PANTHEON: Graphics Upgrade is Here!!

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god is good and with each day that
passes brings us a day closer to the launch of Pantheon rise of the falling
today I want to talk about the new newsletter that dropped here for
November and the amazing graphic update but before we get started guys if you
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right to it what you’re looking at right now on the screen is pre alpha 3 okay
and to be honest with you before I even get into the the amazing screenshots
that we have now I want you to look at this this is pre alpha 3 okay this was
the last pre alpha that they did we got pre op before coming up here and this is
what it looked like and I would have been ok with that
I want to make that clear if the game would have released looking like that
what you see right now you know of course added animations because the
animation is obviously not done for a lot of things going on in the game
however this fidelity this this style this exact models everything just with
added animation I would have been ok with that it would have been 100% ok
with it as a matter of fact I was only expecting minor tweaks to detail and you
know for them to just kind of clean it up a little bit and stuff like that or
really wasn’t expecting what I’m about to show you now so I want you to really
pull this into your mind what you’re seeing right now and look at it and
think would I have played the game had it have looked like this at lunch with
better animation but but the graphics were looking like that would I had
played it with all the awesome elements and everything the game has in it now
let’s move forward this is a screenshot now of where the character models are
now ok so pre alpha 4 going forward at this point in time and I’m sure they’re
still not even done with it right but this is what the game this is the ogres
it’s going to be more screen shots of course but this is the ogre
I want you to really look at the detail on this and how much that has changed
from just the previous pre-alpha so I think it’s very obvious of the art team
Joppa I’m assuming as part of it everybody that’s involved at visionary
realms and what they’ve been able to accomplish in these couple of short
months this is crazy this looks like a different game this is beyond what I
think any of us probably expected from a small team like visionary rounds making
a crowdfunded MMO in to you know for at least 2019 2020 20 whenever it may be
this is beyond what I think we expected okay we’re looking at some very
high-quality triple-a graphics let’s look into it a little deeper though
first of all look how cool the female overlooks okay I wasn’t you know putting
a lot of stock into a female over actually looking cool at all usually
when you get like a monster type character model then you make it female
it’s usually a little bit weird if there’s something they either try to
over-sexualize it or or something it just doesn’t doesn’t cross over well
this is how you do I need everybody in the in the entire art direction of any
type of video game to look at this I need the entire industry to look at this
and see that this is how you make a female version of a ugly race okay this
is how you do it the detail behind this acts look at all the little chisel
points along the edge look at how it looks like everything the details kind
of ingrained into the metal you can see the wrappings right there on it I mean
this is gorgeous and guys this is probably like a level
15 or so axe and it’s gorgeous now since Pantheon is inspired by
Dungeons and Dragons I just wanted to pull up a little picture of an ogre from
D&D some pretty good artwork of it anyway rendition there and look how it
compares look how this really fits that model with the art style alright and
here is a screenshot of the updated character models for the elves which I
really thinks it looks really cool too I love
the ice style that they got going on I like it the way that this one shows a
little bit more of the kind of the kind of glistening kind of reflections you
can see on the character models and all the intricate details because we got
something to compare it with right like they can make an ogre look like whatever
they want we kind of know what we think an elf should look like a little bit
more I would think because they’re so similar to humans so this is beautiful
I’m really impressed with everything about this not just the actual model the
characters but if you look at the work they’ve done on this particular set of
armor that they’re wearing everything just comes together it’s very clean it’s
very cool-looking it’s it’s very D&D and it just looks awesome all right so
here’s the halflings now I already know as soon as you’ve seen this or this
first time you’ve ever seen it I know what you’re already thinking whoa wait a
minute the original character art made them look a lot more fancy or or
differentiating from the other races I get it
really the only thing we’re seeing here is the feathers in the female’s hair and
besides that you could just say they’re kind of and that’ll kind of squash it
down right but don’t worry once again this is just the pre-alpha poor updated
graphics there’s going to be plenty of that and I think the most I think what
sometimes shows is like the generic okay so tattoos on a face paint I guess or
whatever you want to call it I think that’s all coming that’ll be part of the
character creator once again I want to get a closer look at this because you
can see the reflection quality and I don’t know if this is like standard with
unity or this is self-made I don’t really know nothing about developing to
know that but look at the reflections coming off the right side of the male’s
head there and just how beautiful it looks and how that actually looks like
it’s illuminating hair and not and not the other objects and how the
illumination on them are different that’s just gorgeous and I wanted to
point that out I wanted to show these side-by-side because I know that’s gonna
be the comparison a lot of people make and I have a feeling people are gonna
say that the that the halflings just look like children elf
children right like you see what I’m saying but once again everything’s not
in place yet and and I wouldn’t worry about that and not just the character
models guys pay attention also to the armor because you know that’s not
uniquely tied to the character right that’s something else it’s been
changed or upgraded is at least these particular ones that are showing off
right so it kind of gives us an idea for what the armor can look like and what
kind of you know what kind of different styles we can see so pay attention to
that as we’re going through these videos as well I think that’s something a lot
of people are ignoring them they’re looking at these screen shots this is
giving us a really good look into what the armors gonna end up looking like or
at least how the design philosophy is going behind that and the only good
picture we had will be human that’s new is this one but still you can see a
massive improvement over what we were seeing before so you can see a lot of
detail on the hat on the scalp on the hair on the muscle tone everything and
also you’ll notice up there in the top of this picture is showing it looks like
eight a trigger point or whatever for a perception is happening okay my next
video that I’ll be doing here in a couple days will actually be on all the
announcements on the perception system however in the meantime you’re gonna
look into that it’s right there on the newsletter in November on pantheon MMO
comm in the news section you can see the November newsletter and there is a whole
section dedicated to the perception system I would also not trying to brag
but I have a perception video that I made months and months and months ago
that pretty much what I was pretty much talking about exactly the kind of thing
they’re talking about here and I’m once again I’m not bragging but you know this
was this really isn’t new information they’re going more in depth as far as
explaining it or whatever or what they meant when they were talking about it
before but this is still kind of the same information we already knew there’s
some more hints and gleams of things to come and how it will all play out in it
cetera actually if you go back and watch my perception video that I did a little
while back on my channel you’ll see that I’m already talking up that kind of
thing but guys the point I really want to get across about all this these
pictures and everything as far as the graphics killing the upgrades they’ve
done to the models is this just shows the visionary realms has a lot of talent
okay we’re talking about a very very small development team crowd-funded not
backed by a huge publisher right and and just pouring their own energy in their
own talent as much as they can over a hundred percent it’s starting to
seem like into this game to make the game that we all want to play and
graphics aren’t everything okay I wouldn’t they didn’t even have to do
this that’s the thing that’s got me so impressed is most of the gamers that are
that are actively following and supporting Pantheon Rises appalling so
their actual community base right now does not deploy they’re not they’re not
they weren’t interested because the graphics okay we would have been us the
core group would have been okay with the graphics as they look at the forms it’s
better animations however they just they this was part of their vision apparently
like this was part of it was too they have a particular way they want the game
to look and they have their own style we already knew that that this beautiful
art style that’s just once again is so D&D right it’s just it’s dripping with
the with the uzi awesomeness of D&D and they’ll just pull of lore and story and
character so you know they already had that so and you know the lore itself
would have would have been our imaginations would have made up for any
shortcomings of graphics would have had because these are top nots triple-a
graphics if this was made by the largest publisher in the world I would still be
impressed you know if this was made by Square Enix you know they argue all you
want but they’re usually at the forefront of making you know graphical
progress in with the current technology so if this was really about Square Enix
I’d be impressed but this is a small team pulling this off I can’t wait to
see motion I can’t wait to see characters you know moving around with
these new models I know the animations won’t still be there you know what I
mean it’s not gonna be fully animated yet so it’s probably gonna seem a little
stiff but we know that that is coming we know that the games still being
developed and and all that kind of thing so you know I just look forward to
really getting to see this and dive even deeper and start posting this beautiful
kind of artwork on my channel as I’m talking about Pantheon instead of the
old okay so like I’m already don’t even want to post video footage from pre
alpha 3 because look how beautiful the game looks now right so I can’t wait
till I can start posting some of this beautiful artwork
and we can dive into a deeper and once again guys graphics is not everything
I don’t think absolutely anybody up until this point at least was interest
in Pantheon because of the graphics okay we were all about the gameplay what’s
the game gonna offer and in the perception system and the lore and the
world building and the way the leveling is gonna work and the grouping and the
community focused content that’s what got us to be super fans of pain pain
rises of falling the graphics are just like not just icing on the cake it’s
like they just took a whole dump truck worth of icing and just dumped it right
on you right like this is way overkill this is overkill and guys if they over
killed on the graphics the in my opinion the least most important thing about the
game if they’ve over killed it on the graphics and we’re starting to see more
information pouring through about the perception system can you imagine when
the games out the things that were actually a big part of the vision and
the reason they created Pantheon can you imagine the amount of love and detail
and and and everything that went into the the actual super important parts of
the game okay a lot of people gonna see these graphics gonna freak out and oh my
gosh they’re paying way too much attention to the graphics and it’s gonna
take away from the time and the detail they could be putting into the core
systems of the game guys I really wouldn’t worry about that
because all the way up until now so for several years now they’ve been only
focused on the mechanics in the game and how it’s gonna work etc okay we’re just
now this is overkill but but we’re just now starting to see a major graphic
improvement in these environments I don’t know if they’re planning on taking
that further or not they certainly don’t need to you got a figure this isn’t The
Witcher 3 okay this is an MMO with you know hundreds upon thousands of people
at least hundreds on your screen at a time and you just surely you don’t
actually anybody expect graphics that good so this is fine if they don’t
upgrade at all from here I think we’ll all be more than satisfied with the
graphics okay so I just wanted to make a video about it because you know humans
are visual preachers so as soon as we seen this I
know that but got everybody’s heart racing to see it and get excited and
we’re imagining it and animation and animated and everything and running
around the world that with the character looking that good and all of that so I
knew everybody would probably be most excited about that because I feel like
that was the biggest part of the November newsletter here in a couple of
days guys I will talk about the perception system all the things that
they talked about I kind of do an updated perception system video in the
meantime you can check out the old one we’re gonna read the newsletter and just
wait for my new one or not at all the guys that’s all I’m gonna wrap this up
once again if you if you’re not subscribed to my channel please consider
doing so especially if you enjoy Pantheon related content that’s what we
do here at the Nathan a pawn channel guys I’ll see you next time on the next
video god bless and happy gaming


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    Really want to see a updated Dark Myr.

  90. Gypsy JR says:

    We have a couple multiplayer online games now with great UnReal graphics engine graphics. But even the character models aren't evenly applying it, giving more effort to the face, for example. Black Desert comes to mind. And none of them have robust quest and world interaction mechanics. Black Desert's combat mechanics, frankly, suck.

    My rig can run Black Desert Remastered pretty well. So I'm not worried about Pantheon running. But what VR is doing is bringing the graphical detail of characters to an even, level, emphasis, so that the armor and weapons get just as much love from the graphics engine as the faces. And I agree, it doesn't have to look any better than this, assuming the world mechanics are brought up to speed. Including combat animations, NPC animations, player interaction animations, and object (door, etc.) animations.

    As a long time EQ player, with hundreds of days played as a Cleric, Monk, and Enchanter, I want to see fluid, indicative casting and striking that is truly what we imagined and described playing D&D on a kitchen table. Bring it to life. Bring the arguments between the Wizard and Warrior about what to do after we open the door to life. In EQ, when my Monk opened a door and immediately had to FD, we often had Raid Leader / Monk / Cleric / Enchanter debates about what the Monk was seeing and how the pull should proceed. Sometimes it wasn't even clear the Monk would survive getting up and running. My point is, the player interactions in response to the world mechanics is what makes a MMOG great, not how pretty they are.

    But pretty graphics is ok, too.

  91. Denise Masters says:

    So reminds me of Vanguard

  92. Ohrami says:

    The ogres are so terrible. Look at EverQuest's ogres. They're big, fat, huge, ugly motherfuckers. The ogres in this game look like orcs in the Elder Scrolls games.

  93. Dave Booth says:

    Ruined the view of the really nice art work with that silly yellow sticker, not sure why you felt the need to slap that on.

  94. MMOWizMaster-Doug says:

    I would put money on that pantheon gets 10 million plus active subscriptions in the first 3 months of its launch. I hope they have the servers and network capacity to handle that kind of load that's coming.  This should have no free play model other than say a tutorial zone to try it out then if you sub you can enter the actual real world maps. How does Brad feel about players who will be going the multi boxing route across multiple computer systems? I box by choice and have in all of my time in EQ I would continue doing so in Pantheon if its going to be allowed. I play at crazy times and like to have my own options and ability to do things with my own team and at times team up with friends to take out a boss or what ever.

  95. Slipknotpimp 666 says:

    The graphics look ok not great

  96. Raul Daniel says:

    Calm down these are NOT 'ToP NoTcH TrIpLe A GrApHiCs.'

  97. sabbracadabra says:

    Wow those graphics 😮

  98. Ana nimity says:

    WOW Pantheon is looking great now!

    LOL when they first advertised it – it looked like CRAP and it also seems like it played like crap.

    +1 Pantheon!!!!!!

  99. Ana nimity says:

    I want ALL the races from EQ and MOREEEEEE and ALL the languages and please FORCE the players to learn them in order to communicate…..

  100. Ana nimity says:




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