Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review – 60% Faster!

July 31, 2019 posted by

Hey, how’s it going? Dave2d here. This is the the new Surface Pro 6 from Microsoft and it has received 2 big changes One is a CPU upgrade this year. They’ve gone to 8th gen CPUs, and the other is an aesthetic change It’s now a black or they have a black option and that’s something that people have been looking for for a while like some people say Marques matte black all the things but there’s a lot of stuff that Hasn’t changed on this device. And I feel like it’s a product that for some people. It’s like should I upgrade this year? Should I not and well, that’s what we’ll talk about today So first gonna talk about things that haven’t changed so it’s got the same screen It’s a beautiful screen the bezels are present, but it’s kind of necessary on a product like this It’s running Windows 10 and because of the operating system I do feel like it needs some bezels on the Surface Pro line up the keyboard, trackpad, and the pen input haven’t changed great inputs I’ve never had any real issues with them I wouldn’t mind if the trackpad was a little bit bigger, but given the size constraints of the type cover I don’t think you make it that much bigger it’s got the same kickstand unlimited position so you can fold it back pretty far and that just gives this product a ton of diversity and utility I think that’s what makes the surface pro lineup what it is today that really good kickstand these speakers look to be unchanged They’re in a good spot. Like they’re usable both in tablet mode and the laptop mode They sound clean can’t really ask for more The ports however have also not changed and that’s something that I think bugs a lot of people this is a device that still does not have a USB C or Thunderbolt 3 port in late 2018 and that is a huge miss in my books now in their defense If you were gonna have a USB C port on this device, you would probably replace the surface connector which is what they’re using to charge it and To date, I have not seen a product out there that has a well-functioning magnetic USB C charging system I’ve seen a lot of companies try but invariably they all suck or at least they’re not reliable enough to exist on a surface product Like this and maybe that’s what Microsoft is waiting for Like maybe they’re trying to perfect that Magnetic power delivery system through USB C and maybe that’s when they’ll switch over but right now we’re stuck with the regular surface connect that being said Without USB-C or Thunderbolt 3, it really limits the full potential of this device because there are tablets out there There are two in one devices out there that do have Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and we’ve seen what they can do like you can plug like an external GPU and this thing becomes a gaming Beast. I Understand this is obviously not the main demographic of the surface pro lineup But I feel like they should have put one in the pricing is better this year It starts at nine hundred dollars at the base model, but you’re getting eight gigs of ram and four core CPU So the product feels like a much better longer-lasting product than last year’s surface pro Ok, so things that have changed the finish on this device now comes in a black finish and it looks really nice unfortunately, it scuffs easily any kind of contact with a hard material has a chance to scratch or scuff that black material and it’ll show Because it’s a matte black. That’s the type of finish that shows scratches really easily. If you’re gonna pick up a matte black surface I highly recommend picking up a black D brand skin to protect it. It basically looks like the regular product. It’s just got some protection Ok, let’s talk about performance. The drive on my particular unit is the upgraded one. So it’s a 256 gig drive It’s an NVME and it performs really well I can’t talk about the 128 gig base model, but the 256 upgraded one is pretty fast the CPUs also been upgraded so this year it’s running 8th gen Intel CPUs and this units running the i-5 and it’s fanless which is a good thing or a Bad thing depending what you’re looking for. So this thing is silent. I love that A lot of people are looking for that quiet workspace and this gives you that a fanless quad core I5 is really nice to work with however it can get warm It never gets burnin hot just warm but a fanless i5 is gonna throttle in certain Applications if you push it hard enough so stuff like video editing or photo editing large files can have issues on this particular device Gaming also isn’t great. It’s running a UHD 620. Nothing crazy light games will run on this device but anything even moderately demanding isn’t gonna perform well because that GPU isn’t particularly powerful the strange thing is that last year’s model like the 2017 surface pro That top end model from last year had a slightly more powerful GPU than this year’s top model now a lot of the workflows that are going to be happening on a surface pro product are going to be more CPU dependent than GPU dependent, but for the people that wanted a more powerful GPU kind of missed out this year battery life hasn’t changed I’m still getting around eight eight and a half hours and the AC adapters also unchanged it still has that used to be prt on the side which I’ve always liked, but the overall product is I mean It’s an upgrade depending on your workflow. Like if you’re doing multi-core heavy stuff that can take advantage of that 8th Gen CPU This is awesome. And also the black color scheme if that’s up your alley. This is awesome But I feel like the product overall hasn’t changed that missing USB C port or Thunderbolt 3 port particularly a Thunderbolt 3 port would have been really nice and would have completely changed my opinion of the surface lineup in general or the surface pro lineup, but with that at that port I Feel like it’s an excellent product for the right person But for most people this is still kind of like a niche to in one product. It can’t be like everybody’s product quite yet Ok. Hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you like it, subs if you love it see you guys next time


100 Replies to “Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review – 60% Faster!”

  1. Dave Lee says:

    The black finish is REALLY nice to look at, but a lot of the device remains the same. Is the new processor enough for you to upgrade?

  2. ruxmia says:


    Plz… add TB3 to SF pro 7


    take my money…

  3. Nt Cat says:

    No need to buy the 256gb version. Unlike MacBook Pro, surface has a SD slot, which means that you only need to spend $25 to buy a 128GB SD card, and voila, it becomes a 256gb model. I wouldn’t wait for the next gen because it is very likely that they introduce USB-C but remove the SD slot, just like the Apple bich.

  4. jmenicholas says:

    I had 2 surfaces replaced under warranty with devices that did not have the functionality of the original device. I complained no one cared I wanted arbitration not available to Australian customers. worst consumer experience of my life.

  5. Hamed Jabarian says:

    Hi. I'm scientific code developer. Mostly I work with GAMS(algebraic Modelling) and python. I want to replace my old latitude with surface pro with connected LED so I will rely on computing aspects such Ram and CPU of surface not visual capability. Does this unit is somehow suitable for this purpose? Long time working and rendering ? This will provide me stunning opportunity to carry all of my code in less than a kilogram machine.

  6. Google User says:

    Why would you need bezels because of an os???

  7. Bryan Yu says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the 2018 Surface Pro so why upgrade to the Surface Pro 6? The model that I have is the i7/8GB/256GB and it's more than what I need it for. I don't do any editing. I mainly use it to trade stocks with and that's why I purchased the Microsoft Surface Dock. That thing coupled with two thunderbolt 3 ports allows me to connect to two monitors without having to have too many wires everywhere. All I have to do is plug in the MS Surface Dock and voila the two 23" monitors turn on and I can use the Surface Pro as a 3rd screen which I love. There isn't a product out there that I think tops the Surface Pro if you buy the Surface Dock. The Surface Dock not only charges your device but it connects to all your peripherals. I have the BT Surface Keyboard, the mouse, and the dock and if works wonderfully. I even added a speaker to my dock and it works like a charm. Again, the only cord that's coming out of my Surface Pro is the cord for the Surface Dock. I don't see why you would need to upgrade to the Surface Pro 6. They are both great devices and imho, I think it's a 3-1 and not just a 2-1 depending on how you use it.

  8. Blackout says:

    surface pro SUCKS and expensive

  9. Orbmiser says:

    Good review but have to disagree with a niche user product. As I polled 17 family,friends,etc… laptop users.
    There were only 6 or 7 that use it for usb-c charging. Another 1 had usb-c external monitor. 2 had usb-c drives.
    2 had usb-c power banks. And Zero had external GPU need. tho 6 considered themselves gamers.
    Majority had not used or have need for usb-c. They are not the niche crowd but the majority of everyday users.

    Most are not techy nerds or keep up with latest greatest. Or hard core gamers. Which ARE the minority.
    Most people haven't the concerns you do about missing usb-c or thunderbolt. I don't and am a computer tech/nerd type for last 50 years.
    If charging wasn't a usb-c feature I would suspect a lot less complaints about the missing usb-c connector.

    Think you got it backwards with the Surface Pro being for a "niche" group of users. Most are just everyday users.
    Using their 1-5 year old usb-A tech with no real need for usb-c presently. Maybe that will change over the next few coming years.
    But the majority are Not concerned about the missing usb-c or thunderbolt option. And do great without it.

  10. Finlay Mitchell says:

    They're probably more likely to switch the mDP for USB C, like on the surface go and book 2, not the surface connect

  11. Alau says:

    Hi Dave,

    Nice video input and I have a question for you. I’m having trouble deciding which Surface Pro model to get 🙁 I’m currently doing my degree(Electrical Power Engineering) and I find it very hard for me to keep up with my notes that’s why I prefer to go paperless. My current Lenovo has i5 processor, 4gb of RAM, 256gb of ssd and the surface which I'm planning to get is a Surface Pro 6 with also an i5 processor but with 8gb of RAM and 128gb of ssd. My workloads for my second year later on would vary from Spice, MATLAB and etc. So my question is, will it be worth it to get the S6? or I should just get other older surface models but with higher specs, like Surface Pro 2017 or even Surface Pro 4? Bcus I’m finding a laptop worth using for another 3years(max). Also Apple products wouldn't be a choice for me as I find it very hard to work with the ppl in my circle. Thank you, your opinions are very much appreciated😊
    P.s money is a factor too 🙁 that’s why the option of older models is included in my question

  12. Ryan M says:

    These graphics cards are a joke. New air, mini, and surface all too slow due to GPU.

  13. Chloe Mcholoe says:

    Microsoft is garbage and this is basically a cutting board in 1.5-2 years when the battery dies. there is NO WAY to replace the battery, not even professional third party replacements are an option!

  14. liquidmojo says:

    The lack of a thunderbolt port or even a USB C port in 2018 leading into 2019 is practically unforgivable at this point. I get that value that the surface connect offers and a proprietary magnetic power/dock cord helps distinguish the Surface line from a crowded line of quality competing choices, but it shouldn't be an either/or thing.

  15. Rayhan Mollik says:

    the way you talk is really charming,…..if you describe you crap in that smooth sound , i'll hear ……keep it up bro……..

  16. Joshua M. says:

    Used to have a SP4. Getting this on Monday and can't wait!

  17. Rick Tew says:

    Hi Dave – thanks for the review. I have a Surface Pro 6 maxes version sitting in the Microsoft shopping cart as I contemplate other 2-in-1 (XPS, Folio etc). Still on he fence but liking most of the surface pro reviews.

    On a side note – the audio for your video is great, might I ask what you are using? I have a Sennheiser that I can never really get to sound nice.

  18. Wei Shan Lei says:

    Don't you think the 12.5-inch screen is a little bit smaller?

  19. Anderson Gracom says:

    60% mais caro!

  20. Uri Al says:

    For that much money u can get a seriously nice gaming rig….psh…s

  21. Lambert J. says:

    Product product product.

  22. Fuze Main says:

    If the Surface Go has it I don't see why the Pro shouldn't have a type C port.

  23. MarKusH says:

    Why does it need bezels?

    Someone pls explain i'm sleepy rn lol

  24. Jim Huang says:

    Photographer here and a long time SP series user (since 2016), just want to add my 2cents for other people who may want to buy a SP.

    In short, battery life is good, keyboard is nice, the screen is brilliant, speaker is good. However, the biggest issue with I5 model is that it doesn't have the option for 16GB RAM, you have the get the I7 model, which is a shame. Intel I5 with 16GB really hits a sweet spot for us. With only 8GB, if you use Bridge, LR and Pre.Pro, you will often see it near maxes out.

    Having only 1 USB port is also really annoying and it doesn't supply that much power either. If you use a splitter then it can powers a pen drive and a Bluetooth mouse, which would be fine if it also has a full size SD card reader.

    The default charger (30W) is also too weak/barely enough to charge the device when it is under full load(Screen on brightest setting, CPU at 100%, GPU near idle ). It is also NOT powerfull enough to charge your laptop and device that supports quick charge at the same time from the USB port on the brick.

    Another problem is that it's also too big and heavy to use as a tablet only device.

    So really, I would suggest people get the surface book than surface pro. It has more ports, better battery life, better GPU, full size SD card reader and it is thinner when detached than the SP series.

  25. Robby says:

    Needs USB C and smaller bezels

  26. James P says:

    I'm pretty sure I've seen devices with USB C/TB3 power alongside other power connectors. USB C/TB3 is more than a charging port and manufacturers need to understand that you can have both.

  27. Raquel Esteves says:

    I'm getting a surface pro 6, but I have a filling that the 7 will have thunderbolt 3.

  28. Martin says:

    "Matte Black Everything" not "Matte Black All The Things" lololol dying laughing

  29. ChangeUse says:

    but why no 2 usb ports ;(

  30. Sujith Ishtar says:

    How comfy was playing Overwatch on this thing?

  31. Miljan Stanojević says:

    I cant agree with you…cose I dont care about that usb-c/tbolt crap. MS tablets do NOT target pp who need that…port.

  32. Yuuko Sammi says:

    just a question, should i buy Surface GO or Surface Pro 6 ? Please give me some advices 😅

  33. Sari Raed says:

    no one i know use thonderbolt. i never used it and nither 99% of the world

  34. Snoozii1 says:

    What are the two laptops/tablets shown at 2:06 and 2:08?

  35. Chanon Punyatam says:

    I’m using iPad pro
    And i feel like i need to quite using apple product and use surface pro instead.

  36. Amr Khalifeh says:

    Really cool video. One piece of feedback tho: I just wish that, in addition talking about whether or not this is a big update from the previous gen, to also give some time to focus on whether this is a good product to buy in 2018/2019. Thanks for again for the great video!

  37. Internet Privacy Advocate says:

    I would be interested in it if it was easy to install a fully functional Linux distribution on it. Windows is a complete non starter for me. I find it impossible to use.

  38. RamboTambo says:

    This or surface laptop? I'm gonna watch netflix, play only csgo and some light school stuff.

  39. JaeL says:

    will microsoft release surface pro 6 with lte?

  40. 王奕仁 says:

    Surface go have😂

  41. DUC says:

    Dave, I will find the Fastest way possible to get to the Point in this Video – How Asian of you Brother…

  42. TeleJazzer says:

    Surface Pro needs to have a 15 inch version so they can include a USB-C (and probably longer battery?)

  43. Will John says:

    they could keep the surface connector and swap the mini display port for thunderbolt 3, there is literally no reason not to have at least regular usb c here as you need a dongle for mini display port anyway and usb c can carry display port!

  44. Ravi Adluru says:

    who else is watching this on their surface pro 6

  45. Enoch Gitonga says:

    I think Microsoft is waiting for intel to support Thunderbolt natively on the CPU which should come with Ice Lake CPUs. That would be the Surface Pro to get

  46. FullOfBricks YT says:

    I need this for my wörk!

  47. Godz29 says:

    Can you run lightroom on this device smoothly?

  48. Keshav Babbar says:

    And the title said 60% faster??

  49. personalsafetykam says:

    Guy behind me had a pro 6 in security line at airport. My Pro 4 was in my bin. Asked him if the pro 6 also had issue recognizing the keyboard from time to time. He said yes.

  50. tu nguyen gia han says:

    Is Surface Pro 6 good for coding and programming?

  51. Liam Yang says:

    But the question is;

    Can I play Overwatch at 120 FPS with the native resolution of the Surface Pro Screen?
    With no lag at all?!

  52. Faris Imadi says:

    I have a very serious question

    Dave is currently standing or sitting in the video?

  53. Arav Vlogs and Gaming says:

    Hi Dave, I want to buy a portable laptop. I have a budget of $1900 . Which one should I get :
    Dell XPS 13/15
    Microsoft Surface Laptop2
    Microsoft Surface pro 6
    Microsoft Surface Book 2
    I am worried about Surface book as people are complaining about the base being dead in a year and Microsoft asks $650 if out of warranty . Will appreciate your help.

  54. yourdogsdog uwu says:

    If it can run league I'm good

  55. Fatin Izzati Mohammed Azmi says:

    watching this with my new surface pro 6. i agree with your conclusions. i love it so much. but its not for everyone. thanks to my husband for recommending me this device. if not, i would bought a $1000 ipad pro.

  56. Krauzi says:

    Im writing this on my Surface 2 Pro which i have been using daily since i bought it in 2013.
    I would definitely not recommend getting a black surface even though it looks nice, but over time the surface looks wasted pretty quickly because every scratch leaves marks.
    For me the missing usb-c/thunderbold is the dealbreaker for not upgrading.

  57. deloidian says:

    only 1 usb port ugh

  58. Mustafa Hussein says:

    How does it compare to the iPad pro?

  59. Darren Evans says:

    I find the price jumps for different SSD sizes somewhat indefensible. Aren't they Hynix devices? Going from 512Gb to 1Tb on Microsoft's Pro 6 UK config site sees a jump of £350. Does not seem legit.

  60. Dan Warman says:

    MS Surface Pro's are great when they work… Unfortunately when they don't you'll find Microsoft's warrant service is really bad. In fact its the worst by far of any manufacturers I've dealt with over the last 20 years of working within the IT industry.
    If it malfunctions expect to wait weeks before Microsoft try to worm their way out of a warranty repair. I've never had any problems with Dell, Lenovo, HP or Toshiba only Microsoft.

  61. Christopher Abell says:

    I would buy it, if it had a damned thunderbolt 3. Makes it pretty useless without one 🙁

  62. Amin Medi says:

    Always use protection.

  63. Jamshid Ebadi says:

    Which 2 and 1 laptops w/ detachable screens have usb-c? Aside from Microsoft products. Good for graphic design (Adobe and Sketch).

  64. Kerim Amet says:

    Lol the ipad pro 11 inch has 18000 geekbench. Why is apple not using their own chip in laptops???

  65. world wide says:

    Is a bit annoying not having USBC but at least there is a fully functional USB A port. Fast forward to the iPad "pro" 2018 where it does indeed include a USBC port but you can do jack shit with it.

  66. Karl Gibson Taer says:

    Can it run Autocad and Sketchup?

  67. Death Maze Challenge says:

    60% faster
    0% larger
    200% useless

  68. Sami Abdelhamid says:

    selling one w keyboard cheap on ebay (SamiTec)

  69. basdfgwe says:

    I have the surface pro 3, two of them, and they are both collecting dust. I've looked at the surface updates and they all don't look compelling enough to upgrade. I feel as though the surface pro is not good as a tablet, and not good as a laptop. I thought I could use it as both, but in reality Ive ended up upgrading to a Dell precision laptop.

  70. Beka Buchashvili says:

    do you guys think it can replace a laptop for graphic designers?

  71. Психолог Николай Лу says:

    Thank you! Isnt a 4 core instead of 2 quite a huge upgrade? I mean it wont run quite a lot of apps properly with just 2 cores, or am I misunderstanding the core science?

  72. OMEN Say10 says:

    Dave lee is the type of guy who would skratch his brand new laptop just to show us that its scratchable

  73. Ryan McAleer says:

    Help me get this issue fixed about the Surface Pro 6's Aspect Ratio and resolution. It's too big and they need to reduce the size of the full screen..

  74. Mplx says:

    I feel like a lot of tech youtubers are biased when it comes to usb-c. Like, i dont even own a single usb-c yet but somehow theyre ballin in them

  75. A O. T says:

    I got the surface pro 5 corei7 256ssd 8gb ram and I got the chance to change for the surface pro 6 corei5 128ssd and 8gb ram, should I do the upgrade? Is it really faster than pro5? Any suggestions? 😁

  76. Bruno says:

    Love the portability offered by the surface line… I can’t move to a lap top anymore.

  77. Kenn Richmond says:

    What are those tube lights behind you?

  78. fan pin says:

    win10 的触控操作完全不如Ipad。

  79. Russel Biazon says:


  80. ElPistolero50 says:

    Pardon my ignorance, but what's the advantage of having a USB C over a USB 3.1?? Most of the external harddrives and USB drives I have can run on USB 2.0 so i don't see how missing USB C might be a drawback for me.. Can anybody please enlighten me?? Thanks

  81. Colin Liew says:

    Careful this battery swells after a few years

  82. Gharu says:

    If you’re gonna get a black for the colour why would you put a dbrand skin all over it

  83. Mah Fah says:

    No matter how many reviews i see from this gentleman. It’s always thoughtful, real life based and properly researched.

  84. nicolas galasyka says:

    What an absolut P.O.S

  85. monchoglu says:

    Bezels are NOT necessary, by any means, never.

  86. Luam Merces says:

    If you guys want to give me one of that, don't hesitate.

  87. ElPistolero50 says:

    2:07, 2:09 which products are these??

  88. Stuti Kansal says:

    Can someone please help me to decide which tablet should i buy

    1. Samsung galaxy tab S4

    2. Galaxy tab A

    3. Galaxy tab S5e

    4. Apple ipad pro 12.9

    5. new apple ipad mini

    6. New apple ipad air

    7. Microssoft surface go

    8. New Surface pro 6

    The tablet should have keyboard and pen with it. It should have expandable memory. It should have enough memory for video editing and photo editing softwares, for taking pictures , for daily use, for watching videos and movies, for listening music, for reading books, on which tablets can i work for more than 10 hours on multiple programs without worrying about tablet getting hanged and with which tablet i can work with external hard disk and pen drives and can be easily carried with us anywhere on any trip .

  89. Inke Draws says:

    How would it do with 3D modeling or scluping??

  90. Kishore S says:

    Thunderbolt in Surface Pro 6 is useless
    no one will buy external GPU just to play on surface pro 6
    it doesn't makes sense
    Dave needs to think about these things before doing a review
    he missed the practicality part

  91. Bullet 22mm says:

    Your processer is i5 or i7!!!

  92. Lakshmana Smart says:

    Difference between 2017 and SP 6 is Upgraded CPU(4 Cores), downgraded GPU in i7, with same GPU for rest models. I'm afraid to purchase another SP, after my SP4 got screen flickering and cant be replaced bcaz lost my receipt and it has been more than 3 years

  93. Don Catalano says:

    The dock with the magnetic connector is better than having a USB C. That said, perhaps they could have put on in the dock, if their connector had enough throughput. Maybe it doesn’t. I have a MacBook 2017 with USB C and just recently bought an SSD that could really take advantage of it. That’s been over 2 years. If MS could squeeze one in on the next model, but keep the magnetic connector still that would be a win in my book.

  94. Viraaj Nehal says:

    Did you ever wonder, what if Surface Pro 6 comes with Snapdragon 8cx?

  95. Alex Zhou says:


  96. Amani says:

    Do you think it's good for college students?😅 Is it a real laptop?!!😬

  97. Arbaaz Patwari says:

    Matt Black Everything

  98. Stephen ABM says:

    I currently have a Surface Pro 3 but having some issues such as needing to re-set the computer every 6 weeks or so and the screen freezes every so often. I am thinking of upgrading to a Surface Pro 6. Any thoughts?

  99. Romeo Duque says:

    I'm having some issues with my surface pro 6. It is super slow when loading webpages and applications. I don't know what to do to make it work faster. Please help

  100. Jeremy Byford-Rew says:


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