MSI GTX 660 Ti VS. GTX 570 Benchmark Battle

July 31, 2019 posted by

No, I’m not doing this. Let’s get to the system I benchmarked on: The CPU is the Intel i7-2600K
at 3.4 GHz stock speed. Mainboard is a P67 one. I used two times 4 GB DDR3 memory and Windows 7, 64-Bit, Service Pack 1. The latest GeForce driver and the resolution: 1920 by 1080. This is Battlefield 3 single-player,
Operation Swordbreaker. on the GTX 570. As you can see, 45 fps on
average on Ultra settings. Which is playable pretty well but for the best experience I
would switch to high settings. Anyone who is wondering: Of course I
recorded the clips you’re about to see after benchmarking with Fraps. Now let’s see what the GTX 660 Ti has
to say for Battlefield 3 single-player. The 660 Ti scores an average of 64 fps which is 42% faster than the 570. If you’re overwhelmed with the numbers,
you might want to pause the video. Most Battlefield players will
probably think right now: You play single-player
maybe once, give me the results for
multiplayer, goddamnit! So to calm you down, here are the
results for multiplayer on the GTX 570. So this is me playing on
the map “Bandar desert” which is part of the new
DLC “Armored kill”. The 570 is able to achieve more
fps than in single-player with an average of 53 fps. This is already close enough to
60 to player on Ultra just fine. The GTX 660 Ti adds
another 12 fps on average which is 23% faster the the GTX 570. Important to notice here is
that if you’re a BF3 player, you won’t go wrong with a 570 either. Also please notice that the average fps
are the most meaningful values. The minimum and the maximum frames are
basically just for statistics. Some of my viewers may remember that
in the last benchmark video I did, which was 660 Ti versus 560 Ti I used the wrong stats in BF3 multiplayer. Comparing this, the map “Bandar desert” runs smoother
than “Kharg island” from the last test. This may be a coincidence
or just better optimization because most people noticed an fps increase after the “Back to Karkand”
DLC came out, too. Next up is the good old Crysis 1. The 570 with its 32 fps on average makes it hard to enjoy
the game on very high settings. Most people will say that 30 fps are the minimum requirement for
a game to appear fluent. So it’s barely above that. 43 frames per second for the GTX 660 Ti are a little bit better but still no
comparison to fluent 60 fps gaming. This means a 34% advantage
for the Kepler card. This benchmark sequence once again shows
that Crysis is still very heavy on the GPU. You would have to turn down Anti-Aliasing
or the details on both cards to properly play Crysis. Now we got Rockstar’s GTA IV. I probably won’t include
this game in the next benchmark battle because most new cards can
run it easily over 60 fps. Since GTA V is around the corner we will see if it becomes
the new system killer. 66 fps for the 570 on max. settings. Surprisingly, the 660 Ti is actually a
little bit slower here than its opponent. The 65 fps could be a measuring error but it at least shows that both
cards are on the same level here. Arma 2 and the DayZ mod are
displayed at 46 fps by the 570 which on its own would be playable
but I would turn down some effects because in my opinion the engine
offers so many different settings you won’t even notice in the game. As in GTA, both cards are
pretty equal in Arma 2. 50 fps for the 660 Ti,
which is only a 9% advantage. Metro 2033 is
one of the most famous GPU killers. This apocalyptic game only scores
25 frames per second on the 570 which is sadly not playable anymore. It’s comforting to know that the game
still looks awesome with lower settings. The 660 Ti also has to
surrender to the game. 33 fps is not a satisfying frame rate. This clip was recorded
from the demo of the game. Okay, we’re coming to and end here:
This is Skyrim which I will not continue like GTA because
it runs way too good on both cards. I could also install some mods from
the Steam workshop to increase the graphics and lower the fps. And the 570 scores 83 fps. Here again the 660 Ti
with a marginal difference of 2%. Since we’re in the area of 80-90 fps,
no one will notice this difference. I hope you enjoyed this little
video and I’ll see you soon. Bye and thank you so much for watching. Oh and one more thing: The fitting outro.
Here we go. Subtitles by Sebastian Heinze


100 Replies to “MSI GTX 660 Ti VS. GTX 570 Benchmark Battle”

  1. oli ver says:

    with my gtx 570 i get average of 60 fps at crysis with ultra oO

  2. DieFunBoyz says:


    Bei BF3 sind die avg Frames bei der 660 Ti immer da oder nur selen und wie oft dropt es unter 40 ?

  3. MrBrandis21 says:

    dont forget about the cpu bro

  4. MrBrandis21 says:

    dont we all just love epic rap battles?

  5. MrBrandis21 says:

    WHATS THE SONG AT 0:17 !?

  6. Kunven says:

    gtx 660 ti vs gtx 660

  7. Colton Burton says:

    Ok gtx 660 ti it is

  8. Colton Burton says:

    Thank you

  9. AureChrysler says:


  10. Boundless says:

    Hab sofort gemerkt, dass da ein Deutscher quatscht 😀

  11. 432. says:

    Bring doch deine lets plays auf einem anderen channel, ich denke, dass würde dem channel gut tun englisch und deutsch gemischt.. Naja! Das ist auch der grund warum ich kein abo da lasse, da ich mich, wie auch die meisten anderen hier vorallem für die hardware videos interessieren! MFG

  12. oli ver says:


  13. censiCLICK says:

    Danke für dein Feedback! Habe mittlerweile die LP-Schiene aufgegeben, weil es einfach zu viele gibt und konzentriere mich derzeit nur auf Hardware. Das LetsPlay war nur ein Experiment, dass ich dann pflichtbewusst bis zum Ende durchgezogen habe, obwohl ich gemerkt habe, dass das einfach niemand sehen will 😛
    Meine Videos werde ich wahrscheinlich weiterhin auf Englisch machen, weil das mehr Leute verstehen können 😉

  14. Henry Tomasino says:

    Just so you know, your CPU is restricting you in GTA4 and Arma 2.

  15. Peeter Leon. says:

    just got a 660 ti from EVGA and I'm so happy for it, you sir earned one more subscriber, and thanks for the awesome benchmark !

  16. MhSV Multigaming says:

    Unser genialer Akzent ist einfach nicht zu überhören^^

  17. MhSV Multigaming says:

    Es kommt aber auch auf die CPU an. Ich habe einen x6 1090t (3,8ghz) und komme mit einem 880Mhz Overclock gerade mal auf dieseFPS Werte, bzw liege immernoch minimal drunter (gerade BF3). Neues System ist aber auf den Weg ;-P

  18. Odin says:

    Someone PLS tell me whitch Grafik's card is Beder……… MSI N660Ti PE 2GD5/OC 2GB) OR XFX Radeon HD 7870 (2 GB) For BF3 and Arma 2 ???

  19. MrCookieBreaker says:

    I have a question. are the frame rates with or without recording this?

  20. chuckey3007 says:

    He said at the beginning that he recorded the game play after the benchmarks

  21. omggmo99 says:

    What is the best gpu I can get for 120 euro?

  22. Ihab Damony says:

    my tempreture on full load with msi 660 ti is 80c… is that normal ??

  23. Ihab Damony says:


  24. Alex says:

    My Asus 7870 TOP, scores 967, 38.4 FPS , 1080p, everything max.
    Isn't 660 Ti PE supposed to be a better card? Yet it scored a bit lower. AMD ftw

  25. Fishy says:

    Power Edition was discontinued i think, Nvidia doesnt allow overvolting anymore :/

  26. Desu VR says:

    For a dual-fan card, I don't think so. The highest my Galaxy GTX 660 Ti gets is 61c MAYBE 62c on a warm day. Make sure you have room and airflow in your case for it to breathe, don't forget about dust either.

  27. BrainzZzZz says:

    Super! Dachte schon ich sei der einzige mit der 570er TwinFrozr III 🙂
    Bin am überlegen, ob ich (für BF3 vor allem) den Q6600 upgrade (viel Arbeit dank MB etc…) oder die 570er gegen eine 680er tausche. Any advice??? 🙂 Danke!

  28. Artur Gon says:

    my gtx 660 ti from gigabyte got avarage of 30 fps on crysis with 8 gb ram and i7-3770k

  29. illRun4Clownident says:

    I got a 660 ti and its great, i got the one from asus, everything,fast clear abd with high fps, bf3 highest solution:(not oc) 52fps! Oc 74!!!
    Thats extreme for a 300€ gpu

  30. Doom-1 says:

    Please tell me the music at 0:21

  31. Karl Eisheim says:

    Very nice video! Very informative. Thx

  32. MAXEL says:

    Very nice low FPS on the GTX660Ti

  33. HighEndMoviez says:

    ich würde nicht die 680 sondern die 670 Direct CU Top II nehmen. Sie ist minimal stärker als die gtx 680, viel, viel viel leiser, und etwas günstiger.

  34. HighEndMoviez says:

    its not extreme 😀 no one on this planet would by a 300 euro GPU if u cant even run bf3 smooth.

  35. illRun4Clownident says:

    Für mich ist das extrem da ich battlefield mit grafik mods spiele! Mit meiner 690 hatte 70fps oc, also nicht besser (lol eigentlich fail)

  36. illRun4Clownident says:

    I love my 660 ti ocgd5 2gb asus baby

  37. shawnbbawns says:

    why is it that no one will ever do a comparison with the flight simulator X can you do a video using fsx please.

  38. RickRollsRus says:

    that was a rumor, but luckily… Just a rumor

  39. E92 Garrett says:

    Wrong. It will come out late in 6 months after Consoles released. PC will always get superior improvement graphic and extra more features for PC. Just like GTA 4 🙂

  40. Thomas Baxter says:

    I'm not sure if GTA5 is coming to the PC. It falls into the same category as Red Dead Redemption I feel in that Rockstar don't think it will sell on pc. Hope not though as I loved 4.

  41. ILikeToPoopNaked says:

    Was the 660Ti overclocked?

  42. YeuxArdents says:

    $100 dollars for 27%? FUCK NO!

  43. Bas van der Meij says:

    I would

  44. avalanche472 says:

    I have a question. I have an MSI GTX 660 Ti graphics card and I have all settings maxed out on GTA IV and I'm only getting around 40fps average. I know it's not a lot of difference but I'd just like to find out how you're getting an extra 20 fps? Did you overclock the 660 TI for this benchmark at all? Thanks.

  45. avalanche472 says:

    I have the Intel i5 3570k, which is at stock speed.

  46. Vitapantern says:

    580 ofc lol its alot better. only thing 660ti have better is texel rate.

  47. avalanche472 says:

    Supposing that the Intel i5 3570k is good?

  48. miguel mendiola says:

    any cpu that is K is great for games

  49. Yaba Kain says:

    yah but GTA V is not coming to PC for now, they might release, still its not coming for the time being.

  50. GreenSoap says:

    I get alot better fps with my gtx 570 than you had

  51. Sertzu says:

    Ich sag's mal so Mega viel besser ist die jetzt Nit

  52. 69_FPS says:

    witch is better ?

  53. TRSPrepping says:

    Great video… Thanks for the info. How about the basic 660 (no Ti) against the 570?

  54. BURRlTO says:

    If you're having these issues, there is a patch for GTA IV that came out quite a long time ago that fixed a ton of the FPS issues, google search it and give it a shot.

  55. hiephoi058 says:

    gtx 570 are great overclockers, 25% is no problem

  56. The Cartographer says:

    What is better a gtx 650 ti boost or a gtx 570?

  57. pickle Fart says:

    I like that intro the more I see it

  58. Trevor P says:

    So I'm new to computers and I don't get why the 570 is all that great. I would expect that it's not good because its almost 100 #s less that the 660. Please explain

  59. Strewgle says:

    Lol epic intro

  60. Fonzi Lafonz says:

    great video dude

  61. Superchad245 says:

    i would be

  62. كريم اشلحي says:

    THX !

  63. Kokichi Ouma says:


  64. Hardwarehighlights says:

    Why are the benchmark values ​​different each time at the 660Ti? Always the FPS pay the 660Ti too high, this may not be true again. And this time there is no improvement.

  65. Hardwarehighlights says:

    For a comparison or benchmark but then you should take the map that needs the most power.

  66. Danielfallz Rothman says:

    I have the 570 and I regret that shit.

  67. ZthaIncredible says:

    Howcome, I think it was at the time when I bought it a good card for the price.

  68. KonneX says:

    oh maaaan, when GTA V is coming, my GTX 660 TI and i5-3470 will be heavily destroyed by burning i think.

  69. Adam Desjardins says:

    YES PLEASE! It's a very CPU Iintensive game, but it's worth testing it out with the 660 ti

  70. Skeeter says:

    Benchmark doesnt represent the real fps you will get from real gameplay due to ai and collisions etc. I get 65fps maxed out in benchmark with a 570 but ill never get that playing it properly so i turn down to medium/high settings.

  71. Dunk Kubrick says:

    is english your mother language because you sound a little strange? ^^

  72. Tuấn Nguyễn says:

    I will buy the gtx 680 to play best gaming.

  73. techbyJJ says:

    Get a 770 instead.

  74. N1LSs0N says:

    6:24 = Super Porn

  75. illRun4Clownident says:

    there u are right

  76. Frederic Borges says:

    bf4? witch one? i have gtx560 ti and phenom 2 x4 965. sould i get a new gpu?

  77. King of the Batrachians says:


  78. Arthur Hoff says:

    gtx 570 is more cost benefit then she won u.u

  79. wera555 says:

    guess i wont be buying the heaven benchmark utility…. Copyright infringement on a benhmark utility? what  am i buying it to see the pretty? hell no im buying it so i can benchmark gpu's with it. Good job loosing customers.

  80. CK637 says:

    What is the background music at 0:16? I need to know! It sounds so awesome!

  81. Joshy Washy says:

    Lol that intro XD

  82. Bait28 says:

    Did a Lab controlled stress to push both card to their limits. A reference GTX 570 480 core edition, and a GTX 660ti Reference. GTX 570 maximally handled safely 940mhz at 1.175 core voltage, and the GTX 660ti safely handled 1250mhz under 1.212V. Memory was kept the same. In the same test platform, the GTX 570 outperformed the GTX 660ti in both DX9 DX10, OPENGL, and OPENCL calculations, the 660ti Only had the uperhand during DX11 loads which weren't all that impressive for the difference's in calculation speed. Granted the 570 drew more power, the 570 under such conditions on stock cooling(using an aggressive fan curve) never reached above 58C, the GTX660ti(maxed the fan manually to 100%) hit 67C during fulloads. The GTX 570 has a wider bus width as well allowing more data throughput. a 320bit vs 192bit. I'd take another GTX 570 over the GTX 660ti, minus the GTX 570's tendency to… explode(although nvidia has bugfixed this by removing the thermal pads on the VRMS and directly touching the VRM's to the frame)

  83. Jesper says:

    ''since gta 5 is around the corner'' xD 2 years later

  84. mud boi says:


  85. Šüper Šøib Märiö says:

    gtx 570 is more cost benefit then she won u.u

  86. Gretzzy says:

    Which CPU did you use?

  87. HaloNoobGrunt says:

    No bottlenecks at all, maybe the menory 1333mhz is dropping fps quite a bit

  88. Nasser says:


  89. Василий says:

    I have intel core i7 2600, gtx 570, 8g ozu ddr 3. Is it normal?

  90. jkpenn2003 says:

    2600k stock?

  91. MarkuS says:

    are these games on high ?

  92. Whitey Whiteman says:

    das deutsch trieft aus allen sätzen

  93. SstealthH says:

    at least it can play crysis.. it brings the titan x to its knees at some times (check out reviewtechusa's vid on crysis @ 4k)

  94. masterYodaTV says:

    good test

  95. Tpecep says:

    Revived my 570 in furnace , still gives 60 fps on medium with high and ultra settings mixed on 1080 , big overlock to 880 and 2100

  96. Alexandru Mihai Coroi says:

    GTX570 worth his money as new. Who own it since 2012 still can play almost everything with lowering a bit the settings.

  97. Jeremy R says:

    This gpu can be found for like 30 bucks used lmfao its a great deal for that price considering it has cuda and can actually play 1080p medium 60 ish

  98. MojaTv says:

    What is better asus gtx 650ti 1gb or gainward gtx 570

  99. AFie says:

    Name of "sexy" song?

  100. Gazper Andrade says:

    What? I bought a 570 Strix yesterday. I sold a 660 ti MSI for the half of I paid for a 570. Fuck!

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