OPPO K3 vs Vivo Z1 Pro Comparison | Design, Battery, Camera – How do they differ?

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hey guys this Jathan focus more times and you're watching a quick comparison of the up okay three and the V was even pro opus k3 is recently launched and it comes with the 6.5 inch display the index fingerprint sensor as well as the pop-up selfie camera on the other side the v1 Pro comes with the similar screen size but it has the in display camera and the fingerprint on the back but there are quite a lot of other differences as well which we are going to talk about and this is a fixed by comparison not more than that so you'll be knowing how do these phones actually differ and which one should be a better choice but we haven't done the full camera comparison it's because the okay that he has just arrived and we'll be doing the separate camera comparison later let's talk about a design first in these phones you can see that both have the gradient design and it's totally about the personal choice and in a way you see the gradient back on both these this the vivos even pro has the vertical arrangement and the oboe k3 has somewhat one of the s-shaped here and it has a better design personally for me I felt this one has a better a gradient design and that was even the same thoughts for me when I compared this with the LME ex both have the plastic back it's not a glass back so there's no difference that way and the camera arrangement as well seemed better for me on the Oppo k3 now with the display both of them have the same display size the resolution is the same and the protection given on the Pocky 3 is the way that class 5 we aren't sure about the protection on the v1 Pro yard and the reservation stays the same thousand 18 to 23 80 pixels but the technology is where the differ and the okay three take the lead with the opponent AMOLED display that is included here compared to the IPS LCD display on the people's yuan Pro though frankly I haven't felt that vivo c1 Pro has a bad display at all because of the IPS LCD technology but still emerald has its own advantages where blackening the screen would actually help save the battery and also the colors sometimes feel more vibrant on the k3 so that way I would say that the display is better on the Oppo key 3 with the internal specs it's a snapdragon 712 on the v bosse one probe which is almost similar to the snapback on seventh and that paused the epoxy every and the GPU is same on both of them it said you know see 6-1-6 GPU on both the phone's so no difference in that way but let's check the scores for the Android of benchmark that we took for both the phones then you know whether they actually differ with that benchmarks and all it's actually quite different they're almost 34 30 thousand points of difference on the v bosse one pro when compared to the Oppo k3 and even with the Geekbench scores it was the same way the V was even practical he had a better score but I would say in real life I haven't felt the snapback and 7/10 to do any pad job either and even with the graphic settings possible in gaming it's almost the same thing as well the way is there are multiple variants on both of them the OCO k3 comes with the 6 GB as the minimum ram option while the vivos even pro comes with 4gb has a minimum option for the RAM and storage options are obviously there with 128 GB for both the options and V was even Pro comes with 6 GB as the maximum amount of RAM possible but the pokey 3 comes with 8 GB of RAM as the maximum possible option for the storage as well so this 8 + 100 option given on the Oppo key 3 when compared to the v bosse one pro that has the best of 6 plus 128 and the pricing anyway differs in both of them and then with the cameras I felt that the again V was z1 pro has an edge over the k3 because of the fact that it has the wide-angle camera that's the 8 megapixel camera the first camera on the top is that 8 my pixel wide angle camera which helps take the landscape pictures and that is not possible with the ok 3 because it has a 16 megapixel F 1.7 regular camera and a 2 megapixel depth-sensing camera on the vivos phone that's a 16 megapixel f 1.7 rear camera but along with that you also have the 2 megapixel depth sensors so it's almost the same with both of them having the primary and the secondary one but the wide-angle camera on the vivo z1 pro would actually give it an edge over the app ok 3 so frankly I would say that in case you are someone who wants to do a lot with the photography and might be someone who's taking landscape pictures as well you should go with the v1 Pro but otherwise the poky 3 does quite a good job with a selfie camera you would actually see that there is no in display camera on this up okay three but it's there on the v bosse one pro and this is the 32 megapixel selfie camera as in display camera on the z1 pro while it is the pop-up or the motorized camera on the Oppo k3 which is an extreme like a pixel one and both of them actually have quite a good quality with the selfies so I would not rate one over the other it's almost the same for both of them but the placement is quite unique so you might have to see which one actually you'd like for a longer term purpose if you feel that this is annoying and part of the display wasn't sure wasn't something you wanted you obviously could go with the k3 but if someone who's skeptical about the usage of crop of cameras for a longer run you could go end up with this one back to the v1 Pro now continuing with the security part this face and look for both of them but the fingerprint sensor on the bebo z1 Pro is present on the back of the device while it's the Indus fingerprint sensor on the Oppo q3 which is a small advantage for the k3 because it brings in the latest technology and that should be a better choice for the users though the B was UN Pro again is something that has the regular fingerprint sensor and it works quite well it's actually quite fast in recognizing and registering but there's no difference in the ok3 because it also has a faster response in the fingerprint sensor so again that brings you back to the same choice about whether you need something about the latest tech similar to how it was with the pop-up camera so if you are someone who's looking forward to the best of the technologies the Indus left fingerprint sensor is quite a good thing now and it fitted on the Oppo k3 with the battery clearly you know that the v1 Pro should be a better choice it's a 5000 mAh battery compared to the 3000 765 MH battery on the poky 3 so the vivo c1 / obviously would give a better battery life and it runs the frontage OS / Android 9 PI while it's color OS / 99 pie on the Oppo k3 and the battery charging as well differs here the battery chasm should be much much faster on the apogee 3 because it comes with a 20 watt support that's book 3.0 support for charging the 3 7 765 MH battery obviously it should take much lesser time when compared to the vivo z1 pro that has a 18 watt jazzing support which is not slow which is also false almost close to the book but the deal engine faster technology will anyway take time for the larger battery that's a 5000 mAh battery so it depends again that if you don't want it to go to 100% are good enough with half of charge for half it is for a day's usage you could go with a vivo z1 pro here because it has a longer battery life as well if you're doing something like an overnight charge every night so there I would say that the v1 Pro should be a better choice because you were charged it to fire an image every day the 100% and get a better battery life and the final point about the connectivity here the pocket that he comes with the USB type-c port the vivo z1 Pro comes at the micro USB port the speaker is written towards the bottom on both of them but with the micro SD card slot the pocket it doesn't have a slot for the storage expansion so you'll have to rely on the internal storage but this comes with a dedicated micro SD card slot so you can expand the storage on the vivos you want probe anywhere you want so that was the quick comparison of the Oppo k3 and the vivos even throw in some ways I would say that the k3 is better because of the fact that it has the motorized camera it has the in display fingerprint sensor and a better looking design but otherwise the battery life on the people's u1 pro is better as well as it has the wide-angle camera so it totally depends on your choice on what you want even a better display on your poke a 3 so it brings back to what you actually want from a phone in this price range rather than which one is better than the others because both of them have their own advantages so this was a quick comparison of the Opaka 3 and the Bevo's even pro I hope you liked this video if you do do share and subscribe to be sometime for more thanks for watching and see ya next video


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  1. Suraj Chauhan says:

    Oppo k3

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  3. Sanyam Aarvie says:

    What will happen if k3 falls on ground towards the front camera when it is out

  4. Sanyam Aarvie says:

    Hey bro dark mode on oppo k3??????

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  6. shafi o says:

    Pls,compare a50 vs resume x camera,battery..

  7. Yogendra Vishwakarma says:

    Is there always on display feature available on oppo k3 like realme x?

  8. samrat mehta says:

    Oppo k3 is best😊

  9. Sumit Ram says:

    Awesome comparison video Sir. I want to go with Vivo Z1 Pro. Its features & designe really very impressive. ⚡⚡⚡

    Twitter @SumitRamSays

  10. TheCrazyStar says:

    i will go with Oppo K3

  11. Shashank R says:

    Sir which you recomand?

  12. Ansuman Giri says:

    VivoZ1Pro seems better except the popup camera and USB C!

  13. Ameeth Limbu says:

    Nice video.. But try to compare wid pratical video..

  14. Anu Modi says:

    In Looks K3 Is Better Otherwise In Specs Specially In Processor And Battery Z1Pro Is Ahead.

  15. mani msd says:

    Which is better

  16. Vishal Giri says:

    Awesome comparison Sir, I like the Vivo Z1 pro better thanks to the better performance, battery life and cameras!! #GizmoArmy

  17. Pardeep Gupta says:

    Nice comparison video. Both is great smartphone but I will go with Vivo Z1 Pro #GizmoArmy

  18. Pardeep Gupta says:

    1st #GizmoArmy

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