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Most people use whiteboards, papers or
flip charts when thinking about strategies or concepts. Especially when discussing complex or
new topics the structure of a sketch constantly changes. Using paper and the like people have to
sketch over existing items which clutters the visualization. How about being able to restructure your
thoughts ad-hoc – while working on them? With mind objects you can treat your
thoughts like objects andmove or scale them freely. Don’t worry about space or structure
anymore just start anywhere. Work on details or on the big picture. Get
insights while staying in the flow! Mind-Objects is like no other software
it’s easier to use than paper. Especially when you moderate a discussion you don’t have to spend energy on where
to put your note, since it is so easy to refine move or delete things. To get everyone involved after the meeting, you just send snapshots with follow-up tasks – right from the discussion via mail slack or other tools. This way everybody knows what to do
after the meeting and stays in the workflow! Download and try mind objects
for free: www.mind-objects.com

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  1. Peter Schulze says:

    Würd's gern testen, aber mein Nexus 7 wird leider nicht supportet :/

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