it was like to drag some stuff Oh Ricky's play apex I'm like no I'm a guy that's okay I can I pitch tomorrow can't we do cross there's no cross platform you know in apex and you can opiate all players course I'm choosing laughs again tomorrow cross no no no I'm ready okay hey Biggs but I have no one to play with or you can play with me if you're on ps4 men like I'm down I might get off soon I'll throw it on them but I remember there's a video on my channel somewhere about 34 kills on Apex that's like some random you apex facts echo unless I get on brother I'll try kids before okay should way let's go back to bonk I reckon I'm coming in this end this time though we did not do good that's not it what are you playing tomorrow probably for an hour actually yeah let's learn here we'll load up a little bit here I got a hemlock first YUM that's alright imma go now see ya zebra if I don't get a gun I'm done with a pigs for the day yep how do I not have a gun oh you wanna gun the orange team this game so bad imma gonna loot this joins me alright your power what's good bah bah give me a gun do you like the Prowler prowling me it's not the best kind of the game I wouldn't take it over something like some stuff I hate this scope on this gun removed what does that sound don't know I want to say it but not on stream oh I got an R 301 everyone's dead so do I hear people I think I do oh yeah it's over you bro grab that grab that armor or whatever it is my extended I make I would like one if you can find one what does that sound I'm pretty sure it's a um what is that extended energy mag all they've got extended energy mags in the game now they've never used to have them it just used to be what have you gone I don't want a P 2020 Rick yep what the hell I want to shoot it see what happened why not nothing Oh give me an extended light Magwitch aah oh my god yes thank you doesn't not shut up hmm there's another pterodactyl you don't we're close to the ring 30 seconds left brah how different mix in the light mag let's go push that fight where is that fight I think I'm actually not sure where it is they mess up our old place we wait no I want that purple box wait let's go push the fight push the fight whistle fight whistle fight or is that you shooting those make sure but come such as purple box I shot from a teriyaki head no UK cheerleader you killed it really yes who's in the stream okay there's a death box here is it hopefully think like Megan there hi all yours chillin yes be careful in bunker – there's no only people sitting in here you can be the Michoud everyone talk hello buddy I'm no hero thanks care about ya backspace key this first one so if I get to sub me in the stream you'll let go what the hell but all I need is an extended line Mac and I will win this game you gotta say I hit this balloon with me there's a jump tower over there wait come here don't stop there what make him go up there oh okay yeah drop it now quick quick dropped it as soon as as soon as we open this we need to quickly get out of here because now everyone knows where we are okay in the stream and tool James playing with me boy what do you want to push a push up that way push up that way oh that's unloaded we could lose that it's unloaded it's in the light night please backpack I'm not even using this Oh get rid of it thank you thank you because the more you guys are talk my stream don't get suggested boys wait is this live yeah bruh wait can I use that no I just show me a wrecked do you have an extended lie mag with me oh my god this is a kid oh my god he scared the crap out of me our shield cells what the hell I have a whole nother 60 why do you have so much stuff I'll take this you alway there's people they stay with us people of many people meet people I'll let you down yeah actually let's take this back and he's got a purple extended right mag wait where did my purple i'ma go yo this kid just took my purple armor man this kids annoying man little three young men I'm gonna come in then you can come play with you sure wait is this right yep for this kids ready Jimmy yeah oh there it is this wears a peacekeeper for me man yeah what is it oh let me oh my god I love you for there's no when we get that leaderboard for topology Wilbur let's go we need it go push someone oh wait what I need to use one of these in need to recharge my shields rekt I love you love you too bro no hair my cement see bar have a good one man wait let's go we need to push that right now go back down there's a team yeah be careful be TT but he's the team's here be careful behind you right behind you I mean behind me how many kids wait who's got a legendary knockdown shooter who's got a legendary knockdown shield I tell you does he know how to read himself he doesn't the game disk glitch or something [Applause] they're finally knows how to revive the muscle I don't think you can play see with a mouse on this game now you can't / can't play keep it American why do we destroy yep oh no a teammates alive can you recover us how good he resumed in nine okay he's pretty good at the game get my recovery where you can't see your dad TV you can play this game on PC correct I want to send you something on what important yeah what is it I don't think you can play PC yeah bro you can't play PC on this game I'm trying right now guys hold on yeah no I can't it's not working wait there's on level 17 because they don't want to play it's 33 degrees here y'all like friend play this game um yeah he plays it on pc but it doesn't buy Peters full keyboard a mouse yes Doxey ignorant intelligence will guide us as possible okay buddy wait what what do you say me yeah this song so delayed what's the light your stream it's delayed like when I shoot it's a different sound or something no it's like no how we're just choosing our cactus yeah yeah it was up to you and it just led me to you yeah I've not played apex in like a month same yeah same I started before seasons even came out for why does this kid wanna go here for this kit this place is so bad trust me it's wrecked didn't stop playing this game it would be one of the best in the world probably bro I was so good at this game I would literally dropped 20 bombs all the time he's lagging so he killed me Ricky's got to kill you too lagging where the hell is he pick up how am I being aimed at bore where are they I need to go help my team a man oh yes I'm coming too cause I'd be a bitch about it I just hit him 114 in the head I'm knocked to and hit the dude 80 and then 114 in the head how is he not dead okay buddy I understand I have to watch it okay nagi ttttt either reason this little stream on America towers I mean GTE yeah okay so what happened is I logged in like I sent involved in because I plug my cable with like unplugged for some reason just plug back in and I certainly pressed on the og Scully account and uh yeah it wasn't nothing Burke don't even more it was yeah it was me accidentally yeah makes you guys leave a like man if you haven't are there box for oh my god let's actually go here we're gonna die yes I can see one cheese yeah there's a lot of kids oh sorry no it's GT on the og Scully account yeah crops he's making videos on it bro yesterday logon yeah I sent you logged on any freaked out he's like he's like no no no no no but where the gun oh my god what are you gonna do huh huh to finish me finish me yeah it's it's VX aureus yeah no cool why are you good at this game hit the kill and get the gun I'm fast lay away food alright go raise if you can oh what's closest closest is here helping it for you right tackle you Thomas still like muscle cuz I have school now I don't know if she's slack okay this is unloaded which is good and I should be able to find her hey gun wait there's people there's people there's people so just go just go this he's running he doesn't know that though why did that teammate leave the game oh no I didn't are you all good where is that people wait is that people start line the other is he told me he's gonna kill me wait one of their one of their one of their bigger but we go my god Kane is there anyone else I don't know I don't know did he get knocked all or die straightaway naive die spread all right okay well then I there's no no I got your friend roll apex loaded 10 seconds to the ring who's it open the door you want to go jump over a close are you we read come here I need to fuck you know this is my box top wall the sky all right absolute books yeah kind of energy mag I want the extended heavy madman wait wrecked me I loved how in the morning is mostly fun for anybody at night there's a bit of swearing a Michael okay KITT keep training wait what's unlooted Thomas the big boys locked the box yeah I got it oh my god Arthur everyone there's no way oh my god this skins gordly you have any light people go to bed win that I want okay mom I go to zone whoa I heard delays sorry whistling good this way yeah cancel that up she'll die hold on i'll play portal you still do fight with me sir well I don't know if I'm trying to say for PC and it's gonna take a lot longer than I expected so well I thought that I was gonna um you know them donors that I got from Corbin yeah yeah I thought like that was really gonna help me out with the PC but turned a little fake house I say because he uses mom's credit card and his mom discharged it all back well another after one I'd take that they goaded guns hey baby skadoosh what's good boy who found it yep they're all real yeah but for something really like he's done in 400 but I don't know he land in the water I don't know it doesn't feel like it's 400 I haven't got 400 I don't know it's just gonna be eating like he's definitely donated like close to that amount yeah but I just haven't got it which is really oh I want at least 2 K I don't have any just they're pushing they're pushing off so because he's white he's water or I've no ammo for this we wrecked come down here and registered to be all mine I really don't like 85-foot life you'll probably do better use when you start live stream do exclamation uptime and you'll find out favorite if you think you think you make 100% I like to use to thank you check one two I cracked that dude we absolutely cracked him for 150 or something oh he's not subtle he's a sway what is that he make doing our sleeve watching a star oh you got to get off the way yeah play customs further all right have a good one here yeah good luck in stru correct what time do you usually dream not this time yeah doesn't ever want to play it does plays apex that's it I'm gonna smash on you I don't care it's much better be on baby smash was actually really good at this game does anyone want to play hello anyone want to play please someone I still want to play birds fun tomorrow I can't I can't go to go soon it's fun think your arctic wolf make sure you leave a like and subscribe man that's just really up you see I deleted it deleted oh okay they all do I'll be on bumi finally you already subscribed thank you for that's house calm bank good call thank you why are you playing with his game cuz well he joined smash play a picks with me don't be a ball I'm frickin sad no one's on don't be a brought and play with me it's not that reliable what do you mean by that play some underrated games like wall smash you better play with me play with me crash it's not if I get it not if I'm save up for a good PC which I'm talking about to your antics did you you're lying because you knew that you were going to play with me again I want to get our what's it called Ark but I don't have enough money for that why wait can you like to turn your mic up a little bit I can't hear you boy sorry there we go I couldn't he so I'm sorry I robot no I I don't wanna know then did Maggie hey we have autorun I don't know just something different they know for the Mannings yeah I will download a pic to drop in for a sec – say hi thank you bar makes you leaving a life to say hi men are you gonna play with me smash mmhmm but no remember me me was go to on freakin APEC okay you destroyed you just steal my kills but now we've were you gotta say it we were pretty good a what what is that wait I want that shot a shot wait Dave and Mike I'll be back in after that game I'll be back okay I'll be back I'll be back I'll be back yo what's up boys I'm sorry I'm coming coming coming coming coming going [Applause] comingcoming now crack Jim he's run another one on me OHL my new killer watch for them we can't hear them I don't know why I should be chilling uh my wife's pretty cracked is over let's explore this way let's explore this way cancel that what would you coming care package to IPP Michael yeah fuck I need an author a one-minute thanks mm-hmm wait way oh okay yeah I'm looking for an author I don't even know what the death boxes are it's fine if two modems oh my god oh yo thank you thank you I do you want an awning on our 301 here how long is this video I don't know however long I wanted to be in Moscow were learning about drugs we said well I said crack what okay buddy no joke Oh get what does the orange thing that's like it's stolen like in falling over extended late mag here level 2 all of the hell the paper purple armor I did not mean to do that on my god there's another team behind us racecourse DD's de la la I'm back I just got absolutely wrecked on TV smashed it to be smashed ain't TV smile I mean T TV in your name why'd you text me two minutes ago I told you it was my streaks oh you want me to jump on my other camera yeah that's right well let me put you in my face so then we can actually start a best friend will be fridge [Laughter] we're gonna be friends imagine taking ready imagine I was sorry if anyone has epilepsy I'm sorry look at this – TV smash she's trying these guys normally youth bangalore how many people watching you knowin let's see how good you are this way jumping in yep gone straight to skull town not it only takes it only takes like 20 minutes to get better like to get used to it again I mean you wish holy yeah you gotta turn yourself or rather P 2020 you're good you're good you're good are you going but this one er if our teammate doesn't get in these trash oh budget oh my god bad dick alive how many plane has a video I don't know depends Minh I need Selina here imagine having a peaceful exclusive skin how long if you have something to do the Arctic you know you could just I don't mind man if you have stuff to do go go egg for every time I send streaks of my of my face I get like 20 girls that replay my snap you know I'm sexy no one replay because I don't need to send a black screen with an S on it but some time ago yeah sometimes my face and then they just like who other than subsidy on my Lavery it's a big cats man I get cats every day oh yeah bro at school I literally got called this is this new chick she's like why do you think your top shit and things like you're an essay and then I went over to this chick I'm like how Micro I'm like I would have do this like one of my best friends to the chicken I'm like yo this this this person right here is talking shit and she's like and she went her bro literally went off she's not gonna do it again she had like three chicks just gonna offer that bro that's how like yeah when you're in Si you know you can literally do this asked people to bad people no like yeah okay I do have on buddy I wear my slides in my socks firm it's good it's just yeah I totally don't know but you're my friend boy I like my friends but if you hung with me no one would ever be if they only you probably are but you know everyone is scared of me for some reason I don't know why I wish I could emote right now it's beautiful that's a decoy I know it's not he's liking that he's so loyal – what are you doing I'm playing right now you want to join me by a mine I need a latte my feeling I've no mo I don't know yet your go dude that's why I subscribed let's go your beanie the whole time but not spoken yeah that's swags right link in description come on music come on music copyrighted music Rick did you you we're gonna hide it oh right it's a ride yeah it had to write someone yeah are you sure you soon yeah it's a video done help or it's a stream we have no choice but to win yeah we have no choice you see you're writing some water that means no like someone told me to write someone like as in discarded ice cream it's not new it's not self emotion when you're writing someone what is yeah I just went there and said right no it was a keen swags right keen told everyone about his dream I have K nodded all your jumpmaster okay buddy go down straight down straight down I'm launching so long gone straight down messes on trade down yeah you can understand that I don't give two shits you can be my neighbor or you can actually finally be my mate see that's why I haven't liked you this whole time leaving the game I know you do I don't even care you don't have a bum bag you're not my friend bo a bum bag yeah well maybe I just call them fun bags because they sit on your bum bums do you want to spit fire on this line even though the fire is hope you know it's a good gun here take it I promise you you'll like it I have this know you like to spit fire oh it's it's an automatic they are in fact they are which is a pile of dog shit I'm taking it if you want I so buddy well Ivan are fair one which is my favorite gun so I'll tell you what's my other team my table take it but I wish you played apex legends more you'd be literally spitting all over that gun you'd be drooling she later power I don't understand the waiter on this gun it's fun I don't think part logs me more cuz you're so deep there's more Alison the thing is right now I'll it she you know when I can't do same yeah you gotta have like a certain amount of volume up by the way yeah peacekeeper it's a pump shock on if you didn't know what it is everyone in the chat right now guys everyone spent F in the chat right now the event is gonna happen right now guys the event is happening right now and looks the same to me yeah yeah so proud of it you come into my room he's like oh my god okay I say today's law I don't shave not yet did dad teacher would did you still play blue Tommy – you're lucky you have a good relationship with your brother oh really well we are through one take that in here yeah it's good right brother are you taking the blue armor yes finally take the r01 bro it's so good I got it in mind to Jonathan Thurston yeah Jonah from Tonga oh wait I've heard of him ya know how that knows like who is what is the geese trap so set up a new folks Jenna from phone no you search it up on flicks what he has boss wait we gonna go down right now what was that animal I remember that's a boy those are never enemies in this game when we play today let's smoke them another Arthur one for did you need to accidentally shoot the boy wait do you have the operator one yeah because you have a side bag take your weapon out you run faster put it away yeah what did I say you should take it and I said take it out well the same thing pretty much wait there's people up here there's people happy yeah I hear them they're here be careful yep right where what they went down they went down to him we've got heart we've got my ball hi I knocked him coming coming coming coming alright stop running while he's fighting he's what he need buddy I'm on quite no he's not that's on the other side I need help bar on top of you but I'm not sure where they are man he's up there I've got even disco I get the race he's on top of their bar I'm just calling for him he's been a bitch about it kill the enemy see I did this guy so bad what one yeah you need it once you get an extended maggot soldier it's got good damages need to get an extended mag but we might win this game only three squads left man just just chill it's fine if she loves you enough she will understand I'm sorry it's nice sofa you're not where are these kids is they gonna think they're gonna think we're fighting someone and then they're gonna um come try third party yeah well there's someone right there hiding behind that big inning they're aiming at me sure I think someone's targeting me then the shop offers no huh not wages had design head design head design come around this way maybe something good this way because I might have better shield than us because it's like really fun to the game no I mean why we have blue they mother purple you can win we can try a bar no come with me we get heightened right here so I reckon there's gonna be people camping in here bro be honest with you forget that breakaway Greek where did you go what do you mean why did you go to bar if someone pushed me now we would be dead no I'm coming to you it's fine it's fine just keep stay with your female it's dinosaurs there's definitely people here so be careful go so soon here you go first you be me should but if our teammate actually searched this he's it he's so bad at the game why because you're not meant to search these late game because then they know where they are where they are how do you see chat on it on my computer bar but you just drop like crate these things don't search then late game because then they know exactly where you are this is the best hiding spot in the world ah briny the piss I need a piece I'll do whatever I'll be back yes I'm going no run the zones coming whoa check ok back let's get it let's go this way what these know why you pissed in that time no my shoes I've never purse that fast in my life mop it out wherever you can bar pop it out where you can wait no that's just a ki you take it boy I reckon there's I see people in the end it's all unloaded well why is there any sort of heavy mags oh I cannot even piss I was just trying to make you scared but I really need a piss barn where is everyone that we can't find Andre it's scary when you can't find anyone yeah how many people left it doesn't say that's the thing all we know is this three squads left so me another wooden others what I hear people ready ready ready right they're going into the house another one another one he's why he's wanted wider wider wider go go go and in that room in the corner in the corner we got pay my doing I focused on onion that's my fault we died what are you doing what are you nice DG's I killed the champion I'm gonna jump off number it's not dirty Allah pay for tonight tomorrow with you ok ok ok goodbye smash right up I see you later Chuck so three plus three equals six plus two equals eight yes I will see you later arctic wolf slay everyone that was in the stream I appreciate I will see you guys in tomorrow stream see you later guys have a go on

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