Pink Floyd Instrumental Mix

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  1. Brenda Vanessa says:

    Jaja mi bebé se relaja con esta música y apenas tiene 2 meses de nacido y si le pongo de otras llora. 😁🤣

  2. Blackwood Richmore says:

    This music was 'instrumental' in Pink Floyd's success! 😆

  3. Bajra Satya Traders says:

    Beautifully compiled. Thank you. This was what i needed now.

  4. Nate Bloom says:

    i thank this mix for getting me through summer school busy work…

  5. Gek Channel-ITA says:

    this is the MUSIC

  6. chakrapath charuphan says:

    Thank you..

  7. Jakub Kloc says:

    What version of Comfortably Numb is this?

  8. RIDA ARABI says:

    i need this wallpaper please

  9. Thomas Reichert says:

    thank you . All the best

  10. dpc983 says:

    Yeahhh……………. let's run like you were in heaven…..

  11. Jeremy McCann says:

    Commercial every 5 minutes… I miss early youtube 🙁

  12. Animal More Equal Than Others says:

    Excelente para mantenerte focus y estudiar…

  13. Rudy Murgia says:


  14. צחי ארביב says:


  15. צחי ארביב says:

    Good week my power

  16. Jeff Porcaro Groove says:

    excellent x 100

  17. Jack Dewar says:

    When it goes from on the turning away to comfortably numb 😫👌

  18. Nick Zagorov says:

    Opening song gives u the chills! Making that guitar talk god-damm!!!

  19. Philip Vermeulen says:


  20. Jo Gabriel Costa says:

    I really appreciate this effort! Thank You!

  21. Lizzie :3 says:

    To avoid advertisement, fast-forward the video to the very end, then returning back to the beginning. This works; sometimes.

  22. Erik Rickie Matzoun says:

    Good Mix Sound of

  23. Monserrat Mendoza says:

    gracias!! perfecto para leér…

  24. Kitty Vaughn says:

    "Music can reach to the depths of our troubled, injured souls and provide comfort when nothing else on earth can."

  25. Kitty Vaughn says:

    Sometimes you don't want words, you just want music.

  26. Julian john says:

    pretty good would love to listen to david while hes just jamming on that guitar of his dont get me wrong i like the songs but love the sound wayy more!

  27. Bahaa Soleman says:

    12:40 EARGASM

  28. Rafael Henrique Santos says:

    0:00 – Sorrow
    9:42 – Confortblynumb
    13:57 – High Hopes
    16:25 – Run Like Hell
    19:40 – Another Brick and Wall
    22:30 – One Of These Days
    27:47 – Terminal Frost
    33:48 – Marooned

  29. Daniel SY says:


  30. jahid hasan says:

    Sorrow, ♥

  31. Krystof Stojan says:

    24:27 there is quiet melody that sounds like Dr Who theme 😀

  32. Dave Windsor says:

    Great job in mixing… too bad YouTube screws the flow of the mix with seemingly indiscriminate placement of advertising..

  33. Erik Scherer says:

    Awesome transitions! Seamless

  34. Michael Prentice says:

    It's awesome wish they didn't cram so many commercials in I'm never going to maccas again

  35. erika villarreal says:

    Great for when pulling all nighters, I speed up to the music to 1.25, this really helped sync the music with the effects of caffeine and maximized my concentration! Thanks!

  36. JUNGO says:

    first of all – "they are better than Hendrix"  – false statement – inaccuracy somewhat…you, my friend,  Michael Prentice  obviously and definitely lack the knowledge of jimi hendrix …  in my opinion D. Gilmour would kinda smirk or laugh quietly most likely … another idea is you have little to no interest in Hendrix….   in short before jimi got to junky commercial shit which was at his worst he was session player…best band that would represent his ideal performance would be jimi Hendrix and Curtis knight    check out –       The Authentic PPX Studio Recordings      this helps out every one who like to know Hendrix before silly eddie Kramer or chas chandler got hold of him…   interesting mx…basically long instrumental outro from songsmeaning last part of the song ending with instrumental ending…name of the songs – sorrowon the turning awaycomfortably numbdivision bellrun like hellanother brick in the wall 2one of these daysterminal frostmaroonedbasically recent shitas asshole roger waters puts it"fare forgery" albums

  37. Maricy Martines says:

    Simplesmente uma viagem musical, para sair de orbita …….. incrível !!!!

  38. Abraham Baker says:

    This is a tremendous help for me while doing Bible study and writing sermons. Thank you for posting.

  39. Michael Prentice says:

    they are better than Hendrix

  40. L C says:

    wow phenomenal

  41. Galder Grasfjord says:

    Perfect just perfect 🙂

  42. Michael Prentice says:

    so beautiful no words

  43. Michael Prentice says:


  44. Hippy Trippy says:

    sorrow 😭

  45. Leroux Fabien says:

    j'adore !!! quelle évasion !

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