OBS Studio 146 – How to stream with OBS WITHOUT a Capture Card! – Add Overlays to PS4 or Xbox One

July 30, 2019 posted by

I’ve gotten questions like this way too
often. “How can I run OBS on my Xbox?” “Can I stream my PS4 with OBS without a
capture card?” And I usually give the same answer: NOOOOOooo! Technology is not magic, even if it seems
like it sometimes. If there is a specialized piece of hardware
designed for a specific purpose, you’re not going to be able to do it without that. But there is a trick you can do to technically
stream your PS4 or Xbox One game footage with OBS and add alerts and whatnot – but it’s
not elegant. Who.. what.. Orisa, where? HUH?! I just see a Rein… Oh. Cool. DUDE will you just get a ModMic already? It attaches to any headphone so you can use
that good pair you like, but I’ll actually be able to understand your call-outs. It also has a mute switch so I don’t have
to hear all those conversations with your grandma. We gotta get serious to get out of Plat. Yes, just order one tonight. Head on over to https://antlionaudio.com/
to learn more and check it out. I’m EposVox, here to make tech easier and
more fun, and welcome back to my OBS Studio tutorial course. I have many, many more videos on the software
in the playlist linked in the description. Check that before asking questions, and check
the introduction video to learn how this course works, if you get confused. It turns out that no matter how many times
I’m asked for a solution to a problem, I’m much more likely to put together a solution
when someone close to me is the one asking. My Twitch moderator, Dementia, wanted to stream
his PS4 but add alerts and such to start diving into the Twitch PogChat life. He doesn’t have a capture card, and his
PC – the scrap pile gaming rig I could barely throw together for him to hold him over ‘til
he upgrades – is too far away for one anyway. So what’s the solution? What I had him do was live stream from his
PS4 to YouTube as an unlisted live stream, then screen cap that live stream on the PC
and stream that back to Twitch. For those of you cringing or adjusting uncomfortably
in your seats – yeah, I said it wasn’t elegant. For this, you will need a beefy internet connection. 10 or more megabits per second upload speed
will be required. The PS4 can’t stream over the local network
so it HAS to push out to a service like YouTube or Twitch, and then the PC is pushing a second
stream out. He set up his YouTube channel connected to
his PS4 and set the stream to unlisted. Start streaming, and gets the link of the
stream page. Then over on the PC, he pulls up the stream
page in a browser window. You want this to be its own window, not just
a tab – that way Window Capture can keep hooked in if you need to do other stuff on the PC. We set up window capture, turned off his computer
speakers so it doesn’t echo the stream throughout the room, and added the StreamLabs overlays. You need a beefy internet connection, but
not a beefy PC. This build is an AMD Phenom 965 Black Edition,
maybe 8 gigabytes of RAM and a dying GTX 660 graphics card. Thankfully that card is new enough to still
support Nvidia’s Nvenc encoder, which is basically the only way this streaming experience
is possible. Set up a bitrate of 4 or so megabits per second,
making sure not to use any other audio sources but the system sound – since his microphone
and such routes through the original PS4 stream, and the alerts will come through system sound,
and start streaming to Twitch. This isn’t elegant. The default PS4 stream quality is already
pretty low, and window-capping the copy of it and re-compressing it doesn’t do it any
justice. There’s even more delay added to this process,
and a much bigger desync between when someone follows or donates and the alerts go off – but
if you’re desperate and really want to do this, you can. It works. Since the PC is far away and speakers were
turned off to prevent echo, he keeps a laptop pulled up in front of him with Twitch chat
and his StreamLabs alert box so he can keep up with the chatters and when alerts happen. Like I said, this won’t be a solution for
everyone, but it’s the best I’ve got without investing in proper streaming setups. I hope this episode of my OBS Studio tutorial
course has been helpful for you. If it was, drop-kick that like button and
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on Twitch and drop a message in chat. Until next time, I’m EposVox, Happy Streaming! Thanks for watching this episode of my OBS
Studio tutorial course. More videos like this and a full master class
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64 Replies to “OBS Studio 146 – How to stream with OBS WITHOUT a Capture Card! – Add Overlays to PS4 or Xbox One”

  1. EposVox says:

    ▹ AntLion ModMic – http://eposvox.com/modmic

  2. MrChiprocks1 says:

    Enjoying the daily realeases for you MASSIVE OBS tutorial….but I just had to jump to this one now. Thanks for making these videos easily digestible and on point! HUGE Thumbs Up and Like! Great job EposVox!!

  3. The Jessa Channel says:

    That was really cool of you to do. 🙂

  4. Toobielove says:

    I remote play the PS4 on my PC (both devices are on the same wired network) and then use the remote play window as a source in OBS. It works great and is super easy to set up and no more extra delay from restreaming a stream. However some might experience input lag with remote play on their PC if their home network is not so good or if the devices are using wifi. To solve that, I created a second user profile on the PS4 and use that to remote play, then unplug the PS4 controller from the PC, then switch the user back to my original one and wala! No more input lag! Hope this information helps your friend 🙂

  5. PokeeBen says:

    PS4 Remote Play + OBS is way easier and efficient. You can jack up the bitrate on the output even though Remote play is locked at 720p

  6. Caleb Legend says:

    can i stream with obs an 3rd gen i3 6gb of ram and i think intel 4400

  7. The Geekdom of Gore says:

    Can you recommend a budget Bluetooth Mic. Looking to help my pastor find a good hands free Mic without blowing the Church's budget.

    Thanks for doing all these awesome videos

  8. TheNielsAlmelo says:

    I wonder if NDI come's to console's aswell

  9. PuckVanek says:

    I don't agree with this method. Try this. You can pull up your ps4 on any PC in the world and screen cap it with OBS. I have used it many times and It is fantastic and gives 0 delay. https://remoteplay.dl.playstation.net/remoteplay/lang/en/index.html

  10. Rob Strange says:

    This is way over complicated. Just use Sony Remote Play or Xbox Live Streaming through the Xbox app on your pc to stream the game over your LAN to your pc & capture your display. It's simple & the quality is good. The console still does all the game processing so you can still use a potato pc. I have done many streams this way. Here's a highlight: http://www.twitch.tv/rob_strange_mcnamara/v/172640353?sr=a&t=72s

  11. ARCHAngelThe5th OfELOHIM says:

    bro can facebook have chat link in obs?

  12. FPC-Virtual says:

    Have you tried Mixer as a solution. Might work as well similar with that Browser Source addion to your scenes.

    I never tried it, well because got no time to Game, but will try it in the near future in 2018 and beyond. Neat trick though bro! Happy Holidays.

  13. JayWalkerMedia says:

    I watch this and had to stand up with how uncomfortable i got

  14. Third World Gamer says:

    hi eposvox and all,
    recently I was asked if it's possible to stream multiple game screen/captures at the same time, but with only one capture device.
    the idea that popped into my head was to use various hdmi splitters and HDMI Switch.
    but later on a thought had occurred to me that it might be a bad idea – I don't know if what my thought is valid. – would the constant switching between video source be bad for the capture device; since the signal will be often interrupted at irregular intervals – VERY OFTEN …say they were streaming different type of games or perspective.

    I've also sent this same question on FB messenger "eposvoxofficial"
    I would like to hear and know your thoughts on this matter.
    thanks and more power to you.

  15. Isaiahmag says:

    There is a more simple way… The user can just use remoteplay so they stream the PS4 gameplay to the PC and stream that. This way there would be the least amount of delay because whenever you stream you don't want the biggest delay. Also if it's just for a overlay don't even bother because it's completely not worth it and is a real hassle.

  16. Gino Malone says:

    can't you just use PS4 remote play to stream to twitch? I've done it once and it worked out very good.

  17. Jack Wright says:

    In my opinion if you want to get popular on Twitch you at least need dedicated equipment to do it. I can imagine the stream being very blocky with this technique… not recommended under any circumstance personally.

  18. IEnduers says:

    so how do i set the stream to unlisted?

  19. No Channel says:

    To confusing for me, I’ll just stick with my plain PS4 stream

  20. Qadruplle says:

    Is 150mb per second good enough?

  21. Brumski says:

    do this work with the nintendo switch or 3ds?

  22. Josh Kirschner says:

    So I have my mic audio coming through but how do I get game audio as well?

  23. Owen Smith says:

    Xbox one cant stream to YouTube soooooo

  24. chuck j. says:

    Instructions clear and concise but I ended up in Dr who's tardis in the year 6600 with my cat

  25. Rolgunz On Da Beat says:


  26. Nite and Discord says:

    For WII too?

  27. Mboi gaming says:

    how tf we supposed to learn if you going to fucking fast

  28. Mboi gaming says:

    this dud explaining it but not showing it

  29. Frederick Rodriguez says:

    How do you get the youtube stream centered into OBS without it pausing?

  30. Gmoney2777 says:

    Could I used a laptop for streaming and a mobile for chats

  31. Eileen the Crow says:

    Was there a reason you used this instead of remote play for the pc?

  32. Major Gaming says:

    Why do all that convoluted stuff if you can use PS4 remote play to stream from obs i made a video of it, i'd appreciate it if you gave it a look!

  33. xxiStezzy says:

    lucky for me, my PC is in the same as my xbox

  34. Lucid Roses says:

    Worst plug I’ve ever seen

  35. TheWhitewolf0224 says:

    How do you do it with xbox

  36. Turtle Rae says:

    Theres an easier way for this and its only for ps4. you download remote play onto your computer and use remote play as a window source

  37. Codemaster says:

    On the Xbox One, it is easier using the Xbox app for Windows 10.

  38. HeroicplaYz says:

    This guys living in 1998 look at monitior in the background

  39. MrBeefy says:

    Thx for link

  40. TomO'Dee says:

    You can also use remote play on the PS4. You need to download remote play ps4 on your PC and then connect it to your playstation! Thank me later

  41. Kane B says:

    i live in the middle of the ocean so i have really bad internet

  42. BlackTheSheep _ says:

    I was wandering why I heard such bad voice acting during that 1st overwatch gameplay. If only I had a ModMic 5 to mute the sound.

  43. JustSomeRandomGamer69 says:

    Thought that thumbnail said no crap card.

  44. Swizzy_Jay says:

    There is an easier one I found

  45. A7711 gaming says:

    But will my audio and game audio come on twitch stream ?

  46. Lilmogear8803 says:

    Wouldn't this method be guaranteed to screw up a few times?

  47. Arvid Karlsson says:

    I tried streaming using remoteplay. I have no input lag but the stream starts lagging ALOT when I start it through streamlabs. It's not my internet connection since I got around 280 mbit/s upload and 270 download speed. It's also not my computer since I got a i7 cpu and 1080 graphics card. What can it be?

  48. David Darko says:

    Just saw this vid. nice job btw. how long of a delay are we talking? 15-30 secs or way more? I'm currently in the same boat and I've noticed that remote play for ps4 can degrade the picture significantly. Thank you!


    I tried using the Xbox app to capture the game play but, it gets too laggy and grainy. My friend says he just directs computers resources to the Xbox app. You guys have any ideas?

  50. vapenoodles says:

    I need help with my OBS. I can't stand not having 3 audio tracks to edit and good transitions, but I have to use shadowplay. I have an i5 8400 and gtx 1050 ti, and can't use OBS. It gives me either bad video quality or massive performance hits.

  51. Vexii says:

    Does anyone know how to stream unlisted?

  52. SkyVision says:

    Why would I buy a modmic for 70 bucks when I can buy a whole headset with a mic that's 10x better… If it was 20 bucks I'd understand but wtf

  53. Nnotif says:

    How to stream unlisted?

  54. GXR Gaming says:

    i wish this would work but obs wont run on my computer

  55. Stevewontdoit says:

    Can I use 1 monitor for this. Also will 20mbps upload work for this??

  56. Yahzi says:

    having a capture card really ain't expensive especially if you wanna just record 720p 60fps u can have a cheaper pc that's like 200$ that has 8gb ram that can handle that easily and a 100$ capture card u don't gotta buy an expensive Elgato there's plenty of other companies that work fine

  57. LochNession says:

    my window capture isnt working on obs. Help?

  58. Beh8ppy says:

    70$ mic yea fuck off

  59. Drex says:

    I'll never need to do that, But cool video. Thanks.

  60. Osaka78 says:

    Funny thinking Epos 🙂

  61. Calum Aimes says:

    Connect a lan cable to ur pc, use remote play and boom, no latency and internet required. Them just screen cap that instead

  62. EA says:

    he only covered ps4 does this also work for xbox as well?

  63. Leo Sommerhalder says:

    how can i stream on switch

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