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– [Kyle Stover] We’re back, baby. We got 107 more, more, more
facts about Overwatch for you. We’ve gotten new heroes and
new maps since our last video, and players are always
finding more Easter eggs and references all the time. So, let’s not waste any more time, as this is gonna be as long as the DPS main’s role queue timer anyways. First off, we have to acknowledge that the first time the uploaded this was possibly the worst timing possible. Yeah, we love making these videos, so just so you know, we had this in the works for a long time before the whole Blizzard
Hong Kong fiasco had happened, but here we are. So, we’re back with more facts. So first, we gotta touch
on this controversy, since we’re already talking about it. Then we’re gonna dig into
some facts about Overwatch 2 we discovered from Blizzcon. And then, we’re also gonna talk about more Easter eggs and facts about Overwatch that we have found about
since our part three video. (game coin effect)
(mellow electronic music) Number one, On October 6, 2019 Hong Kong professional Hearthstone player, Blitzchung, made a statement
about the liberation of Hong Kong in a post-game interview. Blizzard issued a ruling saying
that Blitzchung violated the Grandmaster’s rules that states players would not engage in “any act that, “in Blizzard’s sole discretion, “brings you into public disrepute, “offends a portion or group of the public, “or otherwise damages Blizzard’s image.” As a result, Blizzard withheld
Blitzchung’s prize money from the Grandmaster’s second 2019 season and banned him from professional
Hearthstone for a year. They also fired the two casters that were casting the match and laughed during Blitzchung’s remarks. Once the news broke, the gaming community surged in support of Blitzchung, and a movement bloomed to make Overwatch character, Mei, become a symbol of Hong Kong democracy, fan-art and all. A week later, Blizzard announced they would give Blitzchung his prize money and reduce his sentence
to a six-month ban. Blizzard felt that they
needed to remind everyone that their relationships in China had no influence on their decision. They also kind of gave an
apology at Blizzcon 2019, but didn’t mention Hong Kong or China anywhere in that statement. What they did mention,
though, was Overwatch 2. Number two. Already existing heroes are getting a makeover for Overwatch 2. These changes are meant to
show the passage of time and where the characters are in the story. For example, now Bastion
is living with Torbjörn. So, many of his upgrades are
from Torbjörn working on him. Number three. A new core game mode called Push will be making it’s debut in Overwatch 2. It is a six-v-six competitive game mode that will be available for Quick Play, Competitive, and the Overwatch League. Number four. There will also be a new co-op four player PVE story-based mission, which will allow players to dive deeper into the world and
characters of Overwatch, and maybe finally give
us some Zenyatta lore. Number five. To complement the story mode there will also be Hero Missions where players can level up their heroes by battling enemies, like
Talon and Null Sector. With changing objectives and maps, Hero Missions have
hours of re-playability. Number six. As of right now, specific characters are linked to story moments, but Blizzard’s playing with the idea of letting us select which character we want to play as, within reason. The character’s motivation would have to make sense, they say. Like, Junkrat would not
be saving the world, maybe blowing it up but not saving it Number eight, aside from the PVE mode, much of Overwatch 2 will cross over with the original game, so players of both games will
be able to play together. Number eight, Sojourn,
the first Canadian hero will be joining the fight, and it appears that she is a cyborg with a cannon arm and a rifle arm, and no, I don’t just mean
that she’s good at baseball, but does she has a hand cannon? (snaps)
(pops) Hey, number nine. Also, if you dropped cash on loot boxes, don’t worry, all of your gear will cross over into Overwatch 2 if you decide to get it. We don’t even have a release
date yet for Overwatch 2, so while we wait for more info, let’s go back to what we missed from the original game. Number 10, in May of 2018, Petra dropped into the
roster of Deathmatch maps. Petra is a historical
and archeological city in Southern Jordan that’s based on the UNESCO World Heritage site, famous by “Indiana Jones
and the Last Crusade.” Number 11, Deathmatch
maps are typically home to bloodshed and chaos. So, we understand if you didn’t want to do any reading while you’re here, but you can find a few
written communications between the archeologist and their sponsor mentioning a hidden treasure room. You can find it just out of reach behind a cracked wall on the map too. Number 12, on July of 2018 they released a previously teased hero, Hammond, as the destructive Wrecking Ball. Number 13, Hammond was
a genetic experiment from the Horizon Lunar
Colony, like Winston, allowing him enhanced mental capabilities, increased size, and longevity of life, not to mention, thumbs. Number 14, Hammond is 14 years old and doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. I wish I could say the same about most of our pets at 14 years of age. Number 15, anyway, Hammond didn’t become Wrecking Ball until crash landing in the Australian Outback where he built his mobile contraption and became Champion of the Scrapyard, Junkertown’s lucrative mech-battle arena. Number 16, even after Wrecking Ball fought his way to Champion status, the denizens of Junkertown still have no clue the pilot was actually a hamster. While Hammond is clearly
an expert engineer and dangerous pilot, Wrecking
Ball has been confirmed to not be a member of the Junkers. Number 17, even though Hammond has heightened intelligence,
he cannot physically speak. Instead, he speaks through the mech using its communication abilities. The mech itself can also communicate through its limited AI. Number 18, Wrecking Ball has gone through quite a few changes and improvements. In a clip of early gameplay, Wrecking Ball is shown wielding dual flamethrowers as his primary weapons, and his movement ability had him wind up then fire forward like a bowling ball. Number 19, Hammond’s old shield ability would fire up a couple shield generators that attached to nearby walls. Luckily, these were all cut as the Wrecking Ball we know now is way too mobile to make
the most out of this ability. Number 20, after getting
a giant ball character, everyone was waiting for Hammond to get a soccer ball skin in time for the 2018 Summer Games, but fans would have to wait until the following year for this
skin to take the field. Number 21, the 2018 Summer Games was full of teasers, though. Blizzard added the Busan Stadium to Lucio Ball maps two weeks before Busan became a multiplayer map, as well. Number 22, on August 22, 2018, Blizzard dropped the
Overwatch animated short, “Shooting Star,” which showed us a slice of D.Va’s life
as a mechanic and pilot, as she defended the city from
the Gwishin Omnic attack. Number 23, the trailer finally showed us some of the other MEKA
pilots defending South Korea, Casino, D.Mon, King, and Overlord. Number 24, and it’s
thanks to Senior Designer and Lead Writer, Micheal Chu, that we know the names of these mechs. Number 25, D.Mon’s red
rumbler is named Beast. Casino nicknamed his sleek green
racer La Princesse Sereine. King’s missile bay of a
platform is called Singijeon. Overlord’s blue beauty
is dubbed Mastermind, and D.Va’s pink powerhouse is Tokki, which in Korean means rabbit. Number 26, we also
learned that D.Va and King were rivals back in their Mecha Guardian V pro circuit days. Number 27, this cinematic also kicked off D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge event, where players completed matches to unlock the exclusive Nano skin, which has since remained
locked behind this event. Number 28, we also
learned more about D.Va, herself, most famously, Michael Chu officially confirmed on Twitter that D.Va is not a StarCraft pro player, but a pro player that
used to play StarCraft. I know it’s confusing, but… Number 29, this announcement caused quite a bit of confusion and even anger, but he also let us know Hana used to play StarCraft with her dad
when she was little. So, at least we got something
wholesome out of it. Number 30, but the game that got D.Va recruited as a
pilot wasn’t StarCraft, it was Mecha Guardian V, and you can see it
loading up on her computer in the MEKA Base on Busan. Number 31, Overwatch
has occasionally added limited time event skins like this before. Most famous of all is probably the legendary Pink Mercy skin, which was available May 8
through the 21st for $15. If you bought the skin, the proceeds benefited the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and their mission to end breast cancer. Number 32, through this skin and limited time t-shirt sales, the Overwatch community raised more than 12.7 million dollars
to support the BCRF. This is the largest donation by a corporate partner within one year in the foundation’s more
than 25 year history. Give yourself a round of
applause Overwatch community. Number 33, shortly after
“Shooting Star” went live, players got to journey to South Korea, when the control point Busan went live on September 11, 2018. There’s a control point’s Sanctuary, Downtown and MEKA Base, where you can see D.Va’s room complete with comically large
trophies and a gamer chair. MEKA Base also has engineering bay that would even make Brigitte’s eyes go anime levels of wide. Number 34, Brigitte means
what she says on her shirt. Michael Chu confirmed
Brigitte loves donuts but loves semlor even more. And for those who don’t know, it’s a traditional sweet
roll made in Sweden. Also, her favorite beverage is beer. Number 35, oh, and in
case you were wondering, it’s been confirmed that in an arm wrestling match between Brigitte and Zarya, Zarya would totally win. Number 36, according to Michael Chu, Brigitte is the youngest
of the Lindholm children. Number 37, so all the children we see sitting around Reinhardt
in the Christmas comic, “Reflections,” must be
Torbjörn grandchildren. Wow, big family for the little man. Number 38, and you know
Brigitte loves her dad. On her Engineer/Mechanic skins, you can see she has Torbjörn’s old wrench from his Overwatch days
hanging under his tool pack. Number 39, some of you may have noticed that even though Brigitte is Swedish, she has a German name. Well, after Reinhardt
saved Torbjörn’s life during Operation White Dome, the Swedish engineer let him name his daughter as thanks. Number 40, according to a letter Torbjörn sent his wife, Ingrid, while recovering in the hospital, Operation White Dome is
where Torbjörn lost his arm. Number 41, we also learned
through this letter that Mercy and Torbjörn
have been long-time friends. Torbjörn mentions Angela visiting him while he was staying there, but at this time, Angela would have simply been a teenager and a student, far from the Mercy we know and love today. Number 42, we know Brigitte
rolls with Reinhardt and his travels from the Overwatch anime short “Honor and Glory,” one of the single greatest short films I’ve had the pleasure of watching, multiple times by the way. Number 43, in the director’s commentary of “Honor and Glory,” cinematic director, Ben Dai, reveals they had a little trouble showing how grave Balderich’s wounds were. Given the game’s T rating, they couldn’t show blood or gore. So, instead they added
smoke and a few drops of blue liquid to give
viewers a similar impression. Number 44, the tearful scene that followed was trimmed for smoothness as well. In the final version, we see Balderich hand Reinhardt his Overwatch coin, which prompts Reinhardt to
hand Balderich his hammer, but in the original, Reinhardt was written
wielding two hammers, and after getting the coin, he would hand the hammer to Balderich. Then, Balderich gave him his shield. All these hand offs felt too complicated, so it was simplified to a single trade. Imagine how the original version would go. “I want you to have my coin.” “Oh, okay, but I want
you to have my hammer.” “All right, but now I want you “to have my shield as well.” “Now, I feel bad ’cause I
only got you one thing.” “Oh, no, no, no, it’s… (sighs) “I’m sorry, I feel like I made it awkward. “I’ll go die now.” Number 45, I feel bad about Balderich, but I also kind of feel bad attacking the training bots. The training bots will wave back at you if you say hello to them, and if you give a training bot armor, they’ll even thank you, which is very sweet of them. Number 46, and they also have a unique voice line that you can hear if you resurrect them. They’ll say, “where was I? “There was this bright white light.” You might want to get
Zenyatta on the phone because I think we’ve been sending a lot of bots to heaven, woops. Number 47, at Blizzcon 2018, Blizzard released the latest Overwatch animated short, “Reunion,” which featured McCree taking care of some unfinished business on Route 66 at just about high noon. Number 48, that’s when McCree fights his old posse, The Deadlock Gang, to retrieve the pod of
one elegant robot lady by the name of Echo. Number 49, after the short
played for the first time, Game Director Jeff Kaplan
confirmed that Echo will be a playable hero but
is not ready yet for launch. Number 50, actually, the
white haired gang leader, Elizabeth Caledonia Calamity
Ashe was the new hero. She’s voiced by the
talented Jennifer Hale, the person they wanted to voice Ashe when they first created the character. Number 51, originally
Ashe was simply intended to be a female of The Deadlock Gang, just an enemy for McCree
to do battle with, but with her white hair, lever-action rifle, and
giant Omnic bodyguard, she became a compelling character and was discussed as a playable hero. Number 52, at the same
time when developing Ashe, the game design team was interested in creating a weapon focused damage hero, as the other two
post-launch damage heroes, of Sombra and Doomfist,
were both ability-focused. Number 53, while Ashe was a happy accident from the production process, Blizzard always knew that the robot known as Echo was inside
the Payload on Route 66, years before the anime
short opened the container, or even before they knew the McCree short was going to take place on Route 66. Number 54, since the short went live, the Payload on Route 66 has been forever altered to match a post-Reunion timeline. Here’s hoping that when
Athena get added to the game, she makes remarks about her old home when escorting the Payload. Number 55, while Ashe’s kit and abilities were being altered and
going through play tests, the inclusion of BOB was the only universally agreed upon idea. Number 56, adding what’s basically an additional player to the match proved to be technically difficult. So, Ashe almost got shelved thanks to BOB. Number 57, but it’s also thanks to BOB that we know that Omnics sweat oil. Michael Chu confirmed in an interview that the writing team agreed on this joke being allowed as canon. Number 58, with her kit lined up and Bob ready to do something, Ashe officially became the 29th
playable hero of Overwatch. 59, Ashe’s nickname of Calamity, even though we all know here as Ashe, is a reference to famed American frontiers-woman Calamity Jane. Number 60, though her base of operations is in Arizona, it appeared that at least one of Ashe’s family homes was in Texas as evident by the bluebonnet field and oil pump in her origin story. Number 61, we also know Ashe
has been arrested in Texas, since her mugshot shows a serial number with TX on her placard . Number 62, at Blizzcon 2018, Blizzard announced it was working with Kellogg’s to bring
us real life Lucio-Oh’s! It’s a cereal based off the in-game spray, but sadly it doesn’t have the in-game spray art on the box, which would have been
fun but understandable. Though personally, I’m waiting for some Golden ZenyattOh’s! I can’t wait to embrace tranquility as part of this balanced breakfast. Number 63, if you don’t
want to eat cereal, then take a look at the recipes in the Chelsea Monroe-Cassel’s book, simply titled “Overwatch:
The Official Cookbook.” Chelsea Monroe-Cassel has
released similar books before based on “Game of Thrones,” Elder Scrolls, as well as Blizzard IP’s World of Warcraft and HearthStone. Number 64, one player
actually took his kitchen into Overwatch by finding a way to wire up his microwave as controller
and play Symmetra. Number 65, another player
fully embracing the memes rigged a Microsoft Kinect to allow him to control Moira by Naruto running. Had to make that Area 51
practice go to something. Number 66, on December 11, 2018, Overwatch had second annual
Winter Wonderland event that ran until the second
day of the new year. Number 67, the event added Brigitte to the ranks of heroes with toasting victory poses with an adorable cat mug in her hand, and if you spin it around, you can actually see a
little jetpack on the back just to tease us Jetpack Cat hopefuls. Number 68, in January of 2019, Overwatch got to fight
in the City of Lights as the assault map, simply named Paris, was released as the 20th
map for standard gameplay. Number 69, the map is
possibly most notorious for its pianos whose keys you can actually play with enough precision. Talented players, in more ways than one, have posted astonishing videos of lovely performances on these pianos that they’ve achieved while playing as Symmetra, Mercy, and
other precision heroes. Don’t try it with Reinhardt
or Brigitte though, unless you like the
sound of 15 bad chords. The pianos can be located
by Defense spawn doors and in the lobby of Hotel
Beau Ciel next to point A. Number 70, if you look
above the map and listen, you’ll notice pigeons
were added to the map as sound design supervisor
Paul Lackey says, “Paris felt a little bare without them.” Number 71, at the end of January, Overwatch had its annual
Lunar New Year event, this time as the Year of
the Pig event for 2019. Number 72, Overwatch
then got its 30th hero in the combat medic Baptiste, who went live on March 19, 2019. Number 73, one of the first
stages of Babtiste’s design was his Haitian background. Michael Chu said, “I think it’s meaningful “to introduce countries that are “less well-known worldwide
through Overwatch.” Number 74, Baptiste is
fluent in three languages, English, French, and Haitian Creole. Number 75, Baptiste’s full name is Jean-Baptiste Augustin, a name he shares with a famous French miniature painter. Number 76, also his favorite
food is pork griot and lalo. I can’t confirm that
that’s the French painter’s favorite food, just that it’s the hero’s. Number 77, according to
Principal Overwatch Designer, Geoff Goodman, Baptiste was designed to be similar to Soldier 76
albeit in a Support role. Number 78, Overwatch Archives gave us a mission to Havana in Storm Rising to capture Talon accountant, Maximilien and gave us our first teaser
of some upcoming Omnic hero. Number 79, the story might center around capturing Maximilien, but the event really centers around the storm technology of Storm Rising, which
was originally created to make a sandstorm in Temple of Anubis. Number 80, after you brave the storm and catch the well-suited Omnic, you’re treated to an
excellent Overwatch cinematic that shows Mercy trying
to work out a deal, and if you watch Genji closely after Max casually walks out of his grip, you can see Genji just barely holding back his urge to kill him. He does this little Arthur fist meme and it’s my favorite
thing about this event. Number 81, no, no, no, I take that back. My absolute favorite part of this event was when Blizzard blessed us with the High Roller skin for Wrecking Ball. It has a unique interaction
with the highlight intro, Dramatic, where Hammond’s cool shades hang awkwardly, then fall off his face. Number 82, then shortly after the event, Havana became available as Overwatch’s 21st multiplayer map, but now without the tempest
outside the last point. Number 83, in June Blizzard
launched Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge
alongside the short story, “What You Left Behind,” which helped us get to know Overwatch’s
newest Support hero better. Number 84, we also learned about Baptiste’s old teammate, Mauga. Jeff Kaplan said Mauga was
almost the 31st Overwatch hero, but instead we got a different Talon Tank in the form of Siebren
de Kuiper, AKA Sigma. Number 85, Sigma was debuted in August on an official stream hosted
by professional player, Seagull, while Jeff Kaplan
gave inside information on his mechanics and lore. Number 86, Sigma launched
as Overwatch’s 31st hero, which is a funny coincidence actually because 31 is the dutch
international calling code. Number 87, at the age of 62, ha, 62 double of 31, Sigma
is now the oldest hero in Overwatch beating out
Reinhardt by one year. Number 88, even before going live, Sigma generated some controversy. Some claimed he was based on negative mental illness stereotypes. A character artist explained the internal reasoning behind Sigma’s bare feet was to give him a “asylum look,” but some fans criticized
this outdated take on mental institutions in Overwatch’s futuristic setting, saying that those traditional madness
tropes further reinforce the stigmas around poor mental health. In response to this controversy, Blizzard issued a statement that Sigma was never intended to be an example of someone going through
mental health issues. Instead, his character is more focused on a specific experience where he got exposed to a black hole momentarily, and it messed with his mind. Number 89, currently Sigma’s Talon skin is the only Sigma skin to get shoes. Number 90, the original prototype hero that Mauga originated as
and Sigma later became dual wielded rocket launchers for his kit, but deploying his barrier
with both his hands occupied by the rocket launchers would be tricky to show, so the team started
experimenting with other options. Number 91, while developing
Mauga’s character for “What You Left Behind,” Blizzard decided the kit being developed no longer meshed with his violent, aggressive personality. So, rather than scrap the kit, they made a new character. Number 92, they brainstormed a physicist that could manipulate gravity. So, to make sure Sigma’s
physics references were scientifically accurate, they consulted the team’s
physics programmer, Erin Catto, who holds a PhD in physics and wrote the physics engine
for all of Blizzard’s games, which after saying physics so many times, I’m starting to feel like
this is a really weird word. Physics, physics, physics. Number 93, then to make
sure the Dutch influences of Sigma were authentic as well, Blizzard consulted their Dutch employees in North America as well as
their campus in The Hague. Number 94, for example,
Sigma has a Dutch line, insert here ’cause I’ll butcher it, – [Sigma] (speaks foreign language) – [Kyle Stover] which translated means, those with butter on their heads should stay out of the sun. Yep, that is the literal translation. The phrase is an old
Dutch saying that means, if you can’t handle
criticism, don’t criticize. Number 95, in Sigma’s origin video, there are several hidden messages in the form of backwards audio saying, “hold it together, gravity is a harness, “it’s in me, release me,” and more. Number 96, at the beginning
of Sigma’s origin video, there are several yellow
letters that appear onscreen, which spell out E-M-D-J-I-R-V-E-B, which is nothing, but when reversed,
spells B-E-V-R-I-J-D-M-E, which is still nothing, at least to those of us
who don’t know Dutch, but in Dutch it means free me. Basically, Sigma was
trying to give us a message before we even heard his voice for the first time. Number 97, Overwatch
was originally presented to have a collection of Soldiers,
Oddities and Scientists. While we’ve gotten a lot of the first two, Sigma adds to our growing
collection of nerds. While address Mei and Moira, Sigma will call them Dr.
Zhou and Dr. O’Deorain. Number 98, Moira will also address Mei as Dr. Zhou in a pre-match interaction they have if they’re on the same team, but since it reminds Mei
of her dead teammates, she starts to cry. Number 99, to ease her grief, she probably needs to take
a break and sip some tea, which is her favorite
drink, with or without Boba. And number 100, Mei
breaks out her stockpile in her Honeydew skin
where instead of firing liquid cold, she fires
chilled Boba tea from her gun, and if you look carefully, you’ll see the bubbles
sitting at the bottom of her gun’s chamber and that it has a physics engine as well, that’ll make them always on the bottom, whether you’re looking up or down. Number 101, I’m sure tea helps, but I’m sure Mezcal is way more effective if you’re drinking your problems away, and that is Sombra’s favorite drink. Number 102, oh, and according to Overwatch animator, David Gibson, Sombra’s bow emote has been inspired by Brittney Spears. Number 103, I wonder if Sigma ever had drinks with Dr. Harold Winston, as he knew Winston’s father figure from the Horizon Lunar
Colony before his demise. Number 104, in Overwatch’s latest limited-time cosmetic event, Bastion’s Brick Challenge,
player can unlock various LEGO-themed cosmetics, but the big prize is the
legendary Brick Bastion skin, where Bastion and Ganymede are made entirely out of LEGO pieces. Even Bastion’s muzzle
flash on their Sentry mode is made to look like the LEGO fire piece, which is amazing. Number 105, players found
a new addition on the map Ecopoint Antarctica in the form of a snow globe-like hologram projector that simply says “GREY”
with a blue variant of the Overwatch logo underneath it. Number 106, so far we’ve seen Watchpoints have the typical Overwatch
logo with an orange bar, and Ecopoints have an Overwatch
logo with a green bar, but this new blue bar may be some unconfirmed branch of Overwatch. Number 107, as of September of 2019, Overwatch’s heroes have
been searched for on Google a collective 1,000,000,000 times with D.Va being the most searched for hero at the time with 62,000,000 hits. And there you have it, 107 more, more, more, more facts about Overwatch. It’s just a game, but there’s always something new to learn
about my favorite FPS. Be sure to like if you
learned something new, and tell us your favorite
fact in the comments below. Maybe you even know something that we haven’t mentioned so far. We’d love to hear it. I’m Kyle with The Leaderboard, and don’t forget to subscribe. We’re over a million players strong and hey, all players are welcome here. (upbeat electronic music)


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    Orange Overwatch -> space technology branch – the main branch of all Overwatch
    Green Overwatch – climate researching branch – known as Ecopoints
    Red Overwatch – military branch – known as Blackwatch
    Blue Overwatch – water researching branch?

  40. Navy says:

    This a reupload?

  41. KP says:

    You called Echo “Athena” at one point

  42. Macks says:

    Storm rising's logo had the blue bar on top.

  43. Chihuahua sauce says:

    I think overwatch 2 will be a ps5 launch game

  44. manderson416 says:

    "Baptiste was originally designed to be like soldier 76, albeit in a support role"

    This is exactly what I tell everyone who wants to know what it's like to play him.

  45. Ergotth says:

    Come to think of, could make sense Omnics "sweat" oil when you consider the properties of sweat: coolling down the body. So maybe when overheating, Omnics could let small quantities of oil to leak to avoid rupture of the ducts due the liquid's pressure rising with the heat.
    Also, about Mauga deploying a shield with his hands occupied, thats actualy easy to solve. Just show the twin guns having some sort of small device attached to them that pops off and projects the barrier.

  46. Johan aka a legend says:

    Hears gray
    Fairy tail plays in head

  47. Max Bernhardt says:

    "Things you should know about Overwatch"

    >Have a bunch of stuff about Hearthstone, Blizzard Management who have nothing to do with Overwatch, and Hong Kong

  48. April Rose says:

    wouldnt 2018 have been the third winter wonderland event not second?

  49. Elisamuel Colon says:

    dva porn

  50. Esther says:

    Hammond is flipping older than me

  51. Esther says:

    To be honest I knew most of them

  52. Esther says:

    It’s not tooki it’s toki

  53. HereInTheBack says:

    We men know EXACTLY why D.Va was the most searched for Overwatch character.. don’t lie to yourselves

  54. Charkit says:

    Gee I wonder why D.va is searched for so much…

  55. Jared And Friends says:

    a whole lot of these facts can just be apart of just 1 fact, but I guess technically that one sentence was a fact, better follow it up as another fact.

  56. Tera Tao says:

    so you skipped over Ana's challenge to not talk on soldier's sexuality?

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