Nvidia, I’m Sorry. GTX 1660 Ti Review

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  1. Johannes Rau says:

    Would you recommend it? Currently have a 750ti

  2. D_D0ubleu Wong says:

    My gtx 1660 isn’t working, help pls

  3. Baal. says:

    Never trust Linus with anything that's less than thousands of dollars

  4. CalebTheCashew says:

    2:51 someone laughs in the background XD

  5. ShoopersTheWoopers says:

    If you want it for cheaper, go for this one : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PGLJFYR/ref=psdc_284822_t3_B07N9XNC1B

  6. Ahmixel says:

    Is a GTX 1060 3gb good for gaming??

  7. Xavier Earnst says:

    2:50 I can hear giggling

  8. Xavier Earnst says:

    anyone else miss tunnel bear?

  9. MugiwaraKy0 says:

    what the best card for tekken? 😀

  10. vidyaWolf says:

    That sponsor transition was as smooth as 60 grit sandpaper.

  11. Aircraft Spotter says:

    Can this gaming pc pecs play Tourist Bus Simulator? https://www.stormforcegaming.co.uk/onyx-gtx-1660-ryzen-5-2600.html It is a Ryzen 5 2600 core with this graphics card. (1660)

  12. Jovanovic 13 says:

    What are you sorry for? The card is one of the most valuable cards for the buck now, the naming is trash but the card still rocks

  13. Amber57499 says:

    Nvidia engineers have virgin humor

  14. KEN 2000 says:

    I am pretty sure the card is now ONLY 255 $!!! WHAT A FPS/$!!!! Best budget card NOW rated

  15. Julian says:

    They called it 1660 so they could have a 1-69-0 at some point.

  16. uhh Batz says:


  17. SAagreedSA says:

    You have always made good content and I appreciate it. However the clickbait titles make it really hard to find relevant videos about topics. I am sure you know what you're doing but I would love greater clarity in the titles.

  18. We Game All Night says:

    great video

  19. Gonzalo Zabarburu Roman says:

    someone knows the orginalvideo of 2:18 ?

  20. VeryzonGames says:

    We get it now
    You have everything for free i would love to have a rtx titan and and i9-9900k
    BUT NO

  21. risbo qrac says:

    im building a new gaming rig but cant decide between 1070 and 1660ti, they seem identical in performance, well the 1070 has 2gb of vram more, but the 1660ti is gddr6 and is based on the newer turing tech, so what should i choose can you help me out guys?

  22. Tyler Anaya says:

    Nvidia is a cash wolf dogging amd out completely. Amd is literally surviving off its crossfire and extreme value to the normal gamer. 2 xfx 8gb 570’s crossfired would be $250 on amazon and preform similarly. Considering that Vulkan and dx12 are becoming more popular in newly released games I think it’s a little safer of a bet to try a dual card set up again.

  23. Tyler Anaya says:

    Or spend $3-400 on a pair of used 980 ti cards. You’ll end up around the preformance of a rtx 2080. I regret buying my 1660.

  24. A Game Plex says:

    Shitti shitiii tinti .. lol 😃 don't b offended ..but ;like mine 😅😂

  25. tan yutao says:

    U have a son wow glad to know that

  26. Nathan Hartono says:

    cs go gtx 1660ti fps so high ?

  27. Stipe Badrov says:

    can i install this on my alienware 17.3

  28. Your. Boy S says:

    When your happy you have a RTX 2080

  29. Drew Prenevost says:

    I just come here for the sponsor segways.

  30. jackson schuck says:

    Bruh, I'm sitting here with a 660. Watching these things hurt me

  31. AngelintheCLoud says:

    1660 TI enters chat:
    2060 enters chat:
    1660 TI leaves chat:

  32. William Baxter says:

    What about the 1650 (;

  33. Dale JordanX says:

    Linus, does the size matters at the same Graphics card? I mean the speed and the fps.

  34. Brent Borders says:

    2 minutes in I’m annoyed who the hell cares what it’s called!!!! Just tell me if it’s good or not!!!

  35. VK2532 says:

    16 60, the range of ages they would do in the GF Experience. That's the inside joke, maybe it is real for the one who named it.

  36. RemovedYaHP says:

    should i be worried about a cpu bottleneck? I have a 2 core 4 thread core i5 650 and currently have a gts 450 upgrading it to the GIGABYTE Windforce GTX 1660ti, should i be scared? I dont want to spend this much money and waste it!

  37. FATandSTUMPY says:

    So say someone has a premium 1060 6GB (STRIX OC) would it be worth them going for the Strix OC 1660Ti for £319 or would be worth them saving a extra £100 and going for the the Strix OC 2060?

  38. ElectroFX // motɨoɴ desɨgɴer says:

    Wow! I learned more 'sexual education' here compared to what I learned in school.

  39. Laser Cannon says:

    It’s like a 1070 but cheaper

  40. Venom 23x23 says:

    That intro was A1 👌

  41. Enfield potato says:

    #greenteam #enfieldpotato

  42. Byte Nebula says:

    10/10 frown on the thumbnail

  43. N0OL E says:

    I am defenetly upgrading to this from my 1050

  44. Extr3me says:

    Anyone else wondering how he gets so many “sponsors”

  45. King Hodene says:

    Ha at 6:58 I thought my quality went down to 144p .

  46. Henry Mellor says:

    I got one on sale at Microcenter for $249.99 and it’s 👌

  47. NogTails says:

    I love that the res is 1440×720

  48. Moobeus says:

    These graphs are incredibly difficult to read and completely nonsensical

  49. TheNiub says:

    1660 ti is an inside joke about a 16 year old dating a 60 year old, you're welcome.

  50. Aditya says:

    Nvidia learnt how to name from aliens.

  51. El Hombre Reviewer says:

    i just saw it on amazon, i thought they just mispelled the name, i was wrong

  52. John Ruben Saragi says:

    2:50 little giggle at the background

  53. FERRIZ: 1% says:

    3:55 I thought my crappy laptop froze again.

  54. MrKnifeart says:

    how many frame rates do we need?? I'm interested in a gtx1060 in a used laptop to save a ton. 2016 $600 laptop msi leopard pro B01N6IQU2J with 1TB ssd upgrade, 1060gtx. Any opinions?

  55. wil2197 says:

    …my daughter had questions for me after watching your video…

  56. Terriertastic PlayZ says:

    Hey guys, could you please check out my Instagram. I’m new to PC builds and wanted to document my first build. If you could help me out by following or checking out the posts it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 🙂

    Insta = help_me_build_a_pc

  57. Meme Komrade says:

    Is RTX 2060 more worth it than GTX 1660?

  58. MrMaddog2004 says:

    The 1660 is basically in between the 1060 and 1070

  59. Oscar Jeans says:

    Considering this one to upgrade from my 660 ti

  60. YUNG FEN says:

    Another reason they gave for the name was that it is more powerful than a 1060 and less power full than a 2060, but that it is also slightly closer to the 2060. Thus 16 was chosen.

  61. Johnnybomb1 says:

    So how does this perform on freesync monitor ? Might get this instead of the RX 590.

  62. ADAX says:

    my brain hurts

  63. GT HINDI Gaming&Tech says:

    Bhopali LiNus tech tips

  64. lukbros says:

    why the fuck does the name matter

  65. 23p23 41 says:

    I am so happy i bought 1660 ti week ago

  66. Papalangaz says:

    In my opinion, just waiting for the rtx 2060 to be on discount is better then buying the 1660 ti because it isnt that much more and in my opinion is worth the boosted peformance that the 2060 gives.

  67. JaayOnPC says:

    GTX 1060 + next gen = RTX 2060
    RTX 2060 – R X – cores = GTX 1660
    coz nvidiot mafs

  68. MCES LEX says:

    Linus the sell out, he never says negative things about his sponsors aka Nvidia.

  69. Fuzzy Images says:

    I have recently been comparing some of these cards, doing a bit of shopping to replace my 1050Ti. But it is weird, recently it looks like the 1060 and 1600 prices swapped places, is there a reason for that?

  70. Funeral Doser says:

    Just save some money and go for the 2060. Soon the price will go down anyways. Plus 10-15 more frames from 2060 can make huge difference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mbmQCiON-c

  71. dbdusbhshdbdhahsh jdjdhdhdhshshs says:

    It's like a 1070 but newer

  72. Dank Meme Daddy says:

    Good thing it's only $260 now lol

  73. Hunter's punchers says:

    do rx 580 vs 1060 please

  74. tammelol says:

    Nvidia be like: this is designed for 1080p gaming
    Every reviewer be like: it's not good for 1440p

  75. Ra's Al Ghul says:

    Can someone please tell me how I can download an Nvidia 1660 TI on my CPU's cache?

  76. Rodrigo says:

    I have a GTX 1070, and for reasons too complicated to explain here I will have to swith my whole PC. Now, I thought of the GTX 1660 Ti as my new graphic card, but then I saw, it has 2 GB less of VRAM. Should I care about that? Woldn't that be a downgrade from my current card?

  77. Abetsss Cornulet says:

    Great, my GPU is a joke……

  78. Daily Monsters says:

    16 is in between 10 series and rtx 20 series , with 60% more performance than 10 series… But not enough performance to battle 20 series.. 1660… Charaan!!! Lol

  79. sandy1234853 says:

    if your looking at buying a laptop dont get the 1660ti you can get a rtx 2070 non max q (= full desktop gpu) for arround the same price and much better performance i just got a asus scar 2 for $1800aud

  80. Faded 420 says:

    So should I but a asus GTX 1660ti 3 fans or spend a bit more for a ASUS RTX 2060 DUAL? I'll save $70 with gtx.

  81. DjTruchas says:

    it is good tho

  82. T3nsion says:

    Should I get a 1660 ti (core clock 1500 MHz) (boost clock 1890 MHz) (Best 1660ti) or Should I get a RTX 2060 (core clock 1365 MHz) (Boost clock 1755 MHz)(cheapest 2060) and they both cost $299.99

  83. medo roffaii says:

    8:01 didn't get it! Why is he suggesting 2060 for a new build? What's the value calculation

  84. Hari G Prasad says:

    pls gift me a pc im dying wid a core 2 quad ddr2 motherboard with a gt 710. ty

  85. ihavenoname yeet says:

    If you pair this with an i5 9400f 8 or 16 gb of ram which doesn't really mater cause ram isn't all that expensive you can upgrade it when you want. So with this setup you can get about 100 fps in pubg, around 200 in csgo, about 70 in gta v
    I don't really have time to explain. So if you want a solid pc these specs are a way to go:gtx 1660-ti, i5 9400f ssd 500 gb is recommended and a hrad disc i personally use a 2tb hard disc and im doing good, i can run pubg, gta v, csgo, withcer 3 and some other games on ultra/high settings and still get high fps. This is my opinion if someone has something else to add please reply. 🙂
    Edit:hard disc not hrad

  86. Steel Tarkus says:

    I kind of want a 1670 and 1680 Ti.
    Ray tracing is a joke.

  87. Lazy Thekid says:

    when your done calling every graphics cards shit can you tell me which ones are not shit plz

  88. nicksttrs says:

    Im waiting for the nvidia gtx 3.14 pi

  89. toxic parasite says:

    An undervolted sapphire pulse vega 56 is in my opinion a better option. U can get it for 250(Euros) with 8gb of vram. This is just for those guys thinking of buying a 1660ti at the moment

  90. Nikon Star says:

    i thought i was an idiot when I heard the 1660…and confused myself with rtx2060…and i guess everyone had problems…way to go nvidia way to go….I would have preferred 1160? 😛

  91. Marco says:

    >be me
    >hear that nvidia classifies their graphics cards in generations
    >choose to upgrade to 1660 Ti because 16th generation must be better than 10th
    >order the card
    >watch some videos
    >get confused
    >dig a little deeper and find out that it's actually worse than the 1080
    >be me
    >angry, sad, confused, feeling stupid
    >waiting for the card to arrive and build my first ever pc
    >so is the card good or not?

  92. Jaisheelan P says:

    In conclusion I am even more confused now

  93. Justin Davis says:

    I love my 1660 ti

  94. EdrumSense says:

    This chapter is sponsored by Girfriend Experience

  95. Shard The Fox says:

    Lol, I have a 1660 Ti, and it's great.

  96. Maple says:

    What about GTX 1660 only? Is that worth to buy Linus?

  97. Luigui Cano says:

    Yes, yes! i like the video, but i need my video card too, regards

  98. Mike T says:

    Nvidia are full of shit lool they just charging for the GDDR6 really

  99. NICULL says:

    Lol I'm not paying another hundred euros for 15 more frames

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