Nvidia RTX 2080 vs GTX 1080 Ti – Benchmarks & Comparisons

July 30, 2019 posted by

The Nvidia RTX 2080 and 1080 Ti are both powerful
gaming graphics cards, but which should you pick, and is it worth upgrading? In this video
we’ll check out a heap of game benchmarks at 4K, 1440p, and 1080p at all setting levels
to help you see the performance difference between them. For the testing I’m using the MSI 2080 Duke,
expect a full review on that in a future video. The 1080 Ti on the other hand was just a generic
Sapphire card that I borrowed from a prebuilt system. Let’s just quickly take a look at how the
2080 and 1080Ti actually differ in terms of specs, note that things like clock speed and
power will vary between specific cards, these are just the reference specs for each model.
Important differences to take note of are that the 1080Ti has more Cuda cores but lower
base and boost clock speeds out of the box. The 2080 has less memory, but has a higher
memory speed owing to it now being GDDR6 in the 20 series. Finally before we get into the gaming benchmarks
let’s check out the system that was used for testing. I’ve got an Intel i7-8700K
CPU overclocked to 5.1GHz on all cores in order to best attempt to remove CPU bottlenecking,
as well as 16GB of memory running at DDR4-2666 in dual channel. All tests were run with the
same Windows and game updates applied, however different Nvidia drivers were used, as the
RTX cards launched with a newer driver, at the time of testing however these were the
latest available for 10 and 20 series cards respectively. With all of this in mind let’s check out
the gaming results! Fortnite was tested with the same replay,
at 1080p we’re getting excellent frame rates with either card, although the 2080 is coming
out ahead at the higher setting levels, 3.8% better at epic settings on average. Moving
up to 1440p the frame rates drop down a bit at the higher levels, with the 2080 still
ahead for the most part, giving us a little more 4.5% improvement at epic settings. At
4K the differences between both cards is much less noticeable, perhaps a miniscule edge
to the 2080. Assassin’s Creed Origins was tested with
the built in benchmark, and again at 1080p the 2080 is coming out ahead at the higher
setting levels but performing slightly less at lower settings. At max settings the 2080
is just 2.4% ahead of the 1080Ti in average frame rates. At 1440p the frame rates drop
back a bit, and now the 2080 has pulled out ahead at all setting levels, with a larger
6.2% performance increase to average frame rates at max settings. The frame rates drop
back quite a bit in 4K with a 5.2% improvement at max settings with the 2080, but the difference
between the two rises as the setting level drops down. Far Cry 5 was also tested using the built
in benchmark, and at 1080p there are minimal differences in performance between this game
at the average frame rates, while the 1080Ti was actually slightly ahead in 1% lows. Stepping
up to 1440p the 2080 starts to pull out ahead, at ultra settings it’s now performing 6.7%
better than the 1080Ti with not much changes to differences in 1% low. At 4K the average
frame rates almost half, and at ultra settings the 2080 is performing 7.9% better here. Ghost Recon was also tested with the built
in benchmark, at 1080p the 2080 was giving me a 7.6% improvement over the 1080Ti in average
frame rates, and a 10% improvement to the 1% low. At 1440p things drop a bit but we’re
still seeing nice results with either card, but just a 5% performance improvement with
the 2080 at ultra settings this time around. As this game is pretty resource intensive
it doesn’t go too well at 4K at higher settings, there’s not much difference between the
two at all here and the results are fairly equalized now. Overwatch was tested in the training area
while running through the same route, at 1080p the settings are insanely good as expected,
the game caps out at 300 FPS and can be averaged at most setting levels. At 1440p we’re still
getting very high frame rates, even at epic settings, however the 1080Ti appears to be
around 3% ahead of the 2080 here, not too sure why that’s the case in this game, but
the same pattern was also seen in the 4K results, where the 2080 was just slightly behind, at
epic settings the 1080Ti was now 7.3% better here in the average frame rates. CSGO saw similar results at 1080p, with the
2080 slightly behind the 1080Ti. Going up to 1440p the gaps close a little between the
two cards, however the 1080Ti is still ahead for the most part. This doesn’t really change
at 4K, the 1080Ti is still slightly ahead, although the differences between the two at
this resolution are much fewer. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the built
in benchmark, we’re getting crazy high frame rates regardless of setting level however
the 2080 was clearly ahead here, performing about 10.4% better than the 1080Ti at ultra
settings. At 1440p the frame rates are still quite high, again with the 2080 in front regardless
of setting level, a larger 17.6% improvement to average frame rate was seen with the 2080
here. At 4K the 2080 is still scoring around 19% better in average frame rates at ultra
settings, although both cards are still able to give us above 100 FPS in this title. PUBG was tested using the replay feature,
at 1080p we’re getting really high frame rates at all setting levels, with the 2080
performing around 4.6% better in the averages at ultra settings. At 1440p I was seeing a
larger 7.1% improvement to the average frame rate at ultra settings with the 2080, with
similar boosts seen at all setting levels, bigger differences than what we saw at 1080p.
At 4K the results are fairly close together, although the 2080 appears to be just slightly
ahead in average frame rates, just 1.4% better than the 1080Ti at ultra settings in this
test. Shadow of war was tested using the built in
benchmark, and at 1080p there was a 4.5% improvement when maxed out using the 2080. At 1440p the
2080 is again ahead in all tests, although rising up to 11.1% higher than the 1080Ti
at ultra settings this time. At 4K the results come a little closer together, a 7.3% improvement
with the 2080 at ultra settings this time. Watchdogs 2 is quite a resource intensive
game, but we’re getting great performance at 1080p with either card, although the 1080Ti
was ahead, performing 6.6% better than the 2080 at ultra settings. Frame rates drop down
a little at 1440p, but overall are still quite good. At ultra settings this time the difference
between the two is very close together. 4K was still pretty playable at most setting
levels, and again at max settings the differences between the two cards are extremely small
and realistically within margin of error ranges, however at all other setting levels it’s
a bit clearer that the 2080 was coming out slightly ahead at this resolution. I’ve also tested some benchmark tools, in
Unigine’s Superposition benchmark they both seemed to trade blows depending on the particular
test, and then a fairly similar story when we look at the various 3DMark tests, in either
case the results are quite good. In terms of improvement, over all the games
tested at max settings with a 1080p resolution on average the 2080 was performing just 2%
better than the 1080Ti, although as we can see there is quite some difference between
the different games. At 1440p on average over the same games the 2080 was now performing
5.4% better than the 1080Ti in these titles, but again it really seems to vary depending
on the specific game. At 4K the 2080 was on average 3.2% better than the 1080Ti, but again
this varies a fair bit between games, it would be nice if I could test more games but this
data already took 3 days to collect as is. It’s also worth emphasizing the differences
in my actual cards that I’m testing with, it would have been nice to have say an MSI
1080Ti Duke to test with to make the cards fairly similar as I was using a 2080 Duke,
but this is what I had available to test with, with a better 1080Ti I think the performance
gap could close a little more, realistically I think the differences in performance are
fairly small and for the most part are not too significant, but as shown it varies between
game. Overclocking wasn’t tested here for a couple
of reasons, firstly there simply just wasn’t time, and secondly the amount you’ll be
able to overclock will depend on the specific design of the card, and will therefore vary
anyway. Don’t worry though, I’ll check out overclocking in the full 2080 review,
so make sure you’re subscribed for that. I also haven’t actually been able to test
any RTX specific titles, as there aren’t any at the time of recording, so once RTX
is actually utilized more in the future, the 20 series may become more useful, I guess
the testing here makes the comparison more apples to apples though. Now for the final difference, the price. I
suggest checking updated prices using the links in the description, as they will change
over time and I’m currently working off pricing a day before the 2080 becomes available
to buy. At the time of recording, MSI’s 2080 Duke that I’m testing with goes for
around $830 USD, although the prices for a 2080 seem to range from $750 to $900. The
cheapest 1080Ti at the time of recording on the other hand, starts at $600 USD and most
go to around $800 or so, so overall in general the 1080Ti does seem to be a bit cheaper currently,
although it of course will vary quite a bit based on the specific model of card you’re
after. If we look specifically at MSI’s 1080Ti
Duke, it’s about $60 USD cheaper, or 6% cheaper, and when considering the performance
difference of the 2080 just being 3% at 4K, 5% at 1440p, and 2% at 1080p, in terms of
raw value the 1080Ti looks like a better deal at the moment. If you’ve already got a 1080Ti
there’s no real reason in upgrading to a 2080, maybe a 2080Ti if you really want to
have the best or if you really need ray tracing. So which graphics card would you pick? The
older but definitely still capable 1080Ti, or newer RTX 2080? As the results were so
close together personally I’d probably just go for whatever was cheapest at the time,
although keep in mind that if you do plan on taking advantage of RTX in the future then
the 2080 would be the best choice for you, we’ll just have to wait and see how well
the new technology is utilized in upcoming games and future updates before we really
know for sure. In any case I think it’s pretty cool that the 2080 is so close to the
1080Ti, it just makes me more interested to see how far ahead the 2080Ti is. Let me know which card you’d pick down in
the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe for the 2080 review as well as future tech
videos like this one.


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    this generation we have the $699 1080ti vs the new $799 RTX 2080, they are nearly identical in performance, when we SHOULD Be getting closer to 2080ti performance on the 70 series for around $450 (not $1200)

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