NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti Review – The Fastest GPU for $279!

July 30, 2019 posted by

well well well another day and another
major launch in the graphics card realm it seems like the last few months have
been filled with these I mean honestly guys it started with the RTX a series
back in October and then it later on continued with Nvidia’s launch of the
RX 590 and then the Iranian seven and now it’s Nvidia’s turn again but in a
very different way that people are expecting so these are examples of the
gtx 1660 TI yep gtx 1000 series is making a comeback and I’m super stoked
about that now what exactly it’s a gtx 1660 TI well
I’m gonna make this explanation as simple as possible before getting into
the performance results in short what NVIDIA has done is taking the touring
architecture from the RTX cards and cut out both the tensor and RT partitions
what we’re left with is what’s called a tu 1 1 6 which is GPU core without any
rtx features so forget about running things like DLSS or ray-tracing
however it uses the brand new touring architecture with a 12 nanometer
manufacturing process so shady performance is loads better than a gtx
1060 for example the cool thing here is that along with the turing architecture
enhancements the gtx 1660 TI also gets its enhanced n VNC encoder and NV dec
decoder capabilities that’s a pretty big deal for streamers the reason for the
lack of rtx features on the 1660 TI brings us back to what Dimitri said when
he was testing out battlefield 5 right now ray tracing and other AI operations
take a ton of resources even with the tensor and RT cores helping out and
that means lower end graphics cards would be able to offer a good gameplay
experience and guess what that’ll cause some of invidious key technologies to be
only available for people who are willing to spend a big chunk of money on
these expensive RTX GPUs and I wonder how that’ll affect RTX game development
probably not that well now for my specs and pricing standpoint the GTX 1660 Ti
sits right in between the GTX 1060 6 gigabyte and the RTX 2060 it’ll start
up $280 and as 1536 CUDA cores and 6 gigabytes of 12 gigabits per sec
GDD our sex memory operating over 192 bit memory bus it’ll start at $280 which
happens to be $30 more than what this 1060 launched but it’s $70 less than the
lowest-priced rtx 2060’s do note that nvidia won’t have a
Founders Edition on this one though as for clock speeds the reference boards
will have a booth speed of 17 70 megahertz the EVGA gtx 1660 ti XC Black
Edition that I have over here hits those reference speeds and also Nvidia’s $280
starting price we actually saw its boost frequency hit 18 80 megahertz
pretty regularly though the MSI gaming X version is a different beast on the
other hand it comes pre overclocked and with a pretty hefty 310 price tag but
it’s levelled out around 1950 megahertz in most games so expect a few FPS
improvement the problem might be its price since $310 puts msi really close
to lower priced RTX 2060 cards but don’t forget the 2060s boot speeds are
only around 1700 megahertz so it’ll be interesting to see how closely MSI 1660
I can get speaking of the msi card I actually like its looks a lot more than
EVGA s honestly I don’t know what EVGA was even thinking with this triple of
slot design the gtx 660ti is supposed to be an efficient card which would make it
perfect for ITX cases and while most of those can handle a card as long as the
gaming X the triple slot ebj monster could face some serious mounting and
ventilation issues I also like the stealth black and grey finish on the MSI
card and the best part is that it comes with a backplate that looks absolutely
gorgeous and you know this would fit in perfectly for a completely stealth
lookin build that doesn’t really you know pop out that well and I appreciate
that now the ironic thing here is that when
testing both of these cards they both hit a constant temperature of 64 C under
load but the single EVGA fan needed to spin at faster speeds and that resulted
in louder acoustic performance while it’s trying to push enough air through
the ultra thick heatsink now jumping into power consumption before the rest
of the benchmarks these cards are really efficient even though they operate at
higher speeds and have a lot more course than the GTX 1060 alright guys so it’s
time for the rest of benchmark results I’m going to use the same over
7900X test system as usual and if any of these pass by too quickly feel free
to pause as you can see the gtx 660ti is a pretty interesting card especially
against the RX 590 remember even though that you can find at rx 590 around $260
it was launched only a few months ago for $280 right now it looks like the
$280 EVGA card is a much better value overall than what AMD is offering most
of the time it actually hangs right in with a bag of 56 against the Nvidia
cards the gtx 1660 ti looks pretty good too it’s easily 25 to 40 percent faster
than the GTX 1060 but make sure you keep in mind that the card starts at $200 so
if you’re looking to save a few bucks that could be a good route to actually
if you want to draw a parallel the RTX 1660 TI performs a lot like a slightly
overclocked gtx 1070 but it does fall behind a bit at 1440p due to its smaller
memory footprint the most interesting thing here about these results is how
closely the pre overclocked MSI gaming X gets to the RTX 2060 founders Edition
especially when you’ve lower 1% of frame rates are compared sure there are times
when the RTX 2060 is able to pull way ahead and the 1660 TI doesn’t
really have any RTX’s features the only problem with the gaming X is its
price it only offers 3 to 5% more performance than EVGA card but it costs
$30 more personally I don’t think that’s worth it but I don’t really like the
EVGA design either I’d rather find a 1660 ti that goes for round 2 earned $80
and offers a cleaner double slot cooler take your gaming experience to the next
level with Corsairs new harpoon RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse with its advanced
slipstream wireless technology experienced hyper fast sub 1 millisecond
connection speeds along with dynamic RGB lighting for some extra Flair
check out the harpoon Wireless end links below well guys that about wraps things
up and I have to say that the gtx 1660 ti is a pretty exciting card provided you
can find one at $280 but it also raises a huge number of questions
Nvidia has been beating their rtx jump for months now so to suddenly see a card
without it feels a bit weird not only that but based on what we’ve been told
RTX features won’t be available on any card that they launch for under $300 so
that’s basically a huge percentage of their customers that won’t be running a
compatible GPU now since ray tracing and some AI is just a lot harder to run
I completely understand why Nvidia is doing this but convincing developers to
build rtx enable games might have just become a lot harder but ignoring RTX
and taking the gtx 660ti for what it is i’m pretty impressed with a bit of
overclocking you can get very close to RTX 2060 performance for about $70 less
sure the 2060 does provide a bit more consistent performance across every
title especially at 1440p but it’s now become really hard to recommend the gtx
1660 ti is just hard to beat and it actually makes the RTX 590 completely
overpriced now just watch out for the MSI gaming X because it is very
expensive and for what you’re getting the gain is
just very minimal so that pretty much wraps up the gtx 1660 ti performance
review I hope you guys enjoyed this one let me know what you guys think about
the performance results and whether or not if you would be considering or
recommending a card like the 1660 TI to a friend of yours who’s looking to hire
in a build system within a particular budget considering that it costs or it
starts at two hundred eighty eighty dollars two hundred eighty dollars yeah
anyways let me know the comments down below amiibo with hardware connects
thank you so much for watching make sure to check out some relevant content over
here subscribe to our boot sequence channel I’m signing off and I’ll see you
guys in the next one you


100 Replies to “NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti Review – The Fastest GPU for $279!”

  1. Aryados11 says:

    The real question is: NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI versus AMD RADEON RX 3080 (not out yet)

  2. Jokakutihuti says:

    Here in Finland GTX 1660 Ti is in the same price range as cheapest RTX 2060's. Hahah makes no sense

  3. Rob In says:

    What happened to EVGA's backplates?

  4. chud67bbc says:

    In Canada, I see it from $379.00

  5. T B6 says:

    And here in france it's impossible to find under 300€ 🙁

  6. engels1978 says:

    Now it is just big mess with GPUs… So I decided to leave with my 1060 6gb for 2 more years and now just change my ancient i5 3570k to Ryzen 5 2600… 😀 And wait where all this RTX/GTX Circus will go…???

  7. Jan Michael Lancian says:

    AMD should do something, hope they release a ray tracing GPU's too… so that, there will less overpriced greenie RTX cards.. well, AMD might surprise us…

  8. Julien Lauzon says:

    you can get a gtx 1080 for 300 $ lol and its 35% faster than this shit.

  9. Marco Ramirez says:

    AMD is dropping the price of Vega 56 to $279 and you get 3 games with purchase.

  10. Herus says:

    basically gtx 1070

  11. Mtndewgang says:

    God, that name is such a mouthful.

  12. Atif Khan says:

    So, when will AMD stop renaming RX 480 cards and release something good?

  13. CoughE says:

    Do i upgrade from a 970? or is it too similar?

  14. Ran Ng says:

    1660ti = slightly OC 1060

  15. blackvalor84 says:

    Would it make sense to change from a r9 390 to the gtx 1660 ti?

  16. SUG4R says:

    what about the vega 56 dropping price?

  17. LC_Prime says:

    Nice video, you earned a sub!

  18. Antonio Renteria says:

    It’s just to soon for ray tracing. Pc gamers don’t tolerate anything below 60fps, no matter how pretty the picture looks.

  19. Mobile Players says:

    It only losses some fps against RTX 2060 but cheaper

  20. BlindStudios says:

    2070 is the best so far. Don’t fall to this one

  21. Trash Panda says:

    The very basic cards have cheap construction and cooling. For the premier version, why bother at all: or $70-80 more you can get an RTX 2060. The 1660 should never have been released except Nvidia is desperate for revenue. Just say no.

  22. hartsickdisciple says:

    Other than, you know… a used GTX 1070 or 1070 Ti. Those also come with more VRAM. Vega 56 can be bought some places new for $280 right now as well. That's a more powerful card than this.

  23. Double Owe Seven Z says:

    So Nvidia is leaving the under $200 market to AMD with the RX 570/580 as they have shown they can make and sell them at that price with the games so far, so no new AMD cards are needed if Nvidia spooked themselves out of that market.

  24. shoqstar says:

    Why not benchmark Fortnite?

  25. halistine jenkins says:

    damn dude…..you're getting thin

  26. Mike Cunningham says:

    This should be called a GTX2050Ti as its Turing with no RT cores.

  27. Test says:

    ALRIGHT! i am gonna buy this

  28. Master says:

    I'd rather get a 2nd hand 1070.

  29. Luciano Martinez says:

    Do you guys think it’s worth the upgrade from an EVGA 980 ( Non-Ti )?

  30. 김택진 says:

    rip rx590 8g

  31. Souhayl A Photographer says:

    Inspiring ! 😀

  32. Astroc Slopes says:

    Pretty happy with my Sapphire Vega 56. Bought new for €300 with Resident Evil 2, The Division 2 and Devil May Cry included. Undervolting from 1.2v to 0.96 was as simple as typing the number in. GPU power draw never went above 200w. My PSU fan doesn't even turn on while gaming

  33. Paul-Sebastian Manole says:

    The 3 slot EVGA card CAN BE matched to a pretty good looking mATX motherboard inside a smaller enclosure! Especially if you have water cooling for the CPU and you need the extra room for the radiator and/or reservoir. I don't think EVGA's decision to build this card was wrong. It's an option you wouldn't have got otherwise. And it's not performing any worse for it.

  34. nf5R says:

    Above 50-60fps for mid setting on all AAA .. bang for the buck 🤩

  35. youfeelme2 says:

    what pc case is that in the beginning 🤔

  36. मोहित शयोराण/ ਮੋਹਿਤ ਸ਼ਯੋਰਾਣ says:

    Will there be 1660 ti Laptops and what will be it's price?

  37. Minka says:

    And i still cant afford it

  38. Chaz Garcia says:

    I have not been watching hardware canucks lately but has Eber gotten thinner?

  39. Da Fuq says:

    The GTX 1070 and Vega 56 have come down in price but they have better performance. So I don't see a reason for this card to exist.

  40. Boleque says:

    0:27 – 1616 ti?

  41. Steven Truong says:

    Not gonna lie… that EVGA 1660 Ti is the most beautifully futuristic card I have every seen.

  42. Tech4Gaming says:

    Nice to see a gamers focused gpu without unecesary features, but i think we'll see GTXs around for a bit longer…

  43. Veer Maharaj says:

    There is no Radeon 7, Its the Radeon Vega 2!!!

  44. We are from Serbia says:

    2080 ti : i dont think RTX is necessary
    1660 ti : it lacks RTX

  45. Curious Cat says:

    Pity most reviews center around games. I´m having a hard time finding good reviews about 3d modelling and rendering programs that compare performance of the GTX range with the RTX range. Also, most reviews bash the RTX cards for being half useless right now because games dont use the technology and like you said "it will be hard for game developers to make games around these features" with more GTX cards coming out.

    Well… What about us low-income 3D professionals? We need cards that boost ray-tracing and other features at a lower price (not all of us can buy a $3000+ workstation) so having the RTX range makes me happy. Pity that it´s hard to understand their value if all I hear is that they are not as good for games, not as good for games, not as good for games. Like gaming it´s the only thing happening in the world of GPU technology.

  46. Sean DeMarco says:

    Can't support what Nvidia is pulling with the jacking up of prices and coming out with so many refreshes. Send a proper message to Nvidia and just buy AMD new or if you have to get Nvidia used.

  47. arK says:

    My graphics card is a higher number so it’s better than this thing.

  48. Shane Williams says:

    I still have 1050.. but okay for me for next few years since am not a hardcore gamer 😌

  49. Fahmi M.R says:

    nice card good msrp, sad to say here in asia that card worth USD 350 and rtx 2060 worth USD 450. sad pricing. i can only watch ur video atleast just to imagine if i can buy that card with the same msrp

  50. That Benjamin Person says:

    But for less then that price you can get a vega 56…..

  51. قناة قبيا Qibya Channel says:

    Is it vr ready like gtx 1060?

  52. Quantum 2217 says:

    please stop taking those diet pills . you look really sick .my friend did the same thing .everyone would just look at him and comment to me . he looks like he's dying . he cared more about how much he weighs and didn't care how bad he looked .

  53. Muhammad Yuda says:

    its compatible with i5 3470 ?? i think its not time to replace my ivybride it still good processor 😍😍😍😍

  54. Rewind says:

    Can somebody actually tell me the difference beteween RTX and GTX, why should I buy over the other?

  55. temp temp says:

    now we need a mobile 1660ti.

  56. soju69jinro says:

    im sorry but "Fastest GPU"? what's fastest about it?

  57. Stefan J says:

    Thats one t h i c c gpu

  58. Gabriel says:

    I’m sticking to my 1070

  59. VE SACÉ says:

    Such a pretty little card

  60. waynebradyirl says:

    I am upgrading from a gtx 970 windforce oc to this.. gigabyte is selling at the $280 price point with aftermarket coolers installed. waiting for it to come in the mail this week!

  61. Nick Ray says:

    No one wants to talk about this card vs 1070ti why is that

  62. Oscar Sondergaard says:

    Just bought one

  63. 3Spooky 5Me says:

    Pretty amazing game changer for low end builds… launching at $280 you get gtx1070-rtx2060 general performance for todays games? You could run anything really at more than gorgeous and higher than needed frames. As far as I can gather.

  64. A Tem says:

    pascal cards are still better

  65. Ya Nope says:

    its a 1070 for 70 bucks more, nice.

  66. Sabir Saheel says:

    what is the name of the background music?

  67. Breezy Berwick says:

    Vega 56:
    I'm gonna stop you right there

  68. Vintage Murkz says:

    Ewwww fucking Indiana’s

  69. A Tem says:

    i dont get it. why nvidia does not continue production of the 10 series. its the same more or less

  70. Rithik Srinivas says:

    This thing really is worth the price. One could say its less than it should be.

  71. XENIC says:

    If anyone wants a Fortnite FPS test with the 1660 TI with no shadows and anti aliasing etc check out my second to last vid

  72. Famoso Jose says:

    Can I slap this on my i5 8gen? or will it bottleneck?

  73. Slick Guy says:

    Lets say you wanna buy a car, but the black colour, (which you really like) is 5000 more expensive,
    naah fk it "not worth it"

  74. Dray says:

    useless card

  75. Pollen Natino says:

    Can this support 10 Bit monitor for PS?

  76. Lemon Tofu says:

    is a 550w psu (evga supernova) enough for gtx 1660ti & ryzen 5 2600 oc to 4ghz?

  77. Asian nub says:

    in canada this is like nearly two times the price ;-;

  78. WelcomeToYoure DOOM says:

    at the time of this writing : $414.40 – I think we can safely say it's no longer a budget option

  79. Figrin says:

    If you are looking for that dual fan look but at the MSP, you can always go with the Zotac 1660 Ti.

  80. James Bond says:

    As good as 1070
    With 120w power efficiency
    And faster gddr6 memory
    Its perfect for 1080p gaming at high-ultra settings
    And 2k gaming at med-high settings
    Go for 1660ti rather than used 1070
    Not to mention it will have good driver support

  81. Jasper Hendricks says:

    Honestly, I'm going to stick with MSI. I have a MSI GTX 970 with Twin Razor cooling, and these MSI cards have never let me down as far as cooling & performance.

  82. iyfranco151 says:

    GTX 1660 Ti – Back to the future ?

  83. cappo567 says:

    I would rather have had them make a new GTX lineup that was just a pure performance increase over the 10series. It would have been nice if the took all the ray-tracing stuff and just shoved more actual gaming performance into the cards. I don't like that they are muddying the scientific and consumer/enthusiast spaces. Save that junk for your tesla cards. All said I am blaming the crypto disaster for this one.

  84. Criql says:

    would this card run pretty good on Fortnite?

  85. Ricardo Abrahão says:

    Should have compared evga xc ultra, that has double fans and is OCd higher, probably would do equal or even better than MSI Gaming!

  86. Dan Magoo says:

    Are they all 3-slot, or "almost 3-slot" wide"?

  87. KidFrom106 says:

    I would just spend a couple more and buy the RTX 2060 i don't care about ray tracing but the RTX 2060 is faster than the 1660 Ti

  88. LucidFox says:

    I spent over $300 for the gtx 1660 6gb. And now you are telling me there are cheaper ones that do better? Reeeeeeee

  89. Eric Hanson says:

    Always helpful, always great videos. I really do love your guys channel.

  90. iGGy says:

    That cool feeling when the MSI GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X costs 295$ instead of 310$ in ur country😂👌

  91. Joe Shmo says:

    Your voice is calming. Picking up open box unit from MicroCenter. After tax it will be $275.73. I am upgrading from a 4gb 960 purchased almost 2 years ago.

  92. js100serch says:

    Wait!, aren't you using an expensive camera to film this video?, I thought autofocus was a problem found only on cheap cameras, I have that problem and I hate it. I bet expensive cameras have manual focus. I don't understand.

  93. Zerviscos says:

    You know what's a better 1660 Ti than EVGA, but cheaper than MSI? Literally any non-mainstream Murican brands like Zotac or PNY/Palit, or Inno3D. Honestly, look elsewhere in the market, not just the premium brands. Esp Zotac, since it's actually quite popular globally, but not a lot of Muricans look into it.

  94. Anuran Dutta says:

    0:27 sixteen sixteen?

  95. Mylan says:

    You mean the shittest GPU for $279

  96. ROCHAR9 says:

    what a voice…

  97. Hugo Nobre says:

    I can find a vega 56 at 287 it's worth considering.

  98. Souvik Barik says:

    Sir,will there be any difference in fps between the msi gaming x editoon and ventus oc edition?

  99. tammelol says:

    Nvidia be like: this is designed for 1080p gaming

    Every reviewer be like: it's not good for 1440p

  100. Kevinjaimegz says:

    Why both links of this card n amazon has Pci e x8 in hardware connectivity if its x16??

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