22 Replies to “Photoshop Tutorial Graphic Design Minimal 3D Circle”

  1. Badshah Aatish says:

    Mir Rom , this Videos psd file give me yrr

  2. Mademoiselle V says:

    Amazing 🍻

  3. minhman luu says:

    I've been looking for ít, thanks sơ much Mir Rom

  4. Akshay Sharma says:

    Thank You Brother! i owe a lot to you! please let me know me if you need any help in video making, i am a editor as well.

  5. Kristin Siu says:

    I've learnt sth, thank you!

  6. Muhammad Ruhul Amin says:

    Sir, I wanna your student.

  7. yasmine soliman says:

    how can i get this logo??

  8. AEI FST Fès says:

    Absolutely Genius ! 😀
    We need more people like you in this world

  9. Ravi Kanth says:

    awesome works… its very simple and good works I am fan of you..

  10. Naseer Amin says:

    you are magician Thank you so much

  11. Mandolina says:

    Dear Mir Rom you are amezign. I have one important question…How do you prepare files for export, for client? Can you make video and explane? Thank you 🙂 p.s, Are you doing anything in ILLUSTRATOR ir just in PS?

  12. Muhammad Uzair says:

    good effort

  13. ferdous santo says:


  14. Zohair Saeed says:

    Very nice thank you

  15. 이집사 says:


  16. Hamawiya TV says:

    all your design are impressive and disign dream
    I will like to have your contact for a maintenance case Please

  17. Gabriel Cardaire says:

    C'est très beau !! Vraiment très beau et la vidéo est très agréable à regarder.

  18. Aziz Videographer says:

    If i ever open a Company in Germany ill love to have you here

  19. Aziz Videographer says:

    Best ever photoshop king

  20. Mashitaf_ says:

    This is absolutely help rather than learning through the tutorial in pdf 😀
    Thank you, genius 😀

  21. RAIN AGT says:

    Perfect, it is very good tutorial, and the back sound of this tutorial make me feel comfortable. May i ask you mir, what is the back sound of this tutorial?

  22. Koray BAKIR says:


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