Picture in picture in Elementary OS

January 4, 2020 posted by

in my earlier video I showed how to get
an effect picture-in-picture in plasma five gnome XFC and other desktops but
the only Linux distribution that provides a real picture in picture mode
is elementary OS so in this video I will demonstrate you how to use picture in
picture mode in elementary OS let’s get started to enable this feature you just need
to press the shortcut super key and F and you will get this cross instead of
your mouse pointer then you use it to select area you want to be in picture in
picture mode I will just use this YouTube video and you will get it here
at the bottom right corner so now if I open any other application this video
you still keep playing here in this picture in picture mode you can move it
across your desktop place where you want it you can also resize it and it also
stays active even if you switch to other desktops there is only one small problem here for
example if I switch it up in my Firefox this picture in picture window will
change – as you can see now it shows my website this is not exactly what I would
expect but if I go back to my YouTube tab everything is back so you just need
to get used to this behavior if you don’t want to have this picture in
picture window anymore you just close it by pressing on this close button if you
want to get similar effect in other desktops such as plasma 5 to know more
xfce please watch the video you see right now on your screen thank you for


18 Replies to “Picture in picture in Elementary OS”

  1. bezy Tech says:

    First i love your channel i learned a lot from you

  2. Ольга Вейшнория says:

    Эёрли видео 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Mahesh Lalwani says:

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Justin X. says:

    Next for Ubuntu?😅

  5. Music Factory Studios says:

    Opera has this option built in by default on all platforms which I use all the time, so it's great to see the this is being implemented at the OS level! Great content as always!

  6. Adithya Ps says:

    all this is nice, still u didnt review MX argh !

  7. Google Google says:

    Cannot wait that this channel reaches 1milion subscriber!

  8. Google Google says:

    Are you using Elementary OS now?

  9. fab - says:

    It's so great thanks. Does it is possible with Arch? I am with Archlabs KDE dm

  10. Kailash K S says:

    I have learnt a lot from your videos man. That Arch Linux concise video was really informative and easy to understand .. I actually had one question and request. Can you make a tutorial on Arch Linux persistent USB ?

    One more thing. Someone had asked this on another thread – Did you set it up to be in ram as most as possible ?

    and someone had replied – yes, "noatime" mount option in /etc/fstab along with no swap, lots of tmpfs mount points in fstab. There are lots of guides out there.

    As far as flash read/writes: I tend to work in the /tmp directory that's housed on RAM whenever possible.

    What does this mean ?

  11. John Doe says:

    GNOME users can try the Window Corner Preview extension. It's a bit buggy and lacks some features, though.

  12. Abdelilah Hmidani says:

    i use plugins for these for chrome and firefox

  13. Aurnytoraink says:

    How to have PiP in all Linux distro with Firefox:
    First make sure you are using at least Firefox 68, then go into about:config then search for pictureinpicture, then enable it and restart Firefox.
    And now enjoy the PiP on all distro even with others os

  14. Average Linux User says:

    You can get a similar picture in picture effect in other desktops: https://youtu.be/MVblJRLuxHc

  15. Matías Contardo says:

    Perfect feature for procrastinators like me 😂

  16. Sudip Chatterjee says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Mani Zaeim says:

    Long time I didnt work with Compiz, but I assume most of the distros with modern window manager have it pre-installed, so if you install compiz Fusion Manager you can enable it! or most probably by editing the config file!

  18. Ilham Apriansyah says:

    Thank you so much, your video verry useful for beginners like me.

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