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I'm ice cheriya known as sonically in the virtual realms as he said mainly on Instagram though I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about visual communication and content creation but please note that in no way am i a professional this is just my personal views and what I've learned in my personal experience so solar killer basically started in 2015 but before that I was never really interested in photography I had no idea how to use a camera or anything – and just my phone maybe but even at that point I don't think smartphones really existed so in 2011 I went on a family trip with my uncle and a couple of my relatives and we were really bored it was an inaudible and I picked up his DSLR it was on manual mode and just started shooting basically and the shots act one shot this is not a this was taken this year this is my first shot from DSLR and they thought it was great I had no experience at that point so I didn't know what to compare it with right so then in at the end of 2015 I started my Instagram account it was first Facebook but I was never really interested in Facebook as much and then I switched on to Instagram because that was the thing to do everyone was doing that at that point and right now I have seven and a half thousand followers almost compared to my facebook page with only a 650 likes and then my point there is that it just goes to show how much effort you put into whatever platform that you can really see the results from that I don't put any effort into my Facebook page I just repost whatever is on Instagram onto the Facebook page and you can see the result of that right but in I'm really obsessed with Instagram I'm so CD with it this isn't a very clear image but you can see actually if you have your phones at you and Keaveney and I noticed almost every one of you on your phones if you have an Instagram account you can go on and check Salah Kendler just like notice the things like is it the color is it the contrast how I'm posting what times I'm posting if you look into things like that you will notice that I will never post too similar colors next to each other this is just the thought process behind how I post and if you can see the picture of course sometimes I get stuck I mean I don't have a lot of content these days but if you see the picture with the two feet in my opinion that is where too close to the feature the second one of the silhouette or the yellow background and the bicycle picture that the tones are too similar right and my find here is that you need to put your effort into what you're posting the content needs to be a value to you if it doesn't if if you are not obsessed with your work why would anyone care about what you're posting which is exactly what happened to my facebook page nobody cares about it because I only reshare whatever is on Instagram so then I used to also do this grid my talk is mainly for Instagram ones I'm guessing the others might not be as interested and understand but I used to do this grid and it was my the thought process behind that was to get people who see six posts on their feet to come and check out my field right but then I realized that individually they don't get many likes they'll get 40 50 likes as opposed to my other posts individual posts so I stopped doing that temporarily another factor is that if you have a business account on Instagram you can check the analytics right and my account has 62% men and 38% women so based on this you can target your posts I know which age was there and even which countries they're from and when they're most active so you need to create your content around your audience majority of it 90 percent of your posts should be I mean you should like it but the other 10% you need to think about who your audience is why they are following you and give them a reason to follow you so I know that my majority Sri Lankans following me but I have India and the United Kingdom as well and I'll tell you why that's important a little bit later so and when it comes to content creation and in photography in general there are basic rules which is the rule of thirds and if you can see by this picture the fishermen are strategically located in that one cross section so in photography it's a basic rule where you focus your main object should be on one of those four points and if you have a picture of the ocean or any straight lines going in your picture it has to be straight and that can be done on the Instagram settings itself you don't need Lightroom or Photoshop I mean I have that it's difficult to use sometimes but you don't always need it you can just use Instagram tools now tell me which picture is more appealing to you they're both the same just different sizes and I posted this yesterday it's the one on the right instagram has an algorithm that I'm I don't really know how to explain properly but the portraits size pictures they get pushed out more rather than the landscape pictures the original picture I took was actually landscape but I edited it to add more sky on top right because I knew that Instagram would push these pictures up on your feet rather than the landscape shots and what you need is for your picture to be on top of everyone's feed apart from the other pictures that are I mean if someone's following me I know that they're following other travel as well right and I need my picture to be on top so you can use apps like later and first known as later am Snapseed and visco these are the easiest apps to use I don't always use these because well except for Snapseed maybe sometimes but I use my Instagram tools because it's really simple and it gets the job done I mean I don't need all of this to edit my pictures okay so that's just the technical side of editing your pictures but when you are taking a photograph like this one for example you need to think about the story behind your picture what is the story I mean is it the four guys here is it the story that you're trying to say like the how you travel to that location it can be any story in this this pitch was actually taken at 6:00 in the morning on a Sunday that I stayed on Sunday as everyone knows that but you need to make the people who are seeing your picture want to be there I want to understand why you were there at that time Fatah has no one there at 6:00 in the morning but you can get the best shots at that time right because the people are still working there they're more relaxed and they'll let you take pictures of them like this rather than being stressed out another story behind this picture this is one of my favorite shots and it seemed to be a crowd favorite too and I assumed that it's because you can you feel like you're in there right you feel like you're traveling in single age a forest and you can gauge that by the comments on your pictures and if you want to really push up each other you have to use hashtags and location tags hashtags Instagram has a competition every weekend where if you take picture during the weekend you can use that tag and you can get picked and the pole be posted on Instagram getting featured on Instagram is a big deal using hashtags is really important right now especially because tourism in Sri Lanka is booming so if you has tags in Raja forest know for sure that there are thousands of tourists checking these hashtags and they will indeed follow you because they need to know where to go when they come to Sri Lanka the same goes with this picture actually location tags is also not the important which I'm pretty sure majority of you go to Instagram check places to see what the pictures are of the location that's the most accurate way now to find out what the actual scenario is like in a place if I just went to Aragon B recently that's what I checked I checked whisky phone I checked peanut from everything on Instagram to find out what the lay of the land is like what times to shoot what are the shots are the people have gotten if you don't do your research then you're not going to end up getting the really good shots Sri Lanka has 20 1.2 million people right and 2 million arrivals over 2 million arrivals as increases statistics from last year majority of them are from Asia and Western Europe and we have Indians Chinese and they're the majority and the UK that they come in is the majority to enter into sri lanka which is why if you are taking pictures and you're posting it this is not just travel photographers even if it's a brand and you're targeting particular consumers if you know in the tourism industry you know that the british are the third most popular people to visit sri lanka then you need to post pictures of more beaches more of el and all the historical sites not really shopping shopping would be the indians and the chinese in my opinion I know they travel too but I see there were a lot of it right so you need to know what your statistics how what the country statistics are in order to post range for me this is only if you want to reach high audience on Instagram so all in all I think Instagram even though people think of it just on the surface you know you can't use it much you actually can you your businesses can thrive I mean social media is it's free to a certain extent especially if you have the talent to take pictures if your brand has an account on Instagram you can get a large audience and the good thing with that is that you have a database of followers who you can remarket to you don't have to keep finding followers they just come to you if your content is good right so I feel like if you see pictures like this and your marketing T in Srilanka your marketing tourism all your travel photography then you can get a good following because this tells a story and it's also technically accurate in photography so that is about it if you have any questions you can let me know

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