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Hey, my name is Elsa, I am a video editor, an artist and a nomad, living and working out of my 13ft Scamp trailer. I make money on the internet in various different ways including selling wood stickers on my website, creating YouTube videos of my art and travels, painting large scale mural art and custom small scale design work and all of these avenues are made
easier with my apple tools. A couple months ago I caved and bought an
iPad pro and apple pencil, THANK YOU so much to Collin Ryser for the hook up! and this thing has taken my work quite literally to the next level.. a DIGITAL LEVEL. In this video I’m going to show you my favorite apps for creativity, drawing and photo editing. Lets check it out! On the first screen I have all my tools and apps
that require internet. I almost never use this screen of apps, because this iPad is used for the most part, without internet, which works well actually, as I never become sidetracked by social media when I’m on my iPad. To the right I have my creative screen of apps
and I’ll go into them one by one. Photo editing comes first. My most used tool thus far has been the
Lightroom photo editing app. Lightroom’s capabilities are definitely
limited on the iPad vs. on my MacBook, but I do find it helpful to edit photos using my apple pencil, drawing on changes to coloring and lighting. The next photo editing app is affinity photo that was JUST sent to me this morning by my OG neighbor Randy (the one who made us that
dank brownie a few videos ago) This app is apparently a front running competitor to photoshop and is for the iPad it recently winning Apple’s prestigious design award and I can’t wait to explore it. Thank you so much, Randy! The next app is Duet. I have it on both my iPad and computer and when connected with a charging cable, I can use my iPad as a dual monitor, which comes in handy when editing videos on my laptop. Next folder is video apps that I’ve never used before. Anything that requires video work, I do on my MacBook. If you use your mobile devices for video work,
what apps do you use? And HERE are the most fun apps I use. We will start with Pigment, a coloring app. I have the free version and have to download my coloring sheets when I have internet but it gives a very life like look to all my colorings and has an awesome feature that allows me
to color only one space at a time, so I don’t have to go in and erase when you color outside of the lines. The next app is Concepts, recommended to me by my Dad. Thanks dad, love you, say hi to mom 🙂 Concepts is a vector drawing program with
all kinds of different writing tools. It allows me to draw freely and then save my images as a vector which can be stretched to ANY size. Only problem is I’m unable to manipulate individual keyframes like I would other vector programs but I’ve been using a different app for that kind of stuff that I’ll show you a little later. Amaziograph is a fun little app for
drawing mandalas and kaleidoscopes. I don’t use it often, as it’s a pretty basic app, but it’s fun when I just want to doodle. Then I’ve got Zen Brush 2, another app gifted
to me by a friend. Thank you Alec! It’s a SUPER fun app that gives you
a very realistic brush feel. It gives you two color options with a few different inka, which I love, as it requires me to create simply without all kinds of different choices. This app always reminds me of
my fellow face painters, too. If you know how to use a round brush,
you’ll understand why. Lastly up here I have a skillshare app that I’m testing out for a while. I paid for a trial of Skillshare when I got my
iPad to learn ProCreate and was contacted by them last week to see
if I’d be interested in a sponsorship. f I find it useful, I’ll come back and tell you guys about it and get you some discounted links to try it yourselves. Here below are my 3 current most
used applications on my iPad. First is Procreate. I think everyone that has an iPad has this app. It allows me to draw with dozens of different brushes and I’m easily able to make my own brushes as well. I have been able to draw all kinds of
things and different styles and it’s definitely enhanced my artistic
capabilities and confidence. At the moment, I think this is my favorite app. Next app is Vectornator that Randy
ALSO turned me on to as he encourages me on the DAILY
to get better at vector art. This App vs. the concepts vector app, allows me to adjust individual anchor points which gives me a lot more freedom
when designing stuff. I like it a lot and am practicing with it every day. Lastly I have my books app. This is my most used app. I am reading Sapiens right now by Yuval Harari. I like this app and my apple pencil especially, because it lets me highlight more
precisely than i would with my finger. We do not have space for books in the Scamp,
so this is a nice alternative and I can have as many as I want. And that’s about it. Hope this was informative and gave you some ideas for your own devices. If there’s anything in this video you’d like me to
touch on more, please let me know and I’ll see you in the next video!


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    Hi Elsa i loved your video, I wonder if this ipad pro 10 inch or 12 inch.

  2. 777 Wisdom says:

    Lumafusion is a GREAT app to edit videos on the IPAD

    the documents app is good to organize files

  3. Janet Robinson says:

    Thank you for such useful info about the iPad drawing apps. I recently purchased the latest iPad for the Apple pencil. Good for you for living your life and dreams on your terms.

  4. Cameron Pierrot says:

    Cute puppy at the end !

  5. Chara Tatum says:

    Hi what size is your iPad

  6. Earthwreck24 says:

    Any way you could take us through a quick drawing on Vectornator and Procreate? I haven’t seen much support for Vectornator and am having trouble figuring out how to manipulate some of my anchor points and how to connect anchor points from different lines.

  7. Fabio Vargas says:

    Loved it

  8. Gon s says:

    Thank you so much to Sharing us your dedication. ✌🏻nice Information.

  9. LoneRsnger 8 says:

    Try procreate

  10. SRAVANI Illindra says:

    i higkey suggest u checking out lumafusion which is a video editing app like premiere pro its 20 bucks its amazing i have it..

  11. Candy Gobbler says:

    I recommend Enlight for photo editing

  12. Alec Davis says:

    Lol my name is alec too

  13. Ichthusk says:

    I just wish iBooks wasnt so incompatible with windows. moneeeyy
    pro for kindle: i once imported a pdf of half a book, because the book as a whole was too large so the lecturer split it up, and it kept computing for longer than I thought it wood. then the actual kindle version of that book just appeared in my library. I didn't even feed it the second half! the book was Rapture by Carol Ann Duffy.

  14. Dime Culture says:

    I didn't know that there were apps available now for doing vector work on my ipad, ill have to check them out

  15. Crazy Colouring says:

    Have you tried Adobe Illustrator Draw before?

  16. HalfSushi says:

    Great choices!

  17. freshapplenews says:

    Touch on books

  18. Pablo L Sánchez says:

    Great 👍🏼 informative video! The pen tool in Adobe Illustrator should be easier to use! Vectornator App seems simpler to use! Thanks!✌🏼

  19. VJ FRANZ K says:

    Such a happy life! I always recommend Graphic for vectors.

  20. James Fryer says:

    I love Concepts and Amaziograph! When I want to edit the vector drawings I make in Concepts more precisely, I export as SVG and work on it on my MacBook in Affinity Designer.

  21. HASSAN TAHIR says:

    Use Snapseed

  22. Jakob Bender says:

    I use Lumafusion to edit videos on my iPad Pro 10,5. Hands down the best there is. And they are constantly adding new features. It's also very stable. You should definitely check it out.

  23. crozz 19 says:

    Try pixelmator to edit

  24. Patrick Robinson says:

    Somebody lost their pen cap 😢

  25. jamie banks says:

    Sketch club is a must !

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    9.7in or 12.9in

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    Thanks for sharing:) you just added to life! You’re an OG too!!

  32. Osmond Wong says:

    thank you very much!! i have clicked the video in hope of seeking an app which allow me to draw vector and can still manipulate anchor points, and you got me covered !!! huge thanks

  33. Brandon Bayona says:

    Use lumafushion for video editing on iPad pro…its perfect

  34. Celeste Heinen says:

    For my ipad with drawing i use medibang paint. I really like that app because its free and has so many options! I always use it!

  35. Zack Cunningham says:

    I recommend using Luma Fusion to edit videos

  36. Otie Jason says:

    Of course you had to mention a pot brownie in your video. When will potheads learn that smoking weed every day is just as detrimental as any other drug.

  37. The Rainbow Ram says:

    Have you seen Affinity Designer now? 😀 IT's on the iPad Pro.

  38. SC Chiu says:

    Thanks for making this video! I'll definitely try the apps you recommend. I had duet for my old iPad mini. It worked. However, I haven't been able to get duet to connect my iPad Pro 10.5 and Macbook Pro. Have you had any issues? I contacted the duet team and followed a long list of steps. Still couldn't get it to connect. The team said it's an Apple issue.

  39. Alfredthekidd says:

    your dog is the cutest thing in the world

  40. Manoo Media says:

    Thank you

  41. xz8 xz8 says:

    Pigment for 4 dollars weekly? You must be kidding me!

  42. Stefanos Lalic says:

    Is this 10.5 model?

  43. Van Goss says:

    Awesome! Very helpful…you rock!!!!

  44. Adriana Luna says:

    Thanx for the video! What do you recommend, 64 or 512 GB? As I see you use a lot of apps, perhaps it takes a lot of capacity.

  45. The Frankly Speaking Show says:

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  46. Pekka Puhakka says:

    Hi Elsa. I really like your video. 🙂 Can I ask what is this leather case around your IPad? It seems to be good and handy for artistic purpose and something I am looking for.

  47. claystudiofx says:

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  48. PAPI says:

    I use lumafusion 20$ and it is gorgeous

  49. lxnely says:

    best drawing apps
    (in my opinion tho) :


  50. Ibi 93 says:

    thanks you've been very useful

  51. Green Avocado says:

    On my Ipad, I use LumaFusion to video edit, it works great.

  52. pesto12601 says:

    For someone who is a "nomad"… she sure does pack some expensive equipment into that tin can….

  53. Pietro Strusi says:

    Where can i find that lockscreen wallpaper? It’s awesome!!!

  54. Kenneth Price says:

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  56. Iain Bryden says:

    Sapiens. Yes! Great book if you want to understand civilization.

  57. Donal Coley says:

    awesome thanks, nice refrence

  58. Mikael Cedergren says:

    You are an amazing artist. Fantastic.

  59. Ok Cool says:

    Hey Nice Video !! Is this the IPad Pro 12,9“ ? Im goin to buy an IPad soon and in not sure if the 10.5“ is big enough for graphic design. (I havent drawn on graphic tablets before – so im a newbie in this area 🤔)
    *sry for bad english 😊

  60. Lakshay Pawar says:

    Luma fusion for mobile video editing

  61. Mai Mohamed says:


  62. neel vanu says:

    @Elsa Rhae, Use the Legendary LumaFusion App for Video Editing.

  63. saikat93ify says:

    Why not use Kindle app instead of iBook ? It's much better in my opinion.

  64. allthingsbgi says:

    Lumafusion for video work! 🙂

  65. A J says:

    Love it, a perfect 5min video! Straight to the point, perfect pace, clear, concise, and informative! Thank you!

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    You are by far the coolest person I wish I knew

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  71. dan di says:

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  72. xmrtuvgs says:

    That was inspiring. Loved the hummingbird at the end. Will try Amaziograph.
    Reminds me of when I was traveling around California in my van, doing creative stuff, painting, drawing, playing music, visiting the desert, mountains, beaches, hot springs and other cool places.
    Took lots of pictures, and learned how to use Photoshop on my laptop.
    The best of times for me.
    Love my iPad for art and photography, as well as some fun music apps.
    I would like to recommend some more apps for you and others….
    Waterlogue, PaintCan, Art Tools, Inkwork, Brushstroke, ToonCamera, SketchBook, and Relight.
    Look them up in the App Store, to see descriptions.
    Best wishes for your traveling adventures ☮️

  73. Breaking Elegance says:

    LumaFusion is a hell of a video editor for the ipad

  74. Justice Gilbert says:

    Hi, I have a quick question, I have the duet app (love it) but how did you get your ipad display to be vertical instead of a horizontal view??

  75. Maher Gabal says:

    You’re a genuine in my opinion… I’ve been using sketchbook, I highly recommend you give it a try.. but I just feel like I’m not making the most outta of it specially in coloring and finishing my sketches.. if you have any technique tips that would be awesome 🎨🌹

  76. Big Chungus says:

    My name is Elsa no joke…

  77. Nahuel Masman says:

    Thank you!… Namaste 🙏🏿

  78. Abc 123 says:

    Full Photoshop app being released this year sometime in 2019!!!

  79. Dominique Snyder says:

    I am an illustrator, however I don't use my ipad (i have the previous version – not pro, so I don't think I can use the apple pencil). You have convinced me I need it though… Do you have some sort of link that would give you a kickback if I used it? If so, let me know 😉 Prob gonna have to sell the old ipad first.

  80. Allen Hare says:

    Thanks for another informative and interesting video. I really enjoyed it.
    I got my iPad Pro and Pencil when they first came out. I use it for practically everything.
    I had no idea about what drawing apps to get, and your suggestions here certainly help a lot.
    It’s inspiring seeing how creative you are.
    Wishing you three well.

  81. Umi imU says:

    I just discovered your channel and have been binge watching your videos. You are such a talented lovely soul ♡ I am super curious if you sell any of your art on Society6? I am obsessed with just sitting for hours on their site admiring the endless artists that sell their creations there. I have purchased one to many mandalas… they are like potato chips… I hope to get to purchase one of your creations as well. )))♡(((

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