No sound after Installing an Nvidia driver update (fix)

July 31, 2019 posted by

installing updates always comes with a
certain risk and this update I’ve installed a new driver of nvidia
and suddenly I have no sound on my machine (PC) so in this quick tutorial we’re going to go
through over what I did to fix this on my machine in the hope that it helps you
as well after the initial shock and searching
around the web a bit I didn’t find any solution that actually
returned my sound, so what eventually worked for me is going to the advanced
custom settings and pressing the clean installation check box before starting
the installation process again click Next and reinstall the driver
after the computer restarts you should have your sound back as
before how could help you on your machine see you on the next video


34 Replies to “No sound after Installing an Nvidia driver update (fix)”

  1. Kevin Gutierrez says:

    I can't believe this actually worked, I tried everything and nothing worked. Thanks!

  2. Raye Gunn says:

    would have helped if this video was purely visual with subtitles or something. cus, you know, I HAVE NO SOUND.

  3. PixelNo says:

    sadly this didnt work for me. I have two monitors, one has speakers the other doesnt. I cant figure it out. Doing a test for sound with nivida (monitor with speakers) I hear the test sound. The other monitor without speakers is running realtek. So its difficult for me

  4. Elite Catsus says:

    i cant hear shit ffs

  5. Håkon Aune says:

    Installed latest driver update today, sound was working right after the installation was done. Took the required restart resaulted in no sound!
    This trick worked like a charm. Thanks alot! 🙂

  6. Todd Herrington says:

    I have a dedicated windows 8.1 HTPC low end rig that I put an NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 to improve video playback. After I updated drivers recently I lost all sound. Doing the fresh driver install fixed the problem. Thank you for posting!!

  7. Toilettes says:

    when you cant hear anything and the video creator talks the whole time…

  8. TheDeem says:

    This still isn't working for me :[

  9. ScOrCHlnG G4MeR says:

    basically i just had to make my speakers default and it worked, thnx for the help anyway 😉

  10. JoleBole says:

    I jusr got a new gpu and ill try this cause i sont have sound too

  11. Akshay Kulkarni says:

    After going in playback device, i found that the audio was coming from monitor output. The default device was set to monitor. Change it back to your preferred device and done. No need to reinstall the driver update.

    This worked for me.

  12. Jord Leemburg says:

    Didn't think this one trough did ya

  13. DomDumm says:

    Thank god there is subtitles, cause I can't hear you :/

  14. daniel smith says:

    the thing is….i cant hear you

  15. Sebhat Yacob says:

    lmao had this problem. clicked on this link and the sound came back lmao

  16. TheLordGrundy says:

    Didn't work

  17. Soccerj7 says:

    so if your video has sounds and you're talking, then those who already fixed their audio issue doesnt need to come here.

  18. Rugged The Trader says:

    Ok, so for all you people using Nvidia Geforce Expierence; here is what you do: click the reinstall update option, then click custom install, make sure whatever you want from the update is checked, then check the "clean update" option, it will have a "caution" thing below it, but don't worry much about that. It should work if you do it that way, and if any of my writing is weird here, I am currently writing this at 2:00am in the morning.

  19. Dale Cantrell says:

    I had a similar problem, all I had to do was move the video output from the motherboard to the actual graphics card.

  20. Cant Orlok says:


  21. Jeison Vásquez Soto says:

    go to sound configuration on Windows 10, then disable the icon with the green mark by left clicking on it. gl

  22. Fallen Spartan says:

    this solution worked..before u noob ass dislike this video..turn on the fuking substitle first

  23. Vitor Mascarenhas says:

    That worked on my HTPC. Thank you very much!

  24. AngryNewt says:

    PSA: Enable subtitles

  25. sised says:

    not helpful at all

  26. Stephen King King says:

    Funny how people who search for this problem most of the time don't have audio… So why the hell would you make a audio help video? Man some people are just to dumb.. 😉

  27. Synth an4rchy says:

    thx it worked

  28. Grant Silveri says:

    this still sorta works THANKS SO MUCH

  29. Starpilot3 says:

    Doing the clean install was exactly what broke my headphones in the first place. 🙁

  30. Robert Fousch says:

    Nice video jackass….if you don't have sound…MORON.

  31. K. Høj says:

    did the same things, clicked the box, it replaced all my files, but it didn't fix my sound problem.

  32. dadautube says:

    good solution but still doesn't answer my question:

    i have a PNY nVIDIA Quadro 600 GPU board that has probably set my Asus X58 mobo's sound off somehow, possibly after a latest update to its driver, which is a 2015 update btw … i'm sure i used to get some sound off the system in the past although still with some issues, but now i don't get ANY sounds although when testing the sound , i can see all audio hardware (mobo's own, no sound cards installed) appear to be working via the visual check on the Sounds little window prompt …

    btw,. you haven't mentioned anything about your computer setup: mobo? RAM? CPU? Windows version? other …

    here's mine: Asus X58 mobo, 24GB RAM, intel i7 950 3.06GHz, Windows 7 Ultimate x64 plus other required HD etc stuff for the system to work …

  33. Leon Yohai says:

    i don't have sound in some of my games after the update how to fix it?

  34. Ric Lan says:

    Thank you sir

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