MY #1 BUDGET DIGITAL TABLET! – Huion Inspiroy H950P Review

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34 Replies to “MY #1 BUDGET DIGITAL TABLET! – Huion Inspiroy H950P Review”

  1. Joseph Ferguson says:

    hey do most tablet have a drawing program or not

  2. Sambit Sovan Pradhan says:

    Double click the pen -.-

  3. Team Dilemma says:

    When you hear it’s sponsored and you know that’s the only reason he made it

  4. The PrankStars says:

    Do we need a computer to use it

  5. theo hananto says:

    crigis wae ra praktek

  6. Himprakash Das says:

    I'm a beginner in 3d designing. Should i buy this?

  7. Havilah D. says:

    what was that program you showed with the paintbrush?

  8. Park Boom says:

    can you use it for a mac? 🙂

  9. Snake Chan says:

    does it work with a chromebook?

  10. adrian says:

    just bought one cause of this review i got mine from SM Southmall and it only costs Php 5,890. It's my first one so I'm still getting used to it but it's very responsive and easy to use 🙂 I changed the first 2 press keys to Ctrl+Z and Y those are the only ones I use lol

  11. Mai Dixy Wrecked says:

    Hayche???? Ok LOL

  12. Truce Truce says:

    Does anyone have the size? If he said it in video I missed it.

  13. HansCent says:

    Great advert

  14. Atomicplay says:


  15. Tie says:

    Review the veikk a15

  16. Rey Hansen says:

    There's no link for ZAR

  17. W# 28085 says:

    666k views. Cool

  18. Nima 47 says:

    Does it work in windows 7??
    Pls answer

  19. Zachary Shevchuk says:

    Can I use a different plug so I can use iOS???

  20. Joy G says:

    Another amazing but cheap tablet would be the huion, inspiroy Q11k, it’s prices ranges from £85-£100 (depends where you buy it, mines was £90) never had a problem with it after 3 years and it’s a great option for beginners 😊 and it’s a surprisingly large tablet 😌

  21. Noor OBEID says:

    I’m confused it doesn’t show up on my tablets screen it’s on the computer

  22. MrCrammer says:

    Jazza, please review the Huion H610 Pro v2! It's rated in the top 10 of most review sites and would be great if we could get your thoughts on that too.

  23. Trousle person says:

    Thank you🙂 this is very helpful! 😊

  24. Tyler Freeman says:

    Could you set one of the short cut keys to double click?

  25. Ferrets7 says:

    Jazza: i'm here to review the pros and cons of this tablet
    Also Jazza: this tablet IS me

  26. Tyrant unleashed says:

    That isn't biased right?🤔😂

  27. Michael B. says:

    thanks, I was looking for an entry level tablet that isn't as awkward as what I've used in the past. saw a huion on trademe, found this video and this looks perfect.

  28. braAAdly nooen says:

    Can someone please inform me what double click is? He mentions it in the video saying he has to press the button and click with the pen witch is a similar problem to what I have now with my tablet. Has it been fixed?

  29. I respect wAmEn says:

    It's hEyAcH not aYeCh

  30. keyla.cockroach akallskmd says:

    i watched this video late but it really helped a lot thank you so much

  31. Madeline Golding says:


  32. The Epic Lionny says:

    Wacom: exists

    Huion: imma bout to end this mans whole career

  33. Salomo Park says:

    What laptop du you use?

  34. Michi says:

    I have this tablet because I was looking for a not expensive upgrade for my Ugee M1000L and it's really awesome. I can highly recommend it.

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